Laura Croft Tomb RaiderLara Croft Tomb Raider

‘GamerGate’ is certainly an interesting turn of events that has boiled over with the astro energies of the last new Virgo moon growing into full Pisces Moon.  Leo Lilith the creative bitch goddess who would not be tamed into submission was conjunct Venus (women) while both were square (friction) Mars bang on Saturn (men) in Scorpio at new moon.

Aries Uranus was exact trine Venus – fire to fire – signaling a head’s up new perspective UPshifts especially in regards to women and – yes, Games – Leo rules !
My interpretation of Virgo new moon (9 days ago) energies here - note Eowyn.
YES.  Good timing, I had.

First, I am not a gamer.  The only things in my house that could be considered even remotely game-ish are several shelves of cards ala divination decks, a glow in the dark Ouija, and a RocknRoll Trivia deck.  I am very good at Tetris, and I played Wolfenstein for  about 2 weeks in the early 90’s until I started dreaming of detailed search and destroy massacres in my sleep.
Creepy Dream Hangovers drove playing that game to a screeching halt.

I’ll link the vids that lit the fuse below, let you fashion your own viewpoint.  After reading several posts about it, the first thing that came to mind was Lara Croft who I have always understood to be a strong smart female protagonist in the gaming world.
She is the only one I could think of immediately.

A rugged archer/archeologist kicking ass raiding tombs appeals to me.
Do we finally have a kick-ass female Time LordExactly.

Creators, can we just make more games featuring smart, strong female leads ?
We do exist.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Also note incoming Pisces Full Moon finds us under a very yin sky: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Chiron are all placed in introspective, reactive signs.
Worth a thought, yes ?  Note yin is not gender specific, thank you !
Now for the links:


Video Games, Misogyny and Terrorism: A Guide to Assholes
Why I Feel Bad For – And Understand – The Angry #GamerGate Gamers

Game lovers are actually getting crazy weird on/offline hate/harassment/death threats from other gaming freaks about games.  WTF people ?  Chill. 

The Sorry State Of Gaming’s Truthers And Their #Gamergate

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Karmic Equalities

Les EdwardsLes Edwards

September 8
Full Moon 16 degrees Pisces
Chicago 8:38pm
September 9
London 2:38am
Wellington 1:38pm

Full Moon conjunct Chiron opposing Virgo Sun delivers a blast of insight re: service and sacrifice to both self and universe.  Pitching more shifting of scales into this Moon blend are Neptune (rules Pisces) opposite Virgo Venus.  Co-operation and a shifting of balance is underway in the realms of love, women, money – they are in peace talks with daily and universal service and healing.

Full Moon and Chiron trine Saturn in Scorpio lending a note of support and seriousness as well as time limitations or perhaps karmic responsibilities that only you know.  Saturn sextiles Sun as well, delivering an opportunity to set to rights this emotional bond of sorts.

Mars nears the end of Scorpio penetrating the last of the secret muck from the deep well – transmuting and healing the wounded (emotional) warrior in us all.  This wounded warrior is important to note, as Pisces Full Moon, Neptune & Chiron all indicate healing.  Pain, trauma and loss the wound entails – but also healing, rejuvenation, and the rebirth that follows.  All indicate deep learning and growth that is only found through direct experience.

Capricorn Pluto is an powerful crux point of a T-Square between Aries Uranus opposite Libra Mercury.  Working well this is diplomatic  assertions, loving kind transformations – expect a highball message with this moon & whistle while you work through it.  The news will lead to personal growth, use it to your advantage, whatever it is.  Power, women, art, money and new directions/perspectives for all.

Lastly, North Node of Destiny conjuncts Part of Fortune in Libra in this Full Moon Chart at 19 and 21 degrees, respectively.   PoF smack on DC.
Partnerships & daily work are the key to living this moon well via equality, contracts, balance in all associations.
Let’s do this ! !


Freestyle Capricorn

3._woee_10182012_fn_0317.jpgCapricorn, Julia Ormond in Witches of East End  holding the Hangman card.

Julia has a Grand Earth trine: Capricorn Sun, Jupiter in Toro, Uranus/Pluto in Virgo (Mars loosely conjunct at 8 degrees).  Skillful, steady and practical with a fiery boost from Mercury tightly conjunct Venus in Sagittarius.  Love of ideas, philosophies, travel, but prefers a cohesive, planned daily routine while exploring these things.

Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception softens this need as they understand each others expression, it helps ease the friction/balance between exploratory seeing and detailed analyzing of squares between Sagittarius/Virgo.

