Eyes of the Ravens

Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory/Mind) were the ravens that whispered into the ear of the Norse God Odin while he hung upside down from Yggdrasil, (The World Tree) for nine days and nights in order to gain shamanic insight.

Ravens are messages straight from spirit, or enlightenment.  Ravens are clever, tool-using birds of teamwork and groups with few natural predators.

Ravens are the keepers of mysteries, teachers of mysticism from the deep dark subconscious – they are omens of enlightenment and new shifts in perspective.

They spoke to Odin of the deeds of earthkind while he was suspended in trance-state.   Odin is depicted on the Hangman card in the Major Arcana.

Hangman indicates a pause – a time out of time a radical shift in awareness.

The Uranus – Pluto square coming to a head May 21 represents our world-views shifting, our subconscious is now coming forth from the dark recesses and springing forth earth manifestations from the thought plane at lightning speed.

May 21 Square:
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries
Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn

We also have a Full Moon Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio on April 25 tied in with Saturn and North Node.

The eclipse following is in Taurus at 19 degrees with Mercury in attendance on May 9th.  More on those later….

Just remember – think about the tools you carry in your mojo bag – what are they, add to them, re-work them ?
Use your dreams and inner visions, follow your gut instincts to navigate the days and weeks ahead.


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  1. I need to re think my ravens at my feeders I guess I been schooing them away…

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