Universally Understood

FullSizeRender 4Transparent Oracle

This has been on my mind the last couple of days…

Ride out to meet them
is one answer, but another ?

How does one break into the heart of those who only see one way, are so close-minded they want to block a young girl from school or kill cartoonists ? 

Otter: Find some source of joy and capitalize on it.  Everyone has at least one thing they love, enjoy or escape to in times of pain.  Friendship for hate, play for anger and protection where there is fear.

Raven: Ahhh…the Trickster, the Mercurial messenger that sees many sides and uses them to their fullest potential.  Corvids use tools, totem here, they are very intelligent and fly between worlds delivering messages.
Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory/Mind) were the ravens that whispered into the ear of the Norse God Odin while he hung upside down from Yggdrasil, (The World Tree) for nine days and nights in order to gain shamanic insight.
Raven communicates deftly across cultures and space-time.  
Those with Mercury highly aspected exhibit the same qualities.  Raven scavenges remains for sustenance, everything is noticed, used.

FullSizeRender 3

Touch and Taste: Physical connection, contact and also creation.  Hands (Mercury rules hands and sensations) are capable of transferring huge amounts of energy from all chakra points via Reiki, massage – hands create craft, sculpt, sign and play music.

Touch is the least deceptive of all the senses as it is grounded in material earth.  Babies sense everything as they learn their surroundings, crawling and tasting and touching everything.  Raven here delivers sense of smell and taste or in my mind, Smiles.

This is the universally understood gesture across cultures and creatures.

imageFrom my copy of Nat’l Geo December 1994: Animals at Play. (see comments)
I have saved it all these years for this article alone.
Virgo rules small animals, Neptune, big ones.

Gneiss Moon
ps.  Apologies, a bit scattered 4K HS kids in my neck of the woods today !
And tomorrow…please keep this in mind if no posts appear.
Moon elf is busy elsewhere.  Thank you

F l y

David Oldridge Woodcote PhotographyDavid Oldridge – Woodcote Photography

Beautiful image, yes ?
Perfect aerodynamics, concentration and what a fantastic angle for the black mask.  Click the link above for much more photography for Neptunian folks. 

Animal intuitive spoke to me tonight to usher in transiting Mercury (pets, small animals) nearly on Venus in Aquarius (birds, flight).  First thing – a flock of birds surrounds me.
Not entirely surprising as I am a Sun conjunct Uranus (rules Aquarius) girl.  I like birds, just posted a cool porcelain artist over on my tumblr an hour or so before the call.

Cardinals were the most vocal messengers of all the flock.
Cardinal totem: They don’t migrate, 12 month season, tap it anytime.  Red. (more below)  They whistle, sing – listen.  A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male – working together. In spring and summer, both males and females are fiercely territorial and will aggressively protect what is theirs.  More here.

Fixed signs: Taurus (2nd), Leo (5th), Scorpio (8th), Aquarius (11th)
These houses/signs are fixed aka steadfast, but tough aspects to/from means inner conflict ingrained…deeply ingrained.  One might say aggressively protective.
More here.

These birds are named for the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, with their bright red robes.  I did not know that, odd/funny though that my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto lives in 9th house of religion.  I’m not catholic, but very happy with the new Pope, Francis (named after Saint Francis Assisi patron of animals, including birds, and ecology) going all environmentally active.

Marc_Chagall027Would you find it interesting that when my reading began I was also holding a Chagall card (Night of Venice) that a friend sent me ?  Messages.  Zinging !

More incoming ~>  Earlier today I posted (here) a crop circle card for healing.  It did not come with a book, just instructions to meditate, infuse H20 with the frequency of the card…not much beyond the link I provided in that post (under the card).
Perhaps you saw it…mulled it over…?  Wondered what it meant ?
I did.

I of course, being naturally curious with plenty of Uranus (and Leo !) energy…was not satisfied, I wanted more.  I went looking…good thing I am a crack detective – it was worth it, so I share it here with you.

Crop Circle Longwood Warren HampshireThis crop circle I posted earlier today is (well obviously) a Solar system glyph, from Longwood Warren, Hampshire, 22 June 1995. It depicts the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Earth’s, Mars, and Jupiter’s orbit. (The super cool more precise bit…?)

According to Gerald Hawkins, it shows a planetary alignment that occurred on 6 November 1903, the day the Wright brothers proved that man could fly, and again on 11 July 1971, during Mariner 9’s journey to Mars.  More here.

