Freebasing Darwinism

anndr Withering Flameanndr

Uranus Direct 12 Aries 
Dec 21 Chicago 4:45 pm 
Madrid 11:45pm
Dec 22 Melbourne 9:45am

New Moon 0 Capricorn
Dec 21 Chicago 7:36pm

Dec 22 Madrid 2:36am
22 Melbourne 12:36pm

Uranus Direct in Aries is of course, square 13 degree Pluto in Capricorn. Also along for the ride in the Capricorn stellium are Mercury at 7, and Venus at 14.
AND within 3 hours we’ll have a New Capricorn Moon (conjunct Sun) at 0 degrees, fresh and new New NEW Emotional (Moon) reboot.  All in the sign of work, time, fathers and material world accomplishment via career choice.

Thoughts of the womb and the tomb (Cancer opposes Capricorn) and everything that has happened in between are commonplace.

Streamlined practicality and resourceful USE of tools is in Full Flush.  Time rolls out the earth trail …. New vistas beckon in:

Mental workings/communications
Emotional safety & home, family
Spirit expression via creation

>>>Transformation of all<<<

When OLD FORMS have stagnated and crystallized into USELESS FORMSUranus the eccentric electric crashes and CUTS (Aries/Mars blade) straight to the chase.

Just Do IT !  

Keep the best & %#$!@ the rest.

Uranian direct motion square Pluto with a tribe of old goats feels like freebasing Darwinism.
>>>Evolution on Steroids<<<

This will be evident in houses Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra – they are feeling inner tension in spades.  Forcing change via re-invention, sideways approaches and fresh new perspectives/mindshifts re: old problems.

Uranus stations are keen to reveal the SACRED on the material plane
Strange omens
Wild Totem animals
Divination becomes super-relevant and third-eye-opening.

Keep your eyes and ears and mind open – much will be revealed !
Gneiss Moon

Second Sight

FullSizeRenderElemental Tarot

Insight into healing for all in tandem with current dark moon astro energies, scroll down to former posts for deets.

Matasignais = the moon in autumn.

Daughter of water = receptivity, clairvoyance, fantasy and heightened imagination.  A vulnerable adolescent girl full of dreams and visions who is awakening to sexuality.

Blood & Water.

What I love most about this card is the intellectual/emotional elements combined aka Moon (now emo, dark and very yin) conjunct Uranus the inventor/enlightener lightning bolt of a new world cracking open below and within us.

Uranus direct on the 21st –
Ozone crack of electric messages incoming.  Surprises abound, perspective shifts are prolific !

FullSizeRender 5Njord = Goddess of Sea and Ship

Twilight time of truth.
Dark Moon coupled with rigidity.
This is navel gazing at it’s finest !
Plutonic abyss in tandem with Venusian balance = the loving metamorph.

This snake has dual potential: poison or pleasure.
Venus conjunct Pluto is choice.
Loss but also Gain.

Pluto conjunct Venus in structured Capricorn, Mercury also in Capricorn with Sun on the way with New Moon in Capricorn at zero degrees.  

Plutonic degree !
Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.
Void & Nirvana

Note this card is the vibration of Neptune & Pluto.  Wildly magnetic and full of secretive stealth.
This is a calm and a storm.
The Eye.
The disc of the Moon holds the eye of self-knowledge and inner vision.
Second sight.

Gneiss Moon

The Eye

FullSizeRender 4Thoth

Contemplation of Venus conjunct Pluto 3 degrees of separation, or if you are like me with an 8th house Venus (Scorpio/Pluto is natural 8th house) we are at perpetual zero, full immersion.

Venus in Scorpio/conjunct Pluto/8th house is not for the faint of heart - Fair Warning.

This queen is water of water – psychic perception, psychological depth and packing a plethora of passions.  This one is unafraid of feelings, she is fond of provoking with a firm hand – she is magnificent with mystery and manipulation. 

Still waters run deep and mystical, she is receptive and reflective, infinitely subtle – the pure lotus of calm, the eye of the storm born from the defiled.  

FullSizeRender 3Spirit message

Reborn is the star-goddess of unlimited possibility – she wrestles with material plane points of view.  The eternal coming and going of energies in motion and play.  Born of Fire.

Final decision in respect of the past, new current in respect of the future; always represents the taking of a definite step.

