bags of tricks

micro, macroFresh 0 degree Gemini Moon moving to square its ruler Mercury Rx at 3 Pisces delivering split feelings surrounding trains/training of thoughts.
Wherever you find your source of optimism – be it in the micro or macro world – it is time to re-think, revise and reinvent the mental approach used when healing the wounds carried deep within.  

Moon moves to square Neptune at 4, then Chiron at 11 – all while Aquarius Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio.  Quiet revolutions take place in our heads every day, but moreso under these aspects.
Jupiter Rx in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces calls us to be emotionally strong, lead ourselves to the source within through the emotional vision quest.

Mercury Rx in Pisces + soon into Aquarius signals the intellectual vision quest.  
Make this perspective shift work for you by being honest with yourself and your situation.

Doing so will lead to revelations and sublime resolutions at Full Leo Moon.

Mercurial dexterity on deck – shaking UP our bags of tricks.
Be versatile.
Adaptation.  Improvisation. 

This astro is geared for reflection, so remember . . .
Moving slow is still moving !
It will happen exactly when it is meant to.


moon on the wing

Soulcards2 003Soulcards 2

Quickie draw for focus – love this one !
You interpret.
I’ll give you the astro.

One planet in Air – feeling more social, intellectual
Gemini Moon: working with hands, aids thought.

Plenty of full earth moon to consider, and only Uranus in fire – most of our action is in emo waters at the mo.
Air moon feels good, light, on the wing.
12 hour free association void moon beginning 9:59am CST, USA Tuesday 19
Void ends with Moon into Cancer 5:23am Wednesday 20


Gem Gems

Isn’t she lovely ?!

Jupiter Rx in Gem squares Chiron in Pisces.
Retrograde indicates internal overhauls.

Gemini and Jupes are thinkers, teachers.
Scattering thought seeds near and far, respectively.
This square indicates bigtime growth is at hand, literally.
Gemini rules hands; Jupiter, biggie sizes.

Chiron is how we work to heal our own wounds.
Through pain, study and accessing the sitch,
getting philosophical – seeing the dualities
we heal others / self through service to the whole.

Aquarius Sun & Mercury trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini.

* AIR in the spotlight *
Socializing, thinking, speaking.

What we SEE
is going backwards in the house of
what we THINK.
Juggling energies, changing viewpoints.

What we KNOW is fixed in Aquarius.
Mercury leads Sun – thinking before ego.
Mercury is the trickster
as is Gemini.

Keep in mind – Uranus is
higher octave thought – intuition
in the house of I AM competition
and it is square
metamorphosis on the earth plane.

Where Mercury tricks may be predictable
Uranus – no way
that one’s coming at the blind side

Be aware Mercury and Sun
are heading into a square
with Saturnian restriction.
Thought funnel.
I was

Saturn Rx in 3rd here.
It just means focus, getting practical, self-discipline.

Heads UP
we are nearing
FULL MOON 7 degrees LEO
Saturday January 26 10:38pm CST, USA

Saturn will be focal point of a T-square
Sun / Mercury and Full Moon opposite
re-read focus, funnel etc.. above

Leo likes a fair bit of Fun & Games
ego stroking too
Fixity fixed. Immovable.
As in thud.   MOUNTAIN.   Go around.

:: note ::
Venus is best put to use on
Work Innovations & Creativity
during this Full Moon.

:: ditto Neptune ::

Late Aquarius Mars will conjunct (out of sign) Neptune
this could equal high-end creativity
low-end delusional dial a dork
choices !

Neptune closes the square with Jupiter Rx.
Thinking, seeing can be skewed.
Subconscious has the home court advantage.
Full Moon word vomits likely.
Just sayin’…
Fair warning.

creativity with art – journeying in the journal
Social scene ?
May wanna rein it in a bit.
Think Twice.
Speak Once.


Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper. He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career. Baumgartner’s current project is Red Bull Stratos, where he plans to jump to Earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere.

Baumgartner has been working with a team of scientists to attempt the highest sky-dive on record. The project, which is scheduled see Baumgartner jump 120,000 ft – or 36,600 miles – from a helium balloon, before free falling then parachuting to Earth.

If successful, Baumgartner will break the sound barrier on his descent, becoming the first human to do so without vehicular power.

fyi: The speed of sound is the distance travelled during a unit of time by a sound wave propagating through an elastic medium. In dry air at 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This is 1,236 kilometres per hour (768 mph), or about one kilometer in three seconds or approximately one mile in five seconds.  Holy %*$&^%# that’s fast !

