Full STOP.

In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.
Nora Ephron

For the record, I love both quotes.
You know where I am going with this, right ?

Polarities !

Yesterday, I was watching people get into a snit over (whispers)  s e x .
You know,
one of those words too horrible to utter.
I found it comical, really.  The horrible word was not uttered, only implied, leaving the door wide open for personal interpretation, which of course revealed itself to be ahem rather problematic. lol

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct Fortuna in Leo – Venus is love; Jupiter expands.  Fortuna is success and innate talents. 
Leo is ruled by the Sun; Leo rules the heart and romance. 
I happen to love LOVE
 –  just in case you needed me to back up my claims with cosmic proof – well, there it is.

It could be noted that my benefics (along with Pluto) are in the 8th house…
(whisper)  Make of that what you will.

Venus, Jupiter and Fortuna are benefics – the houses they live in and the planets they influence are to some extent, graced.

Keep in mind:
Your particular planetary contacts and aspects make all the difference.

Enter polarities –
Venus can be loving or vain.
Jupiter expansive or E X P A N S I V E.
Jupiter square Neptune could mean drowning in liquor, for instance.
I know this aspect all too well.

Flipside –
Jupiter delivers honor, charity, knowledge.

Another example of a benefic getting twisty . . .

Venus attracts, binds.

Venus conjunct Mars loves and fights
– in Aries, fights more
– in Taurus/Libra, loves more

Venus square Mars fights internal battles over animal passions.
Venus opposite Mars means someone else is provoking the love/lust lessons.
Venus trine Mars is smooth sailing – love and lust are balanced, neither dominates.

 In a diurnal chart
– Jupiter is more beneficial
– Venus is less beneficial

In a nocturnal chart
– Jupiter is less beneficial
– Venus is more beneficial

The Luminaries (Sun and Moon) are also considered beneficial.

Sun is honor, hope, awareness.
Moon is instincts, imagination, serenity.

In a diurnal chart, planets above the horizon are more powerful.
In a nocturnal chart, planets below the horizon are more powerful. 

Planets within 15 degrees of a conjunction to Sun are combust, or overpowered by the Sun’s rays – their energies are lessened.

Moon is stronger when
– waxing in the natal chart
– placed above the horizon In a nocturnal chart

– below the horizon in a diurnal chart

Planetary malefics are Mars and Saturn: they are often points of struggle.

Mars fights and cuts
Saturn slows, or flat-out roadblocks energy.

Saturn is a diurnal planet and more problematic when
– in a nocturnal chart.

Mars is a nocturnal planet and more problematic when
– in a diurnal chart

Mercury is dual
– it is considered diurnal when rising; nocturnal when setting

 – it sides with benefics through aspects or house placement
 – the opposite is true with malefics
Polarites and factoids galore: munch on that awhile. . .
SEE how complicated ! ?  This IS actually a study, not some shizz I made up.
The LoonieLunarLoveZombieMoshpit (nod to MM) is the least of my concerns.
I am busy honing my skill set.