Gneiss Moon
Work is crazy busy and I am running on precious little sleep…

Cosmic Kismet

FullSizeRenderVibrational Energy Oracle

Old patterns shift into new patterns, that which no longer serves the highest good falls away.  No need to know how you know, KNOW anyway.
Reconfigure, repurpose, redefine and renew.
(cue: Logan’s Run flashback)
Embrace change.
Rewrite your contract with yourself.

Saturn is at 29 Scorpio growing near a shift into Sagittarius, Mercury is at 29 degrees Sagittarius, nearly in Capricorn.  Mercury soon joins Venus which is nearing Pluto by 5 degrees at the mo.  Uranus is nearly direct and of course, square Pluto which means Venus is squaring Uranus too.
Perspective shifts are >>>THE VIBRATION <<<< at the mo.  
Go with it !

There is also grace with several mutual receptions aka planets in each other’s ruling signs.  They ‘get each other’, work well and in tandem like a team of horses at the plow, they benefit each other.  
Feels less alone, yes ?  What a blessed relief, honestly, so grateful.

In mutual reception:
WoW does that ever make sense.  
Cosmic kismet.  Fantastic !

FullSizeRender 2Messenger
The answer to a long-awaited question will be given + SOON.
Hallelujah !

That’s Uranus for ya – higher octave of Mercury, which btw rules names.  Check out my twitter feed if you want to name a crater on Mercury here.
Clarity arrives.
Be open and receptive to higher messages, open your heart and you will receive the answer you have long been seeking.

Mercury into Cap much ? haa
Long time, no see.

Battle of the Five Armies for me tonight.
Orli’s interp up soon after.

peace out peeps
Gneiss Moon

Good in this World

Astin, SeanSean Astin

Sean has been working in films since he was ten with 114 credits including The Goonies, Rudy, 50 First Dates, and of course he is Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings.  He has seven film projects on deck, click here for deets.  Sean can also be heard on Vox Populi radio every Thursday here.

At Vox Populi Radio, we seek not to change minds, but to learn more about one another. We believe that with curiosity and civility, we can find a way past entrenched viewpoints, forward to understanding and real solutions.

Sean is a sixth house Pisces Sun/Moon with Virgo rising, and Gemini an intuitive thinker/feeler with Mercury (his ruler, and rules his Midheaven) exalted on the culmination (29th) degree of Aquarius, the decan of Venus.  Empathetic, kind and  perceptive – he has a good ‘feel’ for civil service, common people – communication via heart feelings and intellectual knowing are equally strong.

Sam Rivendell GaladrielSean’s North Node of Destiny is in the sixth house of Aquarius, highlighting humanitarian work and service, aspirations for greater global good via practical intelligent discourse, and he is quite possibly a very unusual gardener.
You saw that coming, right ? Ok, while I am at it, I cried so hard when Sam carried his best friend (Venus) Frodo up the mountain (Saturn) in Mordor (Pluto) I thought my head was gonna pop right off.  :::sigh:::  Go Sam !

Sean has the majority of his planets below the horizon save Chiron in Aries 7 and Saturn in Taurus, nearest his Midheaven.  This signals a tendency to introversion, especially with Saturn, the restrictive planet of limitations and work, in his 9th house of Taurus.  Sean surfaces to give voice to those causes he has a love for – the vision, ethics and philosophies drive him to go public.  (Mars ruled Chiron in 7; Mars in Sagittarius)  He feels a very strong sense of social responsibility (Saturn, 6th stellium), wants to rally others to exchange and share what they see, their viewpoints. (Mars Sagittarius, see below)*

Saturn elevated in Taurus is steady and stubborn, but in good aspect (trine, harmony) to Venus (rules Taurus) in the 5th, he is steadily working, taking risks, and really loves kids and being a good Dad is very important to him.  He is loyal, true and he’s a what you see is what you get kind of guy.

Sean AstinSagittarius Mars in 4 square his Ascendant / Descendant axis* from the Nadir (4th house) of nurturing, childhood, family shows a student/teaching quality has always been present in his emotional landscape.  Self-expression ( Sag Mars can be blunt – I have it, I know)* and the gut instincts are courageous, impulsive – while in square to Moon (public: which opposes ascendant) actions taken may not always find fertile ground on a wide scale at the outset.

Here is where Capricorn Venus trine Saturn (rules Capricorn)  delivers grace via Sean’s Stick & Stay nature.  She also trines Pluto (metamorph) in his Virgo 1st house, first impressions can be transformed by compassion and loyalty to the cause, by showing his heart is in the right place.

