Fuel for Your Fire

FullSizeRender 4Tarot of the Origins

Quickie insight for Pisces Mars bookended by Neptune and Chiron.
Clarity of insight into sublime healing for all my readers.

Environment of Blood:
Man with meat on the fire, feeling satisfaction for the meal he is about to prepare.
The end of hunger.  Satisfaction that accompanies a job well done.

Mars in Pisces is by nature: stealth, scattered and sensitive.
Food fuel is not all that feeds us.
Situations, places and people also feed us by producing an energy exchange.  Note if you are feeling well fed and energized after all encounters/exchanges.

Mars in Pisces requires a steady supply of monkish activity – sleeping, swimming, artistic pursuits – all actively enhance quiet contemplation, keep the personal energy flowing well.

Where is your refuge ?
Where are you able to rest and digest aka recharge your energy safely ?

This card also speaks to me of the material body processing what it needs to live and live well.  A carnivorous diet adds earth element, keeps the body grounded – know that going in – perhaps that is what you are looking for.

Energy that would be otherwise be used for the higher energy spectrums/chakras becomes busy with digestion.  Intuition is not as clear/concise/crisp as when our energy is being used in the digestive lower realms. Know this going in.

Regardless of fuel, give thanks for all energies received and bless them via ceremony of your choosing as you interact with them.  All energies teach us.

FullSizeRender 5
Spirit card aka insightful messages dealt from the bottom of the deck.  The underlying theme of the question.

Animal of Nature:
A monkey opposes a man – represents centuries of evolutionary process, the results of culmination.  A need to recharge, a rest period.

What vibrational energies will lead you to your greatest evolutionary growth ?
Mercury Rx opposing Jupiter Rx, the higher mind, supports this intellectual exploration.
Note also Uranus on South Node of Destiny is shifting away from the past that no longer serves us.

Gneiss Moon

Fixing the Flow


All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique.
All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up. 

James Baldwin

Relentless, ruthless, regenerative – deep-rooted Scorpio vibration just. won’t. tap. out. 
Herein lies the beauty and the beast. 
Fixed formulating follows no rules – save one – survival.
Liberation through Creation.

I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. Creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and to make do with whatever is at hand to reach their goals. If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity.  They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an “individual,” each of them is a “multitude.”  here


Pluto rules The Masses.
Cellular & Stellar
Within the Divine Will of Pluto burns the crux, the fulcrum.
Obsession or Possession
A nanosecond of dawning realization, the power play, the two-sided coin, the ability to hold opposites.
Turn obsession inside out – the destroyer becomes instead the inspired creator.

Hold thoughts, draw breath, make choices – all points of death and rebirth.
The creation drives you as much as you drive the creation.
This is the subtlety of Scorpio.

The powerful surrender to let energy flow.


Turn the Tide

Rain of Feelings

We all carry within us our places of exile, our crimes, our ravages.
Our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to transform them in ourselves and others.
Albert Camus

Weekend, blessed weekend.  sheesh – whadda week.  Seems like everywhere I turn someone is in a snit.  The emotional Neptunian tide is turning with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the way – whoa.  Some peeps seriously need to chill.  
SoOo on with energy clearing via water, as promised.

Water cleansing 101

The ugly cry. 
Instant pent up hornmoanal release !  Emotional tears contain more protein-based hormones, and leucine enkephalin (a natural painkiller).  That’s right, your very own, in house, Doctor Feelgood, on call 24/8 !

Hydrate.  Drink water, lots of water – blessed by you – with your intent (prayer). 

Neptune rules Memory, Neptune rules the sea – think – Earth is 70 % water : your body is roughly the same percentage.  Sending your good vibrations and intent (prayer) to the water will change the molecular structure and increase the health benefits immediately in your liquid body. [ via Memory of Water. ]  If you like soda, consider sparkling water instead : fizz, without high fructose – add some fruit juice for natural sugar.

Bathe with sea or epsom salts.
Sea salts are absorbed quicker through the skin, they are alkaline and therefore help to lower the acidity of the body.  Salt helps the body produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain, and it also relieves muscle aches and cramps by removing accumulated lactic acid in the body.

Epsom salt will replenish the level of magnesium in the body and is very helpful in treating many skin conditions.  * Make a spritzer with essential oil / distilled water for crisis situations – will do wonders !

