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dreams in color
Mercury in Capricorn presently
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 11

New Moon in Capricorn
Wednesday 2
5:13am CST, USA

Weaving dreamcatchers.

I love the intensity of learning inherent to the motions of the wheels of life. 
A plethora of planets placed in Capricorn for New Moon – all dipped in Saturnian flavor.
Moon conjunct Sun/ Pluto/ Mercury; Venus Rx in Cap, not conjunct

Saturn is time, ambitious climbing, bonds and structure – a plethora of new bursts forth from thought seed beginnings – in reference to spirit, feelings, thinking, communicating : metamorphosis of and rebirth of same.

SELF (Sun/Moon) meet the PUBLIC (Capricorn)
wrangle the transformation from INSIDE to OUTSIDE
do PROMISES (Jupiter Rx) meet the PAVEMENT (opp Capricorn)
your DESIRES vs needs of SOCIETY
INSTINCTS find/force/trial the BALANCE (Mars square in Libra)

New Moon/Sun accompanied by Venus Rx (not conjunct in Cap), looking back to find balance, love and friendship – what needs cultivating / clipping ? 
She will attract the tell.

I found the bones of art in motion telling.  Everyone has a bottom to their well – bones underneath their watery flesh.  Fluctuating hopes, feelings, exploration of what lives behind the wizards curtain – facing the womb and the tomb of TIME. 
The first birth and final boss. 
(Jupiter Rx opposite everything Cap)

Generational gumbo is stirred by this New Moon of BONES and CUPS.

I was speaking to my Scorpio Moon Mom today (Mom & Dad: both Scorp moon, Sun Cap, Mars 7 – tough nuts !) about generations and inclinations.  We all incarnate in groups, are attracted and conversely repelled by what we NEED to LEARN via la familia, los amigos.

Every New Moon is change, fresh from seed – this Capricorn New Moon is conjunct Pluto/Mercury – metamorphic thinking is inherent to long-lasting change.  Delve deep into yourself, your past, your ingrained, fixed habits and make a CHOICE.

Mars is in Libra, after all.

Wherever your house Aries calls, your Uranian future is beckoning.  Count on shifts forward in Aries: points near 8 degrees Gemini and Aquarius are particularly fertile for futuristic growth.

New Moon brings opportunities for Scorpio and Pisces points between 5-16 degrees. Really dig deep for buried treasure at these degrees.  I give a wider orb with the joining of luminaries, so pitching you 0-22 of these signs for New Moon changes.

Make your natal chart here.
Find houses here.
Capricorn here.

Gneiss Moon

Copper Capricorn

Meet Copper Capricorn – my Pluto transit mojo pendant.

Pluto by transit is square my chart ruler, Saturn Rx.
I call pendant dude Copper Capricorn because I bought him from an artist in Jerome, Arizona (click).  

Jerome is an old copper mining town established in 1883 that sits on the side of Cleopatra hill in the Verde Valley.  Jerome housed the workers in the nearby United Verde Mine, which was to produce over 1 billion dollars in copper, gold and silver over the next 70 years.  Jerome was a notorious wild west town, a hotbed of prostitution, gambling, and vice. In 1903, the New York Sun proclaimed Jerome to be “the wickedest town in the West”.

My pendant fits the aspect.

Pluto = cesspools of sin, mines and sex.
Saturn = rocks and ore taken from the earth.

Copper is Venus ruled.  Art ! 

The little blue botryoidal (greek for resembling grapes) stone is Azurite, a copper carbonate mineral.  It is a monoclinic crystal, though it is often found in botryoidal forms. Azurite is a stone of the Ajna, the third eye.  It vibrates with the energy of intuition, understanding, imagination and the sixth sense.  It can help facilitate dreaming and a clear, logical mind.

The green stones are Malachite, also a copper carbonate.  Malachite resonates with the Anahata, or heart chakra.  It vibrates with compassion, emotional balance, hope and love.  Malachite emanates a vibration of love (Venus) throughout the energy body, making it an excellent protection stone from negative energies.  Malachite resonates to the Yang polarity of coppers electrical conductivity, enabling it to work as an active ‘fire’ stone – it will help draw impurities out of the body and stimulate energy flow.

Malachite, being about 58 % copper, (Venus ruled, hence balance) is particularly helpful for left-right brain imbalances.  If you live or work near nuclear energy, malachite is said to help with over intoxication, radiation induced illnesses and it will draw out and expel the toxins from the body.  Malachite also promotes cellular regeneration, and increases capillary function and can help reduce swelling.

Copper itself is the metal of channeling energies, it is the metal of the magician.  Copper, when used with stones, enhances the conduit between stone and human energies.  It assists, manifests energetic alignment between earth, stone and human.

Copper bracelets (often worn for arthritis) open the blocked energy flow in the body which helps alleviate arthritic pain.

Copper is a conduit, a conductor, an enhancer. 

Here is the science:  Electricity is the flow of electrons moving from one atom to the next.  Copper is very dense, the atoms are compact, allowing this moving exchange of electricity to happen quickly, easily.

Malachite is also said to enhance luck.

Keep this in mind as Venus comes closer to an exact conjunction with Jupiter.
Venus (love, $$, women, copper) and Jupiter (luck, expansion, wisdom) are beneficial, and they are opposite (in compromise with) Saturn (bones, work, discipline).

Try wearing malachite for luck and / or relief of arthritis or infection and see how it works for you.