With Neptune conjunct Jupiter and Mars all in Sagittarius, it’s no surprise Sean loves running, particularly marathons (see Saturn in 9 for endurance).  Neptune at 3 degrees conjunct Jupiter at 5 dovetail in square to Mercury at 29 Aquarius (yes, out-of-sign, but it is his ruler) and Sun at 6 Virgo. Squares push us to succeed for they are restless tension that we are constantly working to release high qi.  Mars in tough aspect in 4th can be not only oversensitive (luminaries in Pisces supports) but also insensitive (see blunt*) – such is the nature of a square – it all comes back to self-expression aka 3rd house with Mercury and Jupiter in difficult aspect.

Note also 3rd house and Jupiter are modes of thinking/seeing – in square, these energies must be used constructively to work to their best advantage.  Spiritual higher mind focus and metamorphic trial and error are likely until finding the personal groove.

Sean running gg bridgeLike Elijah, Sean has no oppositions, save Aries Chiron which opposes Uranus in Libra, so again, dealing with others/expression of self in regards to balanced relationships is called to the fore.  Chiron is the wounded healer/teacher/herbalist/philosopher, in Aries opposite (this means interacting/compromising with another) Uranus it can indicate sudden upsets of same, energy over the top followed by drain and a need to re-charge.  Needs of self and needs of another are in peace talks, likely involving men and women (Aries/Mars and Venus/Uranus) just remember compassion works a charm and (Venus) is in much easier aspect than aggressive Mars.

Venus in earth trine Saturn and Pluto in all in earth gives the grounded support needed to find your creative working balance.  Use your skills, honesty and steadfastness and ambition with compassion to succeed.

Alexandra AstinSean and his daughter Alexandra in RotK.

Also of note is a Quasar exact conjunct Sean’s Sun at 6 Pisces.  This indicates achievement and success, honors and goals reached.  Pisces Sun in the 6th house  expresses spirit by being a public worker serving the highest good of all by lifting the collective unconscious in inspiring, idealistic ways.

Sean is doing his Uranus return brilliantly with Vox Populi.  Humanitarian global concerns are the hallmark of Uranus returns, when it reaches natal opposition we sum up our contribution to date and are either satisfied or aspire to better achieve social and karmic balance.

Uranus goes direct on the 21st at 12 Aries in exact opposition to his natal Uranus.  Slow caution is advised 2-3 days prior to 21st as Venus and Pluto are moving into exact conjunction in Capricorn square both natal and transiting Uranus in opposition to one another on the 21st.
Transits are felt prior to exact, so Sean, if you read this – keep your eyes open, be careful.  I can’t predict Uranus, no one can – it’s the wildcard.
Just a head’s UP.

Saesa omentien lle, Astalder
Gneiss Moon

Necessity Moon

entropy_by_doomburg-d55pxhfAsher Dumonchelle

We spoke all night in tongues,
in fingertips, in teeth.

Robert Hass

I once knew a significant demarcation in my life.
Sleeping before & Awakening after
No more.
Knowings spiraled, wove within me, my DNA.
Genetics, mutated.

As dawns light rose again and again
I fell with the darkest nights
 I learned.

Clarity struck infinitely bridging past and future
Now is Then is Will Be
Unified Electrical Neural Heart Energy Grid
nanonet neoterics

  Tesseract – tried, tested, true.
Traditional transcendence 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Feelers find, fuse auras freely in the aetheric realms

 Pinpoint, meet, match – boundaries blurred, restored

Love Transcends

Gneiss Moon

Saturn is necessity, Moon is Mother
Uranus is invention, Venus is Love
Pluto is Divine Will and Superhuman Growth


portal & precipice


The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Love After Love
Derek Walcott

Riding the waves after
Uranus /Pluto square Dec 14/15th
Mercury joins
Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus

Cardinal signs suss it out by DOING
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Earth signs are graced by GROUNDING
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Mutables Make the Way Mambo *
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

In the next 11 days
Venus conjunct Pluto will METAMORPHOSE

Love $ Creativity $ Bonds $ Power

Finance & Trades
Flexibility is a Force of Nature*
Mind, Mark, Modify


A timelapse of Earth in 4K resolution, as imaged by the geostationary Elektro-L weather satellite, from May 15th to May 19th, 2011.
More info here.