Incidentally, Mars rules Red.  What is red ?   See Color and Chakras.

[Edit: 11.6.1903: Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces
7.11.1971: Mercury in Leo, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio ]

My reader was telling me via a flock of cardinals that I need to f l y.  I was also flat out told I have (figuratively) one foot nailed to the floor.  Ha  Exactly one to be precise.
Fixed Neptune (feet) squares from Scorpio 11th to Leo 8th & an opposition to Moon in Taurus.  A reluctance to surrender … stubborn… yeah it’s an issue.  I’m fixing it !

I laughed at how perfectly on pointe, then found this crop circle flight ref just a little too good not to share.

I’ll leave this post with a message straight from cardinal himself.

May we all find our wings and fly free…
Gneiss Moon


photo 8Mary-El Tarot

Heads UP for Libra Mars conjunct North Node as we power forward into Full Capricorn Moon.  I absolutely love that Empress came upI asked what will help up us collectively sugarfoot through the tricky bits. The abrupt energies of Shaman square Wizard (Uranus square Pluto), a cardinal grand cross and a constricted (detriment) Full Moon in Capricon is offset by a lovely trine between Mars/NNode and Mercury/Venus in flexible Gemini.

I for one, have taken a powder here and there for the last few because of recurring fever that 5 ibuprofen won’t even dent.  Mars/North Node are riding my Mercury, so I want to write, but decided maybe taking a day off from job #2 (GMA) would be deserved, since I am not getting vacation from job #1.  So yeah, Empress – the Nurturer, the Great Mother, the compassionate – I am feeling her with full moon culminating in my first house of self.

In foil to High Priestess mother archetype who is the remote/void/ocean – the Empress is warm/abundant/giving.  Fascinating that the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Gimel which means camel, who showed up two posts ago as llama (camelid) in Peru.
Saturn again, rules Capricorn.

So onto camel totem:
Ted Andrews says of camel: replenishment; surviving during parched times and rough journeys.  Camel shows us what we are able to accomplish and succeed in environments that often amaze others and ourselves.
Drink water.  

Also camel is a nod to full moon with Pluto –  reserves of power – camel’s fatty humps store hydrogen atoms which when combined with oxygen form water for their body tissues. Camels take nano naps, so check sleep rituals + take power sleeps.

They have a high level of endorphins, so camels have a natural high – ever seen Capricorns go  from cool, poised, reserved to downright silly in a nanosecond ? 
Goofy goaty goats here. 

Keep in mind – Play is just as important as work !

My mother is a Capricorn, actually both my folks are Cap Suns/Scorp Moons/Mars 7 – everybody was waving a shiny scepter, lol.  I am familiar with power struggles coming from all sides, but often the hardest ones for me to detect are the ones coming from the inside – Saturn Rx in Aries here, Capricorn rising.
Working on it !  Which is what Capricorn is all about, yah ?  Stay positive, keep going, work hard – but also remember to Play hard !

So back to The Empress, she is Mother to all creation, the bridge (Saturn rules) from spirit to matter – she is the Great Manifestor.  She helps put all that work into perspective, yes ? – one foot in front of the other, carpe diem !
She is mercy, diversity and grace through troubled times.  She shines a light in dark places when all other lights go out, she delivers clarity, love and kindness to any and all matters.

Let love lead the way. . .

Lastly, the Hebrew translation of Eve is Havah “to live”, which is 3/4 of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH (name of God).  HYH or Hayah “to exist’ completes the circle, is part of the name God identifies himself with to Moses: Ehyeh asher ehyeh, I AM THAT I AM.  

Ultra Mars !  Primo Destiny !
Take the best of what has been (your skills) and transform them into what is yet to be (build upon them with NEW skills).
Boldly go where no one has gone before !

Saturn rules this full moon, and finds exaltation in fair, harmonious Libra.
Nurture yourself and others in balance – know your power, stay strong, remain focused on fulfilling your destiny while also being kind.

Note : Mars/North Node will push for new uncomfortable territory – that’s the point, you will know it because it is hard, unfamiliar.

peace & sugarfeet

as the crow flies

CrowMurat Sunger

Crow Totem showed up just a few minutes ago, Mars rules crows.

