Dive IN

Sun into Pisces !

Neptune rules divination, tarot is up to bat.  Soulcards
One card draw highlighting the energies of Sun into Pisces season, spiritual guidance from the bottom of the deck on the right.  You interpret Your way.
I see Mother nature…you ?

Pisces is the compassionate healer, the cosmic dreamer and transcender.
The mystical fancier of limitless idealistic imaginings.

She is universal, inclusive and intuitive.  She believes beauty springs from the chaotic universal great mother as it is / was / shall be in perfect flow.

Pisces sees the depth of all life, soaks up and breathes in the vibrations, the force.  They are the Jedi Masters of the zodiac, with the knowledge of all 12 signs they exude love and peace, and acceptance.

Pisces – ruled by Neptune the seas – is the tuned in, inspired artist working chameleon magicks in secret chambers.  They are the clairvoyant spiritual dreamers suffering in silent strength.  Make no mistake – Pisces is not weak – they do not break, they bend.

Neptune rules the seas, string instruments and film, check out the fab photography of Clark Little.  The above photo is called h2ornado.  Freakin’ cool, yah ?!

Spikes in sensitivity often flips the fishes out of water, and into the bottle – making Pisces the sign of escape, evasion and flat out fiction.  Delusion, illusion and confusion all swim in 12th house waters.  Deception, dissolution and debauchery are the sharks in the waters of low vibration Pisces.

Pisces rules the feet, one of the most sensitive areas of the body – approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the feet connect to different areas of the body.  See the reflexology chart above for details on accupressure remedies.

Pisces is mutable yin water.  Romantic and passive – reactive more than outgoing.  Find the house of Pisces in your natal chart to see where you will feel the sun shine  in the coming month. 
Party at Pisces house !!

At the moment – Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury are living it up.
On the evening of the 21st, (4:35 pm, CST) Fat Tuesday ! New Moon is crashing the party ~
Dive IN everybody !

Yee HAW ! 

5 thoughts on “Dive IN

  1. always comforting, the synchronicity of information and exposure, all the more so when it comes from such diverse places. there is truly one sovereign energy ‘force’ at work in all ways for all peoples.
    this is all about my 5th house which is the area that has recently begun to move into centre stage. clearly, the universe is having a bit of pity on me in some other houses and is trying to work with me from a different angle. 😀 brilliant. thanks, uni

    so, in this house i have chiron and saturn, both Rx. {another sat Rx out there, gneissmoon 😉 } sometimes i like to play with the idea that the reverse advice works for us in forecasts if we have an Rx. rather than holding off on building and truth-healing, maybe we should charge full steam ahead since we were born into these energies and thus, have an autopilot sort of way of channeling them for the good.
    if i keep HOLDing OFF for Rx mercury, jupiter, mars, saturn, i will just never move!

    …can you tell i have been in the waiting room for some time now??! lol like 2.5 yrs!
    the energies around me are moving and i can FEEL them. i prefer to think them, but hey, this’ll work too. i have put it out to the universe, it knows me inside out and knows what my sag moon might just do. i am sure its already prepping some safety nets. and its a darn good thing the new moon will be in virgo just in case i get a bit too piscied out!

    got to hear the song today, gniessmoon. boogied around the kitchen a bit 😀 thanks xx

    • “clearly, the universe is having a bit of pity on me in some other houses and is trying to work with me from a different angle. brilliant. “
      ~ haha indeed. I feel the same.
      I am comfortable in the fog and mist, quite used to it by now. It is giving me the ease of acceptance of what is.
      Sun creeping up on Neptune put my already waning energy on the skids, it will pass soon and I feel better today. Like you, I am used to the Saturn Rx, for me it just means more tedious perfection driven work ethics. However, since my Mars rules the house of my Saturn Rx and that natal Saturn Rx is trine Mars natal, I felt a definite slow motion net cast over everything. You are so right, can’t hold off life until planets turn direct, gotta learn to deal with it & go down swingin’ 🙂

      So your 5th, creativity incoming, very cool. Neptune is still in my 2nd, but the changing of signs has meant all the difference. I woke up feeling …hard to explain…wrapped in a warm soft blanket & the air ‘felt’ different, more lush. I am sure the universe will drift us toward the shores we need to grow and learn. Thirteen years of planets pinging Neptuners doorbell ~ we are all going to be getting regular cosmic infusions !

      Glad you liked the Punch Brothers – I clicked through to Radiohead at the Reading festival ~
      I love that electric blue which is pineal gland, 3rd eye all Neptune !
      Now I know why I have always gravitated towards it…
      enjoy your day xo

  2. Ok. Here is scruff and song in electric blue ~
    Had to. love Love LOVE Radiohead.
    Their live shows rival any Dead show, they blow my mind ~
    Thom also has Saturn Rx (in Aries conjunct mine !)

    That Virgo full moon (March 8, USA) will be in a massive grand earth trine :
    Pluto Cap, Venus conj Jup in Toro, Moon conj mars in Virgo
    All in trine. ba-da-bing !

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