swords & roses


Themis, the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, is the oracular voice of the Earth.
She is the goddess of
Divine Law and Justice  a seer who presided over the most ancient oracles, including the Delphic oracle.  She is usually pictured blindfolded to represent her impartiality.  Themis judged whether the dead went to Tartarus (hell) or the Elysian Fields (paradise).

Themis is asteroid 24, discovered 1853

Look to your natal Themis to see where you embody divine law, justice and impartiality.  She may seem cold, (science says she is covered with ice) unemotional, but she is in fact – LOGICAL and FAIR.

Her sword cuts both ways.

At eclipse, asteroid Themis is Rx 17 Virgo – trine Mercury, Pluto; quintile Ascendant.
She also opposes Chiron.
Interestingly, when Chiron was discovered, there was a conjunction between Mercury and Sun in Libra.  This Toro eclipse also has a Sun/Mercury conjunction but also with New Moon. New moon beginnings – Virgo Thetis opposite Pisces Chiron – is a call to balance wounding and healing with words through patience and LOVE and forgiveness.

Which side of the blade are you getting / giving ?
Seek the side / choice that brings love and enlightenment.
Be fair.

Found a great interactive map for eclipse visibility HERE.

That was swords.
The draw / personal happenings that inspired the roses are below:

Rosespic, assortment Gneiss Moon
deck Witches Tarot
scarf Asian Eye

A few weeks ago, I decided to feldspar through eclipse season change UPs.  Turns out, I couldn’t even wear labradorite a for full day, it just didn’t feel right.  I picked up my rose quartz and we’ve been bosom buddies ever since. 

A love stone of the heart for the Venusian eclipses.
My guy friends at work gifted me the rhodochrosite pendant, a stone of love and balance when Venus was trine Saturn. 

Rose quartz : Taurus and Libra
Gently removes negativity, produces peace, love and gentleness.  Opens the heart, increases receptivity to art and love.  Promotes balance of the yin-yang energies, emotional healing and relaxation.  Best worn over the heart.
Vibrates to the
number 7.

Rhodochrosite : Scorpio and Leo
Rhodon = rose; chros = color. Contains a pulsating electrical energy of love and the golden sphere of light.  Promotes earth healing and caring for our Mother Earth, Gaia.
[This gift is so weird / cool – Toro eclipse is exact opposite my natal Erda.]  Facilitates ordered mental balance, structure, attunement to the higher self and acceptance that leads to highest growth and health.  Works well with Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Relieves narcolepsy.  Best worn on the wrist on the pulse point.
Vibrates to the number 4.

So with the stones of love in mind, I asked what insights can further us all as we gather tools and intents from the dark moon depths prior to a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

Justice – Libra – Themis
Cause & Effect; Action & Reaction
Time & Place

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with love.
Mercury as Lord of New Moon/Sun eclipse = thoughts, words, speech, writing. 
Swords slice the Air on Earth.
Weigh your options.

Spirit card crux of sitch: Strength
Quiet personal power, strength of character and confidence.
Endless cycles of power – love eternal.

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with LOVE in all dealings, with self & others.

peace out


photo 45Vibrational Energy Oracle

A beginning also reveals an ending.
The Law of Balance aka Venus aka 6

You will have your weapons, but first they will test your will.
Kai,  47 Ronin

I love this quote.
It speaks to me of the VISION QUEST : the illusionary veils parting, worlds meeting, ENLIGHTENMENT, parting worlds, the illusionary veils drawing to a close.
The hermit, the hangman – loners seeking answers.
One via solitude – One via sacrifice.
I chose a path many years ago and it has been the breaking and making of me.

Very difficult – but I would not trade what I have learned.
Venus rules trades.

I drew the card above for a question of my own and was quite pleased.
I then used it as the significator for the ? for all of us.

What should all my readers concentrate on for highest manifestations for New Moon in Taurus ?

photo 47

Without dreams there is no futurepast.
Imagine love, peace and happiness – be balanced.
North Node of Destiny in Libra
Two Venusian Eclipses

Pisces DARK MOON passes over Neptune, Chiron  dreaming the healing
+ Venus while it trines Scorpio Saturn
in the next 24 hours.

