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This summer, coming to a sky near you on June 5, 2012…. 

The planet Venus moves in front of the Sun.
This is a very rare event called the Occultation of Venus. 

These transits occur (approximately) every 121 years, in pairs, 8 years apart.  The next pair of transits will then begin (approximately) 121 years later, with another pair of transits.

Venus will be in what is called an inferior conjunction – Venus retrograde in between the Sun and Earth.  (The superior conjunction is when Venus is on the other side of the Sun from Earth.) These pairs of conjunctions happen in either Gemini or Sagittarius.  See the chart below, the occultation in June is in Gemini at 15 degrees.

The last of this pair of transits was in 2004 in Gemini, the transit this June will be the last for (approximately) 121 years.  These transits historically happen during shifts in consciousness such as the renaissance, the growth of industrialism, and the scientific age – they highlight creative growth on earth – this pair of transits highlights the information age, the age of worldwide communications.  It indicates a fresh start and new directions on our journey to the next pair of transits over 100 years from now…

It will be visible from North America, the Pacific, Australia and eastern Asia.
Note: Wear eye protection to look right at the sun, and get a telescope !

So let’s talk about the occultation of Venus ~ we love Venus mwahs xox !
The chart above is for the aspect when it is exact, but be aware it will be applying and separating before and after – ascendant will be shifting as the earth and sky moves.

First of all, these pairs of transits occur in the signs of :
Gemini & Sagittarius – what we THINK, and what we SEE.
Gemini is Mercury ruled, Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled.

So one pair of transits brings communications (Mercury), and the next one expands upon the energies (Jupiter rules expansion) ~ until 121 years later Venus begins the cycle again.

Venus retrograde conjuncts Sun (and Mercury) – right off we are dealing with communication (Mercury / Gemini) of solar (Sun) and harmonic (Venus) principles.
(I am counting Mercury as conjunct through transference of light, 15 degree orb for luminary, plus is occurring in Gemini which Mercury rules – is strong here)
THINKING and SPEAKING of our WILL, and what we HAVE and how we BALANCE. Conjunctions are power operating and we have communication of creative balance front and center.

Mercury rules the right cerebral hemisphere : non-verbal communication, intuition, inclusive whole picture thinking.  Venus rules love, art and money – exchanges of all three in order to create balance between opposites.  Sun is willpower, our spiritual self manifest on the physical plane.
Sun Mercury and Venus Rx ALL trine Saturn Rx in Libra – light shone on finding (global, earth, Saturn 10th) balance – financial, love and physical / mental. (Internal shifts and external global shifts are in progress at this occultation.)

I am right brain strong, (Merc MC) so you will be getting a Piscean point of view from me.  (Plus I have a big Neptuner, this will always be the case here at GMAstro.)
Consider this…are you left brain strong ?  If so, then this aspect will mean your Mars (rules left brain) will be wanting to lead the square from Virgo.  Mars rules the language, logic, critical thinking, numbers and reasoning.

Notice I said Mars will Want  to lead…the trine Will lead.

That is Mercury (intuitive brain) trine the global tuning fork (Neptune is transpersonal and global) in Pisces (safe at home plate) conjunct the healer centaur, Chiron.  Sun is benefic, Venus is benefic and if we tune our Neptuner properly, I believe it will be a benefic as well.

Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde during this transit.  That’s a shift towards the internal self, a re-invention and re-categorizing in order to create internal balance. On the menu this round is love, work, spiritual health and transformation.
Venus is a personal planet, Saturn a social planet, and Neptune and Pluto are transpersonal or generational planets.  The energies will be felt in that order, Venus first as it is personal…etc..

Mars in square to Venus signals a need to overcome obstacles to communication.  Virgo protects and serves the ‘little people’ in the corporate machinery. This aspect addresses the need for global equality and freedom of information. (Uranus in Aries)
Are we as a people being served by our elected or are we serving them ? Are you personally effectively serving yourself as well as others ?

Gemini multi-tasks but needs to have time to process the influx of information coming in and going out in order to be most effective.  Mars in Virgo square Gemini indicates a need for slow and steady (earth) acclimation to the intellectual and social environment (air).
Ninth house goes where the wind blows, ya know ?  Where is your higher head at ?  Envision your highest possible goal, our collective peak globally ~ then take action.
Video below shows the geometric orbit of Venus ~ sacred sky geometry.  The video further down has outer planetary orbits, check it out – very cool !


Seek moments of solitude – be alone with your thoughts.  Process first, then  formulate new plans of action.  This is true of the Uranus Pluto square – transformation and regeneration of direction and actions over and over in order to break down barriers.

