Looney for Luna

Happy Taurus New Moon ~

Ever wonder why this is the massage moon ?
The favorite food  moon ?
The feed your senses  Moon ?

Moon in Taurus is exalted, sensate and instinctual. They are persistent, want security and tend to be stubborn.  Very patient, but when they reach their limit – look out – it is volcanic, no survivors type anger.  Charming, steady affections, loves the good things in life, can be overly desirous of money because it ensures security they crave.  They don’t like change, much.

Finding I had a Taurus Moon (4th) is another example of how astrology explained so many things for me… I have always had this thing  about textures.
Every throw pillow in my house is soft plush fabric, and yes, so is the couch, lol.  ( I don’t lay on my couch much but I learned that if the tv is on when my 2nd house stellium ex comes over, it’s a Toro magnet.)

I love snuggling into my t-shirt sheets after a long day ~ bliss ~ so soft !  Someone recently wondered why I didn’t wear a scratchy shirt much, that is why.  It required another long sleeved shirt underneath or I would go berserk with the texture on me.  Saturn rules skin, but Aquarius rules sensitive skin, and I have big Neptuner in there (11th).  So textures are most certainly a thing.  Neptune contacts Moon so sensations are flashing, buzzing dinging & lighting up my pinball machine ~ when I get to the city I get overloaded really quick, as you can imagine.

It doesn’t stop there…another thing that I can’t do is soggy food.  Crunchy is always better.  That goes for anything slimy too – like those little greasy cabbages – brussels sprouts ick.  I can’t count the number of times I was left at the table to stare at cold greasy cabbages, stubborn – I hated them and would not eat them no matter how long I had to sit.  Any food going down has to be smooth – like chunky smoothies are a no go.  Sorry, feels weird, can’t do.

Smells are another thing, the wrong ones – BAM – headache.  Chemical perfumes are out, only essential oils for me.  Incense I love, but no other sprays or carpet jizz, way too chemical.  Can’t do candles that smell like food either.  Any bath product that smells like fruit, why ?

Sounds also…same thing ~ too much opera sets me on edge, way too much screaming and hollering all at once, or that crazy high note frenetic  jazz oy. works like a brain bristle brush on me.  Small doses ok, too much and I get a bit twitchy.  I have a Neptune playlist for while I write, no words to distract me.

I like eating out of wooden bowls because I don’t like the sound of clanging silverware while I eat.  My poor Mother, I know I drove her nuts when I was a kid.  I grew up in the days of jello with fruit gelled inside – you know where I am going with this, right ?
Not. Gonna. Happen.  My food had territories on the plate, best thing ever (I know some Toro is responsible) invented was the plate with separations.

Moon rules Cancer, the 4th house of Mother, (10th is Saturn or Father, though these can interchange depending on parental roles in the family unit) nurturing and growth, good placement for Moms, gardeners.  Emotions can swing far and wide here, so look out.  Tend to be possessive and stick close to home and family and tribe.  aside: evidently Neptune rules yeast, My ex and I both have Moon opposite Neptune, his Neptune in 1st, moon in 7 and he made the best bread – the yeasties loved him way more than me (Neptune in 11th, Moon 4) which I find interesting.

Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment; the influence of Saturn wants to harden and still the fluctuating Moon, which puts it at odds right away.  The fear inherent in Saturn can overcome and override the emotional nature, making the native stern, lacking in empathy.  Hard workers, not nearly as whiney as Cancer Moons, they just get over it and keep going without a lot of fuss.  Once they are invested emotionally, they stick and stay.

Moon in Scorpio is in its fall.  (My parents both had this placement.)  Scorpio has a deep, dark well of emotions and they are constantly metamorphosing due to the influence of Pluto.  Regeneration is inherent in this placement, emotions are often hidden in the murky depths.  Scorpios keep it close to the vest, lot going on you won’t know about – they are filled with what they DESIRE (Scorpio motto) and can be very territorial and extremist.  Scorpio Moons are intense because they are so passionate – their emotions are like nuclear fission, they need to get a handle on them before they engage anyone else.

Moon is coming to conjunct Jupiter soon ~ take advantage of the influx of sensations ~