This is mining deep in the subconscious for the soul shines.
What is attracting and attracted = Venus
What is solid, sticking and staying = Saturn

Only you know this vision quest.
Make it so.



This vid has a great Toro nature vibe, chillax.
I could use it.
…You ?

Here at Chez Luna, cats got first full free outside exploration early this am so exciting !
Miss neurosis stayed close, miss wild climbed 3 trees, made a little grey kitty buddy, headed for the lake straightaway.  These two cats of mine are def. Felix & Oscar.

My day : Broom broke, lawn mower broke, vacuum (I just fixed) broke (again) and then my coffee pot cracked (again).
Cue headache.
I laughed.
Ok universe, fuck it. I nap.

CCROSSApril 22 late eve USA

Grand Cardinal Cross perfects

Uranus Aries
Jupiter Cancer
Mars Rx in Libra
Pluto in Capricorn

All @ 13 degrees
Planets +/- 5 degrees will be feeling change UPs, friction. Inner & outer.
Esp.  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Sun is in Taurus; in 9 days dark moon meets Sun and Mercury for a New Moon Solar Eclipse. 

The last quarter moon is a time of contemplation, re-adjustments, attunement and elimination of the unnecessary. As the moonlight dims to dark we enter the balsamic moon phase.  This lunar phase is the bridge between two worlds – the past is ending, the future new moon is approaching.  This is a time of shaded solitude, silence and endings – wise crones and contemplative navel-gazing hermits.  Deep contemplation of intentions for new moon growth stir deep within.
New Moon is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings, new initiatives.  Filled with instinct and outbound energy, we express how and where we choose to grow.
fyi: Next full Moon is May 14 at 23 Scorpio

Mercury into Taurus April 23
Chicago 4:36am

Barcelona 11:15am
Qaanaaq 7:15am
Melbourne 7:15pm

April 29
New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 Taurus

1:10am CT, USA
6:10am London
3:00pm Tokyo

New Moon magick done in the sign of Taurus is excellent for patient long lasting changes in the realms of: peace of mind, earnings and self-worth, gifts given or taken, altitudes surrounding time, love, money, sensual pleasures, resourcefulness and land.

This covers any and all things you value, also what you want to increase in value.
Contemplate the energy exchanges in your life surrounding these issues, and make adjustments accordingly.  New Moon at 8 (early) degrees is particularly good for steady long-term growth.
Consider these small but powerful natural magicks:

Seed ritual – your intent coupled with a seed you plant in the earth (houseplant works) and nurture to full growth. As the plant grows, so does your spell.
Earth / Air ritual – your intent powered & painted onto a small cloth in sigil form. Raise your flag into the sky, sing your spell as the wind also carries it into the aether. *

* I chose this combo because Mercury (air) is Lord of this earthy New Moon Eclipse and trines Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Note Pisces Venus (rules Taurus) is also quintile (genius creative expressions, specialized talents) Pluto at eclipse – resurrection of love and money and peace of mind are favored.

peace out


I always get major brain downloads when I am driving and/or mowing the yard.
Mars (the blade) in Sag trines my Saturn in 3rd house (short commutes); quintiles my Uranus in 9 (walking).

So I am thinking Uranus square Pluto – Shaman square Wizard.

We have all we need right here.
Fire – Aries
Earth – Capricorn
Air – Uranus
Water – Pluto

Not to mention Cardinal Cross is Across
Aries – Fire
Cancer – Water
Libra – Air
Capricorn – Earth

Robin Wood Tarot

Intent for todays read:
What we need to focus on while magickally using ALL the elements, ALL the signs of seasonal changes at our backs as we move toward the perfected square and the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Look who shows up…

RobinWoodTarot-HighPriestessHigh Priestess is the Yin Magician, the void.
Mars Rx in Libra is Fire in Airwe actively THINK our way out of the box BEFORE we ACT on any decisions we make – we navel gaze as the moon grows dark.
Venus rules navels – 2 eclipses + Mars Rx all Venusian; Venus is in Pisces, exalted.

What is ending with FULL BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE ?  What will be born with NEW MOON in Taurus ?

