snowballs chance

Never tell me the odds by OKTotallyAndy Helms

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.

This scene popped into my head first thing when I woke up.
Mercury is statistics, counting the numbers; square Mars in Scorpio, thoughts of driving straight into likely certain death.

Likes and dislikes are Venus/Uranus

Cancer Mercury is (out-of sign) square Mars in early Scorpio and will be closing the gap over the next seven days while Cancer Venus closes the square to Uranus Rx in Aries.

Venus square Uranus
attracts the sublime radical weird
squares motivate us to reach our highest actualization
Just saying.

May the Force be with You

Tidal sway

Rebecca Guay RegenerateRebecca Guay,  Regenerate

Thoughts on the emotional, intuitive Grand Water Trine & kite . . .
Cancer Venus opposing Pluto in Capricorn is all about the past and letting go, attracting the activity that heals and regenerates.  Love, kindness and support.

These signs you can count on (under good aspects) to help haul your ass over the finish line if you are unable to yourself.  These signs are kin - by blood or by choice, they are your anchors.  These signs/houses are also places in your chart where you can summon the rock or the surrender.

Venus trine Saturn trine Chiron across the intuition houses of tidal sway is passive, introverted and reflective.  Teaching ourselves how to swim forward from the inner heartspace of New Leo Moon.  Inner SEEING is up to bat with several squares pushing us to reach our highest vibration – we are uncomfortable, restless.

Mercury is now square North Node in Libra - feelings of attraction, love, creativity and harmony are in the forefront of our minds as Mercury is also moving to square Uranus in Aries.  Clever but cautious – as Uranus is Rx and quincunx Saturn.  Logic with Love.
Sense & Sensibility. 

Scorpio Mars squares Jupiter, both sitting in fixed signs mulling over the obstacle course ahead that we have laid before ourselves.  What we dream, what we desire from our deepest well to create.  Intentions set at New Moon now require sweat equity to really work, they need constant vigilance and directional adjustments.


Mars moving to conjunct Saturn in Scorpio near the Full Moon at 18 degrees  Aquarius on August 10 puts a new fire and focus under our workdrives.  This full moon will square Saturn and oppose Sun and Mercury in Leo.  We will be juggling creative brainstorms like wild – Sun and Mercury trine Uranus !

Drives and Desires to create will be Supersonic – note if you have these planets working together or prominent in your natal, you may feel this power a few days earlier than I indicated, I gave a 5 degree orb, I give sensitives 7 degrees.

Contemplate these things as young moon grows to full bohemian rebel.
It’s sure to be a wild ride full of surprises !

Gneiss Moon

Thunder birth


Let the muse make whatever needs to be made,
let the muse tend the fire. Your whole body
is curled like an ear I wanted to talk
into all evening. Your hand, a ring
of articulated keys. I want that moment
when we climb down the bright ladder
of ecstasy, when our breath comes back,
when everything is alive, present
in the moment with nothing to wait for,
nothing to worry over, only the need to rise
into the beauty that is.

Carl Adamshick


Happy New Moon in Leo
Huge rain thunder, lightning storm 
prior to New Moon
more up soon

image: Thunder Birth by offermoord
peace GMA

good grief


Emotional energy is strong : 
- Mars at 29 Libra, ready to push off into Scorpio 
- Void Cancer Moon at 19; Mercury 17; and Venus 8

Deep Cancer roots and growth (or lack thereof) is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
They feel each other profoundly – juggling – the energies of emotional growth and/or restriction/ power or powerlessness back and forth to find balance.  We all feel it in a myriad of ways according to our individual circumstances/ transits/ chart.

photo 6
This little Charlie Brown tomato is a beef master.
I saw this little tomato in my garden, and I laughed.
Later, I cried because I identify with this sad little tomato on a pitiful little stalk who has given its all to produce one magnificent thing.  

Working 2 jobs, no vaca, single 10 years, hornmoanal, mysterious health issues, Saturn opp moon, plethora of Cancer, soopercranky Mars, fight with dude at work.  pffft.
This too shall pass.

All that is hard, but, I have this place, Gneiss Moon Astrology.
It brings me joy.
It is a boatload of work – but also happiness.

