Poison or Pleasure

mythology by azrael-nekhbetAfton Kern

Sagittarius Mars square Pisces Neptune is a akin to a philosophy baptism.  Every action undertaken seems to have an undertow.  Simple tasks take twice as long for all the sight-seeing that must be done between point A and point B.

Give yourself a bit of extra time to let your mind wander and roam – daydreaming is not only expected, it is required under this aspect.  Soft focus on far-reaching horizons will become sharper as this aspect passes in roughly seven days.

Take note these two planets in hard aspect can bubble over into artistic or spiritual devotion as well as an endorphin jones. This rush can be tapped with drugs, drink, exercise or sex.  You get to choose your poison or pleasure – do the math first.

Overly optimistic conclusions swim in the consciousness.  Fantastic fairy-tale endings may rear their dreamy deamon heads – use extra superpowers of logic prior to saying something you may regret later.  Follow the thought train to its logical ending.  Powers of reasoning and prior experience speak volumes.

All in all – fantastic aspects for creating art by tapping your innards.  Psychic muscles  and transcendence by going with your intuitive flow and creating from within/out.
This is not an aspect of lack but of increase and inclusiveness.

The force is all around us.
Use it.


Fuel 4 The Work


September 22
7:37pm Chicago

Pluto stations direct at 11 degrees Capricorn moving in for another exact square with Uranus on December 15.
Uranus then stations direct on December 21 at 12 degrees before they meet up again in March on the 17th at 15 degrees.

Pluto stations direct in aspect to Chiron - an opportunity for recalibrating emotional reactions to old wounds and the way we work with them is on the table.  A dramatic shift of altitude and the accompanying positive energy exchanges that result from Knowing What Works will be incoming.

Pluto re-applies in square to Uranus while Uranus trines Jupiter from fire to fire.
Fuel for the Work.
Inspiration, brainstorms, creativity and sweat.

Pluto turning inward furrowed our brows with powerful concerns of: moving UP.

Work or Home, Me or Us, or Dealing with Everyone Else.
Power plays of all types, enhanced by your house placement.

Daily work done cleaning your slate, clearing your ledger and the grunt work that improved the bottom board basics in your life will begin to pay off now.
When you better Know the Desired Goal, you can more quickly reach it.

Degrees near this station +/- 7 will feel the power shift outward.  
Particularly those in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
An opportunity quickly arises for those same degrees in Scorpio and Pisces.


Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 – Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2014 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees 
6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees 
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

The Awakening


Suspended CygX1

I mentioned in my twitter feed yesterday that I am having a Saturn transit to natal Neptune.  My astral subconscious higher self is doing Dream Work in spades.

Two days ago I dreamt I found my (lost) white cat in my basement covered in swamp muck.  I was happy to see him, cleaned him right up and we were both happily spiffy and reunited.  Note that a Saturn transit to my natal Neptune also delivers Saturn squares to natal Leo Venus/Jupiter in my 8th – hence, basement, cats, healing.

I have written about dreams in depth here before – symptom of giant Neptuner - you can find them here.

This morning’s dream ok WOW.   It was fan- freakin’- tastic !
It was very structural in nature – lots of squares and foundations.
Saturn !

Fog clears and I see light snowfall on the ground, 1 woman and 2 guys going canoeing.  The girl is not appropriately dressed for the weather or the task: shorts and heeled sandals.  They take off and I follow with my friends.  At this point my dream premonition takes a turn and the 5′ x 5′ square of cut grass/ground I previously ‘saw’ them floating on (while also in the canoe) instead passes them, rushing downstream.

At this point, the guys disappear and I am focusing on the woman who has now toppled off the canoe far downstream, is sinking under the crystal clear water, drowning.  Just as I reach her, the last bit of air escapes from her lungs in one large bubble.  Lifting her up, I do the Heimlich and she spews a stream of vomit, then at last, gasps for air.

She, is obviously, me.  The former drunken Venus/Jupes square Neptune me.
Mischief Managed.  I saved her ass from drowning. Credit also goes to a lovely Capricorn who showed up twice to lend me a hand.  We have whammy composite culminations.  With his help, I got sober (again).
Eight months dry as a bone.

I was also very sick for many years (not from drinking) and it took me quite some time and a lot of hard work to improve my health in every area: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This dream points directly to that very difficult time.

