Mirror Woman

Michael Whelan

Splendid astro at the moment, yes ? 

Mercury conjunct Sun in (out of sign) trine to Jupiter Rx in Gemini.
Thinking, thinking, re-thinking.

Venus / Pluto squares Moon / Uranus.
Intellectualizing love scenarios, retail therapy, creative urges, brainstorming in the nooks and crannies of the brainpan, drawing maps to splitsville, flying in the free agent stratosphere.

Saturn within orb of sextile to Pluto.
Mutual crash and burn purge fest.  Suck it up and streamline sweetheart.   Brain candy  goes green leafy and healthy, new paradigms shifts into focus – warp speed.
Wants are outdated – needs are the NOW.

So many people are cropping up in my path lately to hold up a mirror – I am seeing my past lives – my past selves in the lives of others and Whoa What an Eye Opener.

History: my folks were both Capricorn Suns, Scorpio Moons with Mars in the 7th.
Power control freak wattage: eight zillion.

It was their dynamic – it took one 7th house Mars to tolerate the other one.

I grew up living in a war zone of continual bickering – if it gets boring, just add liquor, *poof* – instant knock-down drag-outs !  This Cap rising was silently ticking off the seconds, entertaining scenarios of freedom.

Everybody wanted the shiny scepter but me – I just wanted OUT.

I am Sun/Uranus/ Pluto conjunct; Pluto, Venus/Jupiter in the 8th. 
Strong.  I had to be.  No other chart would have made it through that BS.
 Yet I have a biggie Neptuner opposite Toro Moon – I cannot tolerate yelling.
Sensitivity high.
Opera ?
Forget it.

At one time, I disregarded astrology, I thought it was total BS for the weak-minded and weak-willed – I thought astrology freaks needed constant direction to guide them.  Seemed kind of chicken shit to me…but then many years later, I (of course) wanted info on a dude, so I learned it.

Once I learned astrology and applied it to my family – it was a DONE DEAL  astrology is amazingly accurate – I see the whole world differently, through the lens of energies in play, or in arguments with, one another.

Pluto strong in the natal always means POWER STRUGGLES.
Power vs. PowerLESS


Sadly, I left home and repeated the above scenario.
I found a hothead and married him.
  It is common – take heed and learn young ones.
I fell for a Sexy Scorp Rising Super Sag packin’ a Stellium in the 2nd house – that’s Toro for newbs.  He could be fun and zen as all get out – but if he had a meltdown, whoa you had better start runnin’.  He has a chart filled with squares [internal tension waiting to snap] and our synastry was difficult [filled with squares] . . .
which I know. Now.  Could have used that info earlier.
So who is the mirror you are wondering . . . ?
I was working with a man and a woman over the holidays.  She was quiet and gentle, he was, quite frankly, a dick.   Bossy, rude, demanding – he was snapping and barking orders at his wife, at me, all the while in a room full of people.   Now, I get paid to take money and serve, (such a dutiful Virgo, yes ?) and I do it well, like it or not.  I was sweet as can be to Mr. Dickhead, all the while thanking my lucky stars he would be gone after a few minutes of growling, grouching and grunting.  I was jumping and hopping to finish it up quickly and get rid of him and his creepo ugly energy.  His wife was hopping because it was their dynamic – he shouted – she jumped.  Simple as that.

I’ll tell you what – his wife and I made eye contact – and the universal space-time continuum morphed one moment into an eternity.
I looked at her, and she at me, and WE KNEW each others thoughts.
She knew and I knew – her actions, her eyes were telling me everything / vice versa – ALL downloaded in a nanosecond.
She was living the life of the emotionally battered.  The life I once led.
Been there.
Won’t go back.

This woman saw in my eyes the serenity I have found, my peaceful life of freedom, the happiness I chose to embrace – she saw the joy of independence unfold in my eyes, she saw me released from the subjugation of a smothering, domineering relationship.

I let her see it in my eyes I needed her to see it.
I revealed my understanding, my acceptance, my kinship – I offered her hope, strength, love and peace on her journey.

