fair warning.

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Venus in Scorpio . . . deeply mysterious, dark, passionate, sexually intense and deadly if crossed.  Venus in Scorpio possesses power –love power- they radiate sexuality, raw regenerative willpower, and by the virtue of Venus -she attracts- you are drawn in by desire.   Desire to taste the power, the sex and the transformation inherent to Scorpionic Venusians.

They instinctively penetrate to the primal core, drawing the depths of these same qualities to the surface in others they contact.
Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio: the ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars; the modern ruler is Pluto.

Internal / External power struggles are common until self-control is gained.
attraction vs. repulsion
controlling selfish love vs. balanced selfless love

sexual vengeance vs. loving mercy
outward bound aggression vs. internal combustion, regenerative fission

Scorpionic Venusians are fond of the darkest, deepest, hidden psychoanalytical side of you – secrets fascinate them.  They want to know what makes you tick, and they are marvelously cunning, perceptive and skillful spies.  Shining with a veneer of pretty persuasion, they are remarkably astute in provoking your revelations while keeping their own hidden under triple guard vault lockdown in their impenetrable fortress.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, making Scorpio Venus loyal to the death, fearless in love, drawn to power – shrinking violets full of sunshine and rainbows need not apply.   Scorpionic  Venusians desire tooth and nail intensity – if they cannot fill this craving in love relationships they will often provoke transition by way of self-destruction.

Artists with this combo are powerful creators conjuring vast amounts of passion from the depths of their soul.  Going straight for the love jugular – they force ecstatic experiences in life as well as death – Vampiric lusts common.

This Venus is dangerous and seductive – irresistible urges, obsession and control; revulsion and powerlessness are all firebrands of Scorpio. Venus rules touch, Scorpio rules struggle – make of that what you will – she’ll love you just the same.

She fancies covert special ops delving deep into the labyrinth of the occult and metaphysical realms.  Life, death, metamorphosis are titillating subjects to be lovingly explored – all with the intent to understand the distillation of, the true, divine ESSENCE of POWER.

Love is power, Sex is power, Money is Power.
These are the jewels of Venus in Scorpio- she will research, probe and struggle with every delicate prismatic facet of all three.  She will regenerate after each catastrophic loss – Scorpio Venus rises UP.

Venus living in the house of Scorpio -OUR power- is also an indication of attracting power, favors and money given by others.  She earns the money of others through exchanges of power: likely sex, death, taxes, the mysterious, or metaphysics.   She has incredible staying power, changing at will (Pluto is Divine Will) to adapt and survive come what may. 

Scorpionic Venus regenerates, metamorphoses, hones her power, she desires divine transformation – to love her is to agree to the same.

Om mani padme hum
Scorpionic Venusians:

 :: Jim Morrison, Nick Cave, Thom Yorke, Chloë Sevigny, Maggie Gyllenhaal ::

slightest thoughts

Each mental act opens up a new dimension of actuality.
In a manner of speaking your slightest thought gives birth to worlds.

– Seth, Session 565

Sun is in Sagittarius WoOoHoOo just in time for the party crasher season.
Flashback to husband with Neptune in first – this actually happened a lot when I was with him… hosts: ‘you do look kind of familiar’, then hubbies 2nd house Sag stellium charm would kick in and he’d shine it on and slide into home plate

The house of Sagittarius will be getting a dose of fresh sunlight and positive energy – and man, does my Sag Mars (trines Saturn) need it !

Fire signs under duress, here comes the SUN with a tidy trine to lend a hand. 

Pisces and Virgos have some work to do via square and of course Gemini is opposite and hopping with an eclipse on the way, and Mercury (its ruler) ready to station direct.
Opportunities lie in the houses of Libra and Aquarius during this transit of the Sun.

Venus is in Scorpio trine Neptune, coming up to conjunct Saturn.

Water signs feel the good Venusian vibes by trine, Toros gets love, money and value tests via intensity delivered by others (coming from the Scorp house) and your love, creativity and money opportunities lie in the houses of Virgo and Capricorn.
Mars is nearing Capricorn Pluto, is great for plowing forward (except for the techie snafus of Merc Rx, that is) in goals with lots of work and long hours.  If you are doing emotional clearing, whammo !  It’s working a charm at the mo with Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception – Pluto heaves it, Saturn leans and cleans it, streamlined.

Mars and Pluto side by side is one heck of a lot of power. 
High qi Pluto turns it inward, rather than try to control others – it regenerates within.
Hi qi Mars is outward bound yet – judicious with the blade.
Use the force wisely.

 Good lucks all around, to all of us moving forward with fresh eyes…
This Eclipse in Gemini is sure to usher in new perceptions….
Also a quick heads up to what is nearing in sky transits…

Monday November 26
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees

More on that to come, need some time off to juice and sleep.
Peace out

The whole thing about expansion of consciousness, is its nice to trip through the stars, but what it really comes down to is coming back to earth and how you then treat other people and make life better for other people around you..

The real work is smoothing it all out and making other people happy any way you can… This is the work that we all have to do…    -Ken Babbs, The Merry Pranksters


Soul to Soul

Stevie Ray.

A1 incredible talent, stunningly groundbreaking blues guitar.

Not surprisingly, Stevie had Neptune as focal planet of a powerful T- square.