Jupiter Rx today, Uranus direct 12.21 (USA) with a New Capricorn Moon
Saturn into Sagittarius 12.23 (for roughly 2 years)
…stay tuned…

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

Astro Logical

imageSoulcards 2

Jupiter Rx 22 Leo
Dec 8 London 8:45pm
Chicago 2:41pm
Dec 9 Tokyo 5:45am
Jupiter Direct 12 Leo April 8

Jupiter retrograde in Leo and I deliberately chose this deck for you get to be your own guru and interpret it yourself without my filter.  YaY !  Enjoy it folks, fair to say my Sagittarius Mars/9th house Virgo shizzle will have me climbing atop my soapbox soon enough. heh. heh.

Stationing retrograde sends all things Jupiter into a spin.  Been feeling it myself alongside Uranus squ Pluto coming into hard focus within the week.

Which is exactly what Jupiter retrograde delivers – reintegration of SEEING the SELF. 

House Leo adds your personalization to this transit.
Brief house interp here, or see dropdown for loads more.
Leos see 1; Virgos 12; Libra 11; Scorpio 10; Sagittarius 9; Capricorn 8;
Aquarius 7; Pisces 6; Aries 5; Taurus 4; Gemini 3; Cancer 2

Faith, long-range decisions, travel, philosophies, ethics, publishing and all manner of visions are called into question.  Personal awareness meets global information  overload particularly after a full Gemini Moon.  Retrograde indicates a slowing down to be yin/introverted.  The brilliantly far-reaching vision of Jupiter focuses the mind’s eye inwardly to the culture of ONE for enlightenment.

The Macro goes Micro. 
What am I going on about ?  Scale of the Universe

Yes we are the stewards of our own universe.  How is that going lately ?  It will be on our minds in the upcoming months, glean for juicy info – only you know.  Speaking of knowing, this retrograde brings Jupiter into trine with Uranus exact on February 27.  Groovy ideas and expansive ideas re: self-improvements will be incoming as this aspect perfects.  Again, glean it for info and note it is also a fabulous time to learn new things, Jupiter is higher education and this retrograde will engage reverence for new horizons, enlightenment and understanding.

Befitting my own Jupiter Rx in exact square to biggie Neptune, I am pitching some info out there re: faulty logic, cult leaders and brain-washing. Links below.
Fab info for your BS detector.
Being no stranger to weird religious experiences (Sun/Uran/Pluto 9) I find this info very enlightening.  Just in case anyone thought I was drinking the cult Kool-Aid by omission in previous posts – not so – just sayin’.  I was being polite, there is a difference.  While I am at it, if what you read here does not resonate with you, move along.  Simple as that.

Dangerous Personalities via Psychology Today
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism via Robert Jay Lifton, M.D
58 Cognitive Biases via Business Insider

I was so over churched for a few years when I was young.  Sun am/pm Wed pm + bible study another night.  Sheesh.  If it is your gig and it helps you, hey knock yourself out, but when a bunch of strangers I barely know want to lay hands all over me…?
HAHAAAHAA Yeah right !
Not. gonna. happen.
Saturn in 3 (restriction/hands) !
Particularly when the girl you just did it to had the equivalent of a glossolalia mini-breakdown.  No thanks.  Snakes, yes.  Hands, no !
What can I say, I have Jupiter (higher vision) square (& Moon opposite) Neptune 11 (weird mystics).
Voyeur only. 

peace out
Gneiss Moon 

Benefits & Gratitude

imageMary El Tarot

Apologies, slowing in posts as my mother (Moon) was having surgery. (All is well, thank you.)  Of course we are heading into a Gemini Full Moon, Mars in now in Aquarius, Uranus Pluto square :exact: grows stronger (15th, more here) and Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio aka saturation.

Mars supports early degrees fire sign points – they feel a big boost in energy while Saturn grinds away/tests the last degrees of all fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius increasing the friction.  Full Moon Messeges are all over the shop: breathe deeply, take in more info, breathe out.  Gemini rules the lungs – focus on the breath helps calm all the nervous energy buzzing round.

The card above was drawn for the changing energies listed above.
Identify, investigate, integrate.
Highest most benevolent outcome for everyone.

The crucible of reconciled halves.
This card is based on Baphomet by Eliphas Levi.
Hermaphrodite twins, caduceus, light and dark moons.
 Facing the inner animal nature can be the truest test for it is only YOU left to bless or to blame YOURSELF.  Squares inherently hold this energy for they take place on the inner landscape – they are inner friction leading to massive changes/growth – when handled correctly they can be more powerful than trines !

