22 Halo


moon_halo_Jupiter_12-23-2012_Danny_Crocker-Jensen_Wardsville_MOJupiter & Moon by Danny Crocker Jensen 2012

A ring around the sun or moon, means rain or snow is coming soon.

Moon dogs are formed when light passes
through hexagonal ice crystals
in cirrus or cirrostratus

Light gets bent twice
 at an angle of 22 degrees

Six is ruled by Venus
Balance within flux

If the moon shows like a silver shield,
You need not be afraid to reap your field 

But if she rises haloed round,
Soon we’ll tread on deluged ground.

Of interest:
The MOON RING is HUGE here tonight
22 degrees got me looking

Mars is applying within 14′ at 21 Aquarius
Jupiter Rx is receding within 19′ at 21 Leo




frogsnailSnails will only thrive where the atmo is clean and clear.
Pretty sure Dom mentioned this in Wild Things… don’t ask me which episode ..!?

Snails are super sensitive and directly in contact with all they touch through their skin. 
They are watery moist animals ruled by moon (and in my opinion) also Neptune.  Yes, I know that seems a bit counter intuitive as land snails and salt are a deadly combo, but there are salt-water snails like the conch for instance.  So yes, also Neptune.
Skin is Saturn, sensitive skin is Aquarius.

My Neptune is in 11 (natural Aquarius house) opposite (peace talks) Moon in my natal. Dealing with tons of public (Moon) is draining (Neptune), even if the public is sweet as pie.  I am an empath, a receiver.  Whatever they carry, I also end up carrying a bit of it.

– Recently my day job has been super busy and I have been feeling it.
– I missed a personal (private) deadline (though I was previously warned over 10 years ago I would, I did my utmost to avoid it) I freaked out, and broke out in a rash (hives?) started peeling like a freakin lizard.
How’s that for a Uranus Pluto transit ? I’m moulting.? really ? wtf !
– The last foray into Middle Earth, very bittersweet.
– My anti-anxiety meds (yes, nerves: I have Mercury at MC and Uranus elevated conjunct Sun/Pluto) were cancelled by my pharmacy (why ?!) and I have been days getting that straightened out.
– No meds = stomach (moon) issues
I finally got them last night, took two and slept for 10+ hours. yesYesYES

Neptune is the giant sponge of the zodiac.

If Neptune (or Pisces) is in contact with other outers only aka Uranus or Pluto you predominately feel it as a generational member.
eg. all late 60’s born have Uranus conjunct Pluto, those born now have the square

Neptune in contact with the socials aka Jupiter and Saturn means you will feel it when in large groups or when dealing with society at large.

Neptune in contact with the inners aka Mercury, Venus, Mars means you feel Neptune when you communicate, love or take action – with – young people, women and men, respectively.

Neptune in contact with the luminaries aka Sun or Moon means you mainline Neptune as part of your spirit or emotional life 24/7.  Your self and instincts are light bearers for the spiritual sun.  Conscious and/or subconscious are feeling the tuning fork always.

Planets with Neptune contacts or planets in Pisces will feel the mystical powers of the planet of visionaries, artists and healers.  Use the power of Neptune wisely. 
Speaking of Dom, he has Sagittarius Sun conjunct Neptune and look at all he does to educate humans about wild animals, brilliant !

Here’s a bit on Neptune rulership to give you a better idea.
Read the short descript of the symbolic meaning here, speaks volumes.

Gneiss Moon
ps. 1 Orli, 2 Mercury in Capricorn, 3 Saturn into Sagittarius
Please bear with me, I know I am behind.  This is my one day off and I am obviously working.  Thank you x

ps. 2 Just realized I have been without my usual allies for around two weeks when my mother had surgery.  Misplaced my fave feldspars: Rainbow Moonstone & Labradorite.
I’m a Capricorn rising (stones/earth).  More on crystals here.

Genius for Adaptablility

1_ Pollen Boy on the SunPollen Boy on the Sun

The Navajo Nightway (Night Chant) is a nine-day healing ceremony used to restore order, health, harmony and balance to the people.  Each ceremony will vary depending on the seeker / ailment / remedy and the medicine man performing the ritual. Four days are devoted to purification, after which The Holy People are called upon.