Libra Neptune (music, guitars) square Jupiter (exalted) and Uranus (highly innovative) tightly conjunct in Cancer (emotive, blues); Neptune square Mars (exalted) in Capricorn.  Serious powerhouse for gut – wrenching ::: put you on your knees ::: blues.

Libra Sun and Neptune soaking up and pouring out the creative Venusian arts.
Moon in Sagittarius big enough for a Texan to roam far and wide.

Strong Scorpio – also not surprising – Mercury conjunct Saturn – spot on communication Soul to Soul.  
What is blues if not karma served up on a platter, mmm . . . ?
Pluto is packin’ heat from the house of Leo which rules the heart.

Venus also in Scorpio – love and sexual desires stroked into a lush musical fabric textured, dense and complex . . . most definitely.
Specialized talents, spiritual gifts : Sun quintile Jupiter and Uranus – hugely innovative intuitive creativity.  Mercury quintile Mars : powerhouse passionate drive to communicate intense experiences via his instruments – guitar and voice.
Mars quintile Saturn (while exalted in Capricorn) : penetrating artistic achievement – fame long-term recognition for work and craft
Saturn quintile Pluto : mysterious warrior / lover, seductive earthy tantric guitar vibe   

Stevie battled his addictions – sensitive Neptunians often do, and Stevie’s guitar sings his sorrows so seductively . . .


Way of the Dragon

Lee Jun Fan
Bruce Lee.
Respect !

Way of the Dragon, indeed.
Born in the hour of the dragon, in a metal dragon year – double dragon is extremely powerful, very auspicious.  Dragon rules the energetic morning hours between 7-9am.  Unpredictable, ambitious, opinionated, outspoken and lucky are traits of dragon hours.

Metal dragon of 1940 is a gleaming sword.  Future – oriented, decisive and natural – born leaders, metal dragons are fair and honest.  Lessons to learn are tact, flexibility, relaxation.

I haven’t been as stunned by a natal chart since I saw the grand water trines of Nostradamus.

Bruce Lee’s powerful Pluto is packing a punch as focal planet of several T-Squares.
Pluto forces the personal will and outward energies of Mars  to a higher octave.

Pluto is divine will – implosive power and force channeled, focused into explosive extremes of energy that manifest in outward metamorphosis.

Bruce channeled this magical transformative Plutonic energy into extraordinary physical prowess.  Onscreen he led the globe to recognize the spiritual beauty and grace of martial arts.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, Bruce had appeared in 20 films by age 18.  Bruce moved back to the states when he turned 19, majoring in philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In later years he practiced, taught and wrote of the evolution of his way of martial arts, which he called Jeet Kune Do, “The Way of The Intercepting Fist.”

Bruce read and wrote extensively his thoughts about physical combat, the psychology of fighting, the philosophical roots of martial arts, and about motivation, self-actualization and liberation of the individual. (source)

Bruce Lee was a 12th house Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
Intense, unusual spiritual quest was definitely on the menu with this 11th house stellium. Nearly all his personal planets are ruled by his focal planet, Pluto.

Bruce was creative power incarnate.  Leonine Pluto taps into the center of being , the power of WILL in tandem with the strength of the heart: spirit, honor, kindness and generosity.

His winning card – Sag in 12th has secret allies – his Sun is trine the house Sun naturally rules, Leo.  He shines brilliant spiritual fires of the phoenix from a dark well of Plutonic power which rests on the 8th, the house Pluto naturally rules.

Scorpio fixates, obsesses, probes and penetrates the mysteries fearlessly tapping the still waters of the soul seeking control.  Sun in trine to Pluto learns self-control, then teaches the philosophy to others. Eleventh house stellium packed with Scorpionic power shares intellectual enlightenment gleaned from within for the betterment of earthkind.

The creative 5th house & intellectual 11th house axis is activated – what I have opposes what we have. Bruce wanted artistic control of teaching and communicating his way of Jeet Kune Do, financial gain was not paramount, the spiritual way of martial arts (Neptune 10 conj MC) life was most important to him.

Stealth in the 12th ~>  Sag Sun trines Pluto: his aim to bring spiritual insight to the masses – a public display of personal power controlled, harnessed ~> superhuman force applied with spiritual discipline to achieve enlightenment and transcend personal limitations.  Note Sun quintiles MC as well.  Mars rules his creative 5th house: action hero, onscreen.

Taurean Uranus trines Virgo Neptune in the 10th at MC – earth plane manifestation of unusual zen principles – martial arts philosophy was woven into his daily life, spirituality was Bruce was spirituality.  Graceful precision of movement on film was his destiny.

Libran North Node quincunx Saturn, quite possibly he knew the toll intense overwork (Saturn conjunct Jupiter) would have on the physical vehicle, but felt he was unable to comply with normal standards of rest.  He needed to share, he sought peace and balance through work, his art.  Uranus is restless in Venus- ruled Taurus, stillness must be continually cultivated, and it does not come easy.

Bruce had Uranus quintile Pluto – his talents and spiritual gifts had a profound impact on the world – he helped introduce gung fu to the world through teaching martial arts.


Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.


Not being tense but ready.
Not thinking but not dreaming.
Not being set but flexible.
Liberation from the uneasy sense of confinement.
It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.
~ Bruce Lee