Blade upon whetstone.  Headbutt a stonewall.
Shake it off, re-envision and re-apply force.
Revolutionary solutions in progress ~

Virgos see the details of any problem and get to work. Sort, purge, fix and make things more efficient. Virgo Mars in trine to Moon conjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn is an aspect of our feelings publicly and personally.  We are actively seeking inner transformation of structure and foundations both personally and globally.

Aries Uranus square Pluto Rx Capricorn is brain-storming 24/7.
Aries rules the brain.  Pluto Rx in Capricorn seeks metamorphosis.

How solid and workable are the solutions long-term ?  Who has the authority and are they (you) USE -ing it properly ? Likely not, for Uranus squares Moon and Pluto from Aries and that signals change to public and personal moods (Moon).  Mars in trine outlines progress in matters of public (and personal) health and renovation, as does sextile to Neptune Rx the planet of healing and spiritual intelligence.

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in Libra indicates long-term solutions to finding balance personally and globally is on the table  – up for discussion.  How are our assets and worth judged – are they being judged fairly ?

Gemini will ferret out the answers, they always do.  Geminis are flexible – mentally dexterous, and clever. They generate ideas by thinking, talking and exchanging via language. They are born to pop out ideas right and left then move on to the next one.

So be aware we will (globally and personally) be sending and receiving a great deal of insightful (Sun) information at the time of this occultation.
Be alert, where the mind goes, the actions will follow !



There is a strong healing vibe in the air for this occultation of Venus.
Capricorn Moon Pluto conjunction sextile Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

Pluto conjunct Moon by nature is an aspect of dragging up the depths for scrutiny and it signifies struggle with feelings (both public and personal) that will bring metamorphosis in status, responsibility and ambitions.  While in sextile to the healer planets it is an opportunity to find emotional relief by thinking and vibrating to the higher spiritual realms.  Think globally (Pisces is all inclusive) regarding communication and the highest forms of love and peace.

North Node of Destiny is sextile Mid Heaven.
That’s the peak experience~ the pinnacle ~ the flag raised on the summit of the world.
What is our global flag ?  BIG hint: chickenfoot !

North Node of Destiny is in Sagittarius with a strong influx of Piscean energies, meaning love and acceptance for humanity, and the exploratory urge to promote spiritual growth in all directions everywhere to infinity and beyond.  Now that IS a buzz, lol !

Sagittarians don’t want to read or think (Gemini South Node) about travel – they need to do it and SEE it for themselves.  We will be reading our maps, plotting our course and getting behind the driver’s seat for this occultation ~>

Where are we headed…?
I know where I want to go…!

om mani padme hum~

illuminate our intellect


Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha
Tat Savithur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

O God, The Giver of Life, Remover of pains and sorrows, Bestower of happiness, and Creator of the Universe; Thou art luminous, pure and adorable; We meditate on Thee;. May Thou inspire and guide Our intellect in the right direction.
Gayatri Mantra is the foremost mantra in Hindu religion and Hindu beliefs & it inspires wisdom. Its meaning is that “May the Almighty God illuminate our intellect to lead us along the righteous path”.  The mantra is also a prayer to the “giver of light and life” – the sun.

Occultation of Venus in Gemini with North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius
Gemini = Lower Mind
Sagittarius = Higher Mind

Om Mani Padme Hum

..riiing !…it’s for you

Amaury Lemal

Ahhh…this lunation
has indeed been FULL, yes ?

Sagittarius energy
likes to fling itself 
F A R    and   W I D E

broadcasts on all bandwidths
? …you… ?

Sagittarius Moon is conjunct North Node
are we all
traveling light into the future?
Sag Moon passes over my Mars
prior to the Full Moon partial eclipse.

I have an Aries North Node
progressed Moon conjunct Mars
feeling Mighty Mars at the Moment.

I am heading into Venus occultation
with a lighter backpack.

I am choosing
Uranus rules choices
to yank out the thorn.

Friends are both Venus and Aquarius
teachers are Jupiter
these energies are strong in my natal.

If you are
instrumental in my learning
If you are
someone who lights my intellectual torch

You Know It.

I will link you, reference you, post you in my links.
I will lead others to you
so they may also find


Word UP
value the written word
  the nebulous idea brought to form

My biggie Neptuner
to live it loose
loves a bit of leeway

It is healing and spirituality
but it can also be
deceit and sneaking

Saturn is my chart ruler
it trines Mars.

Saturn is the word

I am taking this space in time
to encourage
all my readers
to set aside ::: make the time
to develop and nurture
signature brand
of creativity.

