Red_Heels_by_HallucinogeniusRed Heels by Hallucinogenius

Seems I won’t ever tire of strange feet pics/posts, eh ?  Weird foot pics is de rigueur, Aqua on Venus ruled 2nd, Venus square Neptuner in 11th.  My tastes in art runs the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I have been working more at my day job, wacky hours, less posting and now my lingering foot issue has worsened.  Neptune rules feet; Aquarius, ankles.

I am having an issue with my right ankle and it shows in my transits:
T. Saturn on biggie Neptuner in Scorp 11
T Neptuner square natal Mars in Sag. T.
Uranus direct applying square to Prog Mars in Capricorn in 11.
Prog Moon in Aqu square Mercury in Scorp.

feet mugs 009Artist unknown near Louisville, KY ? – bought in record store years ago.

Here is where it gets frustrating – Neptune loves to play hide and seek.

Neptuner in hard aspect is a test between delusion, illusion – – healing, transcending via healing arts.  Health wise, Neptooney makes misdiagnoses and hard to pinpoint symptoms/cures very likely.  (I have already had weird migrating foot pains this year – very odd – I reiki, they wander.) 

My natal Neptune is under (hard) square (in fixed signs) indicating not only stress, but also that I am facing something I avoided in a past life.  I know there is much I am still processing from this life as well. 

Psychosomatic: emotional and mental stress manifesting in the body.
In every chart, there is always a way out of difficulty, both in the natal and by transit.

In my natal I have plenty of Plutonic energy to shapeshift.
Currently T. Uranus is trine my natal Mars in Sagittarius by the backdoor. 

feet mugs 004
I am off to do some shamanic work, rogue reiki, sound healing, etc….

If I am not posting as much, you know why. 
I am off to sculpt my emotional, mental, physical, spiritual healing across all dimensions of space and time via Plutonic energy.

Look to Scorpio & Pluto in your natal for where you can shift your metamorphosis into high gear. 


Choice Choices

Merc D in Scorp 003B. Evans

Having worked 7 days a week for many years, it is with glee that I dive through the very last of my basement boxes.
Christ it has taken me forevah, glad to be getting fully organized at last.

Basement spelunking – very Capricorn Pluto, yah ?  (Saturn, Pluto rule caves)
In celebration of Mercury direct in Scorpio, I bring you yet another dead foot in my collection.  Others here.
I laughed my ass off when I saw this.  Oh look !  Dead foot LOL !

Timing, impeccable – of course.
Mercury direct in Scorpio (creepy dead stuff) in trine to Neptune (high octave artistry) while Venus (lower octave artistry) is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (old dead stuff from a dude).  Jupiter Rx in Cancer and I unearth an old professors (Jupiter) work in the bowels of my home (Cancer).  Moon in late Aquarius – surprise !

I was gifted this (Venus rules gifties) many years ago by my sculpture prof… my friends and I were given a choice and of course I went straight for the creepy one.  That’s nothing new – others idea of creepy is my normal.  If you’ve been reading here long, you already get that, the Gneiss bit. 

Mercury trine Neptune, Chiron from water to water is great for uncovering perceptions revolving around what ails/sustains you.  Use what you love (sextile Venus) to work with for starters.  When suffering, what do you turn to in order to ease the pain ?  
Does what you turn to create more balance or more struggle (Scorpio) ?
Worth a look under this aspect.

Is there balance in metamorphosis – YES – one thing changing into another is an exchange, a partnership, a trade.  Capricorn Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus in Aries challenges us to find the right trade offs so we can move forward.

Moon into Pisces
8:36pm CST, USA

Make water, film, art, dreams, imagination a part of your next 2 Piscean Moon days.
Moon will trine Mercury, North Node, Saturn, and Sun in these next 48 hrs. giving depth to instinctual choices via square to the flexible signs of think – Gemini & Sag.

Venus conjunct Pluto = transformational choices

Make it work !
Peace, Love & Choice Choices

foot follies

The groOovy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is the deader than a hammer sleepfests night after night after night after night.

The not so groOvy thing about tons of planets in Pisces is yammering outta bed at silly o’clock trying to gain vertical while tangled in blankets to do the footcramp boogie.

You know what I’m talkin’ about.
heh.heh…dontcha ?!
Talk about a rude awakening !

Neptune rules Pisces rules feet.
Mars rules pain.  Uranus, spasms.

Mars nears Uranus from late Pisces.
Eat your bananas !
♠ fair warning ♠

nite all & sweet dreams
peace out

You have been chosen.

Moon into Libra 12:35pm

Last night I watched Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and found myself wanting  deeper character and script development.  It was a good story but many things I was curious about were abandoned, never explored in the depth I hoped for. 

Raise the Red Lantern (above) still clocks in as my fave after years.  Visually rich, each scene framed to perfection – even the sounds of the lanterns being hung sticks with me. The women in the movie are emotionally rich, passionately breathing their solitary viewpoint into a tangled viper’s nest of multiple wives, jealousies, friendships and betrayals.

Each wife eagerly awaits the nightly lantern lighting and the loving attention it signals.  You have been chosen.  Food, wine and sex is forthcoming…
Is very Moon into Libra, yes…?
Emotional fluctuations between a house of wives, all revolving around choice.


