say-it-outloud-1New Moon in Virgo coming Monday (interp here) so I thought it would be a great time to mention not only thoughts (Mercury rules; also Gemini and Virgo) but also voice (Taurus and Venus rule voice; Venus also rules Libra).  Click image 2x for biggie size.

New Virgo Moon chart is Venus ruled and Venus is in the 11th (Uranus rules, natural chart) in exact trine to Uranus Rx in the 7th (Venus rules, natural chart).  Venus is also squaring Mars/Saturn exact conjunction in the 2nd (Venus rules, natural chart) indicating an obstacle to overcome, an inner need to change habits & get creative with problem-solving.

Venus is also quincunx (inconjunct) Chiron in the 6th (Virgo rules, natural chart).  The wounded centaur turned healer, herbalist, philosopher, teacher, leader and mentor of heroes looks to change UP via health or character – likely BOTH.  Venus and Chiron can inform each other from completely differing perspectives – Leo Venus WILL create, Pisces Chiron will BELIEVE.

Old cuss Capricorn Pluto is quincunx new birth Leo Jupiter – Unlearn what you have Learned.

I know.
Can’t go two days without a Yoda quote around here.  (or Han & Leia for that matter)  heh.

Also worthy of note: Gemini Hephaestus (2212) is square Virgo New Moon from the 8th – Mercury rules both signs.  Asteroid Hephaestus signals forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill.  Blazing a trail and rising to create your destiny – despite rejection – despite emotional and physical difficulties. These aspects support re-forging your life via hammering though personal ‘perceived’ difficulties by better using the power of thought and voice.

Think about it !  You can achieve maximum manifestation by setting your mind, heart and voice to the correct vibration from the start !

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  – Marianne Williamson

Peace & Love
Gneiss Moon

Lives in the lines


The human body is made of crystal structures – liquid crystal structures.

We enter earth life tuned by the singing of the hemispheres – the vibrations of the celestial bodies calling to us from the heavens at our time of birth. We are complex crystal prisms shifting and drifting in a cosmic sea of harmonic resonance.

Plato stated, “Every figure, every row of numbers and every assemblage of harmonious sounds, and the accordance of the cycles of the celestial bodies and the One as an analogy for all which is manifesting itself must become exceedingly clear to him who is searching in the right manner. That of which we speak will however come to light if one strives to recognize all, while not losing sight of the One. It is then that the connecting link of the ones named will come to light.

The path of all harmonies leads and blends into the ONE, or Tao.

When holding a printed copy of your natal chart in your hand, it may appear static, one dimensional, limited.

This is the beauty of its simplicity.
Is the desert without life ?
Only to the casual observer.
For those who shift focus . . . life and more life.

Imagine your personal prism . . . choices that have approached you throughout your life.  How you chose to respond was your vibration, your wavelength at the time.  These choices and growth spurts are echoes of the hemispheres – for we are ONE with the cosmos.  The growth we experience through each stage of life is attended by an audience of celestial bodies.

Recognize the chakra centers ? 
Muladhara (root) increases to the higher octave Sahasrara (crown) on the right.

Think of your living crystals this way – wavelengths and vibrations.
Think of your natal chart this way as well.
Shift focus – like tweaking a lenticular image – and you will literally see another dimension to your natal map.
A higher vibration – another octave – you will hear, see new notes.


Let me explain . . .
I have Saturn Rx in Aries 3 trine Mars in Sagittarius. 
The prominent life – long big whopper standard interps for me equal:

I have stamina (Mars) over the long haul (Saturn / time).
Absence of the father growing up. (Saturn Rx)

Reading and writing (Saturn in 3rd, learning) and expanding my spiritual horizons (Sagittarius, higher learning and spiritual) are places where I apply force (Mars).

Shift focus, and the trivial weird stuff can be seen:

Lousy typist (Saturn restricts the hand movements – 3rd rules hands).
Pretty zen unless I am behind the wheel (3rd house is commuting) and other drivers disregard obvious traffic patterns (3rd house – patterns) then I fume (Mars).
Inked (Saturn / permanent, 3rd writing) on hand.  (mystical, Sag)
Scars on hand (3rd house) from burns and stabbing. (Mars)
Prone to headaches (Saturn restriction in head), will not headbutt (talk to the hand).

This is why I think everyone should study astrology – it is the best personal enlightenment tool I have seen to date.  Opportunities for insights are limitless ~

The cool thing is the natal map can describe others who are in your circle as well.
(That’s what I was going on about in my last post – I saw someone in my aspects !)

Saturn (and Sun) rule the father. 
Here is how my Dad shows up in my chart.
(I am Saturn in Aries 3 trine Mars in Sag ::  Virgo Sun conj Uranus / Pluto)

My Dad worked (Saturn) as a purchasing agent, on the phone all the time – sales. (3rd house is communication)
He medalled in track (Mars Sag) many times.