These words coming out of
my  metaphorical mouth
 are to be shared, yes.

Please do expound on my ideas,
tell me what new directions
my thoughts lead you in.

The coming Occultation of Venus
is a world – wide call to
 rather than
om mani padme hum

light bringer

photo: Detlef Koschny Venus transit Sun 2004

Venus trivia for stargazers:

The ancient name for Venus was ‘Lucifer’, which means ‘light bringer’, from lucem ferre.
  Venus was once thought to be two different stars, the evening star (Vesper) and the morning star (Lucifer).  The orbit of Venus forms a pentagram – click on the metaphysics of the Occultation link below for the video – it’s way cool !

Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis – it rotates backwards – or retrograde, meaning on Venus the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.

The only planets known to have lightning are Venus, Earth, Saturn and Jupiter.  Venus is the only of these that has lightning, yet no water – instead lightning comes from clouds of sulfuric acid. The atmosphere of Venus absorbs all blue and ultraviolet wavelengths, which makes it a greenhouse planet. The surface of Venus is hot enough to melt lead at 870 degrees Farenheit : 465 degrees Celsius.  Winds on Venus travel roughly 224 miles (360 kilometers) per hour.

On June 5, 2012 USA, Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun.
This is called the Occultation of Venus.  There have been all of 53 transits of Venus across the sun between 2000 B.C. and the last one in 2004. (NASA)

If you want the metaphysics, click here: Occultation of Venus .


If you’re in the western Pacific, eastern Asia and eastern Australia, you’ll get a great view of the entire event. North and Central America, and northern South America get the beginning of the transit (on June 5), but the sun will set before the event ends. Conversely, Europeans, as well as those watching in western and central Asia, eastern Africa and western Australia will get a glimpse at the tail end. (NASA)

Click here for the Live webcast via NASA. On June 5, 2012 USA.
I suggest you tune in – this will not happen again in our lifetimes !
The next one is in 2117.

I also found this great read, that explores the history of Venus occultations…
you may also like:
Cycles of the Heart
June 8, 2004 & June 5-6, 2012  By Nick Anthony Fiorenza

peace out peeps~


What’s up cool kats ?
Just checking in on ya.

hands up
who’s feeling the weird

good luck with communication
    Neptooney is creating
 woo woo obstacle courses
in the airwaves
so just thump the earth
once for yes, two for no.

Fog squares Sun, Mercury and Jupiter
    trines Saturn (earth)

Saturn is soaking in Venusian spas
exalted and mellow in Libra
while he also
    trines Venus Rx in Gemini

Venus Rx quintiles oddball boho Uranus
from the house of chit – chat
genius expressions are flirting with our consciousness
love, creativity, equality, peace of mind
friendship and gifts of spirit
birth of ideas
grab a pen & write them down

Jupiter is in the Venusian spa too
dream big, folks
  where to you want to go
Jupiter is Lord of this upcoming eclipse
anything is possible

Neptune casts the net of big tease
direct communication is difficult – read between the lines
brush up on your body signals
close your eyes relax and float downstream…

Venus Rx quintile Uranus
knows what’s up
she is just taking her sweet time
that’s all…

Virgo Mars is serving up a plate of squares

Squares motivate us to our highest potential
our creative spirit is thinking
trying thoughts on for size
we are alert
we are dexterous

analyze : define goal : change


we are headed for
the partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Sagittarius
June 4 CST, USA

Jupiter is Lord of this eclipse
saturated in Venus at 28 degrees of Taurus
envision love
  our subconscious selves are hitching a ride with
North Node of Destiny
Full Moon revelations are forthcoming
  our treasure map of destiny
is in the mail

– personal relationships are highlighted –

personal planets at eclipse
are a short-term jangle of squares and oppositions
the outer planets are our long-term anchors
 through trines
 tap the Saturn balance- the justice in Libra
get your Pluto morph game on

Eclipse moon activates
what we think & what we see
mutable energies change it up
have a back – up plan
but be ready to roll with or without it

Virgo Mars is the focal planet of the
eclipse T-square
 what is revealed at lunation will shift
not only how we think, but also how we act
about what we think

Cancer rising
makes Moon ruler of the eclipse chart
if the water gets rough – get tough
 channel Saturn – it trines Sun Mercury and Venus Rx

Lord of the Eclipse trines MC
 what we learn will enable us to achieve our highest goals
keep the faith