Julia also has a kite with the aforementioned earth trine working an opposition between Toro Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio.  She has a lovely speaking voice and a gentle, compassionate demeanor that plays well onscreen.

Interesting she has Saturn in Pisces without major aspects which can lead to much overcompensation of work and responsibility.  Saturn points to how we use our natal talents, without major aspects, it plays the wildcard and can either limit or foster good use of all other planetary energies.  Working high qi, it is the energy of a rugged individualist freestyle Capricorn who can channel high magick of creative Pisces through disciplined use. *

Worth noting is Saturn’s quintile to Mercury/Venus indicating that patient work in the creative arts, particularly film or music will alleviate friction of the squares between Virgo and Sagittarius and also payoff creatively via unique talents/gifts. This is also supported by an exact Pisces Chiron Uranus opposition. Unique viewpoints/opportunities re: separation/belonging delivers awareness, compromise and healing through dedicated service to others. Wise teaching, likely. *

I’m really enjoying watching Julia be the wise mother, badass witch on this show.
It kinda bugs me they made up an owl tarot card, but I’ll let it slide because I love the show for so many other reasons. Thrilled to see lessons re: magickal responsibility, universal energy exchange (nothing is removed, nothing goes to waste, it only changes form) on ye olde boob tube.  Fantastic to watch how characters learn to come to terms with their power, how they make mistakes learning to wield it and the changes it delivers to those in their periphery. 

peace out
Gneiss Moon

To Seek Out


Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Leo Jupiter at nearly 10 degrees closes the trine to Aries Uranus at nearly 16 degrees throughout the next few weeks becoming exact in late September.

Working high qi, this is an aspect of Enterprise and self-expansion.  Bold, daring actions reap both long-term and long distance rewards.

Optimism, friendliness and enlarging social circles brings big payoffs. Confidence ratchets up and enthusiasm, brainstorms and odd experiences that tweak perspectives become the norm.

Study of science, alternative energy as well as kundalini energy and the human energy field is supported by this trine.  Energy surges likely due to the influence of Jupiter/Sun and Uranus/Mars.

Learning, travel and exploration of all kinds including philosophical perspectives of the collective will be looming large in our frame of reference.

Note also this is an aspect of WILD FREEDOM and impulsive, gutsy actions.  Use this to your advantage while also being ATTUNED to your environs + goalsets in order to achieve best results.  Bob & Weave, Float & Sting.

Now, Boldly Go !

Ace It

photo 15I love this reading.
I asked what we collectively do NOW to prepare for the incoming October Full Moon Aries Eclipse…these cards point to simplicity of action prior to eclipse energies listed below.
Pluto is focal point in a T-Square with Moon conjunct Uranus and South Node opposing Venus, Sun and North Node.

Pluto points to metamorphosis, plain & simple – house Capricorn will be making things happen while Aries and Libra go head to head in peace talks.

This card is The Ace of Jewels, the first human decoration (Tarot of the Origins).
Skin is Saturn, which is also constructing.  
Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – they ‘get’ each other.
Tag team metamorphosis.

Make it work.

What exactly do we make work ?

photo 16
Fountain of Water: Moon/Mars
Sin: Babylonian Moon God, (Elemental Tarot)

Purity of Love
Joy & peace & Happiness
Sudden birth of new feelings, awakening of emotional energy after a long period of control.

Overwhelming desire to express oneself and pour out deep feelings.

This reading is the epitome of simplicity.
Do work you love.
Make your love work.

Work yourself out now so you can more easily work together later.


I am no man !


“All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more. But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.”

“What do you fear, lady?” he [Aragorn] asked.

“A cage,” she said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.”

The Return of the King: “The Passing of the Grey Company,”


Leo Venus/Lilith square Scorpio Mars/Saturn

This is an aspect of great inner strength and personal conviction as well as balanced, applied, rock steady effort when expressed high qi.  It is also an aspect of personal power – neither women nor men will want to take the bit, give up the reins.
Find the yin/yang balance within.  Then work outward.

Creativity, regeneration & re-invention of traditional power structures are restless, going head to head forcing inner metamorphosis.
Rise to meet your destiny. 

Overcome your personal challenges re: authority, desires, career, oppression, money, headstrong women, men (particularly older men) by facing your fear and/or each issue one. at. a. time.

