Year of the Wood Horse

wood horses Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch

Friday January 31
Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse

Ancient astrologers chose Horse to represent Great Yang (Sun) due to the both the outgoing energy of men as well as outside pursuits that proliferate when the season for fun and frolic is warmest. Horse month is midsummer and holds the longest day of the year; Horse hours are midday, when the sun has reached its zenith. 

Horse years are years of high energy levels, being decisive, more daring, adventurous and confident.  Thinking and communications are geared towards the future, goals on the horizon, moving and working to see those goals come to fruition.  

Horse years are herd-like: social and high-spirited, working as a team is favored.  Senses will be sharp, cerebral discussions, mental challenges arouse curiosity, fascinate.  Forthright speaking will be abundant, use caution – think twice, speak once.  Caution with finances and temper should also be cultivated.  Athleticism is favored in horse years, as is public speaking.

Fortune FillyWood Horse years are filled with quick expansive growth (east, spring), kindness and generosity and simple pleasures.  Creativity is favored, as is work diligence – especially networking – wood horses like to keep busy.  Organizing comes naturally, action plans and partnerships are well-thought out, solid.

Like the Sagittarius horse, this astrological horse suffers from a lack of tact, there is a strong tendency to be outspoken – they are the only one saying what is on everyone’s mind.  Wood horse likes freedom from dull routine, they need to explore, seek new horizons and learn many new things from a wide range of people.

Horse years are auspicious for those born in the year of: tiger, sheep or dog.
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Happy New Year of the Wood Horse !

Dedicated to my Herd
esp. My Fillies – I love yas !
xoxo mwahs !