Homing IN

Red Fox Richard PetersRichard Peters

For two years, Professor Hynek Burda of the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany studied the hunting behavior of eighty-four wild red foxesHe discovered that the foxes have a higher success rate catching prey when their heads are oriented north.

He suggests that the fox tweaks its head position, using ear canals to ‘estimate the distance of its prey by moving forward until the sound source is in a fixed relationship to the magnetic field’.  Directional preference biology here.

Hunting was observed in different seasons, habitats, times of day and vegetation. Of 592 jumps observed, 72.5 percent of successful attacks were made when the foxes aligned themselves about 20 degrees off from magnetic north.  Attacks from other directions were mostly unsuccessful.

The study adds that grazing and resting cattle and deer prefer to orient their body axes in north – south direction.  This may be to provide constant directional reference, which helps to quickly synchronize movement of individuals in herds when danger strikes.

Fascinating ! 
I am a 9th house Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto, intrigued by polarities, solar magnetics, earth energies such as the Taos Hum etc..  Investigation of this natural directional preference phenomena is ongoing with me.

North is ruled by Cancer; South by Capricorn
Foxes are ruled by Mercury; Magnetics by Uranus

Mercury / Uranus are lower / higher octaves of one another, respectively.

I am Capricorn rising with Mercury at MC, Mars rising in Sagittarius quintile Uranus.  I have a great sense of direction, rarely get lost, naturally, inexplicably, ‘know’ where magnetic north is.
A friend of mine with Capricorn Moon opposite Cancer Mercury in poor aspect in the 11th has a terrible sense of direction, can’t even give directions to get to her house from work. 
Curious quirk when viewed through the lens of astrology, yes ?

From the first time I did reiki I chose / knew to orient myself North – South, with North at my back.  In my natal chart, Moon is (exalted) in Taurus in the North(west) quadrant acting as a fulcrum – opposite biggie Neptune in 11 & trine (Sun/Uranus) Pluto in 9.
Perhaps this is why I intuitively chose it as a position of starting strength. 

I have read many differing opinions regarding which direction to sit for heightened meditation, which direction provides more restful sleep, but I still choose North-South because it feels right to me.

What is your take on homing in on directions / magnetics… any ideas ?
Notice any difference…?
C’mon…Moon is in Aquarius, pop me a fly ball outta left field !


New Nut Neurals


Hey look, new site – cool.  Love Mobeius !
SoOo the astro . . .

Whiskers are twitching, yah ?!  Plenty of vibrations zingpinging off this & that !
Fun few days ahead and beyond.

Friday 26
Moon into Aries
4:29pm CST,USA

Moon meets up with Uranus and we start feeling it in the wee hours of the *25th.

Moon / Uranus tag team as focal point of T-square between Cancer (Moon ruled) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter; Pluto in Capricorn (Cancer – Capricorn oppose each other).
You have mail ! 
EMO mail, your favorite, right ?  Hold tight: transformation of old into new – road is rocky but it won’t be rocky long.  Eyes on the prize: head ’em UP, move ’em out !

Sun will square Saturn exact (growth through the past, tension with authority, and high qi building) Venus will trine (ease of metamorphosis via love) Pluto and sextile Cancer stellium delivering an opportunity for home & family growth via inclusion by remaining flexible (Venus in mutable).

Most of all, process – Venus is in Virgo, after all.
::: BALANCE :::

Venus opposite (peace talks) Neptuner (water, emo dreams), is soon trine to Pluto (earth to earth Manifest)

NOW is primo for delineating:
1.  This I do not want.
2.  This I DO want.


Thinking facts: Mono-tasking is actually the most highly efficient pre-frontal cortex method. Be in the ZONE. 
Concentrate – thought funnel – this ZONE leads to more happiness according to studies via the Happy DVD Just sayin’.
Mutable learning, that is to say – being flexible, open to new stimuli keeps the brain at maximum retention / efficiency.  The more you learn and increase stimulation during the day, the more vivid your dreamscapes at night.