This post is for you, My Magnificent Mirror Woman. 
It is also for you, reader, if you need it.

May you find your path.
May you embrace happiness and serenity.
My your inner fires of strength and regeneration always flame brightly.

The Goddess in me greets the Goddess / God in you.
Yes, I still struggle with Pluto too.  Read here.


The lesson which life constantly repeats is to ‘look under your feet.’
You are always nearer to the divine and the true sources of your power than you think. The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive.
The great opportunity is where you are.
Do not despise your own place and hour.
Every place is under the stars.
Every place is the center of the world.
John Burroughs


You are now at a crossroads.
This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make.
Forget your past.
Who are you now?
Who have you decided you really are now ?
Don’t think about who you have been.
Who are you now?
Who have you decided to become ?
Make this decision consciously.
Make it carefully.
Make it powerfully.

Anthony Robbins

Scorpio Saturn trine Pisces Chiron
Waning Virgo Moon
tap deep well of central power

  research responsible healing methods
Sag Mars trine Aries Uranus Rx




Energy SNAP


Amazing the depths to which we are delving, amazing the revelations this astro is bringing to the surface, yes ..?

Friday October 5th
3:34pm CST, USA

Saturn will roll into Scorpio while Pluto is ripping up Capricorn.

They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception

In other words, their energies are online to each other via the red hot phone.  The energies naturally ‘get’ each other and these two houses (Capricorn and Scorpio) will be working together.  Pluto will be metamorphing all things olde skool Capricorn in that area of your chart, while Saturn will be testing, perfecting and deepening your Scorpio experience in that area of your chart.

These two planets are sextile right off the bat. Opportunity is gonna be knockin’ in early Cap & Scorp – but you will have to make it work  !
Since wildcard Uranus is also involved – in a whammy square with Pluto – with a dose of Mars power backing it up, I thought it would be a good time to go over some energy protections.

I am of the heart and mind that being prepared is savvy.  Ya dig ?

In the next few posts I will be addressing energy.
How to harness your own energy, keep your power with you, and how to shield yourself from negative energies of others – – –  but first, we clean !

Energy clearing: 

Set your intent  to clear and clean the energy.

Clear all clutter
emotional, spiritual and physical.

Eat and drink foods that are healthy and exercise. 
Seems obvious, but it needs to be said – foods that take longer to digest will drain your energy.  Your body is your machine, your vehicle – treat it well.

Earth: Salt bath for yourself,
salt the perimeter of your property.  Salt is a crystal (Halite) that cleanses and purifies by absorbing negative energies.  (Other forms of evaporates are Calcite and Gypsum, these may also be placed in a room to clear and clean the energy.)  If you use it inside, you may want to wait 24 hours, then scoop it up – clean and clear it in the sunshine, for re-use.

Earth: Crystals can be worn or placed in a room for their cleansing properties.  Generally stones vibrate with their color spectrum, otherwise I recommend Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian.  Trust your intuition – your instincts will tell you what stone is right for you in each situation. You can find some stone info from my collection here.

Air: Smudge with sage as this increases the negative ions.  More smoke means less negative ions are present – go over all areas (including closets, cupboards) going through each room ending in an open window so the energies can escape.  You can do this over your whole property if you wish.

Air: Bells, drums, chanting, voice.  All these will clear the energies in a room, clapping into the corners to clear them is pretty old school, but it works.  I usually ring a bell at the start of any divination or magickal work.  Bells can also be used to clean and clear crystals.

Fire: Candles are always present in my studio, as fire increases negative ions.  Color code candles to suit your specific needs.

Water: Hydrate yourself and your environment.  Humans are over 70% water, keep hydrated so the electrical system of your body animal functions properly.  Dry air is an indication that there are too many positive ions present, humidify your space if needed.


Venus shares

Moon is in Cancer, folks.

How’s that going for ya ?

Typically not my personal favorite moon transit because it squares my Saturn workhorse.  Earlier I was hitching my work wagon to some tunes via computer and my speakers went out.
I’ll fess up – a small thing that brought frustration, anger and tears snap !  ‘Seems the only thing working around here is ME !’   ::crank::   That’s Cancer for ya – feelings are floating right on top – unlike Saturn where they are locked down tighter than a jug (if need be).

