Elvis is in the bldg.

Alexey Zverolovlev

I took a look at my Prenatal eclipse tonight.

Verrrry interesting !  The chart of that day ..?.. most definitely a portent of things to come.  Solar eclipse, N Node in Toro – Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon becomes Lord of the eclipse. They all trine Uranus/Pluto in the 3rd. Merc is quintile Jupiter. 

Fabulous to see what was up above while I was swimming & incubating – getting ready to hatch. ha  Cogs were slipping into place already, very cool.  Wonder when my consciousness landed ..?.. interesting to consider…

Here is how you can glean more info about yourself, your personality – or more likely be reminded of your challenges and obstacles in this life as well as how you will have to work to overcome them.

Find the eclipse just before : closest to : your birthdate. (Use the NASA Moon phase link on right.)  Cook up the chart and see if it is solar or lunar.  What is Lord of your eclipse ?  Any big aspect patterns ? Trends emerging…?

Solar : Setting the gears for life in the public eye – leadership, creativity, extroverted.

Lunar : Setting the gears for a life of contemplation – quiet, adaptable, introverted.

Now look at the next eclipse after your birth. 
If it is the same as the pre-birth eclipse, the energies will support each other; if not there will be strain to balance the two.

For instance, if the pre-birth eclipse is lunar, and the post-birth solar; the individual will be thrust into the spotlight in some way, like it or not.  :::Sounds like a retrograde planet kicking into gear at middle age, yes ? – similar energies – only dealing with the conscious/ subconscious self:::

The pre-birth eclipse return usually happens around the age of 19, and again near the age of 38, and 57.  Life events will change course during these Metonic cycles

There is more about eclipses in the drop-down above, too.
I see the cycles in my life – 38 was a real kicker.  Do you ?
What’s up in your  chart …?… I’d love to hear it !