This is where I leave that girl behind, and my dream path (predictably) goes up by several octaves. . .

Andrei SokolovAndrei Sokolov

I discover we are on a river path to a salt crystal cave, which is partially built, in addition to being naturally formed.  I examine the massive stones as I climb downstream into the sunlit cave – they have been masoned to perfectly fit one another, despite their odd shapes.  Several small groups of people are gathered around, I gravitate to a calm side pool on the first plateau, lit from a carved window on our right.

There is quiet conversation, explorations into the caverns, into the water, people are friendly and chill.  This is a place of healing.  I still… take a deep breath and begin to relax.  Looking to my right, I find several loose piles of salt crystals scattered – they are everywhere in this cave.  I am curious, pick some up and pile them into my hand.

Within seconds, to my amazement, a small evergreen begins to grow from these crystal shards.  A man next to me (a father watching his boy play in the water) points to his tree sitting behind him.  I smile, and place mine on a rocky outcrop next to his, noting the small red berries.  After seeing one more small evergreen grow, I then pick up a slightly different cube shaped crystal formation.

The_Awakening_by_CygX1The Awakening CygX1

The cubic crystal is soft and pliable, though it retains its essential quadratic shape.  I slowly begin to mould it, work it until the crystal separates into thin sheets like a deck of cards or the pages of a small book.  When I turn them over in my hands I see they are holographic, revealing countless delicate layers of finely crafted, exquisitely detailed  images.

I am drawn to one image.  As I focus, I am seeing into a portal which reveals vast knowledge borne in a singular holographic image – a world, indeed – a multiverse unfolds before my inner eye from one small sheet of crystal.  Images fast frame at light speed in my mind delivering vast volumes of understanding in nanoseconds.  With the intake of a breath, I blink, bringing the onrush to an idle.

The card waits for me, knowing. 

Very slowly, I fan all the crystal cards held in my palms, realizing I have hundreds…each holding untold treasures of innumerable, unknown worlds.  It is staggering, humbling yet vastly comforting.  I lift my eyes to find the father silently watching me.  We meet eyes, nod solemnly.  We understand the gift consequentially carries great responsibility.  Silently, I gather them and reverently tuck them away in a safe, sacred space before venturing deeper into the cave…


3 Exaltations

Bard the Bowman bigger

Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman

Since (obviously) Gneiss Moon Astrology is perpetually steeping in Middle Earth, of course Luke is on deck for some lovely Sagittarian archer action – his chart is loaded with rolling (transference of light) Jupiter trines – and he has 3 exaltations.

Exaltations mean the planetary placements feel harmony, their energy is clear and resonating, they are in the sign where they best express themselves.

Luke is an Aries Sun (exalted) with an early degree Aries Mars (ruling), which means he is hereby having a tidy Mars trine from Sagittarius.  High inspirational energy incoming -
welcome also to your Saturn transit on natal Uranus, voila – astrology !

Also noting Dracula Untold release perfection: Saturn in your solar 8th, Pluto in 10th with Mars conjunct natal Neptune in solar 9th.  I love seeing the work and the craft reflected in the natalverse to and from the outerverse – it is truly inspiring on so many levels.
Regarding Luke as Dracula – See the wonder of Exalted Sun opposite the dead/undead of Pluto in Libra as he says he took the power in order to save others.  That same Sun trines Neptune (martyr), squares Jupiter (lost hope).

To those of you who think I can’t see the roles these actors play reflected in their natal charts, you are dead wrong.
do see them,
and I see much, much more.
Your fatal mistake is underestimating me.

Oct 10, USA Dracula UntoldI will be there.  Trailer below, folks.

Dracula-Untold-2543Mercury and Venus (exalted) are placed in Pisces with Venus trine Scorpio Uranus within a degree.  Mercury trines his 29 degree Cancer Jupiter (exalted) within a degree and Moon (not having his deets) is within 25 degrees late Scorpio or 5 degrees early Sagittarius, in essence, trine the rolling transference of light happening between 20 degrees Pisces to 6 degrees Aries – all trine 29 Cancer.

