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Messier 6 and Comet Siding SpringOpen cluster Messier 6 and Siding Spring – Rolando Ligustri 
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Siding Spring likely formed 4.6 million years ago in the Oort Cloud.  No comet has come anywhere near this close to Earth in recorded history. source

Siding Spring will flyby Mars at a distance of 87,000 miles on October 19. 
That’s one-third of the distance between Earth and Moon.  Siding Spring’s tail could extend from Earth all the way to our moon. Its gaseous coma, the fuzzy head surrounding the nucleus, might stretch halfway to the moon.

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Jolly Good Insight

Air no title artist
Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Libra Venus on North Node of Destiny with Sun and Mercury Rx deliver signposts into your future.  Opportunities abound to carve out your creative niche with plenty of guts & power to back it up via the Grand Fire Trine.  Love, money, messages are incoming with a plethora of Libra opposite Uranus and Venus on North Node – listen UP.

Mercury in reassess, revise, reintegrate mode in the house of harmonious partnerships redefines finesse inwardly.  Mercury Rx in Libra signals abundant navel gazing (Venus rules both Libra, navels) which will birth new growth outwardly when Mercury stations direct on the 25.  Clarity increases as Mercury moves out of shadow November 10.

Note Leo Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) calls forth vision in the work, faith in the work, working even though the weather does not permit full visibility.  Power forward, quietly keeping your personal momentum – for creativity is on tap.  Saturn restricts, limits and seeks depth in Scorpio while Jupiter in Leo wants largess and a boatload of fun.  Find your balance while managing both.

I thought I had posted this before, but evidently the timing wasn’t right until now.  I found the image above and thought of my crystal Fulgurite (sometimes Fulganite).  I have only blown it twice; once was today, seemed appropriate.

FulguriteIt’s a roughly 1 3/4″ (4 cm) long piece of fused silica (sand) formed into a natural glass tube by lightning strike.  The temperature at exact strike has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The tubes are formed from the melted sand down the middle which vaporizes at electric strike.  Mine is from Egypt, long story.

This is obviously a storm manifestation stone which delivers lightning fast kundalini awakenings, purification and creative acceleration.  Fulgurite shifts physical energies into a higher frequency/vibration.  It enhances intuition and clears the path to divine purpose by clearing or attracting the energies needed for spiritual progress.

Fulgurite 2This is also a stone of spirit (latin: spiritus; Greek: pneuma; Sanskrit, prana) or breath.  It enhances communications with higher realms via the breath when blowing through the bones of the electric tube.

Fulgurite is ritually used to ‘blow away’ troubles, cloud-bust or rain-make, call higher beings or purpose, as well as assist healing diseases of the nose, ear and throat.
Vibrates to the numbers 4 and 6 (source: Melody)

Think of these communications as throwing Thor’s Hammer – they will be coming back, so be wise, prudent with what you are attracting.  Power over yourself shall prove you worthy.  [see Thor 1 if you get tangled up on that last bit.]
Interesting as I write this asteroid Wodan 2155 is conjunct Moon at 12 Cancer; asteroid Odin 3989 is at 23 Leo trine Mars.
More Norse, Odin stones (another natural stone) here.

I left the weirdest until last…beloved Uranus and the bolt from the blue, the Freak Flag waving proudly in the thunderstorm.  I love it. 

With an elixir of Fulgurite we find more focused thoughts, assimilation of vitamins A & C, and a strengthening of the thymus, tendons and neurological tissues.
In Lemuria* fulgurite and quartz were used to divide the human race into two genders.
* Continent of practical earthy peoples; foil to the more intellectual Atlantis.
Fulgurite is androgynous.  (Gurudas)

Interesting as Mercury is androgynous – picking up the energies of whatever sign it happens to land in or whatever planet it is near.  Mercury Rx is a detached perspective particularly in Libra – while closing the opposition to its higher octave, Uranus, it calls us into intellectual awareness/balance between self/humanity.
Rethinking the I Am – We Are in order to balance both.

Jolly good insight approaches.

Gneiss Moon

Agile Analysis

andrew-lincoln-001Andrew Lincoln

I love, Love, LOVE The Walking Dead.  Crazy mind fuq tv.  See prior TWD posts here. 

