Sun ViewerSun Viewer photo of ISON surviving perihelion.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.  ::: Marcel Proust :::

Last night I was really digging science geeks around the globe rattling off excited tweets, links, pics and debate of ISONs demise.
He’s dead Jim.
No wait !

A dust trail – darn. Just a dust trail.
No wait !  A tail ! 
It has a nucleus – ISON LIVES – YaY !  
NASA confirmed late this am, unofficially tweeps were all over it last night.  Nicknamed ISONANDON, Schrödinger’s Comet, it was fun stargazing/cometwatching for sure.

The icy material that turns into a gas made ISON bright as it approached the Sun, indicating ISON is a young comet.  Now we wait to see how ISON grows/fades as it moves away from our sun,  leaves our system, likely never to return – yet another wait and see (orbit calculations, escape velocity, etc..).
Science first, astrology second – have to understand both to get a grip, if you want to skip straightaway to the interp – scroll down.
Mars transit my natal Uranus ya know, I loves me some science !

Science here from Comet Ison Observing Campaign (CIOC).
Here is the NASA clip, where you can clearly see ISON taking the curve.
Are you a stargazer wanting to report first sighting of new comet ? Go here.
How cool is that ?!  My Merc at MC would love to name a returning comet.

A comet needs to get within about 850,000 miles from the sun at perihelion to be classified as a sungrazer. The first sungrazing comets may have been observed by Aristotle and Ephorus as far back as the year -371. Greek historian Ephorus reported this comet fragmented into two parts. Scientists speculate this breakup seems to have given rise to two main comets, which upon the 11th century return broke again, giving rise to the sub-group I of the Kreutz sungrazers.
Until 1979, only about 9 sungrazing comets had been seen, all from the ground. By 1989, 16 sungrazers had been identified – since 1995, over 1100 new comets have been discovered, of which over 900 belong to the Kreutz sungrazing group.  Close to 85% of sungrazing comets follow a similar orbit, called the Kreutz Path. source

ISON is not following the Kreutz path. Oh, a rebel – I’m liking it !

The exact orbit of comets [on their return/presumably their initial approach as well] depends very much on what the solar system barycentre is doing at the time and this is largely controlled by the position of Jupiter and Saturn. (see discovery below)
What is the barycenter ? Watch vid below.

ISONs discovery
was ushered in by Jupiter at 16 Gemini sesqui-quadrate Saturn at 28 Libra – as well as
a T Square with 6 degree Capricorn Pluto as focal – square both Uranus Rx at 6 Aries and Mercury at 7 Libra. 

Friction, agitation forcing transformation re: the past, future actions via balance of thought through love (Mercury/Libra) culminating in re-invention of action plans (Uranus). Tweaking the higher mind output/input – stilling the chatter, seeking peace of mind, (Saturn in Libra/Jupes in Gem) justice. 
Leo 16 Venus squared Scorpio 19 Mars on this day – with Pluto as focal in T Square – fine line justice/vengeance as well as thought/manifestation.
Mercury/Uranus, octaves of perception and communication in opposition – perceptual shift incoming from the dude across the wheel.

ISON discovered Sept 21, 2012 at 29 Cancer – waxing moon in Sagittarius

ISON closest to Mars, Regulus* on October 1, 2013 at 20 Leo
ISONs perihelion on November 27/28 at 1-7 degrees Sagittarius
interactive model here, cool visuals

* The King-Maker, Watcher of the North – linked to Archangel Raphael & divine healing. Full Regulus post is here.
ISON also passed fixed star Spica, read previous ISON post with interps for that star here.
ISON also flew by Vesta,
home of the sacred fire in the belly – divine fire of creation, energy made manifest on the material plane.

With kind thanks to Kim Falconer I link the fascinating Rudolf Steiner link she provides re: comet astrology here.  Fair warning, it’s a little ‘out there’ ! 

ISONs discovery was heralded by a T Square with Pluto as focal, square both Uranus Rx in Aries and Mercury in Libra during a waxing moon in Sagittarius.
ISONs perihelion occurred while Pluto was focal in a T-Square square both Uranus Rx in Aries and waning Moon in Libra.