Water trines of this caliber with a lush culminating degree Cancer Jupiter indicate a very intuitive, compassionate understanding into the deep well of human psyche, further indicated by the Mercury/Jupiter trine.  Mercury and Venus square Neptune in Sagittarius (Venus exact) with the addition of Saturn (restriction) in Virgo shows difficulty in nailing down the daily routine.  Traveling is fabulous and fun, but cannot be done from home. (Sun square Cancer Jupiter)  Culmination degree Jupiter needs to feel comfortable, in quiet, safe environs for Aries Sun to function at its best.  Small portable rituals, altars, workouts and headspace that are yours alone are the key.

Boundary sets are key here – water is yin, it intakes, is intuitive, empathic.  Note this and decide how to work the gate aka Saturnian restriction in Virgo (multi minutia) with North Node of Destiny, also in Virgo.

North Node squares Neptune, indicating restless friction re: logic and intuitive art processes that defy logic, but work nonetheless.  Also friction between inclusiveness/separateness and the subconscious healing that arrives via delineation and definition of them all as they relate to one another and how they work for you.

Defining your dream, drawing your map (so to speak) will lead you straight into your healthy future.

Luke Evans Aries
Mars in Aries…they do love a workout.  Traveling requires juggling: work schedules, life schedules, sleep patterns, etc..  Aries likes it now without fuss – Neptune in Sagittarius square Mercury and Venus while Sun opposes Libra Pluto requires a metamorphic finesse of inner and outer balance though times of relationship stress and nebulous thinking and love/money or travel difficulties.

Fill those times with creative journaling, reading books, writing music, interpretive dance, Sufi poetry – whatever, be it high qi – you tap your own thing, boost your own self-worth and work it to your creative advantage. *

New places and partnerships deliver distracting social/emotional contacts.  Much learning is to be gleaned, but strict definitions are again, critical.  Libra is others, (especially women, it is also money and trades) – Pluto placed there indicates peace talks, power struggles and transformative boundary sets re: the exchange of energy.

Tough Saturn aspects such as quincunx Mars (and likely square Moon) are forcing personal perseverance, energy conservation and emotional focus.  Also note Venus square Neptune can be escapist when working low – but brilliantly creative when functioning high qi.  See above.*

Sun square Jupiter may have a tendency to overdo either the gung ho to go thing or put the brakes on and dive deep delta into emotional navel gazing.  Find your balance.  Each has a place, serves a purpose.
To create your very best work. – use them all.

Gneiss Moon

Pontificating & Propogating

200-3Mars into Sagittarius
September 13
4:57pm Chicago
10:55pm London
September 14
9:57am Wellington

Mars in Sagittarius is perpetually on tour, roaming wild and free, in pursuit of happiness and adventure.  This Mars needs freedom to explore all facets of life.  They are the high-spirited seekers full of curiosity and enthusiasm for reaching new horizons, they are the happy-go-lucky pranksters who love to have fun.

Jugglers of concepts and ideas, they love to wax philosophical on any and all subjects: intellectual, environmental, physical, spiritual – for them nothing is too sacred for clever conversation.  Everything they SEE requires comment in some form or fashion for they value getting to the innate truth at the core of all beings.  Note also, they know how to stretch the truth to fit their needs – mutable !  Just sayin’. 

Risk-taking rides shotgun to adventure, that’s why you can usually find them goofing at a party regaling a crowd with hilariously vivid descriptions of wild drunken/dosed days and nights.  This Mars seeks to learn via experience.

Mars in Sagittarius is the archer of action/fire signs – how well they hit the bulls-eye depends on aspects to Mars in the natal as well as transits and progressions.  Mars in Sagittarius is akin to a satellite dish on a good day – taking in and putting out a wide array of broad based intel.  Desires focus on long-term goals and far-reaching vision.

While Aries Mars competes to be first and Leo Mars creates from within, Sagittarius Mars is mutable and learns in tandem with others.  Sagittarians like ‘far out’ people for in them they see an abundance of life in a myriad of forms and expressions – the learning possibilities are endless. . . this is the National Geographic Mars.

Neither shyness, shame nor savor faire register a blip on Sagittarius Mars radar. They are known for Tourette’s style blurting in mixed company.  These folks will be the ones saying and doing what everyone else is only thinking about saying or doing.  For this reason, Mars in Sagittarius is a teaching & preaching placement further defined by house placement.  In my experience, explorative open minds always deliver the best teachers & preachers because they are quick to approach a diplomatic understanding.