I wasn’t going to share this pitiful little tomato (that I carefully planted on the Cancer moon to ensure good growth) because it doesn’t speak very highly of my gardening skills of late.

This little vine proudly produced a tomato, it deserves a bit of spotlight, yeah ?!
Not every tomato in the world is going to be perfectly red, big and juicy, not every transit delivers sunshine and rainbows.

Not everyone has or wants big numbers, some are doing just fine doing what they can as fast as they can as well as they can for as many as they can.  

This void moon post is for them.
For us.
The Charlie Browns.

Grief can lead to good things via Plutonic shifts in perspective. 

I may not have the ear of thousands, but I have the ear of those who do.
Just keep swimming !

Love & peace & thanks to my loyal readers.


fresh eyes

Cocoolant  by Osla Xoiha (Janeth Davalos)
Osla Xoiha (Janeth Davalos)

We should invert our eyes and practice a sublime astronomy in the infinitude of our hearts, for which God was willing to die … If we see the Milky Way, it is because it actually exists in our souls.

Léon Bloy
as quoted by Jorge Luis Borges in The Mirror of Enigmas

Dark Moon in Cancer protocol – cocoon, hydrate, rest, prepare for change.

Void Moon at 17 degrees in 12 hours
25th; 8:53am Chicago
New Moon in Leo.
26th; 5:42pm Chicago
Void Moon protocol <~ seek internal guidance, give subconscious instincts the reins, hold off new starts until New Moon is exact or shortly thereafter.

I am watching David Lynch’s Dune for the first time since it was released in 198? long before I had read the books, I remember hating it.  I am watching it with fresh eyes now that I have read The Chronicles (my fave books) so many times.  Perfect Saturn transit material.  Frank will be up on GMA soon …

Gneiss Moon 

find what binds

photo 5Buddha Tarot

Two card – quick draw for quintessence of:
1 Mars in Libra takeaway
2 Mars in Scorpio ponderation

Interestingly enough both cards are numbered Eight - Mars rules ! 

1 Eight of Lotuses – A time for curbing Mars activities, pruning in order to enhance future growth.  Proper altitude, focus and deliberate increase.  The blade of Mars used to enhance potency.  Harvest what you have sown, time and place perfected.

photo 4Quantum Tarot

2 – Eight of Swords represents Quarks – 2 types of electrical charge; positive or negative. Colour is the strong force that holds them together – but only over tiny distances, gluon exchange keeps the quarks in close confinement.

Scorpio is fixed water; Mars is the blade.  Thoughts/words as well as powerful emotional actions/reactions will be the binding or loosening factor with this transit.

What powers you – what drains you ?
What binds you – what frees you ?
These will become apparent under this transit of Mars in Scorpio.


Passion Peak

black_queen_by_alexgarner-d20k3nbAlex Garner

Friday July 25
Mars into Scorpio
Vegas 9:25pm
Saturday 26
London 3:25am
Tokyo 11:25am

Mars in Scorpio drives power and passion to their peak experience.  Vigorous regenerative energies roll under the surface of this Mars due to the influence of Pluto.
Passion pits and peaks are part and parcel of Pluto; Mars aggravates and stimulates.
You do the math.

This position is a blitzkrieg of intensity and purposeScorpio is not only identified with the Scorpion, but also the eagle – they are the silently swift strike, highly observant.  Mars in the house of Scorpio is a devious, subtle, undercutting blade rather than the obvious full-frontal attack of Mars in Aries.

Here live BATTLES over SHARED POWER - money, sex, life and death as well as secrets involving them all.  This Mars is possessive and jealous, demanding loyalty and fixed security – they will not be cuckholded by any means – unless there is a prior agreement.
Scorpio demands total honesty and full disclosure - if this is not forthcoming, Mars will ferret out the dirty deeds/deets via uncannily accurate research.

This magnetic placement attracts both the powerful and powerless for Mars here is fearless and ferocious, a sight to behold.  You want them on your team in a fight, yet they are not made for the company of wilting violets.  People with this placement run a tight ship, they are not frivolous in action or affection.