Sing in the shower.
Really let ‘er rip !  Unspoken rule at chez moon – shower goes with music goes with shower.  They are ALWAYS conjunct in this house.  Sound waves penetrate water faster – so choose wisely. 
Sound moves at a faster speed in water (1500 meters/sec) than in air (about 340 meters/sec).

Since we are talking Neptune and waves, all matter is made of waves.  
All forces are due to changes in wave velocity.

Vibrate higher, feel lighter.


mojo rising

Samhain crossquarter day, or summer’s end, traditionally falls on the calendar date of October 31st in the Northern hemisphere, May 1st in the Southern hemisphere – though it astrologically falls several says later at 15′ Scorpio. 

Also known as All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, and in Mexico as The Day of the Dead, it is the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. 

Candles are lit to guide spirits to the ritual feast.  Offerings to the familiar dead (ancestors) are filled with warm memories, altars are rich with personal treasures.

Autumn marigolds spill from vases, the warm smell of cinnamon cider fills the air, tables are laden with nuts, mushrooms, pomegranates, pumpkins and squash – all in fond remembrance of the dead.

All are gifts to help loved ones on earth celebrate both life and the release to death by helping guide loved ones to the lands of eternal summer.
As I mentioned in my last post – this is a fabulous time to shed / transform unwanted memories / habits / pain and close the door to loss with a ceremony of respect for the dead. 

I have done this and found it extremely helpful – grab a pen and a big piece of paper.

We are going for total stream of consciousness writing, let it all out – no editing –  Make a list of all your trepidations, fears or unwanted habits – or better yet, all 3. 

What you feel holds you in chains, what you think is confining you, what you wrestle against to find freedom.  What you want to release, you write !

Write it all down from as far back as you feel you need to  be specific !

Know that with the intent of writing you are purging all the negativity and fearful energy from yourself onto the paper which will be released to its death.

Create a blessing, prayer, a spell that releases the energy back into the universe, cleansed and renewed by fire.

Throw your writings into the fire and watch them burn.  Envision :say aloud: what good deeds will come, describe your new life, the new hope within you as your phoenix rises in the smoke

peace be with you

Energy SNAP


Amazing the depths to which we are delving, amazing the revelations this astro is bringing to the surface, yes ..?

Friday October 5th
3:34pm CST, USA

Saturn will roll into Scorpio while Pluto is ripping up Capricorn.

They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception

In other words, their energies are online to each other via the red hot phone.  The energies naturally ‘get’ each other and these two houses (Capricorn and Scorpio) will be working together.  Pluto will be metamorphing all things olde skool Capricorn in that area of your chart, while Saturn will be testing, perfecting and deepening your Scorpio experience in that area of your chart.

These two planets are sextile right off the bat. Opportunity is gonna be knockin’ in early Cap & Scorp – but you will have to make it work  !
Since wildcard Uranus is also involved – in a whammy square with Pluto – with a dose of Mars power backing it up, I thought it would be a good time to go over some energy protections.

I am of the heart and mind that being prepared is savvy.  Ya dig ?

In the next few posts I will be addressing energy.
How to harness your own energy, keep your power with you, and how to shield yourself from negative energies of others – – –  but first, we clean !

Energy clearing: 

Set your intent  to clear and clean the energy.

Clear all clutter
emotional, spiritual and physical.

Eat and drink foods that are healthy and exercise. 
Seems obvious, but it needs to be said – foods that take longer to digest will drain your energy.  Your body is your machine, your vehicle – treat it well.

Earth: Salt bath for yourself,
salt the perimeter of your property.  Salt is a crystal (Halite) that cleanses and purifies by absorbing negative energies.  (Other forms of evaporates are Calcite and Gypsum, these may also be placed in a room to clear and clean the energy.)  If you use it inside, you may want to wait 24 hours, then scoop it up – clean and clear it in the sunshine, for re-use.

Earth: Crystals can be worn or placed in a room for their cleansing properties.  Generally stones vibrate with their color spectrum, otherwise I recommend Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian.  Trust your intuition – your instincts will tell you what stone is right for you in each situation. You can find some stone info from my collection here.

Air: Smudge with sage as this increases the negative ions.  More smoke means less negative ions are present – go over all areas (including closets, cupboards) going through each room ending in an open window so the energies can escape.  You can do this over your whole property if you wish.

Air: Bells, drums, chanting, voice.  All these will clear the energies in a room, clapping into the corners to clear them is pretty old school, but it works.  I usually ring a bell at the start of any divination or magickal work.  Bells can also be used to clean and clear crystals.

