Mercury in Pisces

In this placement, the trickster planet processes thoughts through emotions and feelings.  
Thoughts rise and fall on waves of compassion, inclusiveness and connection to everything that is.
This is a sensitive Mercury placement.

Communication becomes more versatile here via a sponge-like intake of sonar, vibrations, frequencies – rushing in from all vectors, dimensions.  The borders with what lies beyond are a loose veil in house Pisces.  Divination insights float in waters of the global universal unconscious, waiting to be netted, gulped…

Pisces goes with the flow, thoughts transcend worldly matter to explore higher consciousness, other dimensions, other realms of existence found
O  U  T        T    H      E       R         E

Artistic meanderings of the mind are a must.  Past memories, psychic impressions drift and rise to the surface to be processed and released.  Introspection and soul work is highly beneficial. creativity natural and therapeutic.

Common missteps are oversensitivity that leads to a desire to numb via intoxicants.
Can’t drown a fish, I’ve tried, and tried.  Trust me on this one.
A tendency to fantasize and form fictitious scenarios aka lying to yourself or others, or both.

This Mercury placement can be a bit spacey (Neptune rules sea and space), so cultivate patience, go with the flow.
Truly genius creativity (film, music, art) and healing will develop when working this energy high qi !


momento vivre

photo 32Mary-El Tarot

Mercury into Pisces
Monday March 17, 5:24pm CT USA
London 10:24pm
Tuesday, March 18, 7:24am Tokyo
Mercury into Aries
April 7

Intent: show me a card that will lead us to our sharpest insight; aid in leading us towards our highest manifestations for Mercury’s transit through Pisces.

So very compelling this card came up.
Fiery red horse of the Second Seal, the rider holds the sword of war and peace.
Such a vivid image for the highest number of emotional cups, yes ?
Ten has reached peak experience, must renew at one.

Bloodlines moving from generation to generation.  The wheel of the heart pumping as we push forward on earth, stewards of the royal blood of the living.  Pumping in our veins is ancient lineage.  We are made of stars.
We are of the God/Goddess.
We are also of the Chaos/Abyss.

The riders pictured are mother and child – the Memento Mori – latin for remember your mortality.  Death is the great leveler, taking equally, often without warning.  Love, joy and also sorrow, loss are interconnected in the vast cosmic sea of ALL ONE.

Squeeze the life out of every moment while alive.
Experience the whole color spectrum, each dimension, experience – fully.

Changing fortunes in matters of the heart & mind over matter.
Carpe Diem.


O Captain, My Captain !
Dead Poets Society

shaping the moment

A Pisces Good Morning by Gneiss Moon

I recently joined a tea reading group and have been itching to do a reading –  I even had a dream about doing one last week….

On the table are a divination cup from a friend, the Tea Leaf Fortune cards by Rae Hepburn, also a gift, and magic carpet -Tiger Tea – in the cup.
That’s what I call it anyway – Bengal Spice…a touch of honey…mmmm
So you can’t do a tiger tea reading without quotes from the Celestial Seasoning box, lol.

Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.  – Plutarch

I have also pulled some paua shell runes, that I was led to by a friend.
Reem hen-ide 
The merkaba pendulum is a Star Trek weekend find.  You can read more about pendulum dowsing here.  It was a lovely quiet, cloudy Pisces Morning – perfect for divination ~

The Runes are pulled in the positions for tea reading.  The handle points toward the reader and represents events in the close inner circle, as the leaves are read away from the handle clockwise, the events become farther away – they are events passing away.  The position opposite the handle represents events in the outer circle, as the cup is followed clockwise towards the handle they represent events coming towards the reader.

Leaves in the well of the cup are heavy emotional experiences, towards the top of the rim, they are lighter.

First the Rune reading : starting at the handle going clockwise.
I included all of us in this reading with the intention that it would lead us all to our highest potential and most benevolent outcome.

Uruz: Untamed potential, the shaping of power
 Ehwaz: movement, teamwork
 Gebo: gifts, balance
 Raidho: evolution, personal and world rhythm

Now on to the tea grounds (leaves) – I will be using the symbols on the cup, especially the astrological symbols until I get a plain cup from the local secondhand.

First off, it seems evident there is quite a bit of action surrounding Mars, or should I say blockage with Mars retrograde..?  oy.  It is leaving, and shown by the directional point, it will be quickly.  Thankfully, situations will improve – we just get better at slogging through the slow times – this is good preparation for the upcoming increase of the Uranus Pluto square.

Saturn has activity in the cup, as does Sun- they are trine now, an easy flow and exchange between work and spirit, a very creative aspect.  Saturn is in Venus ruled Libra, Sun in the sign of higher octave artistic pursuits, Pisces.   There is balance near Moon – acceptance of the cycles and that sweet surrender and acceptance Pisces is so famous for.

I also see Mercury has eyes (in the back of it’s head – Merc is neutral), most likely the heightened senses in play since both Mars and Saturn are retro and the house of Pisces is active with Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Moon.  We hone the other energies while Mars and Saturn are hobbled.  Our intake of information is increased on all levels, material and spiritual.

There are two bells ringing (clappers) under the bell shape near the handle indication good news is coming from a woman in your inner circle.  YaY !

This reading is for all of us, so comments are welcome ~ what do you see…? 

These are cards from the Tea Leaf deck, again to be read clockwise.  The card at the bottom is the situation closest to you – traveling clockwise are the events leaving your life, the top represents the events farthest away involving others not in your inner circle. The card on the right represents what is on its way to you.

Firecracker: Exciting stimulating events are occurring close to you at this time.
Claw: Waiting has passed.  A time of risk-taking is over, the path is smoother now.
Rose: Love is in the air – from afar -be open to receive.
Hills:  A period of testing and growth is on its way to you.

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.
~Thich Nat Hahn


Saturn day

Emmylou – I just love to hear her sing…
She’s an Aries with Cancer rising which means her chart ruler is Moon.  It is strongly placed for a singer in the 2nd house the natural house of Taurus which rules the throat.

Interestingly, Saturn (time, grey hair) is in her 1st house of ‘how you look’ conjunct Ascendant in Leo (hair, mane), and she started turning prematurely grey in her early 20’s.

Neptune (compassion, the hidden) trine Uranus (committment to human rights) in the 11th (Uranus squares Mars landmines) both Uranus and Neptune are placed in air signs (communication) which shows her work through her music in removing landmines world-wide.

Moon in Virgo (pets) and yes, Emmylou is a PETA supporter.   Emmylou has Venus (love, art) Mercury  (communication) and Mars (action) all in Pisces (spiritual healers) showing her grassroots activism in improving the world for all of us.

Emmylou has expansive Jupiter in Scorpio as focal planet of a T-square with Moon in Virgo and Venus in Pisces – she is an exceptional singer / songwriter (Venus/Pisces)who has collaborated with many talented friends (Venus) through the years.  She has recorded and jammed just about everyone in Nashville.

This post is for my Capricorn Dad, on Father’s day, and my former husband, Eric.  My Dad and I had our Saturns conjunct, while Eric gives my Saturn his lucky Jupiter.