talk the walk

Third House
Natural House of Gemini
Mercury Rules

Third house is
communication and the intellect.

Third is the lower mind, early education,
self – expression
and childhood.

It is writing, speaking, study habits
and teaching as well as

Third house rules neighbors
to both your home and to your country,
it is siblings and kindred relatives
and visitors.

It is broadcasting, calculating,
inquiries, magazines
and post offices.

Third house is cars, boats, bicycles,
commuting and short distance travel
elevators and atlases.

Third house has rulership over
sign language
the hands and dexterity
the lungs and breathing.

It is libraries, deliveries, distribution,
printed news, advertising, clerks,
written agreements,
as well as
your signature.

Third house reveals rumors
and restlessness.

Third house rules your mental inclinations
your inner critic
and your powers of perception
and reception.


Ninth house
Natural House of Sagittarius
Jupiter Rules

Ninth house is the
higher mind and philosophies.

It is long-distance travel,
expansion of consciousness, abstract thinking,
and higher education.

Ninth house rules universities
publications, philanthropy
and college professors.

Scientific and spiritual tendencies,
theologians, ceremonies and rituals
as well as prayers and preaching
are all ninth house 

It is immigrants, imports, international commerce
as well as ambassadors
and the
Supreme Court.

Ninth house reveals
your ethics, your morals
and your
surrounding religion.

Your capacity for hope, faith, trust
and your respect for others
all live in the ninth house.

Writers, enduring literature,
receptivity to intuition
and the thighs
 are ruled by the ninth house.

Executive abilities, ideals,
treaties with other nations
courts of law
judges, bankers and diplomats
are ninth house matters.

Vacations, visions
and prophecy
are all ruled by the ninth house.