Light, Spirit, Body

Morning Moon in Aries.
Moon into Taurus brings sacred geometry into orb in the sky above us.
This is a relatively quickly passing pattern, as Moon moves into Gemini Wednesday 10:42am CST, USA.

A Merkaba.
A Hexagram.
A Grand Sextile – 6 planets in sextile.

Three Mystic Rectangles ( 2 trines, 2 sextiles, 2 oppositions)
Two T-Squares; Uranus focal; Sun focal.
Two grand trines/kites: one earth, one water.

Two kites with points of stress via oppositions running between:

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter/Pluto
Venus/Neptune, Chiron

Hexagram, Six, or the Seed of Life is a stage before the Flower of Life which produces the Fruit of Life. The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. The Seed and Flower are heavily associated with the Biblical prophet Enoch and the Archangel Metatron that Jewish mystical medieval literature states that Enoch became.  The seed of life was completed on the sixth day of creation.

The number six is ruled by Venus, giving six the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.

Mer (light) Ka (spirit) Ba (body) These are egyptian words from the 18th dynasty.
Mer (light) specifically means two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. These electromagnetic light fields are always present, but grow stronger with meditation and specific breathing patterns.   Merkaba is a geometric representation of the bridge between the mind, body and heart; the spiritual etheric and physical bodies.

This two day period is marked by opportunities. 
Love, healing, steady manifestation of goals via communication of feelings. 

Trouble spots: ego struggles, the refusal to subjugate the will – Strong Sun & Uranus mark this trait.  Trust me on this one, I KNOW it well.
Internal issues will be prominent, but they will ease with inventive intervention.
Higher communication of the heart.

Note: Moon (feelings) in Taurus is exalted, aka high functioning, the most steady sign for fluctuating Moon – senses keen, instincts strong.

Oppositions mark learning via others – plenty there as well – running between family & public matters; men and women; what is mine/yours; love and healing.

Take the opportunities to make this rare sky work for you…

…in peace,

Harmonics & health

Shannon Novak

Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonise with each other and from which all matter manifests.

Pretty cool, huh ?  Sacred geometry of musical notes.  I have been on about sacred geometry here before…fascinating stuff.  You can click the Novak link above and play a few notes and see more visuals / music.

Really hits up my multi – Virgo / mega – Neptune sense of harmonics and health.
Music, bells, the human voice, spoken word, intonation of sounds, chants – all in order to create harmony on the cellular level.  Awesome.

This strikes me as a very Uranian (scientific) way to implement Pluto (metamorphosis) via Neptune (divinely inspired music).
Especially as Neptune is once again swimming in the spiritual seas of her home, Pisces (healing).

The universe is infinitely complex – forms brought forth from the simplicity of ONE.

How cool is that ?!

Planets orbit in sacred geometrical patterns (Venus pentagram), life corresponds to the golden mean, our DNA spirals – it makes sense that to properly use music is to heal from the inside out.

Pick your planetary problem, tap a Tibetan bowl, let the metamorphosis begin.
At the very least, we’d get our zen on…

comments welcome…

Fifth Element

Sacred Geometry Oracle – Greer

Quickie read for the energies of the LEO FULL MOON Saturn T-Square coming up on Saturday.  Intent is enlightenment, leading to most benevolent outcome for all of us.
Saturn : 29 The Dodecahedron
Saturn is the focal point of the T-Square meaning it will restrict, funnel and focus the energies of Moon in Leo vs.Sun Mercury in Aquarius.
The dodecahedron is the last of the 5 platonic solids.  This solid differs from the first four which relate to the material elements – fire, air, water, earth – dodecahedron corresponds to the 5th Element – the element of Spirit.

Energies descending from the spiritual realm, being brought into focus on the material realm. Transcendence through the breath of life.

Sun : 31 The Sphere
Projection of the circle into 3 dimensions, earth, sun, moon are symbols of the cosmos no beginning, no end.  A return to the end from the beginning.

Infinity; the limitless realities that have already taken shape, that only wait for your arrival.

Moon : 32 Squaring the Circle
The diameter or circumference of the circle can be found – but not ever both concurrently. The ratio between the diameter of a circle and its circumference is pi, an irrational number.  Circle represents the realm of spirit, while the square represents the realm of matter.  To draw spirit down or lift matter up is the central work of mystics and magicians the world over.

Harmony of Heaven and Earth; resulting in the achievement of perfection of human experience.
This is the most positive sign in this oracle.

Spirit card : Crux of the Sitch

28 : Pentagram  More here.
A magickal talisman that summons power.

Captain your ship well.
Use the force wisely.
You will know you are operating the force wisely when you are calm, passive, at peace.


blink, beat

Sacred Geometry Oracle
John Michael Greer

Before this reading, I was thinking of how Uranus skips steps. 
Mercury gets from A to C through B; Uranus skips straight to C.

This is why Uranus KNOWS but often can’t tell you why it knows.  It’s that mysterious skipped step that throws people when Uranians shoot genius from the hip.

It defies logic; yet is simultaneously, completely logical.

It is this skipped step in space / time that I am peering into with this reading.
Intent being clarity and most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

25 Discontinuous Proportion (reversed) Dependence
Your personal patterns are presently closely interrelating and connected to the patterns of others – some of which you are unaware of.

Many factors are involved which may not SEEM relevant, but ARE relevant.  Something small and seemingly unimportant is actually THE KEY to the solution.

