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Saturday May 5
Full Moon 16 degrees Scorpio, 10:35pm CST, USA  

Great healing vibes with this one ~ 
Sun is quintile Neptune
Jupiter is quintile Chiron.
Benefics + spiritual gifts of healing

We are dealing with shifting polarities here.
Radical ideas, workload, status vs. self esteem, health and peace of mind. 

Taurus Lilith conjunct Sun and Jupiter is a deep rooted want.
It craves and haves and hoards to fill a void.
It’s a shiny bauble that can be taken or left.

I prefer dinners out and movies and new clothes.
I don’t need them.

Scorpio Full Moon is an instinctual, inescapable, intense need.
Filled with a lust for life, Scorpio desires to defy death.
It deconstructs itself, completely betraying the former life in order to rebuild a new one.

I prefer not to feel pain, to shed tears over loss.
I need to in order to heal.

These energies are at odds, in compromise with each other to find balance.
Look to your house of Scorpio for this is where you will be getting new insights and blazing new trails until the next full moon….

This Scorpio Full Moon
 is followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon
Monday June 4
Sagittarius Full Moon 6:12am CST, USA
Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST

The Sagittarius Full Moon is involved in a mind-bending T-Square with Mars as the focal planet, Moon opposing Sun Venus and Mercury in Gemini.
You might call it getting our head right so we can get our high qi Venus game on.
Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars for the occultation.

That’s a sign of diggin’ in and goin’ with your gut.  Baggage gone, emotions clean as a whistle for the occultation so Virgo Mars will be acting with a steady hand and a steady heart.  (Mercury trine Saturn Rx in Libra)

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

So perhaps you are getting me here…
we are on a Scorpionic healing bender prior to the occultation.
Scorpio Full Moon has Sun and Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus ~ love and lots of it.  Benefics are stacking the Toro house, and Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra is long term commitment toward working out better forms of communication.   (Saturn Rx opposite Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo)

The all for one, one for all  vibe. 
ya dig…?


5 thoughts on “Divenusian

  1. Another New Name !
    The Divenusian …
    Mercurious Divenusian…!
    Rrrrolls off the tongue, yeah ? !
    haha couldn’t resist, here’s some vintage love for y’all….
    xo peace

    • OooOo Love ! Creative ideas incoming, healing is imminent, edge walker ~ very cool

      My natal Neptuner is 5 degrees off Scorp full moon ~
      I expect forthcoming posts to be enriched as disseminating moon bings the cosmic fork.

      See next post re: sun moon opposition : Tarot !

  2. And a bender it has been. Feel body and mind falling apart, Virgo Ascendant is giving up and letting the pieces fall where they will. We are trusting that it is ultimately healing.

    • Agreed. My life has gone belly up, flip – flop, swirl, repeat. Just haywire. Day job seems at least somewhat normal compared to the other biz. Funny we were doing inventory today and counting was somewhat like the mental abacus of zen chill.

      Mars square Sun Merc in Gem and wordpress does not let people in to comment, annoyingly shows blinking ads I paid to have removed, and now I get an e-mail you have commented, yet is not in my notices on this site.
      Today vision probs (minor hopefully will pass) as tran Uranus comes to conjunct natal Saturn in 3rd. Mars working overtime gnarling up the communications. Plus my ipod speaker thinger broke 2 days ago. sheesh !

      Mind going full out during the whole she-bang : Gem energy is just bouncy, bouncy weird, weird. Gotta agree, gonna let it work itself out while I hole up in my cool basement with an icy beverage…..ahhhh…..
      best of luck out your way x

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