Fixed sign squares indicate long held structures in need of WILLpower directed towards positive change.  Personal problematic stagnations are glaringly obvious under this sky.
Diligently work your own change rather than try to honcho someone else’s.


practical pitch

Originally posted on Gneiss Moon Astrology:

Moon in Virgo

Energy clearing is the magickal logic behind Virgo’s daily house-witchery of organization and cleanliness.  Driven by a need to analyze and perfect, Virgo focuses on improving the daily routines of universlings via health, work and service.

Virgo rules civil servants, pets and herbalists, domestication of animals for help with field work.  Interesting to note gardening is ruled by (Moon house Cancer) 4th – but the gathering ofadvice, tips, phases of the moon best for planting, weather lore for use by all via an almanac – very practical 6th house Virgo.

Virgo is the most likely sign of the zodiac to check in on you, lend a hand, be helpful and actually enjoy sweating the small stuff.  Multi-tasking minute details are their forte, they are able to compartmentalize and achieve many goals at once.

They tend to be perfectionists with infinite reserves of remaining calm cool and collected, though it would be wise to note…

View original 179 more words


imageOcean Oracle

Question raised for insight leading to highest understanding, manifestation of New Virgo Moon planetary energies.

Virgo Sun: Giant Sundial
Virgo Moon: Candy-Stripe Tree Snail
(which only grows on one species of Haitian tree)

Patience is needed.  Slow, steady tracking of circumstances over time, coupled with a clever, observant mind will lead to intelligent organization and streamlining of home, properties and possessions.

Know where you grow.

imageVenus trine Uranus: Prostitute Venus Clam; Angaria Delphinula

Going through the motions, detached from heartfelt emotions.  Bartering leading to arguments or anger – intellectual perspectives on work, love, money and the energy exchange that takes place with all of them.

image Mars/Saturn conjunction: Sea Biscuit

Giving props to the Square to Leo Venus, this card indicates pride, being concerned about other people’s perceptions, craving external validation.  This card reminds that we must put our spirit, our needs first.  Self-respect is paramount, those attuned to similar vibration will arrive when one’s self is ‘centered’ in personal power.


Leo Venus square Mars/Saturn: Hieroglyphic Venus Clam, Foliated Thorn Murex

Pictorial communication, clarity arrives – a key to understanding.  You hold the key, the Rosetta Stone – breakthrough is imminent.  Review official forms, legal documents and contracts – spoken or written – shifts in perspectives arrive re: money, creativity, time, work, authority.


Leo Jupiter quincunx Pisces Neptune & Capricorn Pluto: Zoned Paper Bubble, Blue Mussel, Black-Lipped Pearl Oyster

Bubble mollusks indicate secrets.  They only eat while buried, in secret.  They empty the contents of their stomachs in order to fit in their shells.  This resembles human bulimia which is often a closely guarded secret. While normal in the molluscan world, bubble mollusks are hermaphrodites which in humans often remains secret.

Jupiter focal point indicates not only secrets, but also indebtedness (strings attached due to mussels slow, decisive anchoring movements) as well as altruism and trust.  

Venus rules gifts, and this New Moon chart – a need for perspective shifts re: balance, trade, giving and taking is indicated.
Look for the gift of beauty delivered from your greatest irritation – here lies the crucible.                

Your Pearl is secreted within.




say-it-outloud-1New Moon in Virgo coming Monday (interp here) so I thought it would be a great time to mention not only thoughts (Mercury rules; also Gemini and Virgo) but also voice (Taurus and Venus rule voice; Venus also rules Libra).  Click image 2x for biggie size.

New Virgo Moon chart is Venus ruled and Venus is in the 11th (Uranus rules, natural chart) in exact trine to Uranus Rx in the 7th (Venus rules, natural chart).  Venus is also squaring Mars/Saturn exact conjunction in the 2nd (Venus rules, natural chart) indicating an obstacle to overcome, an inner need to change habits & get creative with problem-solving.

Venus is also quincunx (inconjunct) Chiron in the 6th (Virgo rules, natural chart).  The wounded centaur turned healer, herbalist, philosopher, teacher, leader and mentor of heroes looks to change UP via health or character – likely BOTH.  Venus and Chiron can inform each other from completely differing perspectives – Leo Venus WILL create, Pisces Chiron will BELIEVE.

Old cuss Capricorn Pluto is quincunx new birth Leo Jupiter – Unlearn what you have Learned.

I know.
Can’t go two days without a Yoda quote around here.  (or Han & Leia for that matter)  heh.