Neptune stations Rx later the same day
4:05 pm CST, USA
while quintile disseminating Moon
 trine Mercury
and square Jupiter and North Node

we forgot something
we have to go back and pick it up
so we can carry it with us into the future
 something needs to be said
to create emotional balance
before the Venus event

  the Occultation of Venus
June 5 CST, USA

om mani padme hum

dexterity dance

Venus stations retrograde (extensive post here)
24 degrees of Gemini on Tuesday May 15, 9:33am CST,USA

Venus stations direct
7 degrees of Gemini on Wednesday June 27 10:07am CST, USA

Occultation of Venus (extensive post here)
15 degrees of Gemini June 5, 2012 8:15pm CST, USA

Venus stations retrograde Tuesday bringing matters of the heart, creative and monetary pursuits into focus internally.  Retrogrades are passive, inward directed energy and while in Gemini : social aspirations, creative thinking, harmonious communications will be churning in our heads. 

We will likely see lots of people talking to themselves trying to figure out what directions to take to increase peace of mind and hone the mental operations as well as the messages given and received.

Venus is Cardinal (Libra) and fixed (Taurus); Gemini mutable, so Venus will likely take the lead to smooth things over while Gemini house does the dexterity dance.  Gemini is observant, so pay attention to what is NOT being said.

This is not a time to be taking Venus by the reins and spurring her into the fray, instead it is a time of reconsideration and diplomacy regarding visionary ideas involving compromise with others (Sagittarius opposite), as well as confronting personal obstacles involving work and service for both yourself and others on a cosmic scale.

That’s the quickie global  rundown….
Where Venus Rx will be manifesting in your chart  is near 23 degrees in the houses of Gemini, (conjunction or fusion) Sagittarius by opposition (compromise with others) and the houses of Virgo and Pisces by square (personal obstacles).

Late degree Leos and Aries are up for opportunities (sextile) via Venus Rx – check near 23 degrees and planets less than as the Rx cycle gets underway, planets here will need to actively creatively express  themselves in order to reap the benefits of the sextile.

Sun Jupiter conjunction offers the same sextile opportunities to late degree Cancers and Pisces – near 23-24 degrees.

Here’s the brief rundown of houses:

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition 5 – love and expression 9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions 6 – health, routine 10 – social status, prestige

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings 7 – partner of the heart 11 – friends

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb 8 – death & rebirth 12 – cosmic connections
There are great energies in play, grand earth trine involving Mercury in Taurus, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  Hands on material matters, achievement and hard work will be paying off for the earthy peeps – check near 8-10 degrees for any planets in earth they are getting recognition and the climb is easier.

Venus in Gemini, Saturn Rx in Libra (both air) and Neptune in Pisces (water) are also in a grand trine giving thoughts regarding relationships and dealings with partners a more inward spiritual seeking bent as Neptune is direct (3 degrees) while Venus prepares to station Rx at 23 degrees (Saturn Rx at 24).

I’ll be back with a homespun Venus Rx tarot spread / reading soon…

Sorry so late with this one…I worked my transit. Mars square Mars frustration out by digging up 4 waist high trash barrels full of garden weeds in prep for planting food. Plus, trying to sleep early (midnight is early for me) and I found Doom (Karl Urban) in my basement while I was doing laundry, and nothing like an action adventure flick to help me relax…

nite all, or good morning depending on where you are….

Since I mentioned it, A BIG THANK YOU to all my world-wide readers who faithfully show up to read, comment or otherwise support my astro endeavor.
Thank you kindly !
 I have a mega Sagittarian vibe, and love having readers from countries I have never had the pleasure of seeing or traveling to !  So please allow me to express my gratitude and welcome you ~ all my friends ~ from all parts of the globe !

…may blessings and happiness be with you, each and every one…



diviner by hgjart

Saturday May 5
Full Moon 16 degrees Scorpio, 10:35pm CST, USA  

Great healing vibes with this one ~ 
Sun is quintile Neptune
Jupiter is quintile Chiron.
Benefics + spiritual gifts of healing

We are dealing with shifting polarities here.
Radical ideas, workload, status vs. self esteem, health and peace of mind. 

Taurus Lilith conjunct Sun and Jupiter is a deep rooted want.
It craves and haves and hoards to fill a void.
It’s a shiny bauble that can be taken or left.

I prefer dinners out and movies and new clothes.
I don’t need them.

Scorpio Full Moon is an instinctual, inescapable, intense need.
Filled with a lust for life, Scorpio desires to defy death.
It deconstructs itself, completely betraying the former life in order to rebuild a new one.

I prefer not to feel pain, to shed tears over loss.
I need to in order to heal.

These energies are at odds, in compromise with each other to find balance.
Look to your house of Scorpio for this is where you will be getting new insights and blazing new trails until the next full moon….