A successful jump will also result in Baumgartner breaking three more world records—the highest manned balloon flight, the highest altitude jump, and the longest time in free fall. The free fall (until the parachute is pulled) is expected to last between five and six minutes, with total jump (until contact is made with the ground) expected to last approximately ten minutes.

The jump is currently postponed after the scheduled launch on October 9, 2012 was aborted due to “gusty winds”.
Delayed twice –
The next window for launch begins on 14 October.  

Launch progress here.

Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon.
 Uranus Rx at 0 degrees Libra, a sensitive Cardinal degree- making Uranus even more hot to trot to upset the apple cart.

Saturn at 28 Aries (decan of Jupiter) is the apex or finger of god in a Yod.

Saturn is quincunx Virgo Jupiter and zero degree Uranus in Libra – in addition to Neptune Rx in late Scorpio.  The sextile is between Neptune :::: Uranus, and his Jupiter Pluto conjunction in late Virgo.  A quincunx requires adaptation and improvisation  – Saturn is taking all the heat of the outer planet heavy hitters !

Neptune rules sky, Saturn rules falling (diving).  As the apex of the Yod –  Saturn needs release – intense Neptune / Uranus, Jupiter release.
His drug of choice is a heady weird falling rush :: far – out ( his Mars is in Sagittarius in trine to Venus in Aries: fire to fire WoOo HoOo) power sports. ::  With Saturn in a house ruled by Mars on the decan of Jupiter- his history making jumps are action packed and they have got to BE BIG !

So I am thinking, a sonic boom happens when the sound barrier is broken won’t he nearly go deaf ?  So I had to look up sonic boom.  Sound waves travel behind the object.

It is a common misconception that only “one” boom is generated during the subsonic to supersonic transition, rather, the boom is continuous along the boom carpet for the entire supersonic flight.
As a former Concorde pilot puts it, “You don’t actually hear anything on board. All we see is the pressure wave moving down the aeroplane – it gives an indication on the instruments. And that’s what we see around Mach 1. But we don’t hear the sonic boom or anything like that. That’s rather like the wake of ship – it’s behind us.

This oughta be good – I am staying tuned to this one !
peace out peeps

Note: When I create solar charts ( when an exact birth time is unavailable ) I use Noon.
 I split the difference equally – it tends to be more accurate for Moon placement.  Some astrologers use what is called a sunrise chart with Sun rising in the first house.

If Felix was born between midnight and 7:30am he would be a 29 degree Aries – if born after 7:30am (6:30am UT) he is a 0 degree Taurus.
In short : there is a 7 hour window in which he is 29 Aries; a 17 hour window in which Felix is 0 degree Taurus.
Uranus is at 0 degrees Libra regardless what time of day it is on 4/20/69.

weavers of webs

Let me tell you I have loved Loved LOVED  Janet McTeer since Tumbleweeds !  Then came Songcatcher, a tale full of backwoods bluegrass and a teacher hellbent on documenting  the culture and music of hill people.  A great concept, well done.  I know everything  Janet does will be top notch.

Pictured above is Glenn Close with Janet (right) – I recently watched Albert Nobbs and loved it !  It’s a great story of poor 19th century Irish women making their way in the world under difficult circumstances.  If you haven’t seen it, do – these women are fabulous !
Janet is a Leo Sun, Gemini Moon.

Janet has Sun, Mercury (not conjunct) with Uranus conjunct North Node all in Leo.
Hello ! Born for the camera, and the camera loves her.  She is versatile with her Gem Moon, it sextiles Mercury making her a chameleon of sorts.  She has this lovely underlying earthy Saturnian vibe (in Capricorn, it rules) with a kick of unusual visionary perception – Jupiter in Aquarius – that is just flat – out fun and quirky !

Janet has the octaves of artistic creativity trine one another – Cancer Venus trines Scorpio Neptune.  Neptune (rules inspired creativity and film) is also the focal planet of a T- Square with Mercury and Jupiter – Scorps don’t miss a thing.  Those planets are all fixed and that means building.  She is just so fun to watch – minute details (Jupiter and Saturn trine Mars in Virgo) that give each character such depth and complexity unfold with such grace. 

Glenn Close is obviously also fabulous, with credits such as The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction, and Dangerous Liasons (my personal favorite).

Glenn is a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, with Leo rising.  She has 8th house Pisces Mercury conjunct Mars both square Uranus in Gemini on the 11th.  That one is edgy – whipsmart and otherworldly perceptive, she can play creepy very well.

Glenn has an Grand Air trine with 11th house Uranus in Gemini, 3rd house Neptune in Libra, and Venus conjunct Moon in Aquarius 7th.  Those are stellar intuitive planets and placements for artistic ability and depth of communicating the soulful underbelly of human nature.