Also worthy of note: Gemini Hephaestus (2212) is square Virgo New Moon from the 8th – Mercury rules both signs.  Asteroid Hephaestus signals forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill.  Blazing a trail and rising to create your destiny – despite rejection – despite emotional and physical difficulties. These aspects support re-forging your life via hammering though personal ‘perceived’ difficulties by better using the power of thought and voice.

Think about it !  You can achieve maximum manifestation by setting your mind, heart and voice to the correct vibration from the start !

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  – Marianne Williamson

Peace & Love
Gneiss Moon

Oprah !

oprah_winfrey_horizontal_a_lOprah !

Recently I needed an UP shift in perspective, so got my Oprah on, big time.
How I love this woman – she is such a light for the world, such a bright light !
I don’t have cable, so I hooked up via the internet to Super Soul Sunday and heard: Iyanla Vanzant, Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson just to name a few.  I will be adding links here and there, so ck comments below and in the sidebar.

A bit of synastry: Oprah’s Mercury and Jupiter trine my Mercury.
My shift in perspective from a great spiritual teacher – yes.
We also, oddly enough, have Hephaestus contacts: hers on my N Node, mine on her Jupiter.  Hephaestus, blacksmith of the Gods delivers craft, skill and cunning – Hephaestus is where your life is forged, hammered and remade.
* Note: Gemini Hephaestus (1 degree) will square New Moon in Virgo.

Oprah is an second house Aquarius Sun tightly conjunct Venus both of which widely trine Gemini Jupiter in the 6th – daily speaking delivers big financial rewards.  Mercury is also in the second house of Aquarius in trine to Jupiter, which in turn trines Neptune at MC in Libra.

Women the world over love Oprah for her no nonsense sassy sister delivery style. (Air on earth houses.)  She has brought spiritual discussion (Grand Air Trine w/ Neptune MC) into millions of homes for over 25 years and counting…

She is a 29 (culmination) degree Sagittarius rising, so Jupiter rules her chart, and she is indeed a teacher (Sagittarius Moon too ) – when she started a book club, everyone followed.  When she speaks, people listen, especially women – she is wise in the healing arts, partly because of her own trials and tribulations, but also because she is a very good listener to those who have gone before, those who have paved the way.

Thrillingly, Oprah has Chiron bang on North Node of Destiny in Capricorn; Uranus conjunct South Node in Cancer.  Wounded healer,, philosopher and teacher of s/heroes – yes !

Enlightener, shifting perspectives re: the dynamics of personal, family, love, and global relationships – yes !

oprah-medal-of-honor-2Oprah receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama, where she was recognized  for her “innate gift for tapping into our fervent hopes and our deepest fears.”

Lastly, Oprah has Scorpio Mars as focal point in a T-Square with an Aquarius Mercury – Leo Pluto opposition.  This is not only an aspect of experiencing powerlessness, it is also an aspect of earning fixed staying power through rising up through the inner depths via regeneration of self.

She knows it because she has lived it. Well done.  Shine on Oprah !


Minutiae Magnates

Jen Corace, God’s EyesJen Corace, God’s Eyes

Mercury in Virgo, the sign it rules, is the epitome of mind over matter.
Here, the trickster planet is grounded in practical material matters, logically taking one thought at a time, connecting the dots, unveiling the layers and making them work.

Micro management of their universe hides the humble Virgo stewardship of the divine in the small.  This Mercurial way of thinking analyzes, categorizes and organizes life’s sacred patterns in order to better understand The Order of All Things. Virgo Mercury heals through familiarity – they notice everything, are duty-bound and determined to delineate patterns to perfection.  Problem-solvers who are receptive to change, they are forever seeking improvement and information.

System / Symptom analysis wizards, they are not only the first to notice when something’s awry, askew, or not functioning to its highest efficiency – they think/plan ahead, anticipating future needs and unforeseen circumstances.  These are the ‘just in case’ people, the scouts and the servants.

Mercury in the earth element is practical, skillful, building; in a mutable sign, adaptable and lively.  Expert readers of the body-mind connection, they know their instrument and tune it well.  Mercurial Virgos are adept at the written & spoken word, they sublimely cut straight to the chase.  Witty wordsmiths, their speech is eloquent and precise – they are fully aware that Mercurial mind over matter equals the casting of spells. 

This Mercurial Virgo finds infinity in moments via daily ritual and routine.  An uncluttered home, mind and life reveals a vast peaceful stillness: ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’.  Daily practices of briefly quieting their overactive mind of excessive worry will greatly benefit the nervous system.  This Mercury loves work variety – they excel when mentally engaged, their hands are kept busy and they are allowed to roam unimpeded within a structured environment.