Nutshell Comet message – head tempered by heart/love/harmony.

Directors cut: Clannish feelings, instincts (Cancer) born in a seed of thought (Sun Virgo) that culminated (perihelion, combust Sun – phoenix, trial by fire) into global feelings of love, balance (Moon Libra) wisdom, instinctual healing (Sun Sagittarius) via experience, acceptance, forgiveness (Venus).
Easter Egg:
Check Sagittarius degrees 0-7 for your light bulb Comet Moment.
Any planet/point there is your key – as well as what it aspects.
Also check your natal Jupiter (rules Sag) for more clues.

I don’t have to look too hard, my natal Mars is right there.
Not sharing any more, it is between me and my friends (11).
Eleven changebreakers & changemakers, in (sort of) that order.

Here is a quote from the CIOC link above, which is suitably Sagittarian.
“I just want to end on this note: not long after comet ISON was discovered, it began to raise questions. Throughout this year, as many of you who have followed closely will appreciate, it has continued to confuse and surprise us. This has unquestionably been the most extraordinary comet that Matthew and I, and likely many other astronomers, have ever witnessed. The universe is an amazing place and it has just amazed us again.”

Peace out

Far Out Five


Rochus Hess Comet ISON (click on pic for biggie size)

Comets fascinate me. 
Chinese astronomers have records on comets, including observations of Halley’s Comet, going back to at least 240 BC.  Often thought to be portents of doom and gloom, pheasant or broom stars signify CHANGE.  Differing types of comets were said to deliver different omens.

Comets are MESSENGERS from the outer reaches of space.
Most comets are believed to originate from the Oort Cloud far beyond the orbit of Pluto.
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Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. 

Quickie read (turned into in depth borg probe) for Cancer energies (June 21 Sun into Cancer; June 25 Jupiter into Cancer; June 26 Mercury Rx, Venus in Cancer) opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn; intent insight and clarity, most benevolent outcome for all.

Tepi – Aui – Un
Family of the Eight Primordials

Nu – Night

MidNight is 4th house (natural house of Cancer), the safety net of whatever you call safe in your world.
Nu is the number one, impulse of creation, ruled by the Sun.
Egyptians did not use zero, which is ruled by Pluto.
Interesting, yes ?
Nu is energy waves brought forth from the sky and water.
Nu is the Nile: floods / drought – – plenty / lack.
Above and below.
Past / future – – restriction / growth . . . also how energy is contained / set free.

Also interesting to note that to ancient Egyptians
Earth was male, Geb; the heavens were Nut, female.
Moon to Egyptians was also male – – this mindset was reversed with the slow advent of patriarchal society. (Perhaps we are experiencing the slow return to matriarchal society ?)

This card signifies the beginning and the end.  
Potent transformation.

A return to the way of feelings, Cancer yin.
Mothers, nurturing, growth, incubating, instincts and tides of emotion.
Outward rushing hunters (cardinal) that (emotionally) gather chicks into sanctuary.

::: Message from Spirit or Crux :::

Family of the Moon
Amon – That Which is Hidden

Amon is the mysterious and inscrutable – the primeval creative power that springs from the abyss – only the creation is visible, not the power.

Amon signifies both regeneration and sex, :: Pluto :: (see erect phallus) containing both fire and water.  The twelfth dynasty brought a melding of the all sun gods into Amon- Ra, attributes united into the powerful source of everything.

Amon is linked with the dwarf star near Sirius, the double star system.
The rising of Sirius marks the commencement of the ancient Egyptian new (sidereal) year, and the flooding of the Nile.

Sirius is the second brightest star in the sky next to our own sun, it can be found at 14 degrees Cancer.
Planetary conjunctions to Sirius are bestowed with an influence of passion (Mars) as well as a protective and benevolent influence (Jupiter, Cancer) via (hidden) loyalties.  More interps here.

Sirius derives from latin Seirios: glowing or scorcher, siriasis or sunstroke.
Sirius: Dog star, or (canicula Stella) doubles the hottest days as Sun moves to conjunct Sirius in midsummer, hence dog days of summer.  In Sanskrit, Sirius is known as Mrgavyadha or deer hunter (a form
of Shiva).  Sirius is also known as   Lokabrenna, or Loki’s torch. In ancient Persia, Sirius is Tishtrya, the rain-maker, beautifully depicted as a white horse.