This birth is hidden, veiled, even from ourselves.  Eclipses bring intense speed, fluctuations.  As we approach New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 29th, our insight sharpens – we focus our intent + manifest.

These eclipses highlight Love, Money, Artistic and Partnership realms.

Below is the High Priestess I pulled, from the Mary-El tarot.  She wears a shield, grows roots into the earth, she has antennae – very spiritually attuned, she rises from the Temple of the Subterranean Waters on a Full Moon with a lotus blooming in the mud at her feet.  Master of internal seas – she is a healer, a psychic, a dreamtime visionary.

photo 43High priestess is the hymen priestess (barrier shifts, elasticity), guardian of the gates between life and death – the hidden wisdom beyond the veil.  She shadows and shades, creates mystery – perceptions unused in broad daylight are sharp, heightened.  Instincts rule the night.

She is the unknown, a contrast to certainty – she goes with the universal flow.
She is the darkest of nights before the dawn.

Priestess speaks of the spirited female who will not be subservient to the male yang principle. She is Lilith, first woman bitch goddess who refused to lie below Adam in biblical Genesis.  She is knowledge, temptation, darkness, chaos, destruction, death – vilified as serpent.
This gives rise to thoughts of the unsullied, the unbroken.  Spirit may rise and fall, like the tides and phases of the moon, but spirit is not ever, truly, forever broken. 

Foil to yang Magician, she is the dark night that gives birth to the day – coupled, they form the primordial universe.

Priestess symbolizes that which remains hidden, but will eventually come to light.
She indicates a time of deep reflection, following inner guidance, tapping the ancient source of spirit from the well within.

photo 44Message from Spirit:

Lilith, logic and lungs unite – knowledge of good and evil, first breaths of free will.
Enlightenment and redemption of thoughts after the fall from One.  Born locked in a prison of flesh and desire, we grow aware, learn, seek our exalted destiny through hard work and self-reflection.

Two of Swords rises to create through intelligence and communication, the highest art form of earthkind.  Two of swords is the airy space between heaven and earth that is filled with thoughts and flight – very Uranian !   

Words and thoughts have wings – be careful what you wishbone for.
Intelligent creative manifestations via language – temperance, transformation.
Brainstorms in your inner landscape leading to new altitudes and peace of mind.

Be fierce, clear a space your future can grow in.
Be specific
in your new moon intentions, but not overly – give them room to breathe and grow.

peace out

Power Steering


Balance Randy GallegosRandy Gallegos

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 Libra
April 15

2:42am CT, USA
8:42pm London
April 16 4:40am Tokyo

New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 Taurus
April 29
1:10am CT, USA
6:10am London
3:00pm Tokyo

The balance (Libra), the blade (Mars) the breaking (cross) scales.
Incoming cardinal cross Libra Lunar / Toro Solar eclipses signal choices.

Choices dealt to you and those choices you create for others.
We are also busy changing our own evolutionary charted courses.

** Venus ruling both signs indicates choices in the realms of 
Balance & Diplomacy
Peace of Mind

The flow of details between you & another increases in importance with Libra eclipse.
Share rather than collect ideas.
Tending peace of mind, tranquility, safety & security increases with Toro eclipse.
Slow for consolidation and consideration.


Total Lunar Eclipse Visibility below.  Note: Eclipse energies generally stronger for those in the visible path, revelations are more intense. Also note: Full Moon means news incoming from your house of Libra.

April TLE visDuring this lunar eclipse, Earth is between Aries Sun and Libra Moon opposition, bringing material earth matters between conscious ego / subconscious feeling principles.  We wrestle with emotional issues as they surface at hyperdrive eclipse speeds – strive to consciously express them into genius fruition into the material plane.  This of course, has the potential to erupt into the classic it sounded waaay cooler in my head dilemma because we are dealing with a lot of I know what I wants – now how do I get its.
Practical skillsets, structured sensations, goal achievements are finding balance in the realms of I Am This & You are That aka: relationships/ partnerships THE Dance that keeps the species going.

