Sad truth, bad Virgo

Meet my girl cat, hiding in the tall weeds of my garden.
Yes, that’s right, my garden.
Bad Virgo.

Sag Moon opp Gem Sun prior to eclipse
and I tell on myself.

Communication spillage.

Gemini is my 6th
(natural Virgo house of daily routine neat freak)
but with everybody and their uncle in there
( Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter )
it seems to be taking me forever
to catch up
the daily chores.
I worked up a storm today
half days both packed – day job, night job
Gem on 6th is twos, two jobs.

Where is your Gemini house ?
Think in doubles !

Where is your Virgo and Pisces
these houses are packing a one two punch !
Mighty big metamorphosis
internal discomfort.

Swaggering Sagittarians in your face a bit
it’ll pass…they’ll wander off soon enough.
once they flash you
the mirror of awareness

::: Creative action is where it’s at :::
Opportunity awaits you
Fire up your Fun
let your spirit pour forth – internal wattage set to
infinity and beyond
Full Moon Eclipse in exploratory Sagittarius
Make it so.


Earth Birth

Lovely Earth Vibe today
Grand Earth Trine formed by :

Moon in Virgo
Pluto Rx in Cap
 Mars, Sun, Venus conjunction in Toro

I have Moon in Toro 4
Gardening !

Grounding, centering, peace of mind,
Venusian things are in full swings

Moon in Virgo square Gemini brings
communication clearings
Thinking and talking, writing all move ahead smoothly 

Saturn Rx 8 in Scorpio
is opposite Toro Venus
(triple power: Mars 0, Sun 1, Venus 8 in Toro)
as opposite ends of this kite

Friendly, loving culling of past gunk
peace of mind via healing
as Neptune sextiles Mars and Sun

Communications are swift
deliciously healing
Saturn Rx and Moon quincunx
octaves of communication
in Aries

Powering a change in attitude
adaptations improvisations
prominently felt in houses
Virgo, Scorpio, Aries.

Moon moves to oppose Chiron before
sextiling North Node of Destiny
Clear your head
Clear your feelings

heal the wound
CREATE your emotional future

Virgo rules pets, fyi.
Of course when I was out goofing around…

my personal PI’s were right up in my game.

I swear, nothing gets by these two. 
Nobody gets in to see the wizard unless you have kitty cat clout.
Nobody !


Now I am off to mow the yard.
Gets me all Marsy meditative and the ideas flow…

Good day, more this evening

Life on Mars

Eerie skies and drought grass turned my whole world golden tonight.  
It felt like life on Mars…even my cappuccino cream cat turned golden in the light.

The fall blooming clematis vine you see here at the bottom is about the only thing growing in my yard, except for my garden, which I am watering.  My gardener freak father gave me cuttings from his clematis years ago, and it now covers nearly my entire chain link fence.
Mars (cuttings) from my father (Saturn) for a fragrant garden (Venus/Libra).

How are you all doing with Mars conjunct Saturn..?
Workhorses ?
No pain, no gain ?

I have promised myself I would go to bed early tonight.  Wouldn’t lay bets on that, though.  The Mars / Saturn conjunction in Libra above us is activating my natal Mercury.  Mars trines Saturn in my natal and my progressed Mars is exalted (and conjunct Moon – so I feel like working)  in Capricorn. 

See what I mean ?!!  MarsMarsMars

Plus Grand Air Trine: Moon / Venus / Saturn + Mars – so I am writing, probably will for hours.  

Friday 3rd
Moon into Pisces 8:58am CST,USA

Tuesday 7th
Venus into Cancer 8:43am, CST, USA

Wednesday 8th
Mercury stations direct 1’26” Leo 12:40am, CST, USA

*ding* second round

Venus slides into touchie – feelie Cancer and a T-square ! 
Uranus Rx at 8’17” Aries squares both Pluto at 7’21” Capricorn and newborn Cancer Venus ~> while Venus opposes Pluto Rx.

