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6th House
Natural House of Virgo
Mercury Rules
(Chiron may rule)

Personal responsibilities, daily details
work and service
 practical magick, housewitchery, cleanliness
health and diet
analyzed and categorized
neatly, succinctly and efficiently.

Virgo rules the bowels, the solar plexus
their job is to
separate chaff from the wheat
in every field, everywhere

preparation and assimilation of food
cafeterias, canning
raising livestock

civil servants, the army
the common people, working class heroes
nurses and healers

crafts, clothing, nutrition
employees, tenants

public health, physical exams
and climatic conditions that affect health
all live in the 6th house

tedious work that is both detailed and practical
pets, subordinates, maids
cleaning and harvesting

medicinal herbs and herbalists
pharmacists and drug stores

fire departments

your emotional rescue
your rescue of others in emotional distress
is all sixth house Virgo

12th house
Natural House of Pisces
Neptune Rules

The seven seas
the number seven (a spiritual number)
the cosmos, past lives
the afterworld or life after death
it is
the collective unconscious, privacy, solitude
S   P   A   C   E

The twelfth house is
where, what and how
you believe
without a shadow of a doubt

It is mysticism, sacrifice
secrets or
anything confidential or hidden

It is sneaky, it ambushes
 it blackmails, bribes and deludes

It is drugs, bootleggers
jails and confinement
oil wells

as well as assassins and mob rules

Twelfth house rules hospitalization, serious illnesses
nuns, monks, monasteries
 and morgues

Losses, misery, hoaxes
fictitious names, fraud, forgeries
self – undoing and self – destruction
all live in the twelfth house.

Prisons, pain
sleep and sleepwalking

vapors, opium, drugs and alcohol
being under the influence

Twelfth house is suicides
smuggling and subversion
escapes, loneliness
anything intriguing or beguiling

It is orphans, sailors and spies
secret love affairs
detectives, feet, elephants
and exiles

Hidden in the twelfth is
poison, plagues

and cults
as well as being
enraptured under the spell of another

Twelfth house is also
high magick

rescue and healing done
on a worldwide scale

Meditation, reform and relief work
welfare, retirement
charitable institutions
narrow escapes
are all behind the 12th house curtain

Psychic phenomena, anesthetics



“You are not just the drop in the ocean.
You are the mighty ocean in the drop.”



heal thyself

The Herb known as the Albahaca, Njjlika, Witches Herb, or more commonly as Basil- is Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Gods: Shango, Vishnu
Godesses: Ochun, Yemaya

Medicinal uses are: Anodyne, astringent, diuretic, nervine. *

Hung from the door it is a blessing said to calm the heart.  It promotes both love and prosperity.  Rubbing the leaves on the body before love-making can heighten desire, and help ensure fidelity.

Use it in a hot bath, simmer on the stove or add to a humidifier to promote similar results.  (It is a heady scent, so if you are smell sensitive, use sparingly.)  It is best used in its natural state, rather than oil.
Where is Virgo in your chart ?  Virgos rule the bowels, sorting the good from the gunk in the body.
It is the sign of harvest and this Virgo got a table full of thai/basil out of my garden today, so not much time here, I have to clean it !

Neptune is conjunct Chiron above us, and the Doctor is in.
Anyone else positively elated there is a time lady ?! …and that River totally kicks it !  Well, it’s about time ! lol.  Brilliant *

Look to the house of Virgo for where you are detailed and organized.  Planets placed there are likely to be where you show precision and dedication to the task, and to others.   It is where you have strengths in problem-solving and anticipating the needs of others.  It is your discerning eye at work (Virgo is the 6th house of work and service).

Look to Chiron (I am leaning towards Chiron as Virgo ruler, myself) to see where you help others through your passion for health and knowledge.  Chiron was a teacher, philosopher, healer and herbalist, who through trying to heal his own wound, learned much through study and helped others learn and heal in the process.
Mine is in Pisces/3rd, mental and spiritual health is my work.

* I am not a medical doctor, informational purposes only.