Charm LibraAccurate Libran Aleuromancy 

Not to be outdone, Earth is also between Cancer Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto Rx opposition.  These heavyweights are demanding compromise & cooperation in the realms of Old Family & New Status.  What used to work isn’t necessarily working now. Collectively, we are finally getting on board with this game plan.  Green energy, natural foods, using earth & water & air sensitively.

We personally and globally feel the tension between all these aspects on a very personal level via squares which cause internal friction.  We are forced to face past failures and fix them, alter course to harmonious success to the best of our abilities.

Transmute cardinal square energy by TAKING POSITIVE ACTION.
Find a way around your obstacles – shift personal perspectives.

When handled correctly, Cardinal Cross creative tension leads to accelerated positive personal growth.  Getting pissy and ripping other people’s heads off for not toeing your party line is obviously not productive, BEING the CHANGE you want to SEE, is.

Uranus square Pluto heats up to the 5th of 7 exact hits for this Full Moon Eclipse. 
5 = Venus here. ** Fascinating, yes ?
7 = Uranus here.  Freedom – hallelujah !

Total Lunar Eclipse with North Node (beneficial emo changes) is ruled by Venus (Lord of Eclipse) which dovetails between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Venus and Neptune are octaves of love/art/touch, obviously beneficial.  In tandem with the vibe of the centaur, Chiron: philosopher, healer, teacher/mentor, trainer of heroes – all in trine to Jupiter in Cancer, exalted.
We have healing, people, plain and simple.
ove healing, artistic healing, spiritual healing, ditching addictions for intuitive idealism, Jedi Masters in the making.

Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn Rx grand water (emotional) trine – deep well of psyche diving. Karma/genetics/wounded healers.  Something is lost, something gained.
Chiron quincunx Mars Rx – altitude adjustments in the brainpan, morality shifts re: risks, actions, men via relationships – find your sea legs, ck compass, alter course.

Venus/Chiron sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn (mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Scorpio, ye olde skool Use it or Lose it/Trash to Treasure transit.
Use your gifts to heal others. 

Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries opposite Full Moon/Mars – please use vehicular caution, manage motor mouth – when in question, play it cool and close to the vest.  Mars Rx is not necessarily firing bull’s-eye straight at the mo.

::: These are love shakedown perspective shifter eclipses :::
1 break with outdated mental traditions
2 begin constructing new neural nets

Placing bets that someone says something strangely synchronous in fact, two things that blow your mind/shift your emotional perspective – causing you to alter your course to a higher vibration.

These eclipses are part of Saros Series 16 South highlighting cycles of mis-directed energy, needless sacrifice for the collective.  Brainstorms, intuitive comms likely; best used for internal re-programming rather than outward actions.

Teresa Elliott Coffee FlatsTeresa Elliott

Asteroid Sekhmet preheats the solar eclipse degree of 8 Taurus from the lunar eclipse.

Sekhmet is a destroyer goddess, derived from sekhem, or power, and khem which means dark chaos that gives birth to light.  She represents the transformation of death into wisdom and enlightenment – she is the flame, the scorching sun that burns away the enemy/dark side.  When sent by the Sun God, Ra to punish non-worshipping humans, Sekhmet nearly annihilated the entire human race, drinking blood as she killed.  Ra then ordered mandrake brew to be mixed with the blood of fallen victims.  Sekhmet drank, became happily intoxicated, ending her vicious slaughter.

embodies lust, passion, strength and magick.

How ironic the juxtaposition of Sekhmet & these eclipses – yes ?

Cardinal Cross perfects for the Lunar Eclipse and to some extent havoc ensues.
Electric ideas are popping in our Mars-ruled Aries heads ricocheting off all corners trying to find a place to ground which is btw, PLUTO.  aka: death/rebirth
Only.  Earth. Placement.
Mayhem driven intellectual Metamorphosis.

Solar Eclipse delivers much more steadfast solidarity, less freak the fuck out crisis energy. Cardinal Cross is still humming along in the background, but is less sensitive due to Toro zen luminaries, Mercury.  The choice is made, we’re making maps, building roads & bridges so we can drive our asses into the promised land.

AA ToroAccurate Toro Aleuromancy

Toro Solar Eclipse is very much Venus flavored, but the close proximity of Mercury to Sun/Moon makes Mercury Lord of the Solar Eclipse.
Visibility here.

