halls are alive

ta DA !
Venus into Leo

The halls are alive with the sound of music !

At my day job, nearly everyone
spontaneously :: bursts :: into song
at the drop of a hat
or the
wink of an eye
the acoustics in the stairwells are fabulous. 

:::: I love it !  ::::

Mercury is conjunct Sun in Virgo
Moon is now in Gemini

Gemini Moon
delivers the urgent need to
convey and relay

Moon  is sextile fresh Leo Venus
from the house of communication.

Incoming !
You have mail from
the houses of Gemini and Leo

as Venus closes the trine
to Uranus Rx in Aries

 high-speed insightful communiques
will fascinate you

? ? ?
will it be
newsy news about
cash, creativity or love crush 
? ? ?
All 3
? ! ?

Whatever it is you can count on one thing
it will need some elbow grease
as Venus closes
the tense square to Mars in Scorpio

*make it work *

1 thought on “halls are alive

  1. You know how Virgos are hot to trot to re-align and recalibrate everything for better efficiency..?
    This is your brain on opera.
    103 seconds

    Now your brain is tidy.
    Nice, neat and geometric – how cool is that ? !

    Virgo recalibration complete


    Sacred geometry: Heptagram – 7 points – spiritual, mystical number.

    The heptagram is related to Venus and balance – but more specifically, its higher octave, Neptune.

    Once called the astrologer’s star ( the ancients recognized 7 visible planets counting Sun & Moon) the heptagram was a known symbol for balance, equally representing the seven planets.

    The heptagram combines three – representing the triple goddess; and four – representing both the 4 elements and the 4 cardinal directions, all symbolic of harmony.

    peace love and recalibration

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