He lived many years past the date his cancer doctor predicted he would. (Saturn trine Mars)   This is also indicated by my Sun (father, life, fame or prominent in some way) conjunct Uranus (unusual or curious) Pluto (death).
Neat freak. (Sun Virgo stellium)

Incredibly groOovy that the course written in the life map is so simple, yet infinitely complex, textured and rich like a prism refracting light into rainbows . . . yes . . ?


Liquid Human Crystals

Zakay Glass

Ok., obviously gorgeous geometric glass sculptures. Click through for luminaries if you dare.  I have a luminary thing, so I love.
This glass sculpture is a Great Stellated Icosahedron.
Can you hear Jor – El ?  hee

I have been studying  platonic solids and sacred geometry.  Fascinating really – the building blocks of the universe.

The tetrahedron, cube, and octahedron all occur naturally in crystal structures.

The human body is made of crystal structures – liquid crystal structures.

Liquid crystals are a state of matter between that of a conventional liquid and that of a solid crystal.

Possessing inherent properties that are ideal for working with light as well as a molecular structure that can be easily controlled by electric fields, liquid crystals are commonly used in the electronic displays of televisions, cell phones and portable gaming devices. Liquid crystals are also found in soaps and detergents as well as in the proteins and cell membranes within the human body. (source)

Think of the solids as crystallized musical vibrations, or spirit seen in matter.  As frequencies change, movement will always occur along spiral pathways, or “phi” ratio.

Notes in the scale of western music are based on natural harmonics that are created by ratios of frequencies.  Ratios found in the first seven numbers of the Fibonacci series ( 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ) are related to key frequencies of musical notes. (source)

Fibonacci sequences appear in biological settings, such as growing fruits, ferns, tree branches, and the human body.  If you want more: Divine Cosmos – also check out David Wilcock’s chart in mini interps above.

What we vibrate naturally spirals outward, causing others to resonate likewise.

Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical, acoustic, electromagnetic, nuclear magnetic, electron spin resonance, and resonance of quantum wave functions. (wiki)

All all our bodily systems react to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states.  These solids can visually bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. They can help us understand frequencies and learn how to reorganize our own thought patterns – raise our frequency with the help of sound and the symmetry and balance of sacred geometry.

Sound, vibration and frequencies – turn energy and matter into form.

Think manifestation station –

Sun is in Will-Powered Leo coming to conjunct Mercury Rx.
 Sun and Mercury Rx both trine inventive Uranus Rx in gung – ho to go Aries  !
Yee Haw – and Sun is quintile Mars, (rules Aries) meaning action is true and balanced – from the heart ~>  a gift of spirit *

Communication octaves are in trine – like a ringing bell.
Mercury Rx is quintile Saturn.  Think quietly, envision, then work it.
Saturn trine Neptune Rx.  Patiently manifest your inner dream.

Here is a geometry morph vid I love.
Solfeggio frequency for sound healing in comments.


Om Namah Shivaaya

The above is Russil Paul from The Yoga of Sound, the below is directly taken from the liner notes in the 3 cd set.
Click here for a previous post on sound healing and more Russil Paul.

This is one of the most powerful and popular Hindu mantras.

Shiva is the great dance of energy that is the very nature of the universe.  Shiva is that dark principle, which destroys the shadow in us all.  Shiva is the ancient power represented by the mountain and the phallus, the great inner strength and resolve of the yogi, the Purifier, and the one purified by fire.  This chant is the great hymn to Shiva.

Chant Om Namah Shivaaya , draw the mantra out with your breath, and feel your spirit merge with the energy of Shiva, the ancient cosmic mystery.  Breathe slowly and deeply after each mantra, and experience the continual movement of your body as it turns, a motion that you share with the planets and stars.
This is what you’ll hear from my truck as I blow by you on the highway leaving a trail of incense
heehee   true story.


Higher Octave

ok.  So here’s the deal.
Nobody gets outta here alive, folks.
We’ve been dying since the day we were born.
I’m not gonna bring the gloom and doom.
Instead, here’s some love and light.

After all, Mercury rules numbers and is presently conjunct Venus which rules love.
Both planets are at 11 degrees or 2 – balance, relationship between two forces.

11:11 on 11.11.11  ?

What does it mean to you ?  It will happen twice on this day so does
11:11 AM mean illumination, happiness ?
11:11 PM darkness, despair ?

It’s up to you !

It’s a matter of polarities.
Yin/yang, positive/negative, attract/ repel.
It is a matter of polar opposites finding their balance.

It is an awareness of the choice between the two  that counts.

Do you see the rose or the thorn ?
Do you light a candle or curse the darkness ?

I mean c’mon admit it, we all have our bad days.
The attitude / altitude we carry within is what makes the difference.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. 

There is no black or white in humans.
We are all shades of grey, a fusion of the planetary energies put in place when we were born.
No one is all good or all bad.
We are all creators and destroyers.
We are each and every one a unique gumbo – a perfectly blended human.
We are perfection in chaos.

