Om Namah Shivaaya

The above is Russil Paul from The Yoga of Sound, the below is directly taken from the liner notes in the 3 cd set.
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This is one of the most powerful and popular Hindu mantras.

Shiva is the great dance of energy that is the very nature of the universe.  Shiva is that dark principle, which destroys the shadow in us all.  Shiva is the ancient power represented by the mountain and the phallus, the great inner strength and resolve of the yogi, the Purifier, and the one purified by fire.  This chant is the great hymn to Shiva.

Chant Om Namah Shivaaya , draw the mantra out with your breath, and feel your spirit merge with the energy of Shiva, the ancient cosmic mystery.  Breathe slowly and deeply after each mantra, and experience the continual movement of your body as it turns, a motion that you share with the planets and stars.
This is what you’ll hear from my truck as I blow by you on the highway leaving a trail of incense
heehee   true story.



The Tin rule is me first
The Silver rule is you first
The Golden rule is all of us first.

~Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Quan Yin Posing as Lord Shiva~
Performing a divine dance of creation and destruction.

Surrounding flames represent the manifest Universe.
Upper left hand holds angi (fire) – signifies destruction.
Upper right hand holds a ḍamaru (hourglass drum) – creation.
Stoic face of Shiva & Quān Yīn represents neutrality and balance.
Second right hand shows Abhaya mudra – protection from evil & ignorance.

Second left hand points towards the lifted foot – signifies upliftment & liberation.
Dance position performed is in which the universe is created, maintained and resolved.
Venus is quintile Uranus going direct ~ auspicious for creating love vibrations.