Andy is a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon with a tidy T-Square between Scorpio Venus opposite Taurus Mars both square focal planet Jupiter in Aquarius.  Reserved (ala Virgo), but packing an underlying intensity of drive, purpose and intellect.

Mars in Taurus is relentless, will not back down or give an inch re: work, love or money.  Great work ethic and when working high qi, aggressively practical, peacemaking and commonsensical.  They are patiently cool as a cucumber until their Mars gets ahem aggravated, then all bets are off. Hair-trigger monster you can’t stuff back in the box.  (Familiar, Toro Moon here.)  Tapping this obviously works in his favor during zombie apocalypse freak-outs.  Killer Within –  stunning, brilliant scene, well done.

Venus in Scorpio, always an interesting placement, is in detriment aka opposite its ruler and immediately in peace talks to express itself well.  Scorpio doesn’t always excel at diplomacy being a sign of power struggle.  (I have a similar energy, Venus in 8th.)  While Venus trines Saturn in Cancer (also in detriment restricting/refining emotions) delivering an emotional depth and steadiness, it squares Jupiter in Aquarius which indicates periods of high energy expansion followed by separation.

Mercury/Pluto in Libra in tight trine to Jupiter Rx in Aquarius (all within 3 degrees) indicates a powerful transformative thinker; relationships with faith, honor and trust and the balance of same deliver mental transmutation/mind-expansion in odd unusual ways.  Resiliency of thought, perceptions, viewpoints while also tuning into the subtle vibrations of a group.

Aries Chiron opposite Uranus in Libra, is a lightning bolt of unusual awareness when dealing with justice and weighing all the options.  Thinking & acting fast with precision (Chiron quintiles Saturn) offering family and bonds where there were none.  Uranus in quintile to North Node in Capricorn also magnetizes steady work, unusual alliances and unexpected balance and harmony through the same.

Saturn is focal point of a yod aka receiving pressure from Neptune in Sagittarius (which sextiles) Jupiter in Aquarius – bonds of family/genetics, home/work, film/teaching.
Ok, here comes the perspective shift - I love it that everyone who is part of TWD says it is everybody’s show, they feel like family and they feel like we are family too.

Saturn is structure/rules and Cancer is family – this is revealed in TWD by a code, a pact, an alliance – no one gets in unless they answer the questions correctly.  This focal Saturn is a brilliant expression of a tool they have used to survive as a family.
Andy’s Saturn squares Mercury tightly conjunct Pluto in Libra; squares Pluto exact.
Mercury rules questions; Pluto, death.

Here are Rick’s questions:

How many walkers have you killed?
How many people have you killed?
Why ?

Amazingly succinct astrological synchronicities, I love it.

In closing, Andy has Venus in Scorpio at 1 degree which means he has new beginnings in store at the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23.
Well done, can’t wait to see the new season !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon


Ray Kalfus - The Road to Sinharat, 1963.Ray Kalfus – The Road to Sinharat, 1963

Eyes up for Venus. 

We have achieved Libra, or are damn sure getting messages leading us directly to her.
Beloved equality, balance, beauty, justice incoming with Libra Venus, Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny.  Goals & spirit meet & greet, destiny reset – get moving on UP.

Where Lunar Eclipse knocked some emo ass to the curb and back, this Gemini Moon picks her up, dusts her off and starts her all over again.  Barn/brainstorming strong communications with quick thinkers and headstrong women sharpen the culling blades.

Leo Jupiter squares Saturn; trines Mars in Sagittarius – faith meets actions, we gain traction while in full faith/status/throw down – work speaks for itself.  Mercury Rx deals from under the deck, tricky diplomat of Desires & Balance reworks the groove in tandem with these eclipses. 

Full Lunar Endings deliver New Solar Beginnings in 11 days.
Where do you most desire balance ?
You Already KNOW.

Work IT !

T-bolt !
Gneiss Moon

Father Mercury

6a00d834515b5d69e201053647af02970b-640wi“Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it’s from Neptune.”
Noam Chomsky

Described as ‘”the father of modern linguistics”, and one of the world’s top public intellectuals Noam is also an: analytical philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician,  political commentator/activist.  He has authored over 100 books, is currently Professor Emeritus at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Pandemoniumfromamerica is dedicated to him.  