Trickster is steady as she goes in Taurus – grounded trine to Pluto; sextiles to Neptune and Jupiter in water signs.  Feelers out – engage intellectual innovation & creative willpower for highest manifestation.

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus finds Venus past emo depth charges found in the Neptune/Chiron conjunction at first eclipse and firmly regenerating healing growth via new emotional roots with a (separating) trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio.
The gift of a creative genius quintile to Pluto emphasizes this with Pluto/Saturn in mutual reception.
Jupiter and Saturn Rx are meeting in harmonious trine while Mercury moves to sextile Jupiter and Neptune from Toro.  It
occurs to me that student teaching gigs work.
(Mercury/Gem & Sagittarius/Jupes energy are the students & teachers)
Despite the hurdles and mistakes along the way, these gigs work because it is vital to DO the WORK – DAILY.  If we wait to make offerings until we are perfect scholars, the show is already over. 

Lunar Eclipse Cardinal Cross is JUST DO IT energy.
Mercury/Uranus Aries
Solar Eclipse Cardinal Cross is patient practice, skills earned & learned.
Mercury/Sun/Moon Taurus

Consider these things when you begin working with New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Mundane matters are favored, such as increase of wealth, sensuality, peace of mind, patience and good sense.
Eclipse energies bring wild fluctuation, but are also packed with power for positive personal and collective change.


swell foop

Crystal Saga – Moebius

May 9

Venus into Gemini
10:03am CST, USA

New Moon In Taurus
7:28pm CST, USA

New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse 
in Taurus at 19 degrees
9:55pm CST, USA

Visibility here. Here (NASA), and here.

May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries
Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

Hey everyone – ok, wow this one has been a doozy.  We are in the middle of 3 eclipses: 1st eclipse was in Scorp, 2nd in Toro, 3rd in Sag.  While the square between Uranus Pluto heats up.  Whadda ride, yah ?!

This one has kicked my ass to the curb and then some.  Pluto Rx is now grinding down on my Cap ASC, Virgo Sun/Ur/Plu and my ruler, Saturn Rx.  So I’ll be digging in and setting plenty of New Moon intentions like everyone else.  Beauty of my natal Toro Moon it trines Pluto so yeah, gonna kick the intentions / regeneration / reboot up a notch with some ritual.  Natal chart of a friend coming soon then I disappear awhile get my Queen of the Swamp on.

Venus into Gemini is chatty, bubbly, vivacious and flirty – all communications and perceptions vibe more charming, sensual and harmonious.

Savvy New Moon goals – Clear energies (plethora of energy clearing info here) during last part of dark moon prior to New Moon.

At New Moon or just after – PoP your intentions into the UNIVERSE and to full they will grow with the Moon.  Note next Full moon is in Sagittarius and that means EXPANSION of HORIZONS.  < ~  THINK BIG !  HAVE FAITH !

Sagittarius Expansion Full MoOon May 25
11:10am CST, USA

Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Emotional expansion looms large – think intuition, compassion and delving deep via enthusiastic exploration.  Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.

Happy Eclipsing and May the Force be with You

Looney for Luna

Happy Taurus New Moon ~

Ever wonder why this is the massage moon ?
The favorite food  moon ?
The feed your senses  Moon ?

Moon in Taurus is exalted, sensate and instinctual. They are persistent, want security and tend to be stubborn.  Very patient, but when they reach their limit – look out – it is volcanic, no survivors type anger.  Charming, steady affections, loves the good things in life, can be overly desirous of money because it ensures security they crave.  They don’t like change, much.

Finding I had a Taurus Moon (4th) is another example of how astrology explained so many things for me… I have always had this thing  about textures.
Every throw pillow in my house is soft plush fabric, and yes, so is the couch, lol.  ( I don’t lay on my couch much but I learned that if the tv is on when my 2nd house stellium ex comes over, it’s a Toro magnet.)