Mars has been on my mind lately for more resins (omg ironic typo) reasons than one.  Neptune is square my natal Sagittarius Mars by the backdoor, in addition to biggie natal Neptuner. I am positively steeping in fog and mysticism
I am here ::: not here under this transit.

Eg. my gal pal had to rewind 3 times before I could hear a line in Game of Thrones last night.   wtf ?!?  I was listening….it’s just Neptune fuzz – gotta deal.  I do seem to be handling the low energy better + divination has skyrocketed, even for me.

There are 5 species of crows, one of which is the raven.

crow hitching a ride Hyeongchol KimHyeongchol Kim

CROW appearing signals CHANGES.
They live in the void, seeing past, present and future simultaneously.
They unite the light and the dark – the inner and the outer worlds.

Crow is one of the smartest of all birds, CROWS USE TOOLS.
They have been observed both manufacturing and using a hooked tool made by plucking and stripping a barbed twig.

Crow is a cool totem message since my Sagittarius Mars (tools) trines Aries Saturn (USE); transit Mars is opposite natal Saturn.

Crows deliver spirit messages from the world beyond the veil. 
Crow is a member of the songbird family due to its voice box structure.  Crows have potential vocabularies as large or larger than parrots via mimicry.  They have an extensive vocal repertoire including: alarm, feeding, rally, comeback, fight calls and courtship calls.  Crows mate for life.

Crows are experts at adapting to survive.  
They are omnivorous scavengers, eating almost anything they can swallow.

Crows are sentinels clever, watchful, keen-eyed students of the worlds around them – both physical and spiritual.
Crow helps unfold the ancient mysteries, open the gates to the supernatural. Crow Wisdom in tandem with silence and contemplation will deliver the spiritual balance needed to become a true practitioner of personal power and magick.

Crows are shape-shifters who can bend the laws of the physical universe.
They have the ability to grasp complex ideas and philosophies.

Elder spirits bring crow prior to a test – if the test is passed, a great message will be given to the seeker.  To the alchemist, the crow stood for the condition produced when all the elements had been separated out.

Crows have attributes of: trickery, skill, cunning, bringing knowledge, magickal illusions, mental shape-shifting.

One final message for all my readers from crow:
photo 49
Cool Crow Augury here


cats & birds

abby diamondAbby Diamond

Moon into Leo 1:15pm
Mercury Rx into Aquarius
9:30pm CST, USA

Blue Jay as totem indicates reassessing natural gifts, boldly using creativity to further yourself via personal power.  Jay is derived from the latin word for gaia/gaea or Mother Earth.  A member of the crow family, jay is bold, fearless and tricky.  Jay also warns of imbalance, teaches adaptation to changing circumstances.

Mercury Rx moves into Aquarius to meet Sun prior to Full Leo Moon Friday. Saturn is focal point of a T-Square with Sun (soon, Merc Rx) and Moon which in turn oppose each other.  (Full Moons are always opposite Sun.)

Saturn is: Past, work, authority, fathers, body, bones, knees – while in Scorpio, restructuring, regeneration, renewal, inner energy – in tandem with all the above.
Leo Aquarius axis: heart/ electrical or nerves, pride/detachment, romance/breakups,  creative play/think tank. 

I have already heard from a man from my past who had an altercation at work, needed to cool down.  As for myself, it is my body that is causing issues.  I still have two purple bruises from when my chair exploded, my right foot is sprained (? still swollen.) and I am getting over a bug.  Earlier this weekend, iTunes uninstalled itself, the app that tapes calls did not work properly, a post I had up here completely vanished (after several mishaps & errors) so I abandoned that to cook lunch, only to find – for the completely random – my coffee pot will now inexplicably only brew 4 tiny cups at a go. 

Saturn is also patience
, probably ought to mention that. heh. 
Patience with yourself, your body, the poltergeists in the machinery, any and all situations, really. 
If Merc Rx is not going smoothly in one sitch, leave it and do something else.  Getting irritated just sends Aquarius (and Mars in late Libra, a fit start placement) more funky wadded up energies.  Deep breathing and busy hands will untie the knots/nots.

Find what house Leo lands on in your chart to see where your illumination is incoming.
Find your house of Scorpio for where you are mainlining internal growth. 
Short list house info here – otherwise, see dropdown menu.


Wondering what is in store for Cats and Birds with FM & Merc Rx ?
Cats are Leo; Aquarius are birds.
I asked The Wild Unknown deck, since my ? involves critters.

bird&kc FM
Impatience, skittishness, less surefooted, magnetics and honing/homing tweaked,
traveling farther seeking changes, new experiences while light shines above.