Here’s the info on the numbers and the vibes:

11.  11 is the beginning of a higher series of numbers and represents a transcendental realm of knowledge.  11 is energy, intuition and perception.  It represents power, strength, and the ability to control baser instincts.
It is the higher octave of 2. (2 is balance, duality, choice)

11.11.11 = 6  
6 is harmony within flux, creativity, six is a perfect number- meaning it is both a sum and a product of the first 3 numbers.

11.11.2011 = 8
8 is strength, regeneration, power operating, eternity.  The I Ching uses 64 8 x 8 yarrow configurations.

11:11 on 11.11.11 = 10/ or 1
10 is the Pythagorean symbol of completeness.  Humans have 10 fingers, toes, decimal system, the power of ten.
1 is the root of raw power operating, the creative seed, the leaders.  One multiplied by itself always remains one.

11:11 on 11.11.2011 = 12/ or 3
12 is universal fulfillment, the 12 zodiacal signs, 12 day time hours, 12 night-time hours.
3 is mystical and spiritual, the first flowering expansion from 2.  It signifies increase and exploration.

11+11+11 = 33
33 is a higher octave of 6 (see above) and is the number of illumination, the master teacher and healer.  It is the flower of life, creation.

I have read over and over that 11:11 is a gateway, a digital code, a door to enlightenment and awakening.
Sure, maybe it is.  Maybe happy hour on Friday is too.

Why not make every moment a doorway to a new and better world ?
Why wait ?

And please don’t let fear of death ruin your life.

Bene Gesserit Litany against fear: Dune

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Yoda:   “A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger…fear…aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.”
Luke: “Vader. Is the dark side stronger?”
“No…no…no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.”
Luke: “But how am I to know the good side from the bad?” 
Yoda: “You will know. When you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

Lucky Toro Moon

Thursday, November 10th the Moon is full in Taurus at 18 degrees – 2:16 pm CST, USA.

At the time of Full Moon our instincts are keen, we hunt and explore – the world under the ‘midnight’ sun subject to our expanded perception.

I pulled this fortune for you dear reader ~ Moon is domestic; Jupiter, luck.
Mercury (message) is conjunct Venus (friends) conjunct North Node of Destiny.

At full moon, Mars will be at 29 degrees (the last degree) of Leo, impatiently waiting for Virgo to open the door.

Each sign is 30 degrees – when a planet falls on the 29th, or the last degree, the energies express an urgency, a need for atonement and reconciliation before entering the next sign.

Sun opposite Moon (happens at full moon times) are both at 18 degrees, a vibration of 9 = completion.

Mars (power operating) is also in a stable grand trine (ease of expression) with Jupiter (luck, expansion) and Pluto (inner power operating). 

Mars at 29 degrees has the vibration of 2= balance
Jupiter has the vibration of 3 = reconciliation, it is the space between opposites or the ‘middle path’
Pluto has the vibration of 5= metamorphosis, speaks of struggle between forces

Full moon (public) opposite (juggling for balance) Sun (self) takes place in the houses of mine (Taurus moon) and yours (Scorpio Sun).

Moon & Sun: Completion of a cycle, the number 9.
…number 9…number 9…number 9….

Look to 18 degrees in the houses of Taurus and Scorpio in your chart – and the 29th degree of Virgo and/or Mars to see what you are wrapping up, and how the full moon will illuminate your life.

This Taurus full moon is at 2:16 CST, USA
Chiron goes direct at 0 degrees Pisces shortly thereafter at 5:14 pm CST, USA.

Chiron at o degrees is the vibration of zero.

Zero is the circle, the beginning and  the end, the wheel, and unlimited possibilities.
It is two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions – one fish the ego, the other the soul.

Chiron in Pisces is compassionate and seeks to heal the entire cosmos, thereby finding relief himself.
Pisces is the lesson of ‘serve or suffer’.

Chiron the healer, philosopher, and herbalist going direct here leading the way for the planet Neptune (which rules Pisces) to follow its path, is a sign of increased spirituality and divine compassion in the years to come for everyone on the planet.
Unlimited possibilities.

It is the lesson of chaos (ego/self) or cosmos (soul/others).
It is the lesson of zero, the sacred circle of life.
All one.


wave bye bye

Wednesday November 9 at 12:54 pm, CST USA…
Neptune goes direct ~ >
turning to head back home to Pisces  ~>  WaaHoOoo YiPpiE !

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Pisces + Neptune peeps !
Hallelujah,  AMEN !

Clark Little Photography

Direct motion begins at 28 degrees of Aquarius.
Neptune will drift ashore in Pisces on February 3, 2012.

She will relax in home waters for 14 years until 2024/5.
Bliss !

I felt such a powerful whoosh when Neptune was back in sign this summer.
Water on Water feels much better than Water Electrified.

Neptune (higher octave of Venus), is the planet of spiritual intelligence.
Being zapped by Uranus (the higher octave of Mercury) and flip-flopping polarities in an air sign known for detached scientific intelligence is not akin to Neptune’s dreamy, inspired, foggy, stealth.

Check 28 degrees in the house of Aquarius in your chart, for when Neptune goes direct, you will feel a shift in perspective  ~> an outward manifestation of dreams and visions cultivated during June to November in that house.