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Jen Corace, God’s EyesJen Corace, God’s Eyes

Mercury in Virgo, the sign it rules, is the epitome of mind over matter.
Here, the trickster planet is grounded in practical material matters, logically taking one thought at a time, connecting the dots, unveiling the layers and making them work.

Micro management of their universe hides the humble Virgo stewardship of the divine in the small.  This Mercurial way of thinking analyzes, categorizes and organizes life’s sacred patterns in order to better understand The Order of All Things. Virgo Mercury heals through familiarity – they notice everything, are duty-bound and determined to delineate patterns to perfection.  Problem-solvers who are receptive to change, they are forever seeking improvement and information.

System / Symptom analysis wizards, they are not only the first to notice when something’s awry, askew, or not functioning to its highest efficiency – they think/plan ahead, anticipating future needs and unforeseen circumstances.  These are the ‘just in case’ people, the scouts and the servants.

Mercury in the earth element is practical, skillful, building; in a mutable sign, adaptable and lively.  Expert readers of the body-mind connection, they know their instrument and tune it well.  Mercurial Virgos are adept at the written & spoken word, they sublimely cut straight to the chase.  Witty wordsmiths, their speech is eloquent and precise – they are fully aware that Mercurial mind over matter equals the casting of spells. 

This Mercurial Virgo finds infinity in moments via daily ritual and routine.  An uncluttered home, mind and life reveals a vast peaceful stillness: ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’.  Daily practices of briefly quieting their overactive mind of excessive worry will greatly benefit the nervous system.  This Mercury loves work variety – they excel when mentally engaged, their hands are kept busy and they are allowed to roam unimpeded within a structured environment.   




This day needed some brightening up.
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Mercury into Virgo 5:36pm CST, USA

Virgo, 6th house rules daily routine, health, responsibility to self and others via analysis.
Good health encompasses many things – mind, heart, body, emotions, spirit.

One path to health begins in the mind – in the perspective we choose.
Mercury (perspectives, thinking) rules Virgo.  

Mercury runs either very hot or very cold, depending on the side that is getting the attention of the Sun, much like people.  I’ll leave you to think on that one.
Be optimistic.
Honor yourself.
Appreciate life.



Friday 31
Full Blue Moon in Pisces
8: 58am CST, USA

Mercury into Virgo
9:32pm CST, USA

Pisces Full Moon opposes 8 degree Virgo Sun – all you Pisces peeps will be getting incoming mail ! – insight on your sense of self and your outgoing energies will come into focus.  Virgo and Pisces matters will likely be resolved through compromise and a need to let go (Pisces) of something.  Thinking / sorting VS. feeling / letting go.

You know what it is.  If it’s not healthy, and doesn’t feel good, then why do it ? 

Full Moon brings tension to the early degrees ( Full Moon is at 8 degrees) of the house of Gemini, ease to the house of Cancer, and opportunities to Taurus.  Go to your house of Pisces – this is where you will be getting insight this blue moon.


Yippie ki Yay for Mercury into Virgo – time to get detailed, see the nitty gritty and sort out everything in your house of Virgo.  Mercury is the way you think, communicate and process any and all self- expression – and it feels great in Virgo – Mercury is at home here.

All things Piscean will be in compromise with Mercury, and you will be sussing out all things in early Sagittarius and smoothing out the rough edges.  Your easy energies are in the house of early Capricorn, your opportunities are in early Scorpio.


 Cancer Venus is square Saturn in Libra – artistic tension is high – operator / equipment fail, some sort of restriction in flow, so just breath deep and keep plugging along, the energies shift soon…

Mercury is coming to conjunct Sun in Virgo, making communication flow smoothly and the structural reformation ( Mercury / Sun trine Pluto) of many things going on long-term are shifting for the better.

Think about how efficiently you work.
Reconfigure process to achieve optimum efficiency – now is the time !

The mutable, changeable energies are prime !

Process – Revison – Reinvent – Metamorph baby ! !

peace & happy bluemoOon