The Voice.


If you want to study the astrology of singing look to Mercury and Taurus.  Mercury is air in the (Gemini) lungs, Taurus rules the throat.  Scorpio (opposite Taurus) is also worth noting as it is power (ruled by Pluto) opposite, therefore a give and take/unit.

Voice aspects have always been a subject of interest, as I have Moon in Taurus, a Virgo stellium and Libra Mercury at Midheaven.  I love to sing, and sounds directly influence my state/peace of mind.  The most intelligent, interesting lecture in the world would have trouble sinking in if I had to listen to a whiney, grating voice throughout.
It is what it is…just one of my quirks. 
Now onto the astrology of voice.

Clear voice: Sun, Mercury, Venus well aspected, on the angles
Deep voice: Saturn highly aspected (esp in women) afflictions to Mercury, Venus
Fluency: expressive dexterity corresponds with 7 degrees Capricorn/Pisces

Rumbling, course voice: afflictions to Scorpio; Saturn in hard aspect to Taurus/Libra or Venus, also in hard aspect to Mercury
Gifted: Venus or Mercury in Taurus, 2nd house; Air signs on cusp of 2nd
Melodious: Venus (Taurus/Libra) on the angles (esp with Mercury) and well aspected
Vocal control/tone: strongest at 16 degrees Taurus/Scorpio; 17 degrees Aries/Libra

Voice strain: Uranus or Saturn in hard aspect to Mercury, Venus, Taurus or Air signs

The larynx is said to build its power from the sexual nature of the Scorpio axis – the sex drive kicks in with the deepening of the male voice in puberty.  For this reason hard aspects (restriction) of Taurus/Scorpio will manifest in a high pitched voice in men; a low voice in women. 
Venus and Mercury strong with benefics can compensate for hard aspects to Taurus.

It is wise to remember that any contact is an exchange of energy a square or opposition can be stronger than a trine when solved – aka worked properly, honed to your highest expression of it.

:::I’ll toss a few names & deets:::

Thom Yorke: Libra Sun and Scorpio Mercury Rx opposite Aries Saturn (8 degree orb)  Thom’s interp here. 
Joe Elliott:
Leo Mercury tightly conjunct Uranus – once on weeks of strict silence due to vocal strain
Tom Waits: Mercury rising bang on ASC in Sagittarius square Saturn in Virgo; Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius
Demi Moore: Scorpio Venus, Sun, Mercury opposite Taurus Moon (exalted); Mercury square Saturn in Aquarius
Richard Armitage: Sun tightly conjunct Venus; Mercury w/in 7 degrees in hard aspect – but Gemini Saturn in good aspect to Uranus in Libra.  Richard’s interp here.
Ann Wilson: Venus in Taurus  conj DC trine Saturn in Virgo; Mercury 7th well aspected to Libra; Venus quintile Jupiter in Pisces
Nat King Cole: Aries Mercury and Venus, both trine Saturn in Leo
Ian Gillian: Sun tightly conjunct Mercury in Leo trine Moon rising; Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer; Venus exact quintile Jupiter Virgo

Also see asteroid Melpomene.


halls are alive

ta DA !
Venus into Leo

The halls are alive with the sound of music !

At my day job, nearly everyone
spontaneously :: bursts :: into song
at the drop of a hat
or the
wink of an eye
the acoustics in the stairwells are fabulous. 

:::: I love it !  ::::

Mercury is conjunct Sun in Virgo
Moon is now in Gemini

Gemini Moon
delivers the urgent need to
convey and relay

Moon  is sextile fresh Leo Venus
from the house of communication.

Incoming !
You have mail from
the houses of Gemini and Leo

as Venus closes the trine
to Uranus Rx in Aries

 high-speed insightful communiques
will fascinate you

? ? ?
will it be
newsy news about
cash, creativity or love crush 
? ? ?
All 3
? ! ?

Whatever it is you can count on one thing
it will need some elbow grease
as Venus closes
the tense square to Mars in Scorpio

*make it work *

Music Muse


Melpomene the muse of Music Song and Dance ( Molpe means ‘divine intonation’, or singing ) was born of Zeus and Mnemosyne (below).  The name Melpomene is derived from ‘melpomai – to celebrate with dance and song’.  She is also the muse of Greek tragedy, hence the mask.
Melpomene bore to Akheloos (Fresh Water River god) the Sirens (sea nymphs that lured sailors to their deaths by enchanting songs).  Melpomene is asteroid 18.
Special thanks to my friend, Ancient Librarian, who recently mentioned Melpomene and started my explorations on this muse.