In english for non- astro folks, presto-change -o metamorphosis regarding love, money, creative juices, feelings, home are all coming into intense focus at the same time communication matters are shifting sands…!

Mercury energies are buzzing and setting off buzzers – the change – up in energies around stations are always more keenly felt !  Mercury will then begin closing a trine to Uranus Rx – you have mail !

Who knows what, though ?!?  Uranus Rx is a total and I do mean total wildcard.
Things are about to get really interesting !

T- square tension lives in your Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Any planets between 3-13 degrees are going to be feeling the heat.  Metamorph baby !
Venus will feel better to early Scorps, less so for early Libra.

Leo Mercury will station direct in trine to North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius also at one degree ( N Node is nearly into Scorp ! ).  
Fire much, lol !?
Early Sagittarius is a sweet spot for talking/ thinking it out, while early Scorp planets will begin to feel the communications get tense.

All this while Mars is conjunct Saturn.
All while Mars + Saturn trine Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

This is some s
erious work hard and heal well astro.

Dive in !  and be ready to bob & weave, baby !


Praying mantis on grape tomatoes, I took the pic. All living growing things in my garden.
Praying mantis brings messages of stillness, patience, balance and intuition.  Contemplation before action. 

This has been a week of totem animals. 
Iridescent wasp delivered construction communication and progress. 
Elephant ( an animal intuitive saw one near me ) brings strength and patience.
Late one evening on a gas n sip ice cream run, I nearly ran over a skunk.
Skunk is a pacifist, while still strongly protected and effective.

It is hotter than bejeebus here, over 100, feels like a zillion.
Most of the US is in drought.  Poor kitties in fur coats are miserable.
I am going to lay down in the cool basement and watch zombie flicks.

First a mantis picspam.
They are so interesting and alien like, yes ?
Pluto ruled.  Predatory.
 Check out the hangmantis. cool.

I am calling this Uranus Rx on my natal Saturn Rx (chart ruler)
the quicksand transit.
Merc Rx (my natal MC) feels same.

May as well just hang tough, right ?!
Cultivate patience.

All signs and totems are pointing in that direction.

This Uranus / Pluto square is just getting warmed up
so we may as well get comfy. 

New Moon in Cancer at 11:24am CST, USA
Moon is void of course until it enters Leo
(see drop down menus for more on voids)
Moon into Leo 5:13am CST, USA

New Moons are beginnings
wash away the dross of the passing phase
set intentions for the

coming full moon in Aquarius on August 1st. USA

 nite all

Lunar Lore

The Moon moves fast, spends about 2 days in each sign, it navigates the entire zodiac in 27.33 days.

According to Ye Olde Farmer’s Almanac tradition, here is how to set the best times for surgery dates.

First look to the Man of the Signs drawing above to see which sign rules which part of the human body.
Then look to the see what sign the Moon falls in.
Choose a time when the moon is in the sign furthest away from the area you will be having surgery on.

For instance if having surgery on the head or face, schedule the appointment when the moon is in Pisces for best results.

Also watch for full moons and avoid surgery at these times as the moon rules the ocean tides and water, and human blood is 80 % water.  The blood flows more freely and is slower to clot during full moons.  Some also give 3 days on either side of the full moon as a time to avoid surgery because of the increase of blood flow.

During the Last Quarter and New Moon times, blood flow is more sluggish and is better for healing and resting.
Keep in mind, I am not a medical doctor, this is Farmer’s Almanac lore and wisdom, not medical advice.

Ever wonder why during dark moons you only feel like being quiet and lounging with a book ?
Now you know ~ your blood flow is slightly reduced, meaning less oxygen throughout the blood stream, it is a time for respite.

Hair ?
For increase of growth, cut between the New and Full Moon.
For thicker hair, cut on the Full Moon.  (My boss swears by this !)
To decrease growth, Full to New Moon (plucking, shaving, dyeing)

Looney for Lunar info ?    More here ~> just click !