Moon is strong here, it rules – home, family, mother, instincts, where you feel safe, how you relax, your well of midnight psyche, stomach, and yes gut feelings

In my chart I have been getting incoming info like WoW all morning . . . Sun / Mercury conjunction is coming up to my Sun/Uranus/Pluto (trines my natal moon) to deliver 9th house insights, basically BIG PICTURE type downloads of ahhh . . . I think I am finally getting IT.  Stuff like HOW could I have missed THAT ?
Of course, followed by tears.

Why ?

Here’s why – and why WE ARE feeling IT– because right now Venus trines Uranus that’s fire to fire – FAST AND HOT – Marsy Uranus is blowin’ that fixed Leo pop stand a few LOVE curve balls  ~>  insights in the house of romance and creativity.

That IS sweet. (Venus)  Keep that up. Yes, please.  My Leo is on the 8th and transformation down deep is a MAJOR GO.  Look to your Leo house for where you will be getting gifts (Venus) of love, money, creative insights and finding balance.

I did this earlier in my own chart and a friend’s and it about blew my mind –
Look to your Libra house for where you are gifted something by the universe.
Do the same for Taurus – Venus rules both. 


Look at Peter Jackson’s chart 2 posts ago.
He has Venus in Libra on the 6th conjunct Mercury.

Libran Gift = Mercury: books, but not just any old books.  Books loved the world over, (Venus) filled with their own (Mercury) languages.  In fact, a huge preface that is an enormous book in and of itself, The Silmarillion, shows the dawning of middle earth time, birth of the races, languages, the whole middle earth world created by author J.R.R. Tolkien.  You see Venus and Mercury contact Jupiter (huge) and Saturn (world), right ?  See how dense – how intense ?

Nothing less will do for Peter’s Scorpio Sun, Neptune and Mars – he was gifted this dense, difficult, rewarding project in some way.  An agreement before he arrived on this plane, whatever – it IS a gift.

Taurus in 1st = we are a patient bunch of fans (Venus) and we will wait for his creativity to express itself in its own time – because we know it will be worth ($$ + love, Toro) the wait.  Peter is at the (1st, Mars + conj Neptune) helm, all is well.

Moon is coming up to trine Mars in Scorpio and oppose Pluto in Capricorn. 
Some emo junk from the past is prime to be jettisoned in order to improve our health.

Venus is closing in the square to Mars.
Scorpio power vs. Leo love
This one I am very familiar with, trust me.  Two fixed signs that want to win.

Plutonic power will fight the WILLpower until death.
Only then comes the rebirth – Fresh NEW power – only after loss of the old.

Is that intense for you ?  (shrug)  Sorry.  Welcome to my world.

Stay calm Mooneyed peeps, death just means give up the Plutonic need to control everything regarding love, money and creativity.

Let me clarify.
By give up I mean flip the Mars in Scorp power switch from exterior to interior.  Ya dig ?  Don’t hog the left lane doing 50, for instance.

Share and delegate the power.   Venus shares.

Cultivate balance of power.  If the obsession to control a situation finds you spinning out of control – work on controlling yourSELF instead.

May Power through Peace be ours

Bending WillPower

Michael Whelan

A reader with Sun square Pluto is searching for ways to accept power.

Dear reader, you already have power  – that is a fact that you need to accept  first and foremost.  Astrologically ANY contact between a luminary and Pluto IS powerful, your square just means you can’t easily accept it.  Yet.
First, it must be said with Plutonian power – it is most important to gain power over oneself, rather than use it to control others. 

Everything on earth has energy and vibrates with frequency.  Earth, rock, tree, bird, water, air, humans.  Earth vibrates slower, yet is very much energetically alive.
For instance, the sky above me just broke with lightning and rain, negative ions are in the air.  Use every opportunity you can to work with the natural earth forces around you – I just opened my door to bring more ions inside.  This ‘invisible’ energy is at work in and all around us.  If you want to tap it, and strengthen it, I will help.