Mars in Sagittarius teaches what they learn – pontificating and propagating their optimistic philosophies and perspectives like Johnny Appleseed.  They have an innate faith and confidence that their outbound energy will find its destination and they will reap abundance. 

Not all who wander are lost.
Peace out
Gneiss Moon

Time-release Love

photo 18Quantum Tarot

Reading to focus on High Qi energy of the now. 
Interp is going to be a bit short, day job is nutzo at the mo.
This card is Centaurus, Chiron aka Knight of Pentacles.
Immediate visual of Luke Skywalker.  
Elliptical galaxy Centaurus A is contained within.
Skywalkers, Stargazers here.

I immediately noted Mars is separating from Saturn in Scorpio, near to venturing off into freedom-loving Sagittarius on the 13th (USA).  Kim Falconer brilliantly noted Mars/Saturn as an energy akin to Luke/Obi-Wan – impulsive action/considered action.

Also noted is the current Jupiter square Saturn while Jupiter trines Uranus.
This is much the same Luke/Obi-wan energy, the urge to bolt and gather more experience vs. the urge to stay and gather more learning.

Mars into Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries is wild & free as a bird.  Scorpio Saturn conjunct Mars training will now be tested.

Jupiter (fire/fire) square Saturn (earth/water) wants to play but conserves.
Wants to travel/learn – and does so – but with a much more clipped, focused energy than their normally expansive wide angle lens satellite dish spouting/receiving both near and far.

Jupiter (fire/fire) trine Uranus (air/fire) is rapid fire brain expansion from all sectors.  
Note to self: there will lots of incoming notes to self.  These are heady aspects.

Self altitude adjustments are in progress.  

Toss in Mercury/North Node of Destiny applying opposition to Uranus (octaves of communication – see pentacles link above) and there are signs and synchronicities everywhere & when – open your ears and eyeballs, folks.
Everyone and thing around you is lining up to signal you to your destiny.  
Or perhaps your density.
Or maybe both. lol.

Lastly, the card drawn is to signify Chiron the wounded healer, your light in dark places.  Slow steady wisdom and progress through observation and experience.
Student/teacher mentorship is very au courant.
Chiron is in exact trine to Part of Fortune now; tomorrow it opposes.
Healing is in progress, always, large and small.
Learn; take what you need, move on.

Keep your eyes peeled.
Stop, Look and Listen.
Considered Use of Force.

Mars into Sagittarius
Saturday 13
4:57pm Chicago


Growing Souls

photo 17Mary-El Tarot

Emperor is the card I drew when asking for specific guidance on how to best handle the energies of the sky above us.

Mercury squares Pluto; opposes Uranus
Venus opposes Neptune
Moon waning, but still BIG.

Heads and Hearts are really feeling the itch to get changing.  We have two upcoming eclipses to thank for that as well.  (more on that later)

Emperor is truly a great card to pull.
Four is steadfast, solid, building.

Old man Saturn on the wheel is riding an applying quintile to Venus in Virgo.
A quintile delivers special talents, gifts, genius.

Venus is not terribly comfortable in Virgo, but she can easily break from head (Mercury) and heart (Venus/Neptune), find her place between and work it to her advantage.  
Organize the work done, plan the work ahead, one little thing after another and daily  commitment to building will produce an impressive monument of work over time.

Emperor imposes order and harmony on the four elements.
Venus finds balance, grace.

The 4th sephiroth is Chesed: Love and Kindness
Earth exists so we may experience fierce duality, learn through rich experiences and grow our souls.

Stake your claim, know your boundaries, make slow, wise expansive risks.
Practice endurance, patience and loving kindness with yourself as well as others.

This quintile begins to fade in two days time.


Cat Eyes

Sophia Loren & Sphinx

Virgo Sophia Villani Scicolone is a Capricorn rising, with Saturn tightly conjunct Moon in Aquarius.  She is such a lovely woman -what eyes !- with incredible staying power in the public eye.  She has appeared in nearly 100 films over the years, and is the winner of several awards (Jupiter at MC) including an Academy Award, a Grammy, 5 Golden Globes, as well as the Cecil B. DeMille for lifetime achievements.   She is also author of several cookbooks (Mercury in 9) and her autobiography, Sophia: Living and Loving.

Sophia began working in films at age 14 after (incredibly ! ?!) losing a beauty contest.  Contests are ruled by Mars and 7th, Sophia has Moon (rules her 7th) not only conjunct Saturn (block, restriction), but also opposite Mars – but that same Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury in Libra, elevated – she obviously came out the winner in the long run.