Prayer sticks, rattles, dancing and construction of sandpaintings are tools used in retelling ancestral stories of a “cultural hero of particular visionary power.  Through this retelling, the singer aims to bring about hozho, or holiness, harmony.”  source

Genius for adaptability.

Description of Diné, found in Navajo Ceremonial Systems, here.
Mercury and fluctuating moon rule adaptability.
Adaptability tests incoming as Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Gemini on July 1.

Transits of the Moon always shows swings and tests of adaptability – moods, imaginations, sensitivities, energy.
Twice a month when it applies in square to our natal moon, an inner emotional crisis point looms, twice by trine we are gifted harmony, once by opposition we work on emotional compromise, and once moon comes home to roost, we find the ultimate comfort zone.  Moon also phases, meaning more adaptability is required as our energy rises and wanes.

Frogs and the Four Sacred PlantsFrogs and the Four Sacred Plants [corn, bean, tobacco, squash]

This sandpainting would be used for treating a person who was crippled or suffering some form of paralysis, even arthritis. Sounds like a Saturn transit.  These types of illnesses are believed to be caused by the Water People.

I loved reading in Ceremonial Systems how something as simple as too much weaving can upset the natural balance.   Addicted to weaving is not exactly late-night drunken binges territory, but it delivered a resounding aha moment, nonetheless.

Mars retrograde in Libra (my midheaven) found me wrong – granted less tragically wrong than I have been previously – but still very wrong.  In my case (as astutely noted by The Oracle of John Dee), the acquisition of knowledge and the eternal quest for understanding caused my suffering.

How poignantly 9th house Virgo.  Natal Sun/Uranus/Pluto hashing out the square delivered both an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, as well as the subsequent realization of chaos as I was pitched headfirst from the blasted tower.
Perfection issues much ? 
How hilariously apt. 
Only two more hits to go.

Despite all my errors, much has gone right, and I am working very hard at two jobs with very little if any time off.  I am moving slow (still moving) with a lovely Saturn opposite Moon transit – I am sober as a judge.  This is a good thing.
I am adapting well in some areas and for this I am thankful.

navajo sand paintingHow to be adept at adaptability.

1. StructureCull the trivial. Know your peak Hours, Moons, Transits – work with them.
2.  Know your Elements – Your natal Moon and Mercury, how they operate in differing elements that alter vibrations – work with the energies as they transit.

Moon = Emotions, sensitivities, comforts
Mercury = Thought processes, communications

Moon or Mercury in fire is outspoken and inspiring
Moon or Mercury in earth is practical, slow and steady
Moon or Mercury in air is fast, thoughtful and social

Moon or Mercury in water is 
nurturing and feeling

3. Know your Moon phases.
New Moon = new beginnings, instinctual re-birthing
Cresent = breakthrough, formation of future through the past
First Quarter = active pioneers, here to change things
Gibbous = need to perfect, analytical, learning truth
Full Moon = completion, exploring ideas/relationships/goals
Disseminating = distribution of knowledge, communicators
Last Quarter = re-examination of self, contemplation
Balsamic = quiet visionaries, loners, distilled wisdom

4. Know your Mercury Rx stations.  The retrograde period is intensified around stations, note this and give extra time + heaps of patience around travel, communications and machinery.

With these things in mind, you can plan peak productivity times, craft rituals and ceremonies in your life accordingly, work the cosmic energies to your advantage for ultimate balance and harmony.



Eric Peterson

Seems the Dune fear is the mind-killer quote (previous post) prompted some internal cuss & discuss with some readers.

How to break through the wall of fear…?
Good question.

Saturn rules/indicates fear.
Saturn also rules walls, structures, fortifications and solidity – all things blessed when we are in need of them to shelter us from harm – even from ourselves.

Saturn is a pause.  An exalted Libra pause to consider, reflect and refine in order to balance.  If fear comes knocking at your door (all Saturn) …
Pause… until you feel or create your perspective shift then regroup & proceed.

