freak flags

Moni Mekhala the Goddess of Lightning by Psy Pro 

Uranus is the electric jolt
the lightning rod in your natal chart
It awakens
reveals, removes and reforms.

Uranus rules
+ positive and negative –
aliens, aviators and hippies

<~ Uranus vibrates ~>

It is the abnormal, the deviant, the detour
the interruption the innovator and the intuition.

Uranus is
the aura and the  aurora.

Uranus flies wild and free
it is where you KNOW you blaze a trail
in your natal chart.
It is where you are the wizard of weird.

It shows where you are autonomous, aloof and audacious.
Uranus thinks in terms of earthkind.

Uranus rules ankles, eccentrics, inventors
and the curious insight
another dimension.

Uranus rules
 fugitives, elopements, fireworks
and insomnia.

It is intrusive, freaky free will, migration
and miracles.

Uranus is nervous and peculiar with a tendency to panic.
It is the bizarre paradox from the blind side.

Uranus is a wish.

It is the earthquake, the whirlpool, the vortex
and the summons
to be magickal.

Let your freak flag fly, baby

6 thoughts on “freak flags

  1. How I Love this illustration !
    maybe if I counted the ways I would sleep…?

    Up writing because Uranus insomnia has struck again.
    ‘Should’ve taken the blue pill.’
    (already did. 2. Two hours ago.)

    Uranus transit at 6 degrees Aries conjunct natal Saturn Rx at 9.
    Natal Saturn trines natal Mars (Sag 11) which quintiles natal Uranus.
    Transit Mars square natal Mars.

    energy much ?! lol.
    so I work instead of toss.

    sleeper info: (Sag is 12th house sign, Neptuners in 11)

  2. otherwise known as black sheep?! rofl
    but now we can chalk it up to my natal placement of uranus in its home, the 11th – in a stellium that includes the sun. its not my fault i am so wierd! 😀

  3. I love Uranus. I also have it in my 11th sextile my Sun. It seems I love all things Uranian.
    ‘thinks in terms of earthkind’ Lol Brilliant!

    • Great placement ~ I like Uranus Sun contacts, gives a bit of pingZing, gets all fun and creative on a whim ! Earthkind, glad you like – Neptuner on 11 and gotta be inclusive here on the big blue ball, ya know ?! thanks xo

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