Sophia-Loren-sophia-loren-14908679-437-640Sophia met (at age 15), and later married (at age 23) a man 21 years her senior, Carlo Ponti.  Unfortunately, charges of “bigamy and public sinning” were leveled against them, because the catholic church didn’t recognize his divorce from his first wife.  Venus rules marriage, Sophia has Virgo Venus (fall) tightly conjunct Neptune (illusion, secrets). Moon rules her 7th, is tightly conjunct Saturn (a much older man).

In her autobiography, Sophia speaks of two miscarriages and two difficult pregnancies that produced two sons.  Moon rules pregnancy and Sophia not only has moon conjunct Saturn which indicates difficulty, but she also has Pluto in Moon-ruled Cancer in exact square to Jupiter.  These trials were a test of faith (Jupiter 9) for her, producing not only personal psychological regeneration, but also regeneration of partnerships. I am going to count the out of sign T-Square with Pluto focal for these reasons.

Sophia LorenCancer Pluto as focal planet in a T-Square with late Libra Jupiter opposite early Taurus Uranus is an aspect of unusual beauty, unusual love choices, powerful emotional struggles (see above) as well as feminine power in the public eye. Sophia was known for being very conscious of her roots (shown by strong Capricorn/Cancer) as well as being fond of family and the whole cooking, gathering, breaking bread ritual that entails.

Also please note that folks with strong Capricorn energy have fabulous bone structure, and tend to age gracefully, being timeless and enduring.  Sophia has the requisite Leo placement for drama and fabulous hair, via her Leo Mars.  Lilith lives in her 8th as well, (conjunct South Node) giving much chutzpah and regenerative willpower.  Always seen as a beauty, this woman also has a boatload of ancient wisdom and guts to go with all that glory – on tap 24/7.

Sophia_LorenAt last, we get to the cat asteroids
Sophia has trademark cat-like eyes, so I was not surprised to see these asteroids prominent in her natal chart.

Sphinx conjunct Neptune (2 degrees)
Sekhmet conjunct Mars (one)
Ubasti conjunct North Node (one)

…and we cannot forget her Mars is in Leo !
Rawr !

Gneiss Moon


EwanEwan McGregor

I’m doing my bit for the women’s movement. The women have always been naked in movies and now I’m just desperate to take my clothes off as much as possible.

I fight cynicism. It’s too easy. It’s really boring. It’s much harder to be positive and see the wonder of everything. Cynicism is a bunch of people who aren’t as talented as other people, knocking them because they make them feel even more untalented. – Ewan

With my love of Star Wars, Obi-Wan had to come up on deck sooner or later, but I would be remiss if I did not also mention The Pillow Book.  This movie is truly a must-see.  Terrifically bizarre and beautifully crafted, it is unlike any other.

Ewan is a sixth house Aries with Libra rising, Venus (exalted) in Pisces 5th (Placidus) square a Neptune Jupiter (ruling) conjunction in Sagittarius.  Venus in 5th square Neptune/Jupiter is driven to be highly creative in a wide variety of formats.
Moulin Rouge singing and dancing meets sparing with sabers in Star Wars.

Obiwan-SoresuNeptune is nakedness/film, Jupiter equals a lot of whatever it touches. Saturn is cynicism, Ewan’s is well aspected, earth to earth – sensible, realistic.  Ewan has an 8th house Toro Saturn trine Mars and Pluto which is staying power to the max.  Saturn in a Venus house tends to loving rather than critiquing, exalted Sun in the 6th supports this brilliantly.

Gemini moon in the 9th is fluent in communications, especially emoting.  When Ewan is screaming to a turned Anakin, “you were my brother Anakin ! I loved you.” good lord, heartbreaking.  Moon square Virgo Pluto pumps that emotive power through the roof when it is called for.  Gemini moon is versatile, flirty as well as emotionally/intellectually quick.  Jedi mind tricks. heh.  Toss in a moon trine to Libra Uranus in the 12th (conjunct Descendant from the backdoor, 12)  for an wild intuitive sense, likely an expert at reading body language, signs, tracking.

