Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.


Hello from the waiting room . . .
Needed an impromptu break for more than one reason, illness being one of them. Feeling better today, back in the game.  Thank you to those who have eased my mind by checking in on me, you know who you are.  I am grateful and I love you.

Moon into Cancer
1:55pm CST,USA

Sun into Aries
Wednesday 6:02am

Moon moves into Cancer bringing a trine to Mercury / Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio – in 23 hours we will be feeling a grand water trine with Moon and Pluto as opposites in a kite.

Emotional revelations / renovations loom on the horizon.

This is particularly true as Sun moves into Aries to join the explosive Mars / Uranus conjunction.  This conjunction creates the apex of a T-square between Cancer Moon and Pluto creating an obstacle – be like water, flow with it.

Cancer Moon is ultra sensitive, so be aware internal defenses will be High Full Shield Red Alert.  Family (particularly Mother), home, female, or public dealings are going to need attention.

Authority, men, work and long-standing power issues are coming into sharp focus, delivering the promise of metamorphosis and rebirth.  Cardinal signs be alert !  Any natal planets making an appearance in the early (up to 12) degrees will be feeling this aspect strongly.

Quick read from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud for snap insight bringing most benevolent outcome for all.

ok, wow. 
Soul Shrinker – that speaks of Pluto in Cap opp Moon, yah ?
Constructive criticism is helpful – cruel, deliberately malicious communications are not.
Mercury just backed off Neptune, and turned direct to meet Chiron making wounds and healing the thoughts of the day.  Mend fences, build bridges and be kind.  Things to keep in mind as Mars wants to set off knee-jerk Uranus at any mo.

Spirit card: Lys of the Shadows
She is a trench wench, stuck in the mud with you, giving you a hand up – – she inspires. She helps you take the first shaky steps to re-building self-esteem, self-respect and self-actualization.
Be open to receive the gifts of those who are willing to help.
Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.


may the fork be with you

Happy Day everyone –

Void Moon in Leo
begins 9:27am CST, USA
ends with
Moon into Virgo 10:35pm CST, USA

Samhain crossquarter day – Sun at 15′ Scorpio…more on that later

Libra Venus trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini : Air to Air with Mercury in flux ?  haha all kinds of interesting information is popping up, yes ?   Saw that comin’.

Neptune is stationing direct Sunday, with Mercury in Rx flux – cue sleep of the dead replete with wacko dream scenarios ? Check ! 

Mine ? : Music festy cuss and discuss (surprise ! on live cam) morphs into surrounded by antiques, quilts and stitching – but not just any stitching – heirloom stitching, recorded for historical and $$ value, and of course, cue Mercurial man, shiny object, white clapboard stairs leading everywhere, construction workers and we have a sign of Neptuner turning this ship around ! 
My sweet old quilting bee ladies in New England got me covered, stitching up the pieces.  Hallelujah Amen sistah !   Let’s get on with it  !

Scorpio Saturn trine Chiron Rx in Pisces and it occurs to me all this purging of the old deadwood is fabulous, healthy and vital – but in truth – many events in our lives are forever a part of us and simply have to be morphed into a form we can live with.

Hold a death / change / metamorph ceremony for your memory.
Dig a hole in the earth, ground the energy, the awful memory – really deep six it if you have to.  Release the energetic connection it has with you / and you with it – with the burial …let it go…  Fill the hole with dirt, make an offering of tobacco, bless the earth and the seed with consecrated water.  Consider your memory the fertilizer that will nourish the new flower seed you plant.  New fresh life will grow and form new memories that feel better.

Jupiter rules ceremonies – faith, optimism and HOPE.

It helps – I’ve done this very thing – and it works.
Only one thing I keep from my horrible time and that is my tuning fork. 

blessed be



The Zia Pueblo is one of 19 Pueblos in New Mexico, it is located 16 miles north of Albuquerque.  They are a Keres speaking people.

Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun.

Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. According to the Zia’s belief, the number four is embodied in:

the 4 points of the compass
– north
– south
– east
– west

the 4 seasons of the year
– spring
– summer
– autumn
– winter

the 4 periods of each day
– morning
– noon
– evening
– night

the 4 seasons of life
– childhood
– youth
– middle years
– old age

the 4 sacred obligations one must develop 
– a strong body
– a clear mind
– a pure spirit
– a devotion to the welfare of others

If you are a 4 life path, you are practical, down to earth, stable and focused on the structures and foundations in your life.  Four is ruled by the planet Saturn, symbolizing time, building and earth.  Four is the number of fruition, the basis or manifestation of an idea.  Fours want to reap tangible results, they like having power and control.  They prefer reason, logic and reality over dreaming and fluidity.  Fours are patient, steadfast and reliable.

Fours dig problem – solving, justice, the methodical approach and above all, honesty.  They possess rare discipline and perseverance, they are responsible and diplomatic, traditional and courageous.  Their weaknesses are being too rigid and reluctant to change.  Once committed to a goal, they are relentless in the pursuit of it, they do not give up.

Buddhists recognize the Four Noble Truths.
The Four Humors are the metabolic agents in the human body.
The Four Elements that constitute all matter are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

If you live in a four house, you can count on stability and structure.

If you don’t have a four house, and want one – write the number to add to your house number that will equal four in your doorjam.  For example: if you live at 22 Jump street you are set, as  2+2 = 4.  If you live at 12 Jump street, write “1” inside your doorjam.
Quickie numerology rundown is here.

I grew up on rural route 4 and I loved it.  Once we moved to a 32, (5) all hell broke loose.  Screaming and fighting 24/8, it sucked.  I live in a 7 now and am mystical gung ho spiritual hermit jedi chick.

I wrote the symbol for Jupiter, which also happens to resemble a 4 on my doorjam, giving me a master number 11- illumination, inspiration and intuition.
Oh yeah, and  King of Wands, lol ! . . . (wave, wink xo) . . . hopefully some Jupiterian good luck will rub off on me !  Eleven is the higher octave of 2, it brings balance to the force.

namaste and May the Force be with You . . .

A+ extra credit, nomba one

Centaur Hunters

Rough lunation, full moon will square my natal Sagittarius Mars  – checked my progressed too.  Ouch. Not even going there.  fun times, ugh.

Moon is conjunct Chiron, so this post must be written. 
Chiron was a centaur by the way.  A horse, of course. lol
Chiron is known as the wounded healer; herbalist, philosopher, teacher.

I was thinking earlier, while going all Ed Scissorhands on my 7 something foot hedge, that this has been the year of Martians – particularly angular Mars peeps.  (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house are the angular houses.)  I’ve been gaining championship gymnastic status trying to please this bunch I tell ya.  My most recent run-in had me positively fuming with the  ” you’ll have to . . .blahblahblah ”  business while I was doing something out of kindness for free.   I am generally slow to rile, but this one had a hotline on my red phone – rrrrg.
I don’t have  to do anything.

We all know what that means . . . yes ? 
When game changers step up to the plate ?

Hey batterbatterSWINGbatter – they are gonna line drive the energy we have been avoiding, misunderstanding, misusing, misinterpreting, malfunctioning – right back into our faces.

Guilty as charged.

You read above I have Sagittarius Mars (it trines my chart ruler).  I have a 9th house stellium (natural Sag house) and my Venus is conjunct Jupiter (rules Sag) and my Mercury sextiles Jupiter from the 9th.  The only thing in my chart not getting a direct Sag hit is Moon and it still trines my 9th house stellium through transference of light through Pluto.

You need to know this about Sagittarius, and I am getting it / learning it about myself – even now – after all my life of running with Sagittarians.

We are blunt.

There.  I said it.
Went and lumped myself in with the sign I have sworn off dating for life.
Ye gads what irony. 

