I’m Saturn’s bitch.  Solution = workWorkWORK.  No Whiners !
Sucking it up moon-wise, tucking the emo BS into my back pocket for the duration. 
We are in dark moon low ebb prior to New Moon/Sun in Cancer – I’m nailing a line drive into popularity. 

Popularity is ruled by:
Sun (shines, creates, fun) is the personal expression of conscious light
Moon (feel, safe, clan) is the personal expression of subconscious dark
Venus ( beauty, loves, graces) is the personal expression of friendship/love

Sun rules fame
Moon rules the public

Venus rules public as well, but more so speaks to direct interpersonal relationships

Chart indicators of popularity
1. When these planets are in good aspect
2.  When these planets are placed in social signs / houses
3.  When the planets are above the horizon + well aspected
4.  When the 10th/ruler of 10th is well aspected

What do you do when the popularity planets are all tied up in tough aspects ? 
Good question.  I’m still working on it.  heh.  Kidding, keep reading…

1.  Find a good aspect to one of the planets above (if it applies) then work it like crazy.
2.  Work those that land in mutable houses aka flexible circumstances. 
3.  Do inner work – transform difficult energies into powerful triumphs/lessons learned.

4.  Golden Rule: Be yourself.

ps.  Yes this post is also a nod to Jupiter into Leo on July 16.  More on that later…

Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.


Hello from the waiting room . . .
Needed an impromptu break for more than one reason, illness being one of them. Feeling better today, back in the game.  Thank you to those who have eased my mind by checking in on me, you know who you are.  I am grateful and I love you.

Moon into Cancer
1:55pm CST,USA

Sun into Aries
Wednesday 6:02am

Moon moves into Cancer bringing a trine to Mercury / Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio – in 23 hours we will be feeling a grand water trine with Moon and Pluto as opposites in a kite.

Emotional revelations / renovations loom on the horizon.

This is particularly true as Sun moves into Aries to join the explosive Mars / Uranus conjunction.  This conjunction creates the apex of a T-square between Cancer Moon and Pluto creating an obstacle – be like water, flow with it.

Cancer Moon is ultra sensitive, so be aware internal defenses will be High Full Shield Red Alert.  Family (particularly Mother), home, female, or public dealings are going to need attention.

Authority, men, work and long-standing power issues are coming into sharp focus, delivering the promise of metamorphosis and rebirth.  Cardinal signs be alert !  Any natal planets making an appearance in the early (up to 12) degrees will be feeling this aspect strongly.

Quick read from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud for snap insight bringing most benevolent outcome for all.

ok, wow. 
Soul Shrinker – that speaks of Pluto in Cap opp Moon, yah ?
Constructive criticism is helpful – cruel, deliberately malicious communications are not.
Mercury just backed off Neptune, and turned direct to meet Chiron making wounds and healing the thoughts of the day.  Mend fences, build bridges and be kind.  Things to keep in mind as Mars wants to set off knee-jerk Uranus at any mo.

Spirit card: Lys of the Shadows
She is a trench wench, stuck in the mud with you, giving you a hand up – – she inspires. She helps you take the first shaky steps to re-building self-esteem, self-respect and self-actualization.
Be open to receive the gifts of those who are willing to help.
Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.



Hermit Crab Homes

Serious lack of privacy, but very Cancer Moon
Moon rules Cancer 4th
midnight and retiring into privacy
Cancer also rules glass

Planets under the horizon in the natal chart
are off or want off
public display
planets above the horizon
are ON display


With my natal Moon in Toro 4
I feel the need for a
cave dwelling dark vampy type womb space
batik curtains when drawn
look like stained glass when the sun is out
a good friend told me
your home feels like a pocket
– exactly –
(to use a Madeleine L’Engle term)

Tokyo, Japan

this triggers high anxiety
I don’t even like my picture taken.
The idea of living here freaks. me. right. out.

What do you think Cancer peeps ?
Could you live in the swank architectural design glass home ?

peace, GMA

Venus shares

Moon is in Cancer, folks.

How’s that going for ya ?

Typically not my personal favorite moon transit because it squares my Saturn workhorse.  Earlier I was hitching my work wagon to some tunes via computer and my speakers went out.
I’ll fess up – a small thing that brought frustration, anger and tears snap !  ‘Seems the only thing working around here is ME !’   ::crank::   That’s Cancer for ya – feelings are floating right on top – unlike Saturn where they are locked down tighter than a jug (if need be).

Moon is strong here, it rules – home, family, mother, instincts, where you feel safe, how you relax, your well of midnight psyche, stomach, and yes gut feelings

In my chart I have been getting incoming info like WoW all morning . . . Sun / Mercury conjunction is coming up to my Sun/Uranus/Pluto (trines my natal moon) to deliver 9th house insights, basically BIG PICTURE type downloads of ahhh . . . I think I am finally getting IT.  Stuff like HOW could I have missed THAT ?
Of course, followed by tears.

Why ?

Here’s why – and why WE ARE feeling IT– because right now Venus trines Uranus that’s fire to fire – FAST AND HOT – Marsy Uranus is blowin’ that fixed Leo pop stand a few LOVE curve balls  ~>  insights in the house of romance and creativity.