Mars here tends towards energy transformation: via traditional forms of psychotherapy or healing via shamanistic trance drumming, acupuncture (blade/needle), kendo, jiujitsu, sacred tattooing.  This Mars is inclined to interest in the occult and metaphysics - anything unknown or unseen acts as an irresistible aphrodisiac.

Focused power, increased energy, sexual desires and the persistent desire to uncover and probe subjects of interest will be on high RED alert !  

Obsessive qualities may arise – know this going in !
Choose your Battles !

Transform your own energy rather than obsess over controlling someone else’s. 

Alex Garner re: image above: If Dark Phoenix was heroin to Jean Grey, then I like to think of the Black Queen as the gateway drug. 
Mutant and Proud
Gneiss Moon

Fire & Hope



Love this ultra sci-fi depiction of Hercules rescuing Prometheus from Zeus’ robot hawk.
Futuristic twist on an ancient myth, apt for Uranus/Saturn in flux, yes ?  Click for detail.

New Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter brings HOPE, and with it a study of asteroid Prometheus 1809 and asteroid Pandora 55 seemed timely.

Prometheus was a trickster titan, who with his brother, Epimetheus, was given the task (by Zeus) of creating life on earth; both animal and man.  Epimetheus (whose name means afterthought) fashioned a multitude of animals giving them qualities of strength, stamina and speed accordingly.

Prometheus (whose name means forethought) fashioned man out of clay only to realize his brother had used all the graces on animals, leaving him no gifts to give mankind.  Having affection for humans, he sided with them against the gods, primarily Zeus.  Prometheus stole a spark of fire and gave this wondrous gift to man, enabling humans to keep warm, cook, forge tools, be independent.

In a fit of rage, Zeus doomed Prometheus to eternal punishment by chaining him to the Caucasus Mountains and sending a hawk to eat out his liver each day (which in turn, regenerated each night).  His punishment ended when Hercules found him chained while searching the ends of the earth for the tree of golden apples (the 11th of his 12 labors).

In exchange for the location of the tree, Hercules agreed to help him, speaking to the gods on his behalf which led to the end of torment for two.  Chiron, the immortal centaur, teacher, herbalist carried a painful wound (accidentally given by Hercules) which would not heal.  Chiron willingly exchanged places with Prometheus, which led to freedom for both – Prometheus escaped; Chiron was relieved of his eternal suffering by death.
Asteroid Prometheus 1809

Prometheus indicates both intellectual fire and forethought – very handy, as a quick mind is nothing much without first a plan to direct and focus the energy.  This asteroid points to tricky maneuvers and yes, thieving that which is cherished.
It has a bit of Robin Hood flavor, being that fire was taken from the haves and given to the have nots. Prometheus in that (ahem) light can also indicate where you rescue others by virtue of your gifts.

Pandora_-_John_William_Waterhouse1John William Waterhouse

I have always had a love/hate relationship with this story.  With Mercury at MC, Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus and plenty of Leo cat energy - I am, without a doubt, very curious.  Then there is the fact that Pandora mirrors the story of Eve; reckless woman with the cheek of craving knowledge causes downfall of all humanity through plague and error.
Sounds like a double heaping of 9th house Virgo guilt to me – but, on with the story…

Zeus, angry that the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus had bungled creation, bade master craftsman and blacksmith of the gods, Hephaestus to craft a beautiful evil - the first mortal woman.  Despite Prometheus’ warnings, his brother accepted this gift from Zeus and took this lovely, magnificent creature to be his wife.

With her, Zeus sent Epimetheus a bridal dowry, a mysterious gift in a box – with only one request - it was to remain unopened.  Pandora’s curiosity overcame her, she opened the box, which unleashed a multitude of evils, plagues and ruin upon mankind.  When she realized in horror what she had done, she slammed the box shut – leaving only one thing inside.

Asteroid Pandora 55
This asteroid is curiosity in spades - where you get a whammy curveball - you don’t even see it coming.  Pandora indicates where you think on your feet to deal with unforeseen circumstances – it is a point of exploration into the unknown, where you get more than you bargained for.  Pandora is also a point of hope and faith that life will work itself out for the best with the right altitude.  Necessity is the mother of invention – Pandora will lead you to your latent creative talents.