Why am I telling you this . . . ?

Do you want the truth ?

Then I am going to give it to you.  

I do not intend to come off mean, crass or cruel – but because I love you, I will give it to you straight, no chaser.   I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass – I find it insulting when others do that to me.  ( I am perfectly aware of false flattery while someone is trying to shove a shiv in my back.  I’ve got stealth in the 12th baby, not gonna happen. )

I will not lie to you.

I will not hold back from giving you all the knowledge I can.

I will try everything I can to help you SEE  what is troubling, blinding or confounding you – because I want to help you.

…because I want to heal you…



Jan Hess

The Great Queen Rhiannon, is a Welsh Moon goddess whose name derives from two Welsh words: rhiain : meaning sleeping maiden and Annwn : the name of the Welsh Otherworld.  She is found in the medieval Welsh tales of Mabinogion, riding a swift white stallion.

Defying her parents wishes to marry an older god she did not love, she instead chose to marry the man she loved, a mortal, Prince Pwyll.  Rhiannon gave birth to a son who disappeared under the watch of six women servants chosen to tend him while Rhiannon  regained her strength after childbirth.

While all her hand servants slept, her son was taken.  Upon awakening, the terrified servants fearing for their lives, smeared blood on Rhiannon’s cheeks and claimed she  killed her son.  As punishment, Rhiannon was bade to serve seven years as a ‘horse’ posted at Pwyll’s castle gate, bearing all visitors to the castle on her back.

After serving four long years without complaint, Rhiannon was overjoyed when a farmer and his wife arrived at the gate with Rhiannon’s son in tow.  Having found him abandoned, they had lovingly raised him as their own until seeing the growing boys resemblance to his parents, they returned him at once to his mother.


Rhiannon, asteroid 16912, is closely linked with inspiration, dreams / nightmares, change, being steadfast in crisis, magick, horses (sacred to the Celts) and mystical birds.  The singing birds of Rhiannon were said to ‘wake the dead, and ease the living to sleep’. (see Welsh tales link above)

She also indicates strong emotions (Moon), lost loved ones and forgiveness (Neptune), life essence and powers that thrive within the depths of wellsprings and lakes.  

Also consider Rhiannon a place where you regain what you have lost.

Rhiannon’s story is said to have grown into the legend of the Lady of the Lake, the water spirit who was foster mother to Sir Lancelot and presented King Arthur with the magickal sword Excalibur.  It was commonplace for Celts to offer gifts to water spirits, especially valuables and weapons, a tradition that continues today in the form of wishing wells.  Lady of the Lake is synonymous with Lady Luck.


In typical Mars quintile Uranus fashion, I stumbled upon this while looking for something else, much to my delight – because I recently dreamed so vividly of a swift white horse.  When I say swift, I mean superfast – full tilt at least 80, when quarterhorses  clock 50 tops.   A wild blur of white against the dark night sky, his intent, his eyes were following me so closely . . .  when he turned to race back towards me, I saw a large gash on his flank.  I was undone – really upset, begging my companions to help us.
. . . I was thinking and feeling in terms of US . . .  hmmm . . . fascinating.

Particularly fascinating as I have Rhiannon exactly conjunct Jupiter which rules horses.

I haven’t remembered any dreams for quite some time, they were too upsetting, I asked for them to remain quiet.  Well, I am back in the saddle now – online in the stream of unconsciousness, I am dreaming of moose, white stallions, dimensional space and time travellers, I’m getting messages for friends across the world I have not met in waking life, all kinds of far out stuff.

If you are wondering where I have been – I am getting so much incoming, I am in heavy duty process mode 24/7.  This Venus Uran/ Pluto thinger is binging all my bells and whistles since they are jammed together in my progressed – it’s a wild ride baby ! !

Figuring out how to funnel the multiverse through Aries Saturn Rx in 3rd.
Chrysalis stage.
 O & O