This may seem obvious, but keep your physical body healthy.  Eat food that is natural, organic – avoid foods that are hard for your body to digest, as this uses more energy.  Hydrate often, keep your electrolytes replenished, exercise.  Be disciplined, restraint is actually quite freeing.  Find your Saturn and work it.

Mitakuye Oyasin.  We are all related.  Know your inherent worth.  You exist.  You are vital.  Still and focus on the energy of your own breath, heart and life coursing through you.  You are an intersection on the web of life.


We are all sparks of creation.  To bring the spark to a blaze, think of a moment in your life you were happiest.  Yes, you are going to create your Patronus.  Though be aware this is an Edgar Cayce reference source I am using.  Potter or Cayce – it works !

1. Imagine your happy event – identify what made it special – precisely what about the event  represents your highest spiritual joy and values ?  Got it ?  Make a small phrase to describe it.  This will be your ‘charm’, your ‘mantra’.  This is your thought, your moment crystallized into pure positive energy.  When you feel depleted, speak this phrase while imagining the moment that led you to choose it – feel the power behind the words, the emotion you are tapping when you say it aloud.

Thought + voice + positive intention = powerful energy raised

2.  The nature of energy is to move.
—-Keep the energy moving in your living environment.  Practice living simply.
 De-clutter, clean often.  Use scent, sound, water and fire to increase and clear the energy and keep it flowing in your home.
—-Keep the energy moving in your body through movement, exercise.
—-Keep the energy moving in your mind.  Read, do puzzles, learn new skills, approaches.  Take a different route, use your non-dominant hand to write or draw.

3.   Own your energy center.
—-You are in charge  of your charge.  Positive or negative, you raise the energy, or dampen it.  Energy by itself is neutral.  How you feel about it gives it charge – the human heart is electric.  Sun rules Leo, rules the heart – the emotional center of the human body. 
Where the thoughts and feelings go, energy flows.

The body is a miraculous thing – heart transplant patients report literally a ‘change of heart’ : attitudes, feelings and identity merges with another spirit – the heart donor.  See how powerful we are ?  Amazing physical creatures.  We are spirit manifested into matter.  haha in a typo I wrote spit – but spit has power too !  My mother-in-law always spit on her bait to bring fish.  When I am in the woods without a proper offering, I will say a blessing and spit.  True.

Anyway, think how heartbreak feels, it is an ache in the chest – our spirit (Sun) is weakened.  Sun square Pluto is a call for change in desires of some kind.  Pluto forces a change of heart, in some way – only you know how Sun square Pluto person  – you are being forced to change on a soul deep level.  You are metamorphosis manifest. 
I feel for you, I have Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto; Pluto trine Moon; eighth house Venus conj Jupiter in Leo (Sun rules).  Giant Neptuner in Scorpio.  I get it.  I totally get it.

Sun (positive) in square to Pluto (negative) means you need to increase your awareness of your own inherent power.  Sun is light, Pluto is dark – find your balance.  Focus your awareness on the dark within.  See it and own it.  Own both the light and the dark.  Life is both.

You choose where you want to dwell – to accept your power, Sun square Pluto, find your center.   Ground yourself.  Pay attention to your larger surroundings, (your place in the web) then focus on yourself.  Your breathing, your blood pulsing, your heart.  Go micro web, see ?  Find those electro-magnetic intersections on your web of life within as well.

Focus on, feel out, and define your bodies in space:
electrical, physical

Know who, where and when you are regardless of changing circumstances.  Be in your own place of power.  This is a daily thing, by the way – keep at it.  Live your life as a walking talking prayer to raising your power – intentions set  – locked and loaded – to metamorphose your inner tension between light and dark into personal power in a healthy way.

Be aware of course, we are in Uranus square Pluto times, we will all likely have to lock and re-load often, as times and circumstances are changing rapidly.   As circumstances change, so will directions and intentions – stay focused, light on your feet, be ready to bob and weave…

This is how you will bend power to your will – and in the end find your will power.