I love snuggling into my t-shirt sheets after a long day ~ bliss ~ so soft !  Someone recently wondered why I didn’t wear a scratchy shirt much, that is why.  It required another long sleeved shirt underneath or I would go berserk with the texture on me.  Saturn rules skin, but Aquarius rules sensitive skin, and I have big Neptuner in there (11th).  So textures are most certainly a thing.  Neptune contacts Moon so sensations are flashing, buzzing dinging & lighting up my pinball machine ~ when I get to the city I get overloaded really quick, as you can imagine.

It doesn’t stop there…another thing that I can’t do is soggy food.  Crunchy is always better.  That goes for anything slimy too – like those little greasy cabbages – brussels sprouts ick.  I can’t count the number of times I was left at the table to stare at cold greasy cabbages, stubborn – I hated them and would not eat them no matter how long I had to sit.  Any food going down has to be smooth – like chunky smoothies are a no go.  Sorry, feels weird, can’t do.

Smells are another thing, the wrong ones – BAM – headache.  Chemical perfumes are out, only essential oils for me.  Incense I love, but no other sprays or carpet jizz, way too chemical.  Can’t do candles that smell like food either.  Any bath product that smells like fruit, why ?

Sounds also…same thing ~ too much opera sets me on edge, way too much screaming and hollering all at once, or that crazy high note frenetic  jazz oy. works like a brain bristle brush on me.  Small doses ok, too much and I get a bit twitchy.  I have a Neptune playlist for while I write, no words to distract me.

I like eating out of wooden bowls because I don’t like the sound of clanging silverware while I eat.  My poor Mother, I know I drove her nuts when I was a kid.  I grew up in the days of jello with fruit gelled inside – you know where I am going with this, right ?
Not. Gonna. Happen.  My food had territories on the plate, best thing ever (I know some Toro is responsible) invented was the plate with separations.

Moon rules Cancer, the 4th house of Mother, (10th is Saturn or Father, though these can interchange depending on parental roles in the family unit) nurturing and growth, good placement for Moms, gardeners.  Emotions can swing far and wide here, so look out.  Tend to be possessive and stick close to home and family and tribe.  aside: evidently Neptune rules yeast, My ex and I both have Moon opposite Neptune, his Neptune in 1st, moon in 7 and he made the best bread – the yeasties loved him way more than me (Neptune in 11th, Moon 4) which I find interesting.

Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment; the influence of Saturn wants to harden and still the fluctuating Moon, which puts it at odds right away.  The fear inherent in Saturn can overcome and override the emotional nature, making the native stern, lacking in empathy.  Hard workers, not nearly as whiney as Cancer Moons, they just get over it and keep going without a lot of fuss.  Once they are invested emotionally, they stick and stay.

Moon in Scorpio is in its fall.  (My parents both had this placement.)  Scorpio has a deep, dark well of emotions and they are constantly metamorphosing due to the influence of Pluto.  Regeneration is inherent in this placement, emotions are often hidden in the murky depths.  Scorpios keep it close to the vest, lot going on you won’t know about – they are filled with what they DESIRE (Scorpio motto) and can be very territorial and extremist.  Scorpio Moons are intense because they are so passionate – their emotions are like nuclear fission, they need to get a handle on them before they engage anyone else.

Moon is coming to conjunct Jupiter soon ~ take advantage of the influx of sensations ~

Hobbits of Jupiter

Look how handsome !
I love me some Hobbit !  … you guessed ? lol.
Hey, I freely admit to being all over Middle Earth and Jedi Knights.
Sexy scruff and swords ? !  mmMmmyes please & thank you !

Anyway, several weeks ago I had posted my praise of all things centaur. (My natal vibes very Sag.) …I must have given someone ideas – they knocked on my backdoor looking for Hobbits of Jupiter.

Ok.  Love.
HAD to make THAT happen !

I have mentioned before I think Hobbits are primarily Taurean, they love gardening, eating, drinking, pipeweed, singing etc…
So in honor of the 10th anniversary of LotR, and the New Moon in Taurus with Jupiter in Taurus and a Grand Earth Trine – I am going to delve into Hobbit synastry !  YaY !

Astrology really cracks me UP sometimes ~ if you don’t believe me, then study it for yourself  and you’ll see …!
Enter Bilbo asteroid # 2991 and you will see it is at 10 degrees Taurus ~
Hobbit Heaven ~ the more the merrier, I say…!