Interesting a horn aka: Saturn card shows up !

Old injuries, aching bones, shedding past issues.
Surprises, freedom.  Cycles or groups of five/six.



BirdsbabyBirds 011Gneiss Moon

This Uranian bird totem is right on time.  Oddly enough I don’t see them often, and usually at dawn or less frequently dusk – in broad daylight is rare. 
There ya go, Sun opposite Uranus square Pluto at work in the bird kingdom.

Heron balances emotions (water), thoughts (air) and the practical (earth) through quiet vigilance, making it a sign of jack-of-all-trades work.  This solitary bird wades deep into the subconscious world, peering with keen insight into the emotional well of souls, unlocking the doors of perception, following its own inner guidance. 

It only joins others during migration or breeding season, otherwise, it is solitary. Patience and knowing when to strike are hallmarks of heron medicine, as is an independent spirit that insists on taking charge, exploring new territory.  Heron balances on one leg (often while sleeping), signaling a need for standing up for oneself while also counterbalancing the weight of the other.

Bennu, meaning to shine, to rise, was the sacred bird of Heliopolis, the soul of Ra, the quintessence of rebirth.  Greeks renamed the Bennu, calling it the phoenix (Pluto). The planet Venus was called the Morning star of the ship of the Bennu-Asar. 
Note: New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra tomorrow.

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Mantis Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan with some kind of mantis.  I looked through 90+ pages of mantis in the bug field guide couldn’t ID it.  He ID’s bugs for peeps on twitter sometimes if you’re losing sleep over it. You can always find the guide in the sidebar under Earth if you get buggy curious, like me.
Mantis as totem highlights personal chi, focus, patience and stillness from within.  To African bushmen, the mantis embodies God as ‘the voice of the infinite in the small’, mantis is “the one who teaches”, they are wizards of perception – visible and invisible as they choose.  more mantis Previous mantis post here.

Timely…full Aquarius moon squares Dom’s Jupiter Rx in Toro, falls in his 3rd solar house: learning, thinking.  WoW.  No kidding, immediately after writing that sentence, I spied a single big black ant on my right (future).  Ants are without a doubt Saturnian.  Ants are social, industrious, hard-working and they carry more than their own weight.  

Dominic is a rollicking fun house of Sagittarius, 16 degree Sun, Neptune and Mars tightly conjunct following at 13 and 12 degrees, respectively. Honestly just a few days ago he wrote something on his twitter that made me burst out laughing with ‘I can’t believe you just said that !’, which was followed by ‘of course you just said it – you’re a Sag!’… hilar.

*Sun Neptune and Mars = Jedi vibe.

Perfect illustration of his *Spirit, Dreams, Action conjunction is this tweet from a few days ago: Visualize your dreams before you sleep at night. You will move closer to making them reality when you wake. Xxx be curious.

I knew the Jedi/natal aspects going in, (I have similar) but I forgot about this tattoo, (I’ve been cable free for years) until today. I love it !
Watch Kat ink Dom – –  tatt 1 – –  tatt 2

You have likely seen Dom as Charlie in Lost, Bolt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and of course as
Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings. I just watched The Day last night, I liked it, gritty suspense that led me into funky dreamland.
Dom is currently living the sweet Sagittarius dream, globe-trotting and making friends with bugs & critters the world over for his hit BBC show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, which was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Series in its first year.

I drug out rabbit ears and did the 2hr tweak for both the 11th Doctor and later, Dom.  (Having absolutely no luck, (local affiliate didn’t pick up either !) – me and my tv had a very bad, noisy break up.)  I have requested DMWT at my local library… where I have oodles and gobs of faith, I just have to have…patience……patience !


You can call Dom Spider-Man, because he just had a spider Ctenus monaghani named after him !  YaY
How cool is that ?!  
This pic is from Spidey 2 premiere in 2004.

Foreshadowing..?  Perhaps.  Spoilers .. !  haha It fits with your strong Saturnian vibe, very cool.

Dom has been an avid environmentalist for years, this pic is from one of the LotR premiers – check out more about Dom’s asteroid wood in previous eco / tree post here.  He owns a small forest in India, good work !