That IS sweet. (Venus)  Keep that up. Yes, please.  My Leo is on the 8th and transformation down deep is a MAJOR GO.  Look to your Leo house for where you will be getting gifts (Venus) of love, money, creative insights and finding balance.

I did this earlier in my own chart and a friend’s and it about blew my mind –
Look to your Libra house for where you are gifted something by the universe.
Do the same for Taurus – Venus rules both. 


Look at Peter Jackson’s chart 2 posts ago.
He has Venus in Libra on the 6th conjunct Mercury.

Libran Gift = Mercury: books, but not just any old books.  Books loved the world over, (Venus) filled with their own (Mercury) languages.  In fact, a huge preface that is an enormous book in and of itself, The Silmarillion, shows the dawning of middle earth time, birth of the races, languages, the whole middle earth world created by author J.R.R. Tolkien.  You see Venus and Mercury contact Jupiter (huge) and Saturn (world), right ?  See how dense – how intense ?

Nothing less will do for Peter’s Scorpio Sun, Neptune and Mars – he was gifted this dense, difficult, rewarding project in some way.  An agreement before he arrived on this plane, whatever – it IS a gift.

Taurus in 1st = we are a patient bunch of fans (Venus) and we will wait for his creativity to express itself in its own time – because we know it will be worth ($$ + love, Toro) the wait.  Peter is at the (1st, Mars + conj Neptune) helm, all is well.

Moon is coming up to trine Mars in Scorpio and oppose Pluto in Capricorn. 
Some emo junk from the past is prime to be jettisoned in order to improve our health.

Venus is closing in the square to Mars.
Scorpio power vs. Leo love
This one I am very familiar with, trust me.  Two fixed signs that want to win.

Plutonic power will fight the WILLpower until death.
Only then comes the rebirth – Fresh NEW power – only after loss of the old.

Is that intense for you ?  (shrug)  Sorry.  Welcome to my world.

Stay calm Mooneyed peeps, death just means give up the Plutonic need to control everything regarding love, money and creativity.

Let me clarify.
By give up I mean flip the Mars in Scorp power switch from exterior to interior.  Ya dig ?  Don’t hog the left lane doing 50, for instance.

Share and delegate the power.   Venus shares.

Cultivate balance of power.  If the obsession to control a situation finds you spinning out of control – work on controlling yourSELF instead.

May Power through Peace be ours

Looney for Luna

Happy Taurus New Moon ~

Ever wonder why this is the massage moon ?
The favorite food  moon ?
The feed your senses  Moon ?

Moon in Taurus is exalted, sensate and instinctual. They are persistent, want security and tend to be stubborn.  Very patient, but when they reach their limit – look out – it is volcanic, no survivors type anger.  Charming, steady affections, loves the good things in life, can be overly desirous of money because it ensures security they crave.  They don’t like change, much.

Finding I had a Taurus Moon (4th) is another example of how astrology explained so many things for me… I have always had this thing  about textures.
Every throw pillow in my house is soft plush fabric, and yes, so is the couch, lol.  ( I don’t lay on my couch much but I learned that if the tv is on when my 2nd house stellium ex comes over, it’s a Toro magnet.)

I love snuggling into my t-shirt sheets after a long day ~ bliss ~ so soft !  Someone recently wondered why I didn’t wear a scratchy shirt much, that is why.  It required another long sleeved shirt underneath or I would go berserk with the texture on me.  Saturn rules skin, but Aquarius rules sensitive skin, and I have big Neptuner in there (11th).  So textures are most certainly a thing.  Neptune contacts Moon so sensations are flashing, buzzing dinging & lighting up my pinball machine ~ when I get to the city I get overloaded really quick, as you can imagine.

It doesn’t stop there…another thing that I can’t do is soggy food.  Crunchy is always better.  That goes for anything slimy too – like those little greasy cabbages – brussels sprouts ick.  I can’t count the number of times I was left at the table to stare at cold greasy cabbages, stubborn – I hated them and would not eat them no matter how long I had to sit.  Any food going down has to be smooth – like chunky smoothies are a no go.  Sorry, feels weird, can’t do.

Smells are another thing, the wrong ones – BAM – headache.  Chemical perfumes are out, only essential oils for me.  Incense I love, but no other sprays or carpet jizz, way too chemical.  Can’t do candles that smell like food either.  Any bath product that smells like fruit, why ?

Sounds also…same thing ~ too much opera sets me on edge, way too much screaming and hollering all at once, or that crazy high note frenetic  jazz oy. works like a brain bristle brush on me.  Small doses ok, too much and I get a bit twitchy.  I have a Neptune playlist for while I write, no words to distract me.

I like eating out of wooden bowls because I don’t like the sound of clanging silverware while I eat.  My poor Mother, I know I drove her nuts when I was a kid.  I grew up in the days of jello with fruit gelled inside – you know where I am going with this, right ?
Not. Gonna. Happen.  My food had territories on the plate, best thing ever (I know some Toro is responsible) invented was the plate with separations.