I have long been a fan, the first time I heard him speak, I was blown away.  Noam is absolutely brilliant, deftly cutting through media bias and cultural subterfuge with unequalled power and grace.  Propaganda and the Public Mind: listen here.

Noam has a shining Sagittarius stellium: Mercury, Lilith. Sun, Saturn all conjunct ASC, with the whole she-bang trine Uranus Rx in Aries. Obviously he’s a very inspirational and creative thinker with a truckload of Mars backing the brains.

His ruler, Jupiter Rx in Taurus trines Neptune Rx elevated in Virgo – his 9th house of higher education and philosophies.  Neptune squares his 6th house Gemini North Node within a degree.  Noam has a very spiritual higher mind that seeks union through blowing the barn doors off grandiose, over-bearing, idiotic boundary-making in the name of power/profit.

With a strong Venusian energy, (including Jupiter conjunct Chiron Rx in Taurus) Noam is an intellectual healer leveling the playing field between all people, globally.  Moon ruled Pluto quintile Venus ruled Chiron supports, indicates same.  Venus in Capricorn in exact square to Moon in Libra (10) and in opposition to Pluto in Cancer, drive his desire to balance relationships between the powerful haves and the powerless have-nots. 

In deep gratitude & respect
I thank you
Gneiss Moon


Two of Pentacles, Dolores Fitchie

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NEW Knew

end of daysVibrational Energy Oracle

Lunar Eclipse Wrap – Up
Where the Bible describes Judgement day as the Death of All Mankind, Vibrational Energy is instead a greater concept.

End of Days (card) is a cracking open – an acceptance of new universal energies.

Celebrate your place in the journey.

Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 – Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2014 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees

6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.


Bitches for God


Williamson_IMG_1070-1Marianne Williamson

This woman is unusual.
A self-proclaimed ‘bitch for God’, Marianne’s obviously a woman after my own rebellious heart.  After all, the god/goddess does have a sense of humor (Venus), and I do love a good smartass who doesn’t get all precious and up themselves about spirit.
I’m in !

Marianne has a whammy Cancer stellium: Sun conjunct Uranus and Venus – there’s the rebel streak.  Venus opposes disseminating Moon in Capricorn by a wide nine degree orb, by transference of light – they all do. Yes I give more orb to luminaries, particularly with a Cancer (moon-ruled) stellium and Moon being at highest elevation.
Venus in 2nd opposing Moon delivers money/success via the public.
Uranus rules her North Node of Destiny in the 9th of philosophy/publishing and she has published ten books, including four New York Times #1 bestsellers.  She’s a relaxed (mostly, see bitch for god), boho spiritual guru seeking enlightenment,  exploration – and we all get to ride shotgun on her journey.

Saturn and Neptune (spiritual work) in Libra square Cancer stellium delivers the impetus to create balance and justice via healing through public work.  (Libra/public, but also Neptune square Moon elevated by orb of 10)

She’s a fabulous engaging speaker with Mercury and Pluto in Leo (drama, power, captivates).  They square Jupiter in Taurus 11 (Placidus) – make no mistake, she has control of the reins – fixed twice over when square to fixed Leo.  Soft voice, a patient teacher, packing tremendously powerful insight.

She has Mars in Scorpio (applying out of sign) square Capricorn Moon, the uncanny ability to provoke transition by delving into common human fragilities, fears and struggles.  She knows them intimately because she has lived them herself.

Marianne shows us how to rise above via love/understanding, she teaches us to see how we are kindred in our basic humanity, the need to be valued and loved.

Peace out
Gneiss Moon

postscript for all my bitches:
Bitches = Being In Total Control of Herself.

The Gathering

FullSizeRender 6Book of Doors Divination Deck

Query: Insight into Libra Venus square Capricorn Pluto beyond the astrology I provide.

5: Ra: Family of the Sun: Auset (Isis) 
The Throne on Earth; Sept (Sirius) Life source in the Heavens

Isis was a cosmic goddess with terrestrial power – a magickal woman.  
Isis’ consort is the Neter Ausar – the first god to die and be resurrected.
Pluto !  After Set’s betrayal and murder of Ausar, Isis searched the earth to bring all the pieces (save one, the phallus) of her beloved Ausar together again and bring him back to life.  Teachers Auset and Asar walked the earth after the catastrophes of Atlantis bringing agriculture and healing, before returning to their home in the heavens.

