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Heather Hansen

Fantastic body art for Capricorn Venus Rx !
(Saturn rules Cap is the body; Venus art)

Moon in Libra (art, beauty,diplomacy) coming to oppose Uranus, square Pluto /Venus Rx in Capricorn (two more degrees until she stations direct 10 days from now).  Insights, instincts, intellect sharp – changes desired re: relationships, money, work will be on point, obvious.
Aha ! eureka moments incoming via another – relationships, working together, the dawn of understanding. 

Moon will then trine Mercury in Aquarius, conjunct Mars in Libra, close the square to Pluto /Venus Rx..  Inventive, creative communications are powered up – use eccentric ideas wisely, detach from overblown sentimentality (square Jupiter Rx in Cancer) think instead expanding philosophies, ethics, learning and teaching possibilities.

Moon into Scorpio
Thursday 23 3:43pm CST, USA

Libra is Venus ruled – that means not only women (Moon), art, but money as well. 
Changing the conceptualization of money in the brainpan creates dramatic shifts in how our relationship to $$$ feels – which leads to changes in how we handle money outwardly.  Check out these savvy gals as they reveal in bullet-point style how they changed their mindsets, took control and began to prosper.  Great lead in to Scorp Moon as well – other people’s money, sharing of resources. 

Marie Forleo  Follow up post here.
Kate Northrup

I love my work – both jobs, my full time position as well as what I create here at GMA.
I want more money resources so I can 1. help myself  2. help others.  Uranus/Pluto in square is hitting home for me (I am Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu 9) in re: to serving others that are less fortunate. My Leo Venus/Jupes 8 squares Neptune 11, and I not only want to help others, I need to.
Uranus and Pluto in square is calling all humanitarians forward into the light.  For far too long greedy corps have sucked our people and world dry of all resources.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
Jimi Hendrix [paraphrasing, William Gladstone]

peace & love

business & bizness

holding-hands-HD-WallpapersCardinal squares and opposition energies between (Capricorn) borders and (Cancer) families erupt again.  I was done for the night, but it boggles my mind that as human beings we are still dealing with marriage inequality.

Admittedly, I have Capricorn ASC and Libra MC, so equal rights of any and all kinds is a no-brainer for me – ? but really ? – globally we are still hashing over who can get legally married, share assets and start a family ?  It is after all their business, their love, their marriage and their assets.

Ali Choudhry and Dr. Matthew Hynd run the risk of not only being separated, but Ali runs the risk of being deported to Pakistan, a country he is unfamiliar with (Ali grew up in the US), he does not speak the language or have contacts there and being openly gay means he is subject to imprisonment or death.

Australian immigration does not view their long-standing 4-year relationship valid though they married in a civil union in March of 2012 under a Queensland state law which was then repealed by the incoming Liberal-National Coalition Queensland Government three months later.  A review of the partnership rejection/visa application was denied.

Australia is Sagittarius (Jupiter rules), Taurus (Venus rules).
Venus and Jupiter energies are retrograde aka: review, reorient, revision.

Venus (marriage) is retrograde in Capricorn the sign of parameters and borders.
Jupiter (law) is retrograde in Cancer the sign of family and home.
Jupiter Rx opposes Capricorn energies of Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Venus Rx signaling a need to revise parameters between family and public matters via compromise, cooperation.
Squares to Aries and Libra is active change (Mars/Uranus) leading us into a future of equal rights. 
Humans globally juggling for compromise and cooperation re: family equality.


peace & love


One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.
Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Saturn, Venus are calm
Soul fully lit is Sun
Storms, interventions are Uranus
Struggle is Pluto

peace from


bended knee

skyhigh tigaerSkyhigh – Tigaer

Saturday December 21, 2013
Sun into Capricorn
Venus Rx 29 Capricorn

Friday January 31, 2014
Venus Direct 13 Capricorn

Venus retrograde is a prime time to look over finances, career goals, ambitions and accomplishments with an eye towards streamlining and improvement. 
How are you using your materials to build firm foundations ?

Action plans will be tweaked, partnerships balanced, attitudes will change altitudes, all in order to become more efficient, streamlined.  
No fuss, no frills.
Built to Last.
Venus retrograde in Capricorn cuts to the difficult chase straightaway in order to patiently start re-building from the ground up.

 Venus Capricorn is practical – set finances and faulty relationships into order, cut the fat, get serious.   Who holds your reins, you or an overlord ?  

Right the balance.      Be true to yourself.  Be kind to your body.

photo 11Quickie read for what we (globally) need to be aware of with this retrograde.

III – The Great Mother: Venus in Capricorn opposes/compromises with mother energy from Cancer across the wheel.  
How do you mother and nurture ?  Are you putting yourself in the nurturing equation as well ?  What do others demand of you,  are they restricting your emotional freedom ?
What is your relationship with Gaia ?  Are you good to her, treat her water well..?