Nat’l Geo: Scientists believe that insects outnumber humans by more than a billion to one and that the world contains thousands of insect secrets waiting to be discovered. What is known about insects is that they are essential for ecosystems to thrive.
Dom rings peremier TreesSagittarius Sun tightly conjunct Neptune, Mars is an outward bound thrust toward spiritual teaching, karmic enlightenment, higher octaves of nature, art and the beauty in all that IS – actively pursuing, revealing and becoming ONE with the light behind the spiritual sun (cosmic expression rather than self expression).

Nature (Neptune) is the ultimate (Mars) I AM.
SEEing (Sagittarius) the Goddess/God particle as it manifests in all creation.
Note: Those who conserve nature are Saturnian 

Dom has 16 degree Leo Saturn Rx in exact trine to Sagittarius Sun in this triple conjunction indicating an active teaching, belief in a higher strength, willpower delivered by the infinite divine as is manifest (Sun rules Leo, life) here on Earth (Saturn) via the diversity of creatures across the globe (Sagittarius).

Uranus (diversity) and North Node of Destiny (future path) in Scorpio (research) trine  Moon (home, emotions) in Cancer (Moon strong, it rules) indicates both a love for living the rad boho home life as well as the research of it in transit (Uranus in Scorpio).

Our world is truly his oyster, and he delivers the pearls of Sagittarius wisdom.  Dom shares his unique brand of personal world-wide WILD research (Uranus, Scorpio) via what he SEES, what he experiences (Sagittarius stellium) on television. (Uranus)

Dealing with poisonous (Neptune) critters is all in a day’s work (trine Saturn).  Moon is instinctual feelings, Uranus is instinctual thinking – when both are in trine it sets up an avenue of non-verbal communication between species.  (I have Uranus trine Moon, my bro had Uranus Cancer in mutual reception with Moon in Aquarius)

All animals (yes, including humans) and especially wild animals communicate non-verbally, they know the friend or foe vibrations (Uranus) right off.  They KNOW that you are here as a friend to speak for them.  This is favorable, but remain sharp, Saturn (time) squares (friction) Uranus (fanatic, odd), resist the urge to go too quickly due to strong excitement.
Every being has a different baseline (natal, life chart) from which to operate.
Some relationships are more difficult than others – those that are difficult will be highly rewarding because they force growth.
Don’t be hasty.  Be careful out there.

Saturn in square to Uranus needs to cultivate love, patience, planning, humility and concentration for sudden surprises (Uranus) can be detrimental to the vital life force (Uranus square Leo).  This is an aspect of stubborn willfulness (fixed signs) that needs to fully tap into co-operation and understanding in relationships of all kinds (Saturn opposes Aquarius) in order to work high qi.  Saturn constricts; Uranus sets free – this is a restless energy from within (square) that needs tempering – find your middle ground between the two.

Fantastic Sag Wild pics on his instagram here.

There is an opportunity to USE (Saturn) the benefits of fame to teach others via (metamorphic) Pluto sextile Leo Saturn (creative work) and sextile Sagittarius stellium (teaching).  Pluto is focal planet of a T-Square (fulcrum of inner conflict) in Libra  bringing justice, transformative relationships – communication (Mercury) of feelings, family, home (Moon in Cancer) and the transformation of all of them into sharp focus.

The urge to penetrate cultural understandings, research the passionate spirit of humanity at large drives him to responsibly communicate the innate similarities between all peoples, cultures and critters.  He is a powerful storyteller that initiates action in others.  (Cardinal T-Square)

All life has the right to explore what it means to be alive.
Gneiss Moon

Metamorphosis, power struggle and re-birth arrive via partnership, bonds, women, harmony, diplomacy.  Great success hinges on seeing both sides of any and all situations regardless of sexual, cultural (Libra, Venus rules) or communicative differences – tap Moon in Cancer (rules, strong) sensitivity, sharing feelings, also cultivate adaptability to change.

Power over oneself, sharing power are hallmarks of the truly powerful.
This is also my lesson.  Just sayin’.

Pluto square (inner tension) Mercury in Capricorn (solid communication re: material responsibility), and Pluto square Moon in Cancer (emotions, home and sensitivities to fluctuating perceptions) are key points of power struggles and change with others.

Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn rules) indicates a serious thinker, bare bones communication that gets the job done. It is the epitome of dignified, logical, material goal-set.  While in opposition to Moon in Cancer, thinking, communicating and perceptions require compromise.  Family, women, the public, home (moon rules all 3) both personal and global, are calling for an awareness of duality.  Pluto in Libra transforms through seeing both sides.

