Pisces Johnny Winter started playing music at 5, cut his first record at 15.
Mercury in Aquarius (exalted) often indicates blazing a trail while young and it is in mutual reception with Uranus in Gemini.

Johnny was surprising in so many ways, destined to be noticed. (Mercury/Uranus; NNode conjunct Pluto)  Mercury rules his Gemini stellium of Uranus, Mars conjunct Saturn.  Gemini rules hands, so very precise, focused finger-picking, plus a fantastic work ethic. 

Pluto Rx is conjunct North Node in Leo within a degree.  Obviously Johnny was a creative trailblazer (see Venus in Aquarius also) that inspired musicians all over the world.
He was born near a new moon (conjunct Sun) in either late Aquarius or early Pisces, which indicates introspection, as do his creative Leo placements of Jupiter and Pluto (both Rx).  Neptune (guitars) is also retrograde indicating artistic introspection funneled and finessed to perfection.

Johnny had a tight Grand Air (communication) Trine with a Kite:

Gemini Uranus 4 degrees; Libra Neptune Rx 3 degrees; Aquarius Venus 2 degrees
Venus opposite North Node 6/Pluto Rx 7 in Leo
Uranus/Neptune both sextile NNode and Pluto

The opposition in a kite keeps the road hot, the easy, lazy trine works to juggle – Leo Aquarius axis is very creative, innovative and fixin’ to build.
Gemini Uranus squares Pisces Sun within a degree, further delineating the sharp need for communicating the human spirit through music.

RIP Johnny
Gneiss Moon 

birds of a feather

I’ve been thinking about Saturn, totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

Totem poles are carved to delineate family ancestry, clan history, folklore or real life, or to commemorate a particular individual.

A widespread hawk swooped down today as I was driving and landed in the median next to me.  (No, I am not going to tell you if he landed left or right – time in my life is fluid, in flux, always.)

We were in synch – hawk landed at the exact moment I passed – just as I was speaking my heart aloud.  Yes exact is the term I use because in that moment my words formed a bond.  Hard to explain, but messages from my brother are accentuated in hawks – hawk messages are exclamation points.

Hawks form a bridge between past and present.
Hawk was a manifestation of Grand Air Trine meets physical plane

My brother and Father recently visited in an intuitive reading, via Mercury, Pluto, and Sun in Capricorn….totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

I feel their presence, sometimes more than others, but then I feel your presence as I write this too.  You…yeah you !  My readers, wondering where I am leading you…and showing up regardless of the strange paths I takemany heartfelt thanks (deep bow).


So you are wondering why I speak of hawk, when a macaw greeted you at the door ?

Life is not so easily explained.

Many times the larger electro-magnetic spectrum is not apparent until the faceted human crystal is turned, attuned, Neptuned to the proper frequency.

What is said two years ago may not make sense until tomorrow.
 bird of the SUN, a Macaw, enlightens me
Is it You ?
Or is it Me ?
Most likely it is US.

Macaws are bold, colorful and Mercurial – they are very intelligent observers, mimics that communicate bird (Uranian) world – – to human (Saturnian) world.  The Macaw is a builder of bridges; an ambassador, a diplomat (Libra).  Clever and cheeky – they watch, pull pranks, turn jokes to delight and amuse. (Leo)

Macaws ARE portals between worlds.

Mercurial Macaws can also be repetitive copycats that speak without thinking.  Their words can be hollow, shallow, gossipy and twisted to be pleasing to the ear for a time, but not necessarily grounded, or in any way promisorial in nature.  Tricky pranksters that enjoy a leg – pull, they are master manipulators, who enjoy clowning around – not necessarily on any shared emotional time schedule, if you get my drift.

Macaws in my head are thinkbirdtankbrains : Mercury Uranus Libra and Leo.
Most importantly, the Hyacinth Macaws pictured above are red listed.
Thoughts ?


Shadows take flight

Neptune, lovely Neptune … currently retrograde in Pisces mulling over past artistic endeavors, spiritual studies, mystical leanings, idealistic visions and /or far-out hypnotic illusions, delusions, longings out flat-out lies.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus – in square(separating) while Mars is quincunx from (Venus ruled) Libra – love shadows and fog are all over the shop.

Quincunx is simply adaptation & improvisation – metamorph in progress.
Actions & ideals re: all forms of love are up to bat.

Retrograde revises, re-works and re-invents ways of working the Neptunian energies of the above.  Early degree Sagittarians are getting the re-applying square.  That means you hash out the difficult energies within.

:: NOTE:: North Node is at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the mo – so we are ALL re-inventing and morphing our future paths.  Square means growth – every time !

Late degree Leos are also getting the re-applying opposition, my sympathies.  I have my hand up on this one – Venus conj Jupiter late Leo here, pffft.


Currently Neptune is (separating) square the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. while Chiron, also retrograde applies to exact at 9 degrees Pisces.  

How to heal ?  Do we have to re-open the wound in order to let it breathe ?  Chiron sextiles Pluto in Capricorn – work the opportunity that waits in your house of Capricorn.

Chiron is quincunx Mercury in Leo –  while Cancer Sun comes to square Saturn in Libra.  

Be proud, sure – roaring it in all directions : not a good idea.  Cancer Sun is touchy with Saturn closing in.  Fair warning !  Let Saturn lead you to quiet balance in thought, and deeds will follow…

bird shadow

Libra Mars and Aries Uranus oppose each other from air to fire – they are the stress points of a kite ( with a loose grand air trine) so might want to contemplate your actions a bit before firing off any hot missives.

Mars is feeling most of the heat – Uranus wants to buck like a bronco.
 Opposite = compromise with another who is in your face.   Take heed, Mars and Uranus can be explosive.

Saving the day is Mercury in Leo quintile Saturn in Libra – and a lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction in sextile to Mercury and Uranus (Mercury and Uranus trine one another).   Possibility of far-out incoming messages are off the charts !  Keep the energies clear and hi qi around yourself / your environs for full throttle positive growth !

Metamorph is in progress on many levels – some or most of it – you may want to keep it close to the vest at the moment.  Lay plans in your thoughts (air trine) first and foremost.

Then preparation will meet opportunity via Uranus as the sextiles kick in and the opposition closes – ya dig ?!
* Luck *