Here comes the Sun

Do you know where your guiding planet is ?
heh…out late with a bad boy again ?!

It is the planet that rises before the Sun in your chart.  Also called oriental, it will be to the right of the Sun on the wheel going clock-wise.  This planet shows skills you have, a guiding factor in your life, talents further defined by what aspects it makes in your chart.

Moon= intuition, sensitivity to ‘the flow’, can multi-task well
Mercury= flair for communication, speaking, learning
Venus= artistry, loving, peacemaker
Mars= force of will, problem-solving, taking action
Jupiter= philosopher, big ideas, executive leaders
Saturn= perseverance, building, concentration
Uranus= revolutionaries, rebels, innovators
Neptune= Musical, abstracts, mysticism, healing visionaries
Pluto= penetrating mind, powerful charisma, research

I have Uranus oriental Sun 4 degrees, conjunct Pluto 5 degrees.  I’m a bohemian; a bit eccentric with a talent for astrology (Uranus rules astrolgy) and a fascination with magnetics and science.   How does your guiding planet reflect your talents..?