Spirit: XI: Creative Power: Sun enters Capricorn for this transit, leading two benefics to navel gaze on our past rootsespecially re: love, $$, career goals, peace of mind.

Are we wisely using what we have to create our lives in harmony ?  
Venus retrograde will lead us to reflect, reason and revise.

Start at your knees (Capricorn rules), bend and let the universe work with you for greatest results.  Venus attracts, while in retrograde – she attracts the old past so we can sift through it for what we can still USE.

In Peace

Rock solid

Tree 27

Check out the sexy flash of universe under the Doc’s coat –  Love it.
A tease of randy mystical seagoat underlying serious Time Lord biz.

Of course I chose the Doctor for Venus in Capricorn !

Capricorn is Time, Earth, Authority, Work, Restriction.
Venus is Love, Balance, Diplomacy, Togetherness.

Love is the ancient glue that holds the universe together – Venus attracts and balances.  She is a peace monger looking for friendship and love.  

Saturn indicates ties that bind.  Saturn contacts in synastry are work – plain and simple – you are bound to each other through those energies until the lesson is learned.

eg.  My ex had Jupiter smack on my Aries Saturn Rx.  I thought I partied before I met him, then realized he was running PhD level (Neptune rising, Pisces 5th / Leo MC).  When it comes to parties, our crew is professional, no doubt of that.  My Saturn got a biggie dose of ‘let’s follow ALL our impulses’, which was of course both good & bad.

I have Venus-ruled Libra at MC, (house of Capricorn) so among other things, I am here to work cooperatively, see and experience both sides of everything, and balance love and finances.

Capricorn Venus energy in and of itself is strict, fair and honest – they will give and get in kind.  Capricorn Venus can be melancholy, it is inherent to the energy of Capricorn/ Saturn. Caps are serious, no-nonsense, what you see is what you get kind of people.

Venus is money, and Caps can be frugal, thrifty – they know how to stretch a dollar by using old things that work and wear well.  When they do spend, the consumer reports guide is browsed, reviews considered carefully, then, and only then the top-of-the-line purchase comes.

In love, Venus Caps are also thrifty and frugal – if you are looking for an abundance of demonstrative love, you may wanna try a fire sign Venus.  Saturn restricts by nature.  The object of the Cap Venus’ affection will be loved steadfastly, quietly and steadily over the course of time…this is the gift of Capricorn Venus.
Look what I found 1/2 price !  My hand was on it in a nanosecond.
It was red – THAT didn’t last long.  It became Tardis blue in a jiffy !  Still needs a couple of modifications, then blinking lights – and I have myself a Tardis for command central.  (Doctor Action figure not included.)

Capricorn Venus peeps are patient and – let’s face it – about as fast as a herd of turtles, but the work is quality, long-lasting… as is the love.  Some of you may be wondering why I am only just now writing about Venus in Capricorn … I have my reasons (besides making a funny point).
Time strengthens the bonds for Venus in Capricorn folks.  They understand work is love / love is work.  Age and / or wisdom is desirable as is status and reliability. They want you to know you can count on them, and they need to be able to count on you too.   In times of trouble, Capricorn Venus folks will stick by those they love – come thick or thin, they are rock solid.
Venus moves into Aquarius
January 3
ok, this is just funny Time Lord stuff.

fyi: Saturn rules dunces and dads


gotta Roll with it baby

List of Seven – Les Edwards

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. . . lots of nifty little oddball surprizes PoPing up all over the shop.
Mail ? !  Yeeees. 
 Hawks circling, phones and interwebs buzzing with messages outgoing & incoming !
Most bizarre.  I love it !

We are under a Sagittarius (heading into dark) moon, with Venus hours away from the Capricorn party – – Pluto, Mercury, Sun and a tidy little applying square to Uranus.

This show’s not over yet, babes – and it’s bound to get tweaked a little weirder in the coming few !  So head’s UP !

Keep your eyes on the summit not the steep grade below.

Pisces Chiron square Jupiter Rx in Gemini.  Early degrees of your mutable signs are getting a double shot of reconfiguration juice – like it or not, here it comes. 

Chiron is sextile Pluto – spread your wings and fly baby !

Set yourself free.
Lay down the shiny object and back away slowly.

Capricorn rules matter.
What matters ?  What really matters ?
Not sure yet . . ?
Wondering how you are gonna get right ?  Heal and move on ?
It’s cool. . .
we’ve got Jupiter Rx grinding the Gemini gears workin’ that shiz out.  

Jus’ sayin’.  Chill.  It’s comin’…

Cardinals ? 
Well, you all get to do what you all do best – initiate changes !
Fling yourself into the fray – & – figure it out on the fly !

Obviously Capricorn and Aries houses are under strain – NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
Personal metamorphosis par excellance * pinkies out PRIMO * in early degrees of these signs.  Inner struggles are causing MAJOR GROWTH SPURTS.

