moonlight mojo

New Moon in Capricorn, folks.  Draw up your maps, plot your course  !

New moon signals a time of planting seeds for future growth, new moon in Capricorn – specifically long term yield and growth on the material plane.  Capricorn is the career driven 10th house sign – the midheaven – the peak of public achievements.  Capricorn rules time, building, Earth and stones.

I am a Capricorn rising with this new moon conjunct my Ascendant, quintile (spiritual gifts) Mercury, trine my Venus /Jupiter on the 8th (my Pluto is also in the 8th which rules mines) so ~ a timely I love rocks / crystals post !

Sun and Moon are coming up to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which rules mines and the underground where crystals are formed…hmmm…perhaps this is the light in dark places I was referring to in a previous post !

Pictured above is a specimen of rainbow moonstone, ruled by Moon and Neptune.  (I have Moon exalted in Toro, opposite Neptune which is my most highly aspected planet, and I wear rainbow moonstone often.)

Moonstone is a feldspar, a type of rock which makes up to 60% of the earth’s crust.  You may come into contact with feldspar every day without even knowing it.  Resistant to chemical corrosion, it is used in glassmaking, ceramics, as a filler in paint, plastics, and rubber.  Moonstone is formed by twinning which is the layering of atoms between chemically compatible (high temperatures) and incompatible (low temperatures) intergrowths which separates the layers causing shimmer and refraction of light.
A few words about my kinship with stones :

The person carrying the stone must seek enlightenment within/without, but I DO see stones as lower frequency fortifiers, if you will, while on the journey.

A cleanse/ prayer/ intent fashioned as an energy to work in accordance with the stone, which I feel holds the frequency of the intent longer and over a more drawn out period of time because of its slower vibration.

Then it works as a ‘helper’.  For example, if in a busy moment in a noisy crowd, it can be a ‘touch- stone’ reminder of the committment made during the longer cleanse/prayer ceremony.

Like a mental breaker switch- touch it- get a reminder of the direction of personal will and intent.  When under stressful energies, it is there to fortify.

With that said, an acorn, buckeye, piece of driftwood, shell or whatever could hold the same gift from an above ground/ in the sea standpoint, particularly if it was a gift from a loved one ~ which adds a zing to the vibe.

While river stones and crystals are earthEarthEARTH underground and hold power in a different way since they are formed over eons by pressure.

I feel they offer a solid document, if you will, of the agreement humans make coming into this Earth arena.  They are remnants of our ancestors and carry knowledge of other times in rock form.

When I hold a fossil, ammonite in particular, I am reminded of time and my small, yet important place in it – am reminded to act accordingly as the spiral of life reaches ever outward.

Think of the stones as allies on the journey.  My stones will remain long after I’m gone … gives perspective, you know..?

Moonstone is the stone of the High Priestess, the keeper of divine feminine mysteries.

It can be used to aid the journey inward, reveal emotions, instincts and hidden memories.  It is helpful in dealing with fluctuation, cycles, changes, and it fosters serenity, sensitivity, and nurturing.

Moonstone can help guide you on your spiritual journey with the aid of the Great Mother, Gaia.  Moonstone teaches the cycles of life and how to work with them, it helps give insight, a higher perspective, a higher vibration, and increases empathic abilities.

Rainbow moonstone is a protection stone that diffuses a rainbow prism of energies throughout the aura, it helps deflect negativity and clears the emotional body.

Historically, (it wouldn’t be a Cappy Moon, and I wouldn’t be a Cappy ASC if I didn’t go into the history) moonstone is said to predict the future if held under the tongue on a full moon.
Hindus believed it was moonlight, hardened.  It was used to aid in birth (I am currently having Pluto square Saturn – my chart ruler and am using it to aid in re-birth), restore balance and harmony between feuding lovers (pass the same moonstone between each other every two weeks) as well as to cure sleeplessness.  It is a good stone for teenagers as it helps balance and soften the emotions and alleviates mood imbalances.

On a subtle energy level, moonstone when used as an elixir, is beneficial for female health of all kinds.  It alleviates stomach (moon ruled) and digestion problems by activating the Manipura, or solar plexus chakra behind the navel.

It also is very beneficial for alleviating anxiety and stress by bringing balance to the emotional body.  On a cellular level, moonstone elixir regenerates human skin tissue and stimulates the pituitary (master of hormone production) gland.

Moonstone aligns the astral and emotional bodies.