Moon rules Cancer, the 4th house of Mother, (10th is Saturn or Father, though these can interchange depending on parental roles in the family unit) nurturing and growth, good placement for Moms, gardeners.  Emotions can swing far and wide here, so look out.  Tend to be possessive and stick close to home and family and tribe.  aside: evidently Neptune rules yeast, My ex and I both have Moon opposite Neptune, his Neptune in 1st, moon in 7 and he made the best bread – the yeasties loved him way more than me (Neptune in 11th, Moon 4) which I find interesting.

Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment; the influence of Saturn wants to harden and still the fluctuating Moon, which puts it at odds right away.  The fear inherent in Saturn can overcome and override the emotional nature, making the native stern, lacking in empathy.  Hard workers, not nearly as whiney as Cancer Moons, they just get over it and keep going without a lot of fuss.  Once they are invested emotionally, they stick and stay.

Moon in Scorpio is in its fall.  (My parents both had this placement.)  Scorpio has a deep, dark well of emotions and they are constantly metamorphosing due to the influence of Pluto.  Regeneration is inherent in this placement, emotions are often hidden in the murky depths.  Scorpios keep it close to the vest, lot going on you won’t know about – they are filled with what they DESIRE (Scorpio motto) and can be very territorial and extremist.  Scorpio Moons are intense because they are so passionate – their emotions are like nuclear fission, they need to get a handle on them before they engage anyone else.

Moon is coming to conjunct Jupiter soon ~ take advantage of the influx of sensations ~

let the music take your mind

Love Smokey.  He is soOo smooooth…

Smokey Robinson is a 29 degree Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon.  Strong placement for a crooner, as Moon rules Cancer, and is in square to his Venus (rules Taurus the throat) Jupiter conjunction in (Mars- ruled) Aries.  Vocal power and inner restraint.

Smokey has Uranus in Taurus which gives him great vibrato.  Neptune (inspired musician) also trines Uranus in Taurus (throat).  Cancer Moon is trine Aquarius Sun and Mercury in Pisces – expressing his loving nature through song and voice comes natural to him as Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Virgo are in mutual reception.

Mars in Taurus conjunct Saturn in Aries gives him great vocal control and Mars (sex) and Saturn are square (inner tension) Pluto (sex) in Leo (creativity). Pluto is also trine his Venus Jupiter (big love) conjunction in Aries (Mars ruled) and let’s face it, Smokey’s songs deliver the sexy sexOhhhyeahhh…

This one goes out to my brother Jeff who loved this song and turned my high school bff into a doe-eyed puddle when he sang it to her, lol.

let’s flow, let’s gliiiiide ~

Oms & Draags

Moon is nearly full and opposite Mercury and Pluto.
I am feeling the weird, for sure.
Anxious expectation.
Full Moon Monday 1.9.2012 at 1:30am CST,USA

Moon and Priestess are frequent visitors in recent readings…
AND my Ganesha card was on the floor this evening.
Silent potential. 
The cosmos tells me obstacles need removing.

… and how are You fine folks ..?

Sun (creativity) is quintile (gifts) odd Uranus.
Venus conjunct Neptune the octaves of art in the sign of the strange, Aquarius.
Aquarius= Science, Neptune= Fiction

SoOo that’s my cue to head off to watch the winner of the special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.
La Planète Sauvage   (The Wild Planet)
One of the best sci-fi animated movies ever.


More astro soon ~  peace out.


…my hands are dirty too…

7. Made it through six whole posts before mentioning STAR WARS.
What took so long..?
Waiting for the spiritual number 7 to roll up.

Okay. Here’s the deal.

Today I noticed Harrison Ford and I have some similarites….besides being charming rascals.  *wink*
We are both number 9 Life path.  Nines are compassionate humanitarians; dreamers here to serve the world and they are often in the spotlight – like it or not.  Nine is aligned with the planet Neptune and the water triad (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces).  It is the number of completion, it carries the vibration of all the other numbers before it, and is a literal saturation point.

We are also a Birth Day number 4.  Fours are structured, the squares, conservative, logical.  Fours are aligned with the planet Saturn and the earth triad (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn).  It is the number of building, organization, crystallization in the physical universe.

I was reading Glynis Has Your Number and I was intrigued by the comment that Harrison seems uncomfortable during interviews because 4/9 are numbers at odds with each other.  I have seen Harrisons chart before and remember noting that he seems very shy considering he has a chart with every single planet above the horizon.  Many planets above the horizon is indicative of extroversion, so what gives..?  First thing I am thinking is..’how’s that Neptune doin’ ?’

So first off, Neptune most highly aspected (private/ hidden), four planets in Cancer (private), including Mercury the talker (silent type here).  He most probably thinks he should (square- inner conflict) be talking more (Mercury- thinks, talks) about his films (Neptune is film) but revealing personal stuff is not for him.   So the extrovert placements of planets above the horizon is offset by the Cardinal Water chart.

Next time I’ll go into the wookies chart— one would think Very Earthy.
Not so.