She also has a Grand Trine (out of sign) with Scorpio Jupiter, Pisces Sun and Saturn in Leo.  Pluto and Saturn are rising in the dragon hours, giving the traits of unpredictability, ambition, strong opinions, being outspoken as well as lucky.  Pluto is conjunct the ASC from the 12th and opposes Venus in the 7th – her artwork needs to reveal and transform – always.  She is one intense lady who has created a fabulous body of work.

Some quickie synastry between Janet and Glenn:

Janet’s Sun is conjunct Glenn’s Pluto.
Janet’s Mercury is conjunct Glenn’s Saturn, both of which trine Glenn’s Sun.
Janet’s Neptune is conjunct Glenn’s Chiron, both of which trine Glenn’s Mercury / Mars conjunction.
Janet’s Moon is conjunct Glenn’s North Node, both of which trine Glenn’s Neptune.

Amazing work ladies !  Thank you.


halls are alive

ta DA !
Venus into Leo

The halls are alive with the sound of music !

At my day job, nearly everyone
spontaneously :: bursts :: into song
at the drop of a hat
or the
wink of an eye
the acoustics in the stairwells are fabulous. 

:::: I love it !  ::::

Mercury is conjunct Sun in Virgo
Moon is now in Gemini

Gemini Moon
delivers the urgent need to
convey and relay

Moon  is sextile fresh Leo Venus
from the house of communication.

Incoming !
You have mail from
the houses of Gemini and Leo

as Venus closes the trine
to Uranus Rx in Aries

 high-speed insightful communiques
will fascinate you

? ? ?
will it be
newsy news about
cash, creativity or love crush 
? ? ?
All 3
? ! ?

Whatever it is you can count on one thing
it will need some elbow grease
as Venus closes
the tense square to Mars in Scorpio

*make it work *

key to chill


Strings are wound pretty tight out there, yeah..?
 I am getting that from my circle, and I am feeling it myself.  Where I am (central US) the heat is rising along with the humidity as the astro square of Uranus and Pluto grows tighter.  Cranky and bitchy is a common commodity these days.
Patience is a little harder to come by, exquisite and golden.

Keep this in mind: as the date grows nearer to exact, the aspect is stronger.
June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

So in the interest of keeping the astro distilled to the finest essence …
let’s acknowledge what we can  do to relieve the pressure.  I have got a simple solution, free ( we love free, yes ? ) and easy, can be done anywhere.

Here it is : breathe.

That’s it.
I told you it was simple.

Think of it this way – and Gemini house loves to think – and will from every angle.
Gem house is soon to be packed – as I write this Moon is at 29 degrees Toro nearly into Gemini to join Jupiter, Venus Rx, and Sun.

Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the benefics, the fortunate planets.
They are ALL in Gemini.

Gemini rules the lungs.  
and the nervous system :: our key to chill is breathing.

They (Moon, Jup, Ven) however; are in square to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in the healing sign of Pisces. (Sun trines Nept and Chiron.)  Squares are an obstacle, needs to be solved – we yearn to know how to heal the macro and micro. 
Retrogrades indicate a searching within for knowledge and revising the energy output it signals a chance to re-invent the way we express that energy in our lives.
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, it is divine love for all life big and small.
It is where the macro and micro meet as ONE.
Chiron is the wounded centaur who explores remedies and ultimately gifts his knowledge to heal self and others via natural methods.
Yes, heal self – for the healer is also healed – it is an energy exchange.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Start small.
Inner world, then outer world.
In the airplane you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, right ?!

The micro universe of cells within our bodies needs fresh oxygen that only comes with deep breathing.  Most people take 13-20 breaths per minute. Try to take 8 or fewer. Relax the pace of your respiration.

….slow down….relax…breathe deeply…..bless your body as you do so….
Diaphragmatic breathing helps control the nervous system. Breathing slowly and deeply brings a sense of peace, relaxation and focus.  note: Jupiter in Gemini scatters, lacks focus – diaphragmatic breathing will help !  Deep breathing stimulates the lymph system, it helps relieve hypertension and migraines. As oxygen goes into our blood stream, our cells excrete toxins, deep breathing helps our lymphatic system expel these toxins.

Pranayama is : Prāna, which means life force, or vital energy (for the breath) and “āyāma,” to suspend or restrain. Often translated as control of the life force, when used as a technical term in yoga, it is interpreted, more specifically, as “breath control.”

I’m going to visit the universal breathing room, maybe you will see my little breathing bubble pop up, it’s cool !   The link is on the sidebar (or click above) – you can see who is also coming from around the world to breathe together…..

om mani padme hum