Prometheus is at 1 degree Sagittarius (trine New Leo Moon).
Pandora is at 24 Aries (trine ASC in New Leo Moon chart).



cub THe rainforest siteThe Rainforest Site

New Moon 3 degrees Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo !
Saturday 26
5:42pm Chicago
New Moon in Leo in the decan of Sun signals fresh starts in that house for you (my 8th) with a kick of WoW factor on the side as they all square Mars freshly into Scorpio in the decan of Pluto. Mars is the Ancient/traditional ruler of Scorpio, the blade is sharp and swift here, unlike diplomatic Libra.

First decans of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are feeling new emotional harmony, while the first decans of Leo and Scorpio work the obstacle course, they make inner changes.   Early Gemini and Libra experience opportunities for creative self-expression.

With New Moon in Leo – Sun/Moon, Mars/ Pluto are involved: emotional energy and power are growing.

Spellwork that involves creativity, attracting romance (read: make yourself more desirable, not force others) vooshing UP personal charisma and shining brighter, as well as attracting good luck in fresh new ventures is primo.  Leo is fixed and spellwork lasts when done under this sign of the moon.

In tandem with Jupiter, we get the quality of expansion alongside – think more education, growth of personal philosophies through cultural study or going on tour, traveling long-distance, and also HOPE.  The one thing left in Pandora’s box.

General New Moon energy work & clearing are under Energy SNAP.
Using the energies of Sun & Pluto are under Bending WILLpower.


Father of Logic

photo 2Elemental Tarot

How to hone in and best manifest highest energies of Saturn quincunx Uranus for all.

Caracasa represents Uranus in Aries – Apt as it is the Angel of Spring.
Fresh starts incoming lots of planets changing signs/energy, feels great – yes ?

We also see Sun and Pluto on the card a nod to not only Uranus square Pluto, but also Mercury coming to oppose Capricorn Pluto from Cancer.  Metamorphosis of both thoughts and feelings via another.
Bodies tumbling reflect the tower card in tarot – Enlightenment !
We SEE with our KNOWING sense.

This is an Air Card, the powerful Father (Saturn) King of Thoughts and Quick Decisions.  

He speaks the Power of the Spoken Word from his mouth, while others look upon, gaining wisdom and insight from the electric ether that is the electrical neural grid of all humans.  Power of magnetism – both to repel or attract – depending on your polarity.

Use sharp persuasion of logic, reason coupled with calm, cool, collection.

photo 3The Philosopher’s Stone

This one is Saturn energy and points to richness of materials and tools.
Elements are in place, all we have to do is USE them to the best of our abilities.
Note Pluto is holding fort in the Earth Element.
Metamorphosis of tangible things is in progress – visible.




Pisces Johnny Winter started playing music at 5, cut his first record at 15.
Mercury in Aquarius (exalted) often indicates blazing a trail while young and it is in mutual reception with Uranus in Gemini.

Johnny was surprising in so many ways, destined to be noticed. (Mercury/Uranus; NNode conjunct Pluto)  Mercury rules his Gemini stellium of Uranus, Mars conjunct Saturn.  Gemini rules hands, so very precise, focused finger-picking, plus a fantastic work ethic. 

Pluto Rx is conjunct North Node in Leo within a degree.  Obviously Johnny was a creative trailblazer (see Venus in Aquarius also) that inspired musicians all over the world.
He was born near a new moon (conjunct Sun) in either late Aquarius or early Pisces, which indicates introspection, as do his creative Leo placements of Jupiter and Pluto (both Rx).  Neptune (guitars) is also retrograde indicating artistic introspection funneled and finessed to perfection.

Johnny had a tight Grand Air (communication) Trine with a Kite:

Gemini Uranus 4 degrees; Libra Neptune Rx 3 degrees; Aquarius Venus 2 degrees
Venus opposite North Node 6/Pluto Rx 7 in Leo
Uranus/Neptune both sextile NNode and Pluto

The opposition in a kite keeps the road hot, the easy, lazy trine works to juggle – Leo Aquarius axis is very creative, innovative and fixin’ to build.
Gemini Uranus squares Pisces Sun within a degree, further delineating the sharp need for communicating the human spirit through music.