This Scorpio Full Moon
 is followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon
Monday June 4
Sagittarius Full Moon 6:12am CST, USA
Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST

The Sagittarius Full Moon is involved in a mind-bending T-Square with Mars as the focal planet, Moon opposing Sun Venus and Mercury in Gemini.
You might call it getting our head right so we can get our high qi Venus game on.
Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars for the occultation.

That’s a sign of diggin’ in and goin’ with your gut.  Baggage gone, emotions clean as a whistle for the occultation so Virgo Mars will be acting with a steady hand and a steady heart.  (Mercury trine Saturn Rx in Libra)

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

So perhaps you are getting me here…
we are on a Scorpionic healing bender prior to the occultation.
Scorpio Full Moon has Sun and Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus ~ love and lots of it.  Benefics are stacking the Toro house, and Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra is long term commitment toward working out better forms of communication.   (Saturn Rx opposite Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo)

The all for one, one for all  vibe. 
ya dig…?


warp, weft & the whip

Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths : violscraper

A client I just finished a reading for is, as she put it, ‘knee-deep’ into studying astrology now…I loOove it…saw it coming  when I read for her.
Strong Uranus placements – Uranus rules astrology and curiosity.

For those of you who don’t know much, and want to follow along, go over to astrodienst and enter your deets ~  it’s free ~ and trust me, you will learn much by following along and applying planetary energies and current transits to your own natal chart.

I have written of the Plutonian forge many times.  Hearth Forge & Hammer (click).
Fire and ice.
Heat, Hammer & Cool.
Pluto rules volcanoes; Uranus, volcanic eruptions.

These energies (Uranus and Pluto) are in square (obstacle, internal work, forced change) now with Pluto in Capricorn moving retrograde at 9 ’30 degrees; Uranus in Aries at 6 ’21 moving direct, the first exact square hit will be on June 24th.

You are feeling it in your chart…in your life.
I know you are ~ we all are under the same sky.

I keep seeing the Angel of Time, the reconciler.


Feet in two worlds – actually 3.
Water or emotional life, Earth or material world matters and the sigil is Fire of Spirit born unto earth matter.

Time heals.
Blending and working the worlds into balance.

Heat, Hammer & Cool.

Pluto is churning in Capricorn going retrograde; erupting and morphing the past, authority and work and career (Capricorn rules all these things).

Pluto will be doing the same in the opposite house, Cancer where Pluto demands compromise with another in your life.  Cancer rules home, family and gut instincts and feelings.

Pluto works out inner tension through a square to Libra – relationships, equality, art and beauty – how to find balance in life.

Pluto also squares Aries, the competitive self, instincts, early childhood – the I Want It NOW house !   The RAM is dragging Capricorn into the future and the RAM doesn’t look back.
You may be wondering why I put Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths (asteroid 2212) at the top of the page, yet I haven’t mentioned him yet.  This is the cool weird thing about astrology folks…the planets really do give all the info you need, but the asteroids flesh out the bones…love that !

Hephaestus is the god of blacksmithing ~ the volcanic fires of the forge.

He was born lame and crippled into Olympus, rejected and cast out by his mother Hera. Rescued by sea nymphs, he grew to be a cunning craftsman.  Despite his ejection from Mount Olympus, Hephaestus crafted many objects for the gods such as thunderbolts for Zeus, arrows for Apollo and a shield for Athena.  He was the only Olympian said to have returned to Olympus after being exiled.

The asteroid Hephaestus will signal forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill in your natal chart.  It is the place where you blaze a trail and rise to create your destiny – despite rejection – despite emotional and physical difficulties.

It is where your life is forged, hammered and remade.

Look to what it aspects and see what the forge holds for you…
Conjunctions are power operating together, trines easy energy flow, squares inner battles, and oppositions indicate compromise with another.

During the Occultation of Venus (click) Hephaestus will be at 6 ’15 Gemini, sextile Uranus and trine mid-heaven.
(Some only read conjunctions, but I like to read the astrological gumbo…)
During the first exact square of Uranus, Pluto – Hephaestus will be conjunct Venus.

These are forged objects from my home.  An old friend made them…the keychain I have carried since the day it was given to me.  Pluto, forging, craft and forgiveness are all major in my life – Pluto aspects both luminaries, Neptune most highly aspected.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my natal Hephaestus is not only quintile Venus, but it lives at 16 degrees Gemini, the exact degree of the upcoming Occultation of Venus.   

Nae saian luume’.
Tessa ta ten’ amin.
Tenna’ san’…amin mela lle.