Capricorn is packin’ a punch at the moment.  
Aries ? – who the hell knows what’s goin’ on in there ?!
Uranus is in da house !

Fair Warning !

Aries house is PingZinging oddball messages to house Libra – better pack a lunch bigtime peace talks in progress.  Float like a butterfly baby, bob & weave.

Cancer is up to bat in the Seagoat school of Hard Knocks – hey battah battah  swing battah !!  
This Cappy pitcher is packin’ : Pluto, Mercury, Sun and here comes Venus.
Step up to the plate – retreat is not an option.  Channel pass – agg emotional wranglings into workable daily step-by-step progress. Progress is progress – keep at it.  Take a swing – reflect, evaluate – repeat.  Knock it outta the ballpark !

peace out & happy dark Moonie to y’all. 

Friday 11
New Moon 21 degrees Capricorn
1:44pm CST, USA


el Duderino

Jeff Bridges

May I introduce Sagittarian actor, musician, vintner and artist Jeff Bridges.  Jeff was born into a family of actors, his Mom, Dad and his older brother, Beau.  Jeff made his first onscreen appearance at the tender age of four months.

His first big break was in The Last Picture Show, when he became one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for an Academy Award at age 22 (1971, Best Supporting Actor, The Last Picture Show), and at age 60, Jeff became one of the oldest ever to win (2010, Best Actor, Crazy Heart).
I just watched True Grit and of course, loved it.  I loved Starman and have been to Barringer crater, which is featured in the movie, and it’s fabulous !
Starmans expression when he tried Dutch Apple Pie..?  Priceless.

I loved The Last Picture Show, Fearless, The Big Lebowski, (obviously a classic), The Fisher King, Men Who Stare at Goats, Tron, the list goes on and on…
I have spent my life watching Jeff light up the screen, so I wasn’t too surprised to find out he’s a Sagittarius.
(I am a Sagittarius magnet, it seems, I am naturally prone to fancy them, since I have lots of Sag energy myself.)
Jeff is a life path 3 (the zero adds power) which is a path of growth, flowering, and new directions unfolding out of the balance of 2.

He is a Virgo rising, with chart ruler Mercury in the 4th trine Pluto in creative Leo, on the 11th (natural house of Aquarius) a visionary placement for an artist.  Sun (exact conjunct Chiron) trine Pluto from the nadir (conjunction straddles the 3/4th) and Jeff is a natural gypsy story-teller (4th is the house of Cancer, they can spin a yarn like no other) with an optimistic heart.  Through his craft, he shows others how to heal themselves through communicating the need for loving acceptance of the natural human beauty found within us all.  (The nadir is the deep well of self, where and how we restore balance, trine Pluto in 11th.)

He shines a light on human relationships through his exquisite ability to morph and change in the public eye.  Gemini at mid-heaven and Jeff can fully embody chameleon-like qualities for his career – this is particularly evident with Uranus (polarities and change) elevated as well as Moon (fluctuation, imagination).

Uranus in the 10th has no major aspects – making Jeff a mavericks maverick !  Uranus is rebellious and innovative and without major aspects reigning it in, it is truly wild and free !  Having Uranus quintile the Ascendant gives him the ability to be unpredictable in the eyes of others via work and career.  This quality is further shown by his predominately mutable chart. The quincunx to the artistic Venus (art in the 29th or culmination degree) Jupiter conjunction in the creative 5th house (Sun – creativity – naturally rules) gives Jeff a super – charged ability to build a life – long eclectic career in the arts.
I am tickled Jeff has Venus conjunct Jupiter, because I do as well, but in Leo !  He is very well liked by his co-stars (Venus is kind /Jupiter expands), and is described as exceptionally easygoing (Sagittarius).

His craft is deep and thoughtful (Pluto ruling 3rd) and he derives a tremendous strength from family (strong Nadir placements, Moon trine Venus and Jupiter).  He has been especially influenced by males (Sun trine Pluto) and had worked very close with both his father and brother throughout his life (Mars conjunct Saturn).

He is known for working hard, and when young appeared on his fathers television show, Sea Hunt  with his brother on several occasions (Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Ascendant). Squares from the Mars Saturn conjunction to Moon at the mid-heaven represents the Sagittarius need to explore his own path, make his own mark with the public (Moon).  Neptune in Venus-ruled Libra trine Moon in 9th and Jeff documents his films and travels on film, he is an avid photographer.

Sun at the nadir opposite Moon at mid-heaven shows that he loves his home life a great deal, but his restless nature calls him out to learn and communicate his feelings through his work.  North Node of Destiny in Aries (Mars rules) and Jeff has a path before him of blazing new trails in showing the depth of human nature (8th) through his work (Mars conjunct Saturn).

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Starman:
You are a strange species. Not like any other. And you’d be surprised how many there are. Intelligent but savage. Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you?
[Shermin nods]
Starman: You are at your very best when things are worst.