RIP Johnny
Gneiss Moon 

Crux of Knowing

tumblr_m5h6l8Li9R1qg5kymo1_r1_500July 20
Saturn Direct 16 Scorpio
Reykjavik 8:35pm
Chicago 3:35pm
July 21
Melbourne 6:35am
Maldives 1:35am
December 23 Saturn into Sagittarius

Saturn has been fine tuning house Scorpio since October 5, 2012; revising/retrograde since March 2, 2014; it is soon direct, and finally out of shadow, October 26; into Sagittarius December 23, 2014.

Trial and error was likely part of your Saturn Rx experience, for Saturn delivers TESTS. Reconfiguring past/work/goals through canny observation, perseverance and research will serve us well in the weeks ahead. Patience pays – focused work will lead to smarter, streamlined goals/power/structures as our energies move forward with drayhorse Saturn direct. 

Saturn stations direct with Pisces Chiron onside – use what you know you have to find balance.  Chiron indicates using your special gifts earned through your personal trials, while Saturn releases the problematic past in order to reform a better future. These two are all about learning how to heal through release.

Note: nuns are Saturn, Pisces. These chicks are Scorpio witchy Bene Gesserit nuns.  No mess.  Fair warning.

terminator tt tricityJuly 21
Uranus Retrograde 16 Aries
Chicago 9:53pm
July 22 
Reykjavik 2:53am
Maldives 7:53am
Melbourne 12:53pm

Uranus in Aries since May of 2010 (before GMA was born); Uranus direct December 21 at 12 degrees, it moves into Taurus in 2018.  Uranus transits by house here.

Saturn stationing direct at 16 while Uranus stations retrograde (the day after) at 16 - in quincunx to one another - sets adjustments in motion for these very different energies.  Quincunx energies both desire health via pure energy expression - but they arrive at the same destination by different roads.  Saturn shows restraint, responsibilities, working steady as she goes, Capt’n.  Uranus is wild, left field, enlightenment bolts, polarities of attract/repel, eccentric.  This quincunx lasts roughly a month.

Quincunx moves us to improve wholistic health via adaptation/improvisation, changing altitude/attitude and character metamorphosis. Not as easy as it reads, believe me.  Keep what you can use, ditch the rest, metamorph what you can improve upon. 
Coal into diamonds; caterpillar into butterfly; new neural nets.

Uranus retrograde will test/reinvent/reform our reactions, our individuality, our idea schemes, we will ponder exactly what/whom/when/where we are freeing ourselves from.  We are arriving at the CRUX of KNOWING via Uranus retrograde and a series of squares with Pluto.  Look to your Aries house for deets. (see ink above)

Gift of grace:
Scorpio Saturn in mutual reception with Capricorn Pluto (while Pluto squares Aries Uranus, two more hits left) delivers a
gift of grace to the testing, perfecting, deepening of both transits/houses via an understanding - knowing the language of the country you are visiting, if you will.
They ‘get’ each other, so gung-ho radical newNewNEW Uranus will work well in reform backseat mode while these demolishers/rebuilders take center stage.

We will edit.

Slow reworking/reinvention !! brainstorming !! of the structures/foundations of our work/life/purpose means they are being built to last.

Mars is also on the move, into Scorpio on the 25th (more in another post coming up).
Ps. Second image is time travel from Terminator.  Saturn/Uranus !

Herding girls

20Karol Bak

Venus into Cancer
July 18
Chicago 9:06am
Seattle 7:06am
London 3:06PM
July 19
Wellington 2:06am

Venus in Cancer is mood sensitive to the max, they fluctuate with the phases of the moon.  Likes, loves, pleasures, charm and sensuality rise and fall, high or low like the tides mirroring our luna.

This Venus loves home and hearth, cozy nooks and a safe refuge with their peeps gathered near.  These folks have a strong herding instinct, they can be possessive and clingy but also reliably sympathetic and kind.

