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illusionAccording to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness.

The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy.

The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.

– Deepak Chopra

creating perception shifts in the Fun House since 2011
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am on a film bender with Venus trine Neptuner
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healthy competition


Yuko Shimizu

Leo Mars 8 trine Aries Uranus Rx 11

New creative beginnings
boldly expressing the heart
Courage to heal via healthy competition
with your former self

Opportunities await in houses
of intellect and sociability
give & take
right thought followed by right action

channeled from the divine higher realms

You will take a chance on something in the near future.

Distillation of Trine on left
Crux or spirit card on right.
The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action is like the hoarding of precious metals – a vain and foolish thing. 
Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use. – Kybalion

Interesting…the quote speaks to intellectual Uranus Rx trine action Mars square (inner tension) Saturn (use) in Scorpio (transformation) in mutual reception (understanding)with Pluto (struggle) in Capricorn (material world).

Angel bears the sigil of Archangel Michael
flaming sword of truth
slaying – I prefer training your personal dragons
acknowledgement, integration, marriage
of both the light and dark within
She who would train dragons must first learn their habits.
choose to illuminate darkness
with light and right
Darkness works with might alone.
Darkness chooses power control over others
rather than self-control.

Crux, spirit is
The World.

Life as we know it on earth
birth, growth, withering, death

Your world beginning with yourself
your neighbors, your country
your earth, your universe

Actions spiral
inward & outward

know this – be of light



The lesson which life constantly repeats is to ‘look under your feet.’
You are always nearer to the divine and the true sources of your power than you think. The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive.
The great opportunity is where you are.
Do not despise your own place and hour.
Every place is under the stars.
Every place is the center of the world.
John Burroughs


You are now at a crossroads.
This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make.
Forget your past.
Who are you now?
Who have you decided you really are now ?
Don’t think about who you have been.
Who are you now?
Who have you decided to become ?
Make this decision consciously.
Make it carefully.
Make it powerfully.

Anthony Robbins

Scorpio Saturn trine Pisces Chiron
Waning Virgo Moon
tap deep well of central power

  research responsible healing methods
Sag Mars trine Aries Uranus Rx




Eye of the Tiger

Ray Harryhausen

I love Love LOVE Ray’s work.  Own a bunch of it, just watched Jason and the Argonauts again last week.  I have been wanting to look up his astro deets, his stop – motion work is simply incredible. He calls it Dynamation.  I have done claymation films myself, and it takes  f  o  r  e  v  e  r   !   Worth it though, it’s amazing to see the finished product come to life.  SoOo on to the astro:

Boom ! 
Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto at 7 degrees, conjunct Venus at 6.
(Powerful imagination leading to groundbreaking artwork)

Cancer stellium in trine to Uranus Rx in Pisces. 
(Fantastical genius)

Cancer stellium sextile Saturn in Virgo.
(Precision with puppets – Saturn rules)

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Leo.
(Dexterous communication of creative fantasy on film).

Jupiter in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius.  Note: Leo stellium.
(Visionary use of fluctuation in creative pursuits).

Mars in Libra trine Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Amped up genius artistic urges in the fantasy realm.)

Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Stop – Saturn – motion art on film)

A zillion thanks Ray – best creature features evah !