While Cancerian energies oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn, consider what parts of your life are giving birth, what is dying on the vine, and where energies are regenerating.  

What is worth nurturing ?

Our thoughts springboard from the highdive – we pop the brainboard, prep to dive and delve into deep waters of Cancer* – hold AIR thoughts, take a leap of faith
then we will be swimming through underwater EMOTIONS.
*Sun and Jupiter in last degrees of Gemini, ready to plunge

Transformation of beliefs, and integration of compassion & power is imminent, though not necessarily immediately evident. (Merc Rx)

For difficult Pluto transits (yes, I am glugging it), try Walnut homeopathic essence.
aka: the midwife, the breaker of spells.

Walnut remedy bolsters strength and steadfastness through change.  It is excellent through changes such as puberty, menopause, divorce, relocating, occupational shifts, any major life upheaval.  It assists in setting free the mind, the emotional, spiritual bodies – – allowing benevolent manifestation of higher self and goals.


Watcher of the North


RegulusMars. Algieba. Regulus. Moon.

my yard, 9:44pm 03.06.12 click to enlarge

Regulus 28 degrees Leo: The Lion’s Heart
One of the Four Royal Stars of the Persians in 3,000 B.C., when, as Watcher of the North it marked the summer solstice.  Also called, “The Star of Kings”.

Influence: Mars and Jupiter (Ptolemy)
Also likened to Sun in good aspect to Uranus (Alvidas)
Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer, angel of Providence that watches over all humanity.

Conjunctions to Regulus (tight orb) 1- 2 degrees brings:
High and lofty ideals, strength of spirit, generosity, astrological ability. Capacity for leadership, honor, a hunger for power, a high – spirited and independent temperament, with a possible fall from a high position of grace when power is misused.

Astrological significance of the Fixed Star Regulus
References: [Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].
Keep in mind, ye olde skool astro can be a bit tweaked toward doom/gloom.  Instead, just think operate high qi to get best results !

If angular, rising or culminating: Public honor and credit, good fortune and riches, military success or high office.  With Sun, Moon or Jupiter, great honor and fortune.

With Sun: Power, authority, influence with friends, honor and riches. Low qi: violence, trouble, disgrace and ruin, benefits fleeting.

With Moon: Occult interests, powerful friends, gain by speculation, public prominence.  Makes women high-spirited and independent.  Low qi: Violence, trouble and sickness.

With Mercury: Honorable, just, popular, gain through high position.  Low: Generosity abused by opponents.

With Venus:  Unexpected happenings, love affairs, attachments.  Low: Violence and disappointments through same. 

With Mars: Honor, fame, strong character, public prominence, high military command.

With Jupiter: Fame, high promotion, especially of a military nature, success in the church.

With Saturn: Just, friends among clergy, success in church or law, scholarly, wealth, proud of home and family, good health.  Low qi: Heart trouble at end of life.

With Uranus: Energetic, ambitious, successful, high official position.  Gain through speculation and companies, favorable for marriage.  Low qi: Pandering to aristocrats, sorrow through disappointing offspring, friends become enemies in old age, seclusion, violent death.

With Neptune:  Prominent leader, law-giver, diplomatic, strong character, control over others, influential friends, few if any enemies, domestic harmony, death in old age.

With Pluto: [interp: Gneiss Moon] Gain through struggle, powerful and influential friends as well as sexual partners, gain through organized metaphysics, paranormal research, science, spycraft.  Low qi: Dominated by enemies, abuse, fall from high position.

Regulus entered the sign of Leo in 156 BC.
Regulus enters the sign Virgo in 2012 AD.

The fixed star of Regulus ~ the healers star  enters the sign of health, work and service for others, the feminine sign of analyzation, self- improvement and healing this year.

Neptune ~ the planet of spiritual healing swam home into Pisces this year.

Diggin’ that, ohh yeah…
*mischief managed*
~> snap <~