The artist notes a lesson via Joseph Campbell:
If you cross a threshold and are not ready, the gods will appear as devils.

This card represents realizing how to integrate all the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.
Knowing and working with all the elements present in our world/vibration creates a balance in the natural order of life.

Layers of conscious/subconscious are meeting each other toe to toe/eyeball to eyeball with many planetary energies changing signs, elements and vibrations.  Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio digs especially deep into the mines revealing what is buried and needs to be purified. Keep in mind Saturn in Scorpio is also in supportive mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn – they are in each other’s (ruling) signs working together, assisting each other.

All manner of past, time, fathers, authority and demolition/rebuilding are taking place within and without.  Much of this metamorphosis is tangible, visible on  the material plane – though be aware – much is also hidden.

This card represents the inner wild animal meeting the inner tamed human – the alchemy that inherently exists within, the kundalini force of power that begins in the root and ascends.  Such is the material plane, life on earth school, lessons of contrast and the reconciliation of opposites

This card indicates swift fulfillment of material world gain/lessons.  Reaping benefits and gratitude for same.  Discernment, discretion, discipline, self-mastery and self-reliance.
This card carries the vibration of NINE.

Gneiss Moon


Wojtek Siudmak - Energy
Wojtek Siudmak Energy

Mars in Aquarius is a magnetic provocateur due to the influence of Uranus.  They attract as often as they repel, demonstrating both  reclusive rebellion and global alliance.  At once the loner and the team player, the force of Mars is applied intellectually – they are very forward, futuristic thinkers.  Telekinesis anyone ?

Mars in the sign of knowing has keen instincts – a wilding way, free and untamed – animalistic action/reaction is a given.  Ideas are powerful, sudden and likely to change in a flash.  Mars in this sign will surprise you with unique insight, left-field ideas and concepts that are just crazy enough to fly.

Mars Aquarius is yang/yang positive, yes – but erratic, unpredictable.  They are in their heads in the aether where inspiration strikes waiting to ground.  This Mars is an intellectual operative: seduce their brain, appeal to their intellect, surprise them and you will find their sweet spot.

They can be high-strung, often running full throttle or completely drained.  Cultivate calm zen space, down times and quiet for the brain to disengage/recharge and this Mars will run like a top.  Acupuncture, energy work suits this placement and offers tremendous health benefits for the nervous system.  

Gneiss Moon

You took the Sting out

wonder_woman_no__613_by_alexgarner-d3dtth9Alex Garner

Full Moon in Gemini
Dec 6 Chicago 6:27am
London 12:27pm
Tokyo 9:27
Wellington Dec 7 1:27am

Wow, so no wonder…thoughts/feelings/wounding/healing are incoming with this Full Moon.
Communication houses (& subconscious Pisces) are activated with Sagittarius Sun in peace talks with Gemini Full Moon while both square off (aka full friction – obstacle) with Chiron.
Chiron was an immortal living with a torturous wound looking high and low to find healing, who learned so much he became a great philosopher/teacher/herbalist who taught heroes – much more here.

See the sword above – it represents thinking/seeing – all about AIR and shifting perspectives.  
Gemini Full Moon = Full Mercurial Messenger Mode.
Emotional waves are likely crashing in the brainpan like a hurricane.
Go with it !

What’s UP ?  Why so dire ?

1 Mars at the tail end of Capricorn working through a shitload of past - yes it sextiles Saturn in Scorpio for the next two days until it moves into Aquarius (more on that later).
2 Full Moon always delivers news + in think tank Gemini ? Hello !  We are popping off info just as much as we are taking it in – trust me.  We often say more by our silence than by ten thousand words.
3 Jupiter stations retrograde in 6 days on the 8th (more on that later.) stations feel stronger !
4 Venus also full flush in last decan of Sagittarius trine Jupiter - hello benefics !
5 Lovely Uranus square Pluto exactation on the 15th  OY !

If faulty logic is in the airwaves, this moon will most definitely uncover it.
There is luck flying around to be sure.
Sun in Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled)
Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter.
Sun/Venus/Jupiter are ALL benefics !