This card signals strong magickal protection.
It indicates colossal creative powers – rebirth and resurrection.
Gathering of that which is beloved, that which was thought lost.
This card calls us to honor life and the feminine principle in all things.

For every time of Yang there must also be a time of Yin.

Asteroid Isis 42
at 9 Leo Full Moon Eclipse
at 13 Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse (Venus enhanced) – she is sesquiquadrate (agitated) Mars and trine Uranus (inventive enlightener) exact.

juggling quiets

hooded may 1
Wildwood Tarot

Merc Rx messages for incoming Full Moon.

Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far.

Rune is Mannaz:
human race, divine structure,
social order, altitude.

Awareness, aid arrives, cooperation ensues.

9 Hooded Man:
Quiet on the Wheel of the Year, contemplation.
Spiritual seeker lighting the path in the darkness.
Contemplation, meditation with self.

peace GMA

Elf Leaf

Harvest of PurplesHarvest of Purples
Gneiss Moon

Squash ruled by Moon
Lavender; Masculine, Air, ruled by Mercury
Gemini, Virgo; secondary, Aquarius, Libra
Also: Elf Leaf, Nard, Nardus, Spike

Medicinal: Nervine, sedative, tonic.
Lavender is soothing, calms the nerves.  A few drops  of oil on bed linens, in water baths aids in sleep, eases minor aches and pains.
Lavender tea is excellent for a peaceful mood and relaxation.

Magickal: Attracts the physical and financial attention of men and women alike.
Mix with rosemary for chastity, fidelity.
Burn with sandalwood to attract helpful spirits.

Purple foods are high in antioxidants, specifically anthocyanin, which protect against cell damage from free radicals.

Peace, Gneiss Moon


FullSizeRender 5Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Three disks: the pentacle, the seal and the angel of the moon.
Appropriate, yes ?
Four (card) rules Saturn, wise experience.

Sensitivities are running high with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the way.
It’s at 5:55 my time, natch.  Mars all over the shop.
(Mine quintiles Uranus, no sleep for days running.  Helmet & Shield.  Boundaries via Pluto in Capricorn.)

Five is rapid in nature, careless in action, speculative in temperament.  Above all, the vibration of five signals surprises – a need for freedom of action and movement.  Five is Mercurial, tricky – Uranus, its higher octave, moreso.  Have it 3x (Jupiter) over ?  and we are talking Ganesha energy in spades, and I have been getting 5:55 and 1:11, 11:11 in a constant stream for weeks.
Alarms going off at odd times which save me from oversleeping, you name it.
Uranus is miracles, angels + messages.

Uranus is seven – mysterious and different, in that it is a prime number – it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.   Seven is choice and spiritual development.

This Full Moon sides up with Uranus opposing Sun and Venus and North Node of Destiny all of them square Pluto.   Uranus is the abnormal, the deviant, the detour, the interruption the innovator and the intuition.

Moon is emo, clingy.
Uranus separates.
Venusian glory seekers naturally attract, in this case – opposition – from those who will not be tamed, or (ahem.) ‘handled’.

Meanwhile Master Metamorph, Pluto squares off with both – rocket launchers set to destroy anything keeping us from our personal soul growth.

I usually write the eclipse interps a month in advance, but I have been too busy living this one.  (Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in natal; lunar eclipse is vibrating my entire chart along IC/MC axis)  Stay tuned, full interp this eve.

I started feeling the pressure weeks ago, attracting the power trippers, the insidious sugar-coated poison I can sense a million miles away.

Venus & Uranus rule friends, while they oppose each other – both square Pluto ?   Frenemies.

This eclipse is Choice.
It is Intuition.
It is Power Properly Placed.
e.g. Personal metamorphosis rather than lording over others.

Mercury and its higher octave, Uranus in Cancer (Moon) indicate a deep instinctual subconscious knowing.
Trusting your gut to KNOW when to say ENOUGH.

Gneiss Moon