Strong female relationships (depending on aspects) are a natural with this placement, they cultivate family-like bonds via friendships.  They need to feel an emotionally strong base underneath the current of their daily life.  Just as ambitious as Capricorns, Venus in Cancer, instead anchors at home, preferring to work from there as well, if possible.

Venus in Cancer has traditional values, home, family, security and often initiate milestone gatherings centered around celebrations, food or reunions.  They demand nurturing and need to nurture others to be truly happy.

This placement of Venus initiates work, tends toward frugality, needs security in the form of nest egg money in the bank.  They are as fiercely protective of their friends, family and home as they are of their money.   This lunar Venus taps into public moods very quickly and can change format/directions in business in order to best capitalize on them.

It is important to know this is a very sensitive Venus, they can be clingy and over emotional, fearful and insecure as the moon waxes and wanes and changes signs. They can be either child-like or childish and are extremely protective of themselves - you won’t be getting any info unless you are deemed worthy to be in their inner circle.

Kind and compassionate, they will be there to help you when you need them, for they love to take care of people.
This Venus does best when growing and nurturing - be it a garden, a business, a relationship, their home and family – or just nurturing themselves through their own personal growth.

Venus into Leo August 12



Leopard by Ben ColeyBen Coley,  Africa Geographic

 The fat cat on the mat
   may seem to dream
of nice mice that suffice
   for him, or cream;
but he free, maybe,
   walks in thought
unbowed, proud, where loud
   roared and fought
his kin, lean and slim,
   or deep in den
in the East feasted on beasts
   and tender men.

The giant lion with iron
   claw in paw,
and huge ruthless tooth
   in gory jaw;
the pard, dark-starred,
   fleet upon feet,
that oft soft from aloft
   leaps on his meat
where woods loom in gloom–
   far now they be,
   fierce and free,
   and tamed is he;
but fat cat on the mat
   kept as a pet,
   he does not forget. 

 J.R.R. Tolkien

Cat is a poem written by Samwise Gamgee and recorded in the Red Book of Westmarch.
Pards were feline creatures from the wooded lands of the East, only mentioned in Hobbit poetry.

Happy Jupiter into LEO !
Gneiss Moon


Colleen Wilcox MoonColleen Wilcox

Popping in with a few personal/global Jupiter observations for the last dip in Cancer waters…big smooch and queen wave goodbye honey,  ttfn…
I found Jupiter in exaltation to be the least annoying planetary transit of Cancer yet.  Anything travelling through Cancer squares my head/brain coming/going. (Saturn ruler in Aries 3 or Mercury in Libra.)
As we moved closer to culmination degree, pictures of women hunters killing African wild animals proliferated the net.  Hunter Barbie, Cheerleader after reality show, beauty poses with dead oryx.  Ugh.  I posted more Red List info in Madman comments.

Gaza is in turmoil with holy (Jupiter) land (Cancer/Capricorn) and claims to it in question. Note: Israel/Palestine are both Aries and have been dealing with hard Cardinal Cross energies.

Even more fatally flawed/biased wrong public (Moon) news broadcasting (Jupiter) coverage surfaces, talking heads with no idea of what they are backing – or worse yet, knowingly being biased for the almighty dollar.

Proliferation of hard-core up-themselves scientists crying foul far and wide to all those (so-called) weak-minded women and (so-called) new agers they deem intellectually inferior.  Crusty old close-minded coots toss the word pseudoscience around like confetti at a tickertape parade.
Has Uranus square Pluto ever been more evident ?  I think not !

Relgion (Hobby Lobby) & birth control hits the US Supreme Court - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes a withering 35 page dissent, (here starts at pg 60) standing up for and inspiring women (and men) across the nation. Notorius R.B.G and There is no truth without Ruth. became celebratory phrases for this revolutionary woman.

Ruth is a Pisces Sun, Venus NNode opposite Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all Rx in Virgo.  Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Aries with Uranus in Aries tightly square Pluto Rx in Cancer.  Giving wide orbs, she has a grand water trine kite with Venus and Jupiter in oppositionVery apt, yes ?

I would just LOVE to hear what Loretta thinks, you ?
I’ll pop her song in comments for y’all.

Crazy times…
What do you think Jupiter into Leo will create for us ?
I look forward to finding out !