Fog. Swamp. Rain.
Insight. Heal. Transcend.

Well this has been an interesting week.  Anytime Neptune takes a hit, so do I.
It is my most highly aspected planet and it shows.
Heads UP, keep an eye on yours too.  It will reveal volumes.

Pluto by transit is also square my chart ruler (Saturn Rx) and coming to trine my Moon which trines natal Pluto (Uranus / Sun in Virgo) and is in opposition to natal Neptuner.
I was wondering how this would play out. 
As it happens, it was in the dream I mentioned earlier.  Valentines night. 
Details remain secret. 
I will say it is funny and odd how Pluto ripped up the turf and surf in sideways.

Cosmic pinball !

Sun is coming to conjunct Neptune, Chiron and Mercury in Pisces ~ incoming !
You have mail !

Healing and discreet communiques are holding court, taking the stage ~
but in the dark – behind the curtain.
Don’t expect to make sense of it right away~
This is Neptune, it will wash over you in waves, seep and creep into the nooks crannies and crevices of your life.

Everyone has this opportunity to go swamp mining Chiron is sextile Pluto in the middle of the rolling conjunction I mentioned above.

Roll up yer sleeves and go at it !  Slog through the mud !

Soon the Sun will sextile Pluto and light will be in dark places.
Healing is in progress and insight is forthcoming on all stations.

When the Sun comes out, you will be amazed.