Mnemosyne, (mother of Melpomene) the goddess of memory, inventor of language and words, and historical storytellingMnemosyne is asteroid 57.
Mnemosyne bore Zeus the 9 Muses, the eldest of whom was Calliope (poetry), followed by Clio (history), Melpomene (music), Euterpe (lyrical poetry), Erato (erotic poetry),
Terpsichore (dancing), Urania (astronomy), Thalia(comedy), and Polymnia (hymns).
Some of you have been reading since the beginning know I love to sing.  I have Toro Moon in 4, Taurus rules the throat and 2nd house. Strong Venus or strong Toro can indicate singers in the natal chart.  Streisand and Bono come to mind immediately.
So I was excited to look for Melpomene and compare myself and other singers, a few of which I have on speed dial. of course.
Gneiss Moon: lives at 3 degrees Aquarius (my 2nd) quintile Neptuner, trine Sun.
Ann Wilson: trine Moon, Pluto and Chiron, bi-quintile Saturn
Robin Zander: square Venus, Mars, trine Pluto (conjunct 4 degrees-Mnemosyne)
Willie Nelson: quintile Moon, trine Mars and Trigger haha I mean Neptune
Joe Elliott: sextile his tight Mercury Uranus conjunction
Jagger: square Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, trine Chiron
Loretta Lynn: square Mars, trine Neptune
Joni Mitchell: opposite Sun and Mercury, trine Chiron
Billy Boyd:  trine Chiron
Aretha: square Venus, opposite Saturn and Uranus
Bono: square Venus, Neptune
Streisand: trine Venus
Ian Gillan: square Venus, trine Mars, square Saturn, trine Uranus * for Sweets ! xo
Jack White: square Pluto, quintile Chiron
Chrisse Hynde: conjunct Mercury, trine Chiron both asteroids bookend her Virgo stellium.
It is wise to remember that any contact is an exchange of energy  a square or opposition can be stronger than a trine when solved.  So when you see a contact of any aspect, it is a force of energy that is in play.  No matter what your aspects to the muse of singing are, if you love to sing ~ let ‘er rip !
I would love to hear from you about your muses and asteroids !

good day all


I Aear cân ven na mar.

The Houses of Healing.

The Grace of the Valar
Breath of Life

Immen dúath caeda
Shadow lies between us

Sui tollech, tami gwannathach omen
as you came, so you shall leave from us

Lû ah alagos gwinnatha bain
time and storm shall scatter all things

Boe naer gwannathach, annant uich ben-estel
Sorrowing you must go, and yet you are not without hope

An uich gwennen na ringyrn e-mbar han
For you are not bound to the circles of this world.

Uich gwennen na ‘wanath ah na dhín.
You are not bound to loss and silence.

Boe naid bain gwannathar
All things must pass away

Boe cuil ban firitha.
All life is doomed to fade…
Arwen’s Song, sung by Liv Tyler

Welcome to the House of Healing, Neptune is in Pisces

ohm mani padme hum

falcons & felines

Freya (Freia) is a Norse goddess of the Vanir (nature deities).  She is the goddess of love and beauty, protectress of the world, and patron saint of wise and powerful magical women.

She can be found on the fields of war receiving the slain in a chariot driven by two blue cats.  She is wise in magic and wears a cloak of feathers which allows her to transform into a falcon.  Freya rules over the plants, earth and animals of the forest and can be called upon to assist in affairs of love.
She wears a finely woven golden amber necklace whose power cannot be resisted, called Brisingamen which was purchased from dwarves.

Friday is the day of Freya (called by the Romans, Venus).

Freia is asteroid 76, check her out in your natal chart and apply the above.


The Dreaming: “Ere the World Crumbles…”
Lyrics by Knut Avenstroup
sung by Helene Bøksle

Haugen Athr veröld Athr veröld steypisk mun engi mathr öthrum thyrna Knáttu vanir vígspá völlu sporna Skildir ro klofnir fyllisk fjörvi feigra manna

(‘Ere the world ‘Ere the world falls nor ever shall men each other spare And the field by the warlike Wanes was trodden Shields are sundered Drains the life-force of doomed men)

Lyrics above are taken from the Elder Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems written in the 13th century – primarily preserved in the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius (latin for Royal Book).

The goddess Freya (the Lady) and the God Frey (the Lord) rule the first aett of Runes, which represent the first stage of creation.

I pulled 2 runes to get a vibe on the eclipse energies.  Intent to gain insight and best outcome for all my readers…

Left/Solar = Dagaz: Day or Dawn.
breakthrough and awakening, clarity. embark on an  enterprise.

Right/Lunar = Perthro: gambling cup, a mystery.
a secret matter, hidden things and occult abilities, unexpected rewards

Since that was – well, obvious – I pulled another for clarity of direction…

Kenaz: a beacon or torch.
vision, revelation, knowledge creativity harnessed power

blessed be ~ happy eclipses ~

mystical tone drone


The official term for the use of sound and music as a spiritual path is Nada Yoga, which literally translates as “Sound Yoga”.   Nada Yoga or Sound Yoga, with its impressive two-thousand-year documented history, is as formidable as Hatha yoga, the popular yoga of postures, stretches, and breathing techniques practiced widely today.

Etymologically, Nada is sound in the form of pitch, tone, and drone, while Shabda is sound in the form of word, meaning, and language.

Sound, in and of itself, is capable of awakening deep states of mystical consciousness that lead to healing and spiritual transformation, sound itself is a legitimate “yoga” or path, with its own unique capabilities for mystical union and self-realization.  – Russill Paul
Tonight’s sky~ Venus (vocal sound, art, love, singers) is conjunct Sun (spirit) in healing Virgo opposite Neptune (healing, higher octave of Venus) in Aquarius (innovative change) conjunct Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces (spiritual healers).

Om Mani Padme Hum