Aspirational 2Exalted Capricorn Mars (3rd) is focal point of a T-Square between a Sun – Uranus opposition that rides along the Ascendant-Descendant axis.  Ewan has a strong sense of self.  (Uranus, Sun strong; Moon elevated)  Adventure, weird experiences and likely oddball work offers find him and are fielded, frequently.  Exalted Mars focal point is a very strong work ethic coupled with a desire to communicate.

Ewan also has Sun tightly conjunct Chiron in Aries, teaching by example is given full rein.  Healing qualities are sharply focused on work and positivity while doing it.  Living each moment well is its own reward.

lwrLong way Round and Long Way Down were exploratory trips taken and filmed while he and his friend, Charley travelled the world on motorbikes: London to New York going east; North of Scotland to Cape town, South Africa respectively.

Perfect expression of Ewan’s natal Neptune (film) conjunct Jupiter (world travels).
As is his adept portrayal of a Jedi master.  Neptune (zen) Jupiter (teacher).

May the Force be with You
Gneiss Moon

Better than Anyone



In the garden of gentle sanity may you be bombarded by the coconuts of wakefulness. Chogam Trumpa

Aries Uranus conjunct South Node by 4 degrees.
This is a whiz-bang
 Ganesh aspect that blasts a firebreaker under ye olde crunky habits and faulty mindsets.

We are being set FREE from our past and habitual ways of being and relating all over the globe.  North Node is in Libra forming alliances while Uranus Rx (works internally) conjunct South Node (past habits, familiarity) is working a treat re-inventing the channel & flow of the gates between departures and arrivals.  Which talents to keep, which habits to release becomes abundantly clear under these skies.

This brilliantly supports the Uranus Pluto squares we are undergoing, more about them here.  (Note: links are embedded within that post as well.)  Globally, we are getting a cosmic chiropractic altitude adjustment.  Bones of the power structure are being broken and reset.
Ideas born in the late 60’s Virgo conjunction are now (via square aka intense friction) being tested: is there improvement ?  is it practical ?  does it serve well and efficiently ?
These squares are paying particular attention to setting mistakes to rights – personally and globally.  Look to your houses of Aries and Capricorn for your specific upgrades.

Sun trine Pluto (strong today, fading after) supports strong regenerative force working behind your spiritual quest on this planet. (Fast moving Moon conjuncts Pluto separates in roughly 5 hours – accentuating emotional purging.)

Mercury in Libra supports by genius compare & contrast.
By this I mean compare your present work with your former work and see the contrast, not compare your work against the work of others.  Use your own work as your personal gage.  You know your best work by the way it feels to you.
Follow your heart, your higher self – your talents, your gifts are your destiny and yours alone.  You know them better than anyone. 



Laura Croft Tomb RaiderLara Croft Tomb Raider

‘GamerGate’ is certainly an interesting turn of events that has boiled over with the astro energies of the last new Virgo moon growing into full Pisces Moon.  Leo Lilith the creative bitch goddess who would not be tamed into submission was conjunct Venus (women) while both were square (friction) Mars bang on Saturn (men) in Scorpio at new moon.

Aries Uranus was exact trine Venus – fire to fire – signaling a head’s up new perspective UPshifts especially in regards to women and – yes, Games – Leo rules !
My interpretation of Virgo new moon (9 days ago) energies here - note Eowyn.
YES.  Good timing, I had.  Excellent choice, I made.

First, I am not a gamer.  The only things in my house that could be considered even remotely game-ish are several shelves of cards ala divination decks, a glow in the dark Ouija, and a RocknRoll Trivia deck.  I am very good at Tetris, and I played Wolfenstein for  about 2 weeks in the early 90’s until I started dreaming of detailed search and destroy massacres in my sleep.
Creepy Dream Hangovers drove playing that game to a screeching halt.

I’ll link the vids  below, as well as this timeline backstory that outlines what lit the fuse, let you fashion your own viewpoint.  After reading several posts about it, the first thing that came to mind was Lara Croft who I have always understood to be a strong smart female protagonist in the gaming world.
She is the only one I could think of immediately.

A rugged archer/archeologist kicking ass raiding tombs appeals to me.
Do we finally have a kick-ass female Time LordExactly.