What you say matters.
A Sagittarius stellium with Mercury in Capricorn..?
You walk the talk.

MY HOME :::opposes::: OUR WORLD
(Cancer :::peace talks::: Capricorn)

Obviously deep feelings backed by a deep commitment not only to cultivating and maintaining the balance of life, but also actively communicating it, often.
Great work, keep it UP !

Taurus Jupiter Rx square Saturn Rx in Leo is an aspect of inner tension re: work, expansion, long-term goals, how you are able to express yourself creatively.  Saturn constricts; Jupiter expands – the urge to go BIG is sometimes met with blockage.  Being fluid, rather than fixed (Taurus) and patiently waiting for the right time, and/or going around obstacles is key here – this is a test of patience re: authority (Saturn) and/or romance (Leo).

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde which indicates a turning inward of these energies as they perfect expression to your satisfaction, at which time they will be expressed  outwardly.  Around the 40 year mark, the North Node of Destiny kicks in as innate spiritual willpower demands true self expression, much the same is true of retrogrades.  You are kicking it into high gear now, and will continue to do so.

Jupiter sees, teaches; Saturn streamlines, conserves.
You love travel, teaching and the Earth.
Boom – WIN !

Your North Node is ruled by Pluto – very powerful transformation is yours both creatively and romantically when you are in your metamorphic (Pluto, Libra) niche – the powerful need (Pluto) to express harmony, beauty and balance (Libra) is key.

I saved more of the good stuff for last…Capricorn Venus trine Jupiter in Taurus is sweet harmony between benefics – love (Venus) and expansion (Jupiter Rx) will be directly involved with how you USE (Capricorn) what you HAVE (Taurus).

I am a big fan of altitude, keep yours UP – if love, creative freedom or work is not delivered in what you deem a timely fashion (Venus in Capricorn) – remain patient, work hard, play hard (plenty of fire in your chart) and it will come to you in time – BIGTIME, if you remain flexible.

Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa

birds of a feather

I’ve been thinking about Saturn, totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

Totem poles are carved to delineate family ancestry, clan history, folklore or real life, or to commemorate a particular individual.

A widespread hawk swooped down today as I was driving and landed in the median next to me.  (No, I am not going to tell you if he landed left or right – time in my life is fluid, in flux, always.)

We were in synch – hawk landed at the exact moment I passed – just as I was speaking my heart aloud.  Yes exact is the term I use because in that moment my words formed a bond.  Hard to explain, but messages from my brother are accentuated in hawks – hawk messages are exclamation points.

Hawks form a bridge between past and present.
Hawk was a manifestation of Grand Air Trine meets physical plane

My brother and Father recently visited in an intuitive reading, via Mercury, Pluto, and Sun in Capricorn….totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

I feel their presence, sometimes more than others, but then I feel your presence as I write this too.  You…yeah you !  My readers, wondering where I am leading you…and showing up regardless of the strange paths I takemany heartfelt thanks (deep bow).


So you are wondering why I speak of hawk, when a macaw greeted you at the door ?

Life is not so easily explained.

Many times the larger electro-magnetic spectrum is not apparent until the faceted human crystal is turned, attuned, Neptuned to the proper frequency.

What is said two years ago may not make sense until tomorrow.
 bird of the SUN, a Macaw, enlightens me
Is it You ?
Or is it Me ?
Most likely it is US.

Macaws are bold, colorful and Mercurial – they are very intelligent observers, mimics that communicate bird (Uranian) world – – to human (Saturnian) world.  The Macaw is a builder of bridges; an ambassador, a diplomat (Libra).  Clever and cheeky – they watch, pull pranks, turn jokes to delight and amuse. (Leo)

Macaws ARE portals between worlds.

Mercurial Macaws can also be repetitive copycats that speak without thinking.  Their words can be hollow, shallow, gossipy and twisted to be pleasing to the ear for a time, but not necessarily grounded, or in any way promisorial in nature.  Tricky pranksters that enjoy a leg – pull, they are master manipulators, who enjoy clowning around – not necessarily on any shared emotional time schedule, if you get my drift.

Macaws in my head are thinkbirdtankbrains : Mercury Uranus Libra and Leo.
Most importantly, the Hyacinth Macaws pictured above are red listed.
Thoughts ?