Sean (Sam) and Elijah (Frodo)

I have written about Elijah before here (click), but a quick recap :
Aquarius Sun, Mercury and Mars; Scorpio Moon, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Libra.

Sean is Pisces Sun and Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius.

Synastry : Venus conjunct in Capricorn they like each other, Hollywood film kids in the business (Capricorn) all grown up, familiar with each others work.  Sean was in The Goonies; Elijah, Back to the Future 2 wearing a colander ! – just for starters.

Sean’s Pisces Moon trine Elijah’s Scorpio Moon, so they feel simpatico – water signs feel everything, emote well – so most likely made the Mordor scenes easier for each other.

Sean’s Libra Uranus is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn /Jupiter conjunction
Elijah’s Scorpio Uranus is conjunct (out of sign) Sean’s Sagittarius Neptune / Jupiter conjunction
That’s a heck of a lot of creative ideas flying around (Uranus, Libra, Neptune), and both are actively involved in favorite fund-raising projects year after year.

Sean’s Aquarius North Node is conjunct Elijah’s Mercury and Mars which sextiles Sean’s Mars.  They treat each other well, when Elijah got to pick the next Bacchus (Mardi Gras) he chose Sean to follow him.  Good friends.

Sean’s Saturn is conjunct Elijah’s Chiron – both are trine their Venus’ in Capricorn.
Sean is most likely a steady force, offering support and patience, an older brother type influence.

Billy Boyd (Pippen) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry)

Billy is Mega – Virgo  !  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.  Moon is either late Libra or early Scorp, I don’t have his exact birth time.  He has North Node and Saturn Rx in Aries like me, his Mars is in Leo.

Dom is a Sagittarius Sun, conjunct Neptune and Mars.  Cancer Moon, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn.  North Node conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus.

Synastry :  Well, no surprise – it’s good.  These two have a ton of fun on and off camera.
Billy’s Mars is conjunct Dom’s Saturn Rx in Leo.  They trine Dom’s Sun, Neptune, Mars conjunction in Sagittarius.  Leos play.  Period.  Dom’s Sag stuff wants to run free, so game on !

Billy’s Mars kick starts Dom’s old man Saturn every time, gets Dom going.  Not that it takes much encouragement for a Leonine planet to go all goofy or anything.

Dom’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city, so earth to earth, sensible but randy !
Moons are (roughly – again no times here) trine one another, they feel the same about many things, relate to one another easily.

Dom’s North Node and Uranus conjunct Billy’s Moon.  Dom gave Billy a cake with Bees all over it – hence the name Beecake for Billy’s band – a dream that became reality after LotR.

Elijah and Billy synastry :  Elijah’s Capricorn Venus is trine Billy’s Virgo city.  Elijah’s Neptune is trine Billy’s Saturn Rx in Aries.  Elijah’s North Node in Leo is conjunct Billy’s Mars.  Being a huge music fan, it is very likely Elijah encouraged Billy to pursue his career in music and helped boost his confidence in that area.

Elijah and Dominic

Synastry : Capricorn Venus’ conjunct.  Solid friends, have remained so.

Dominic’s Pluto is conjunct Elijah’s Saturn / Jupiter conjunction in Libra; which trines Elijah’s Sun.  Dom is likely busting a bit of Elijah’s conventionality into new horizons of creativity and reformatting relationship / partnership matters – several business ideas have been bandied about over the years.  Perhaps something will eventually come to fruition…?

This much I do know…Dom has Jupiter in Taurus (23 degrees) and his new creative endeavor “Wild Things” is coming up to bat very soon as his 6th house is filling up with all the new moon energy and transiting Jupiter in Toro is coming to conjunct his natal Jupiter.

*note: Dominic has a very strong Saturn Rx in Leo that trines his Sun, Mars and Neptune – he is very active in conservation, having bought a small forest in India.  He is also fighting to protect animals who are unable to ask for help themselves.
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This New Moon energy in Taurus plus the grand Earth Trine is a primo reminder to honor our mother – Gaia – and all of her creatures big and small ~
Earth Day is Sunday  !

let’s be kind to our Mother ~