Creators, can we just make more games featuring smart, strong female leads ?
We do exist.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Also note incoming Pisces Full Moon finds us under a very yin sky: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Chiron are all placed in introspective, reactive signs.
Worth a thought, yes ?  Note yin is not gender specific, thank you !
Now for the links:


Video Games, Misogyny and Terrorism: A Guide to Assholes

Why I Feel Bad For – And Understand – The Angry #GamerGate Gamers

Game lovers are actually getting crazy weird on/offline hate/harassment/death threats from other gaming freaks about games.  WTF people ?  Chill. 

The Sorry State Of Gaming’s Truthers And Their #Gamergate

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Karmic Equalities

Les EdwardsLes Edwards

September 8
Full Moon 16 degrees Pisces
Chicago 8:38pm
September 9
London 2:38am
Wellington 1:38pm

Full Moon conjunct Chiron opposing Virgo Sun delivers a blast of insight re: service and sacrifice to both self and universe.  Pitching more shifting of scales into this Moon blend are Neptune (rules Pisces) opposite Virgo Venus.  Co-operation and a shifting of balance is underway in the realms of love, women, money – they are in peace talks with daily and universal service and healing.

Full Moon and Chiron trine Saturn in Scorpio lending a note of support and seriousness as well as time limitations or perhaps karmic responsibilities that only you know.  Saturn sextiles Sun as well, delivering an opportunity to set to rights this emotional bond of sorts.

Mars nears the end of Scorpio penetrating the last of the secret muck from the deep well – transmuting and healing the wounded (emotional) warrior in us all.  This wounded warrior is important to note, as Pisces Full Moon, Neptune & Chiron all indicate healing.  Pain, trauma and loss the wound entails – but also healing, rejuvenation, and the rebirth that follows.  All indicate deep learning and growth that is only found through direct experience.

Capricorn Pluto is an powerful crux point of a T-Square between Aries Uranus opposite Libra Mercury.  Working well this is diplomatic  assertions, loving kind transformations – expect a highball message with this moon & whistle while you work through it.  The news will lead to personal growth, use it to your advantage, whatever it is.  Power, women, art, money and new directions/perspectives for all.

Lastly, North Node of Destiny conjuncts Part of Fortune in Libra in this Full Moon Chart at 19 and 21 degrees, respectively.   PoF smack on DC.
Partnerships & daily work are the key to living this moon well via equality, contracts, balance in all associations.
Let’s do this ! !


Freestyle Capricorn

3._woee_10182012_fn_0317.jpgCapricorn, Julia Ormond in Witches of East End  holding the Hangman card.

Julia has a Grand Earth trine: Capricorn Sun, Jupiter in Toro, Uranus/Pluto in Virgo (Mars loosely conjunct at 8 degrees).  Skillful, steady and practical with a fiery boost from Mercury tightly conjunct Venus in Sagittarius.  Love of ideas, philosophies, travel, but prefers a cohesive, planned daily routine while exploring these things.

Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception softens this need as they understand each others expression, it helps ease the friction/balance between exploratory seeing and detailed analyzing of squares between Sagittarius/Virgo.

Julia also has a kite with the aforementioned earth trine working an opposition between Toro Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio.  She has a lovely speaking voice and a gentle, compassionate demeanor that plays well onscreen.

Interesting she has Saturn in Pisces without major aspects which can lead to much overcompensation of work and responsibility.  Saturn points to how we use our natal talents, without major aspects, it plays the wildcard and can either limit or foster good use of all other planetary energies.  Working high qi, it is the energy of a rugged individualist freestyle Capricorn who can channel high magick of creative Pisces through disciplined use. *

Worth noting is Saturn’s quintile to Mercury/Venus indicating that patient work in the creative arts, particularly film or music will alleviate friction of the squares between Virgo and Sagittarius and also payoff creatively via unique talents/gifts. This is also supported by an exact Pisces Chiron Uranus opposition. Unique viewpoints/opportunities re: separation/belonging delivers awareness, compromise and healing through dedicated service to others. Wise teaching, likely. *

I’m really enjoying watching Julia be the wise mother, badass witch on this show.
It kinda bugs me they made up an owl tarot card, but I’ll let it slide because I love the show for so many other reasons. Thrilled to see lessons re: magickal responsibility, universal energy exchange (nothing is removed, nothing goes to waste, it only changes form) on ye olde boob tube.  Fantastic to watch how characters learn to come to terms with their power, how they make mistakes learning to wield it and the changes it delivers to those in their periphery. 

peace out
Gneiss Moon