Feed your head (Merc/Jupes; lower & higher mind) new ley lines around emotional baggage (Cancer) you need to process at a higher level while sleeping.  You will retrace your daily steps at night, thereby reinforcing your new New NEW neural pathways.
Guides will be on hand to assist you.
Beneficent Nut, Goddess of the Night Sky is ready to help lead you to your destiny . . .

Sleep heals in more ways than one !

dream well & Rise UP

deep six delta

Been feeling a bit rough and rocky of late . . . soOo I am grounding Neptuner via Deep six Delta waves in basement to restore vampy powah.  Lack of restful sleep and stressy Neptuner Venus oppositions are draining me.  Fresh bloood…I vant to bite chew.
Oh then there is that Pluto squaring my Saturn ruler thing and Venus on Uranus thing.  Tuning fork is twanging at the mo.

Mercury conjunct North Node in Scorp is code in my natal (my Merc is in Libra at MC; natal NN in Aries 4) for equal time :: darkness recharge.  Merc and Uranus have a tendency to be high-strung in any natal chart – and mine are elevated and active at the moment.

Correcting the balance is a life lesson for me.
The number 4 holds the key to my secret desire, which is stability.  Speaks volumes for a high-strung Virgo Sun /Uran / Pluto girl, yeah ?

Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorp is code for same – I need to lay down before I fall down.

I need primo earthing pronto !

posts on the morrow.
What does your North Node path tell you ?

freak flags

Moni Mekhala the Goddess of Lightning by Psy Pro 

Uranus is the electric jolt
the lightning rod in your natal chart
It awakens
reveals, removes and reforms.

Uranus rules
+ positive and negative –
aliens, aviators and hippies

<~ Uranus vibrates ~>

It is the abnormal, the deviant, the detour
the interruption the innovator and the intuition.

Uranus is
the aura and the  aurora.

Uranus flies wild and free
it is where you KNOW you blaze a trail
in your natal chart.
It is where you are the wizard of weird.

It shows where you are autonomous, aloof and audacious.
Uranus thinks in terms of earthkind.

Uranus rules ankles, eccentrics, inventors
and the curious insight
another dimension.

Uranus rules
 fugitives, elopements, fireworks
and insomnia.

It is intrusive, freaky free will, migration
and miracles.

Uranus is nervous and peculiar with a tendency to panic.
It is the bizarre paradox from the blind side.

Uranus is a wish.

It is the earthquake, the whirlpool, the vortex
and the summons
to be magickal.

Let your freak flag fly, baby


Larks & Owls

The Siesta by Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Neptune going into Pisces may very well bring the return of the luxurious nap.
I’m a night owl…you ?

Using magnetic resonance imaging-guided brain stimulation, scientists (click) tested muscle torque and the excitability of pathways through the spinal cord and brain.
They found that morning people’s brains were most excitable at 9 a.m. This slowly decreased through the day.
It was the polar opposite for evening people, whose brains were most excitable at 9 p.m.

Evening people became physically stronger throughout the day, but the maximum amount of force morning people could produce remained the same.
Click here for more on your chronotype.  Chronos is time, or Saturn.  Sleep cycles are built around rhythms in our bodies, light, food intake, blood pressure and sugar all determine our personal rhythm, our body clock.

I have experimented asking people if they are larks (am people) or owls (pm people) by looking at their charts.
I have speculated on planetary placements and emphasis above or below the horizon, the position of Neptune and Moon (sleep) and their aspects.   At this time, my results are across the board.

Insomnia can be indicated by hard aspects to Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus or Neptune in the natal.

Mars superpowers what it transits with energy, restlessness.
Mercury transits can indicate increased nervous tension.
Uranus transits indicate a sudden change.

If any or these transits are in hard aspect to Moon or Neptune – it may disrupt your sleep patterns.
Dreams are Moon, Neptune and 9th house (Sagittarius) or higher planes of thinking and traveling.

So in that case, siesta !
I love naps.  Neptune most highly aspected, Moon exalted in Taurus, with the majority of my planets in the south. 
(Near the mid-heaven or noon).

Are you are an early riser…?… or a night owl ?
How is your Neptune for sleeping and dreaming ?

sweet dreams~