This Uranus in a nutshell – seeing both sides, polarities – the MICRO and the MACRO – the FINITE and the INFINITE – all present in the glimmer of a nanosecond.  
Branches within branches within branches. . .the golden mean spirals inward / outward.



4 The Circle: Continuity
(spirit card, crux of the sitch)

Use what you’ve already got.  It is time to work within the boundaries you have set and nourish the growth living within them.  Tend to the patterns close to you, nourish them – the seeds that will lead to your heart’s desire are already planted and growing… now is the time to nurture your inner circle.

How wide are your circles ?  

Being strongly Uranian, I KNOW we ARE ALL CONNECTED energetically through The Force.

I think GLOBALLY, in terms of EARTHKIND and my SPIRITUALITY is INFINITE, not caged into a ‘religion’.

That said, I choose my inner circle, be you near or far.  

Uranians can find you at any distance – your energetic signature is entirely unique.
We can intuitively connect in the blink of an eye; in the beat of a heart.

Those I LOVE – you KNOW who you are.
Near or far, you are IN.



Freydoon Rassouli

Well this has certainly been an interesting set of transits . . .woke up this morning five minutes after I am supposed to be at work.  Safe to say Scorpio boss found this Toro Full Moon a tad disagreeable to his Sun.  Toro just shy of full  Moon opposition was sliding in between Sun and Saturn the boss planets  opposite in Scorpio right when I woke up.  Seriously.  Can’t make this shit up.

Venus popped into Libra (my MC – career) opposite [omgwhattimeissit !?! oh fuq I’m late] Uranus the awakener in Aries, the Mercurial Trickster just bounded into Sagittarius and a square to Neptuner the sleeping princess aka good morning astrology !

SoOo…this is gonna be quick.  I was running errands, the wind picked up, walking meditation kicked the brainpan into high gear, some clarification on yesterday’s post and some new quickies…
First of all, didn’t want to give the impression that D.C. or NYC or anywhere else in the east needs a good energetic clean anymore than anywhere else on earth.

Second of all, to all you rockstars who would rather not be tossed in a heap with ‘rockstar politicians’ : if you are working high Neptune – you aren’t.  If however; you want your money for nothin’ and your chicks for free – that’s low Neptune and puts you in the creep heap.   * See Duff McKagen for young days toxic low Neptune metamorphed into older, sober, buff Duff working his high Neptune helping other musicians.
What I did mean by cleaning is :

Gaia is TCB ( takin’ care of business ).
She IS 70 % water, after all – intuitive, emotional and she IS communicating.

The Vishuddha is the throat chakra – it is blue, Mercury rules.

Mercury squared Neptunian seas the moment it entered Sagittarius, the sign of visionary teaching and SEEING the UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

Gaia IS alive – she is just vibrating much more slowly on the electromagnetic spectrum than humans.  See Pangea and earth evolution on a former post here.  This superstorm hurricane Sandy is helping to keep the oceans thermohaline circulation working properly – it has to keep moving or we’re all screwed.

GAIA IS IN CHARGE of cosmic checks and balances – she is flat out showing the boss planets Saturn conjunct Sun in Scorpio WHO REALLY HAS THE POWER.

Not governments, not corporations rife with greed, not politicians, not the famous ‘reality’ show bullshit advertisement avalanche we are buried in – none of it.

It all comes down to accepting our place in the fabric of earth time – humans are but a teeny weenie blip in earth time.  There have been FIVE MASS EXTINCTIONS on this planet.   Humans have managed to do more damage in far less time than any other species on earth – ever – in 4.6 BILLION years.  Sobering, yes ?

Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception = POWER CONTROL on EARTH


Venus in her home – the sign of love and balance – Libra
She is applying to Pluto the metamorphic transformer of desires
She opposes radical inventive Uranus

Pluto is the fulcrum upon which our future swings


She’s what we went back for.
Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Saturn rules earth.

Scientific progress must go hand in hand 

 om mani padme hum



Seven is an intellectual, metaphysical number that symbolizes choice and spiritual development.
Seven is a yang number representing an outgoing, expressive energy.
Ruled by Uranus, seven is the planet of liberation, freedom, rebellion, change, electricity, polarites, intuition, invention and eccentrics.

The number seven is mysterious and different, in that it is a prime number – it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.  Seven corresponds with the tarot card The Chariot : moving forward through opposing (polarities) forces.

Seven corresponds with:
– seventh day of rest after creation
– seven days of the week
– seven days of Mercury in each sign (approximately) : lower octave of Uranus
– seven years of Uranus in each sign (approximately) : higher octave of Mercury

– seven days equals a moon phase (approximately) 4 x 7= 28 days in a month
seven rays

– stages of a female life : baby teeth at seven months, lose them at seven years: puberty at (2 x 7= )14 years: menopause at (7 x 7=) 49 years.

Seven life paths are mysterious, (sometimes considered aloof) seeking solitude in order to study, write and research.  They often experience many turning points and cycles of change in their lives; sevens re-evaluate.

The vibration of seven represents analytical and intellectual thinking, highly creative problem solving, and for this reason, many sevens rise to be innovators and inventors in their chosen field. They are capable of great concentration and insight, seeing into the unknown with surprising clarity.  They require space and solitude to cultivate their philosophical thoughts and hone their intellectual discoveries in privacy.

Sevens need to guard against too much isolation, independence and being too stubbornly closed off to others.  They need to hold fast to their unusual viewpoints while also remaining open to sharing them with others.  Sevens excel in learning, analyzation, meditation – they are hard-wired to grow intellectually and spiritually, often taking a great interest in occult and metaphysical studies.