I wanted to explore the concept of Laotong or bonded kindred sisters that Snow Flower described.  Chinese women, the Laotong or “Old-Sames” relationship was the most precious friendship bond. This was a more rare and formal relationship between women. A woman could only have one Laotong, and the bond was for life. (wiki)

Chinese astrological profiles of the girls were used for matching them, followed by the signing of a sealed legal contract.  Laotong often created a shorthand written language called Nu shu to communicate through written correspondence, a language only their sister could understand.   Fascinating !

I have Merc in Libra at MC and tons of Scorp energy, so secret signals and communiques are obviously way cool.  In fact, the sisters in Snow Flower wrote messages on the reverse folds of a fan.  Fans were once commonly held by fashionable women, and were an extension of body languageFlipping your fan closed meant irritation while fluttering was flirtatious.

Snow flower was married well due to her tiny lotus feet, a creepy Chinese tradition of foot binding that was at one time very attractive and desirable for the upper class Chinese.  I looked up the pictures and numbers – freaks me right out ! 

In the 19th century, some 40–50% of Chinese women had bound feet; for upper class women, the figure was almost 100%.   It is estimated that more than one billion Chinese women had their feet bound from the late 10th century to the mid-20th century.  Thankfully that torture was banned long ago, click on the link for more.

Horrifying – makes my Neptuner square Venus /Jupiter cringe !
Mars in Sag too – ugh !

Happy Libra Moon . . .

paws & claws

Strange pic, yah ?
Caption: my feet are killing me.
Suitably Neptune in Scorpio, soOo in the observance of Scorpio Mercury Rx (revealing Scorpionic secrets!) heading to conjunct North Node while Mars is in the last degree of Sagittarius (my 12th, 12th/Pisces rules feet), I am going to reveal something weird about my feet.

Yah, I KNOW, yet another weird thing about me.  I have an infinite supply, believe me.
HA ! Pisces joke !
  Typically 11th house Neptunian in nature, it came to me in a flash for no / KNOW reason whatsoever…  so I suppose it needs to be revealed, and now is the time.

I have a collection of dead feet.

(nods.)  True story.
  Somehow I have ended up with several dead feet.  Moon in Toro (collects stuff) here opposite biggie Neptune in Scorpio (collects dead stuff) which squares the 8th death.
I have
 a bunch of dead paws & claws.

haha HAVE -Taurus joke !

Red fox

They have been given or found, except for the raccoon which I actually bought years and years ago.  I have no idea why I did, so don’t bother asking.  Freaked my boyfriend out, I do remember that much.

Another thing, Nobody touches my feet.
I don’t care who you are, or about your feet/street cred. No. – Hands off !

What got me to thinking all this is good luck charms.
I’m going to give one to my friend.
NO, not a foot.
So don’t freak out.


Now that the Merc Rx secrets have been revealed …

Moon is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto
emotional reboot
– haha stop me with the foot thing

Mars into Capricorn at 8:36pm CST, USA
which means they are all in tandem in square to Aries Uranus Rx

surprises on the horizon which will re-invent your future

Saturn in Scorpio Sextiles them all
hot and sexy action on the material plane with an emotional kicker

peace out peeps

Dive IN

Sun into Pisces !

Neptune rules divination, tarot is up to bat.  Soulcards
One card draw highlighting the energies of Sun into Pisces season, spiritual guidance from the bottom of the deck on the right.  You interpret Your way.
I see Mother nature…you ?

Pisces is the compassionate healer, the cosmic dreamer and transcender.
The mystical fancier of limitless idealistic imaginings.

She is universal, inclusive and intuitive.  She believes beauty springs from the chaotic universal great mother as it is / was / shall be in perfect flow.

Pisces sees the depth of all life, soaks up and breathes in the vibrations, the force.  They are the Jedi Masters of the zodiac, with the knowledge of all 12 signs they exude love and peace, and acceptance.

Pisces – ruled by Neptune the seas – is the tuned in, inspired artist working chameleon magicks in secret chambers.  They are the clairvoyant spiritual dreamers suffering in silent strength.  Make no mistake – Pisces is not weak – they do not break, they bend.

Neptune rules the seas, string instruments and film, check out the fab photography of Clark Little.  The above photo is called h2ornado.  Freakin’ cool, yah ?!

Spikes in sensitivity often flips the fishes out of water, and into the bottle – making Pisces the sign of escape, evasion and flat out fiction.  Delusion, illusion and confusion all swim in 12th house waters.  Deception, dissolution and debauchery are the sharks in the waters of low vibration Pisces.

Pisces rules the feet, one of the most sensitive areas of the body – approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the feet connect to different areas of the body.  See the reflexology chart above for details on accupressure remedies.

Pisces is mutable yin water.  Romantic and passive – reactive more than outgoing.  Find the house of Pisces in your natal chart to see where you will feel the sun shine  in the coming month. 
Party at Pisces house !!

At the moment – Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury are living it up.
On the evening of the 21st, (4:35 pm, CST) Fat Tuesday ! New Moon is crashing the party ~
Dive IN everybody !

Yee HAW !