Note also that Sagittarius Mercury (which rules this Moon) is square Chiron exact – philosophies and hope and optimism may likely be shifting and changing your brain.  That same Mercury is in trine to Uranus prior to square with Pluto.  Communication octaves ratchet UP healing & metamorphosis all Pistons firing !!  Pluto clears the way, Uranus speeds it right the hell up – that’s a fact.
Uranus – that mother is one wild ride – trust me.
All bets are off – no one can call that race – evah.
Not gonna happen.

Just take in the info and do the best you can to stay light on your feet.
Privately I popped up with one sentence that was the pinnacle of surprising truth. So profound I was shocked.  
No way it came from me – channelled straight from the heavens.
Exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.  You know it with Uranus, always.

May the heavens shift in your favor as well.
Gneiss Moon

Four on the Floor

Viggo styleYou have a moral obligation to finish the job you said you would do.
Viggo Mortensen

Viggo’s filmography is linked above, his artworks (as well as artworks of his friends) including paintings, photographs, poetry and music can be found at Perceval Press, also linked on the sidebar.  His paintings were also featured in A Perfect Murder.  I have written about Viggo before here and here.

He’s a savvy, soft-spoken traveler who prefers privacy, though he surfaces to fight (speak) for causes he cares deeply for…Democracy Now earlier this week, here.
( I will relay Viggo/Aragorn astrology throughout, note resemblance to Strider above.)

Viggo is one of five knights from The Lord of the Rings production; the others being Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Peter Jackson.  Viggo was knighted on April 16th 2010 by Queen Margarethe II of Denmark.  This pleases me, knights are Jupiter.

Viggo horsing aroundAn accomplished horseman in his spare time, Mortensen requested Aragorn be given more saddle time than was originally scripted. He also kept his on-screen horse nearby during the entire principal photography schedule in order to ride in his off-hours and strengthen his relationship with the horse.  He also did all his own stunts in Hidalgo, including a breakneck bareback ride that even the stuntman couldn’t handle.  (Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius: truth in the work, steady on a horse)

Sagittarius rules horses and Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

Yes, I think Viggo is Sagittarius rising, and yes, there is horse info in the GMA Viggo links above, although I am adding a recap and an addition/correction, here.

Viggo loves horses, has bought several post wrap:
Kenny (Hasufel) aka Eomer’s horse, that Aragorn borrowed in TTT
Brego (Uraeus) aka Theodred’s warhorse Aragorn set free who later found him wounded (pictured above)
Tecontender (T.J.) aka (one of the 5 horses used in) Hidalgo
In addition to Asfaloth aka Florian (Arwen rode in Ringwraith chase) that Viggo gave to Arwen’s stunt double, Jane Abbott.

Viggo’s book: The Horse is Good here.  He supports wild horse preservation here.  You can also read about Viggo’s horse filming experiences at Horse Nation here.  You can read his experiences with the horses in Hidalgo (specifically) here.

“One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master, he told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.”  source

viggo chillinViggo is a late degree Libra Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny conjunct Venus (rules Libra) within a degree.  He is a man of balance and thoughtful consideration, promoting justice and fairness in all he does.  The majority of personal planets are in air, he’s a thinker/communicator.  Mercury in Scorpio is the lone personal planet water placement – perceptive and sharp, nothing escapes notice. Here lies the power of mental prowess, regeneration and rebirth, intensity of focus. Viggo is a life path Eight.

Outbound actions (Mars retrograde aka internalized, revision mode) involving observation, thinking, speaking are versatile, spontaneous yet alert to stir compassion (Neptune). Mars Rx quincunx (health/altitude adjustments) Scorpio Neptune (healing spirit conjunct Mercury) informs improvisation  aka thinking on his feet. 

Gemini Mars Rx squares Virgo Pluto – Mercury rules both signs – he knows the power of words, the transmutation they hold.  Words…what odd things…singular symbols strung together like prayer beads or notes on a scale – they form unified shapes, summoning mental images, evoking emotions that enable collective understanding.  Scorpio Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter measures words to the point of struggle, for to speak is to finitely define what is in essence esoteric, alchemical and forever in flux.

Viggo is a word wizard – conscientiously smithing his craft.  Mars retrograde quincunx Scorpio Neptune is forever making adjustments, resurrecting or furrowing the mindfield searching for new subconscious emotional reserves.  Fluctuating Aquarius Moon also supports this restless quest for information but from the mental perspective – intake and processing of moods, feelings, vibes of surrounds are highly instinctive and intellectual  in nature.