This was a tough new moon for me so I took to the couch prior (yes Toro Moon, quit laughing) and watched every single episode/season of The Tudors back to back, then Elizabeth.
(Cate !)  I have looked for them repeatedly in my local library and rarely found one or two available, never mind all in sequence.  Finding the whole season available in one swell foop – kismet.  A small thing, but I felt blessed – it seemed symbolic of what I personally had to conquer this new moon.  I needed the couch downshift – the mental, physical,  emotional, spiritual reboot – time to escape elsewhere and drift away….which made the switch to vertical reality afterwards all the more bracing. (Yes, another Saturn word.)

If you can’t walk, crawl.  If you can’t crawl, recline.  Sleep well, long and hard.
Rest until you feel spirit stirring you to create, compete, win – even if only against your former self.  The door to progress will slowly swing open (Gemini) when you are ready to shift into a higher gear/ altitude.

Your mind and heart and spirit will be in agreement.

Steady as she goes, Capt’n.
Tortoises are cautious…they wisely wait…to stick their necks out when they feel safe.
(Moon, Saturn, Moon)

Trust the process.
That is Saturn.


Mirror energies

Mountain formation – Boom !
Entirety here.
Gaia is an amazing place to live…human life span is but a blip in geological time.

I recently read Time Warped – a fantastic look at human perceptions of time (Saturn), memory (Moon) and the future (Neptune/Uranus).
Neptune as emotional future; Uranus as intellectual future.

I loved reading that those who are able to look further into the past are also able to look further into the future.  One ability mirrors the other – fascinating, yes ?

Saturn is my chart ruler and my Moon is in Toro 4, exalted and in its natural house, Neptune most highly aspected.
I have had weird experiences with time, memory and earth energies, so this next bit about 12 pairs of Earth Nodes/Nulls aka Time Capsules piqued my interest.

Continue reading

Sad truth, bad Virgo

Meet my girl cat, hiding in the tall weeds of my garden.
Yes, that’s right, my garden.
Bad Virgo.

Sag Moon opp Gem Sun prior to eclipse
and I tell on myself.

Communication spillage.

Gemini is my 6th
(natural Virgo house of daily routine neat freak)
but with everybody and their uncle in there
( Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter )
it seems to be taking me forever
to catch up
the daily chores.
I worked up a storm today
half days both packed – day job, night job
Gem on 6th is twos, two jobs.

Where is your Gemini house ?
Think in doubles !

Where is your Virgo and Pisces
these houses are packing a one two punch !
Mighty big metamorphosis
internal discomfort.

Swaggering Sagittarians in your face a bit
it’ll pass…they’ll wander off soon enough.
once they flash you
the mirror of awareness

::: Creative action is where it’s at :::
Opportunity awaits you
Fire up your Fun
let your spirit pour forth – internal wattage set to
infinity and beyond
Full Moon Eclipse in exploratory Sagittarius
Make it so.


Dawn of Hope

Silence is the mystery of the world to come.
Speech is the organ of this present world…

More than all things love silence:
it brings you a fruit that the tongue cannot describe. 

In the beginning we have to force ourselves to be silent.
But then from our very silence
is born something 

that draws us into deeper silence.

May God give you an experience of this ‘something’ that is born of silence.
If you practice this
inexpressible light will dawn upon you.

:: Issac of Nineveh ::


Vesica piscis

Vesica piscis as seen on the Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

Two is the second deliberate act after creation, or building into form.
Two is ruled by the Moon.  Two symbolizes co-operation, tact and diplomacy.  It is the fork in the road, the reflection, and the decision.  Two is choice, partnership and it corresponds with the Lovers card in your tarot deck.  

Two is receptive, impressionable, fluctuating and imaginative.  Twos are slow in nature and warm in temperament.

Two represents duality and polarity :

yin ::: yang
female :::: male
yes :::: no
you :::: me
right :::: left
dark :::: light
true :::: false
goddess :::: god

Two life paths need to guard against being overly timid, gullible, unstable, secretive and duplicitous.  Twos are sensitive and perceptive, instinctually driven to expand and grow.  They work well with others, like hanging out in groups and are peacemakers who naturally strive for harmony.  They tend to shy away from leadership positions, preferring instead to be out of the limelight in a supporting role.

Two symbolizes a time of waiting for the seed of the number one to germinate, it is a time of nurturing small growth, showing patience during slow development. Twos are instinctually receptive to the arts, they find peace and beauty in harmony and balance.