everyone loves

It is the greater benefic
second only to Sun.

Jupiter bestows gifts
more More MORE
of whatever energy it contacts.
 (of course this can be good or bad, depending)

Lucky Jupiter rules higher visions, lofty goals
it is the planet of
philosophers, priests and professors.

Your house of Jupiter is where you
see the BIG picture
think in abstracts
 praise and bestow yourself and others
Hope, Optimism and Faith.

Jupiter rules
applause, ambassadors and apricots
<~ Archery ~>
adrenal glands and arteries.

Free-wheeling Jupiter needs wide open spaces
physically and mentally.

Jupiter rules wild horses, travelers, hitchhikers,
guides and gratitude.
Your house of Jupiter indicates
benefactors, chivalry, and charity.

Elephants, bankers, judges and convents
publishing, big business
are all Jupiter.

Ethics and etiquette fall under noble Jupiter.
It is large gatherings, Fellowship, and good fortune.

Loyalty and Luck
Magnificent and Idealistic
Jupiter parades these traits on every pilgrimage.

Jupiter is
Passports, exotic locales, statues
prizes and prayer.

Thursday, wealth, wisdom
amulets and talismans
are all under the rulership of
Mighty Jupiter.

With Love and Luck