Viggo3Viggo is kind, artistic, thoughtful, informed, enigmatic, funny and quirky. He actually quit speaking for a month (4 weeks) to better understand his role as a deaf/mute woodsman in The Passion of Darkly Noon.  Released in 1995 (presumably filmed in early/mid ’94) Viggo was having a Jupiter transit to his stellium near natal Neptune with Saturn in Pisces in trine to same with Uranus/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn square his Libra Sun, Venus, NNode conjunction. Curiously, the social/outers were all retrograde mid ’94.  I knew and loved this story, but went digging up the deets for y’all, and the story is pure Viggo - read it here.

Desire to penetrate the mysteries of pure creative heart and soul (Leo) as well as higher mind and communication (Uranus) are enhanced by Jupiter (student/teacher) square Uranus in Leo (creation/curiosity/play).  The drive to experience differences and see and think through another’s eyes and experiences lends to heightened growth of the craft.  (Sun/NNode/Venus in Libra)  Jupiter in Scorpio square Uranus in Leo seeks to disrupt complacency by investigating all manners of philosophy on life and death – each deserves respect (Jupiter).  The Road – the only movie I felt was so intense that I had to stop half way through and walk it off a bit before beginning again.  That’s high praise from a Plutonic.

“Each time I make a movie, it’s like a paid scholarship to a different university course.”  source

Mercury rules eyesight, Uranus (its higher octave) rules the aetheric sight.  In Viggo’s case, Jupiter (conjunct Mercury, square Uranus – I think it’s his ruler) links the two.  He’s a philosopher grounded by Saturn in Sagittarius – he sees how ideas manifest on the material plane, it informs not only his philosophies, but also his self-discipline.

ellesar palantir
Sagittarius Saturn conjunct ascendant in good aspect (trine Uranus, sextile Venus exact) is serious about the long-term ramifications of any and all energetic exchanges.  Saturn also gives structure and support (work) to wildcard Uranus in Leo.  Uranus in Leo insists on creative diversity, fingers in all the pies.  Double fixation (Leo/Uranus) driven by independence, innovation, invention and switch-hit artistic perceptions, he’s the courageous boho gypsy revolutionary who knows that all that glitters is not gold.  Uranus separates from Leo (rules gold).  Viggo desires respect for the craft, understanding, co-operation and kindness rather than fame, recognition or piles of money.  He is a humanitarian, who cares deeply about people.  (See Perceval Press.)

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

The Riddle of Strider

For FrodoPersonal: This tiny moment above was one of my (many) favorite RotK scenes, subtle indeed.  Got me right in the feels, speechless.  I respect your opinion, but I humbly disagree.

Viggo has Libra Sun quintile (genius expression) Uranus (in the sign Sun rules, Leo)  indicating boho creative spirit expression, forming strong bonds with others – while remaining individually independent and true to self within said partnerships.

This aspect signals awareness of sensations in the aether heretofore unspoken – felt with the heart only.  The ego separates, the heart unites.  Sun is both heart and ego and both are electric – a conscious choice (Venus) resides in this aspect.

A couple of quick asteroids:
Lucifer 1930
If you have seen The Prophecy, then you know why I chose to look up Lucifer, I very briefly wrote about it here.  Damage Control: It is a representation of the fight between good and evil raging within us all.  Please also note Venus the morning star is Lucifer, Venus the evening star is Hesperus and the pentagram is the shape of the her orbit.  See it here.  Viggo has Lucifer in Capricorn, trine Pluto and quintile Venus; both exact, hence the role in the creative arts.  Note also that many astrologers don’t give account to anything but tight conjunctions for asteroids.  I pitch ‘em out there for interest, flavor.

Varda 174567
Previous post here.  In J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, Varda is queen of the stars, aka the star-kindler.  Varda, the bestower of blessings is in exact conjunction with Viggo’s natal Venus.  This pleases me… for two reasons.
One: Varda bestows charm and grace upon Viggo through Venus.
Two: The ring (Venus rules rings) Aragorn wore was called Elessar, the Elfstone, the stone of Eärendil.  Crafted by the Noldor, it was of the deepest green and held the light of the Sun, bestowing healing powers upon the wearer.  The ring was given to him as a gift (Venus) from Galadriel (for his marriage to Arwen) at the time the Fellowship left Lothlórien.  Aragorn took Elessar as his royal name as was foretold.  History of Elessar here and here. 

Viggo peace outNamárië
Gneiss Moon