Fire: Candles are always present in my studio, as fire increases negative ions.  Color code candles to suit your specific needs.

Water: Hydrate yourself and your environment.  Humans are over 70% water, keep hydrated so the electrical system of your body animal functions properly.  Dry air is an indication that there are too many positive ions present, humidify your space if needed.


Bending WillPower

Michael Whelan

A reader with Sun square Pluto is searching for ways to accept power.

Dear reader, you already have power  – that is a fact that you need to accept  first and foremost.  Astrologically ANY contact between a luminary and Pluto IS powerful, your square just means you can’t easily accept it.  Yet.
First, it must be said with Plutonian power – it is most important to gain power over oneself, rather than use it to control others. 

Everything on earth has energy and vibrates with frequency.  Earth, rock, tree, bird, water, air, humans.  Earth vibrates slower, yet is very much energetically alive.
For instance, the sky above me just broke with lightning and rain, negative ions are in the air.  Use every opportunity you can to work with the natural earth forces around you – I just opened my door to bring more ions inside.  This ‘invisible’ energy is at work in and all around us.  If you want to tap it, and strengthen it, I will help.

This may seem obvious, but keep your physical body healthy.  Eat food that is natural, organic – avoid foods that are hard for your body to digest, as this uses more energy.  Hydrate often, keep your electrolytes replenished, exercise.  Be disciplined, restraint is actually quite freeing.  Find your Saturn and work it.

Mitakuye Oyasin.  We are all related.  Know your inherent worth.  You exist.  You are vital.  Still and focus on the energy of your own breath, heart and life coursing through you.  You are an intersection on the web of life.


We are all sparks of creation.  To bring the spark to a blaze, think of a moment in your life you were happiest.  Yes, you are going to create your Patronus.  Though be aware this is an Edgar Cayce reference source I am using.  Potter or Cayce – it works !

1. Imagine your happy event – identify what made it special – precisely what about the event  represents your highest spiritual joy and values ?  Got it ?  Make a small phrase to describe it.  This will be your ‘charm’, your ‘mantra’.  This is your thought, your moment crystallized into pure positive energy.  When you feel depleted, speak this phrase while imagining the moment that led you to choose it – feel the power behind the words, the emotion you are tapping when you say it aloud.

Thought + voice + positive intention = powerful energy raised

2.  The nature of energy is to move.
—-Keep the energy moving in your living environment.  Practice living simply.
 De-clutter, clean often.  Use scent, sound, water and fire to increase and clear the energy and keep it flowing in your home.
—-Keep the energy moving in your body through movement, exercise.
—-Keep the energy moving in your mind.  Read, do puzzles, learn new skills, approaches.  Take a different route, use your non-dominant hand to write or draw.

3.   Own your energy center.
—-You are in charge  of your charge.  Positive or negative, you raise the energy, or dampen it.  Energy by itself is neutral.  How you feel about it gives it charge – the human heart is electric.  Sun rules Leo, rules the heart – the emotional center of the human body. 
Where the thoughts and feelings go, energy flows.

The body is a miraculous thing – heart transplant patients report literally a ‘change of heart’ : attitudes, feelings and identity merges with another spirit – the heart donor.  See how powerful we are ?  Amazing physical creatures.  We are spirit manifested into matter.  haha in a typo I wrote spit – but spit has power too !  My mother-in-law always spit on her bait to bring fish.  When I am in the woods without a proper offering, I will say a blessing and spit.  True.

Anyway, think how heartbreak feels, it is an ache in the chest – our spirit (Sun) is weakened.  Sun square Pluto is a call for change in desires of some kind.  Pluto forces a change of heart, in some way – only you know how Sun square Pluto person  – you are being forced to change on a soul deep level.  You are metamorphosis manifest. 
I feel for you, I have Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto; Pluto trine Moon; eighth house Venus conj Jupiter in Leo (Sun rules).  Giant Neptuner in Scorpio.  I get it.  I totally get it.

Sun (positive) in square to Pluto (negative) means you need to increase your awareness of your own inherent power.  Sun is light, Pluto is dark – find your balance.  Focus your awareness on the dark within.  See it and own it.  Own both the light and the dark.  Life is both.

You choose where you want to dwell – to accept your power, Sun square Pluto, find your center.   Ground yourself.  Pay attention to your larger surroundings, (your place in the web) then focus on yourself.  Your breathing, your blood pulsing, your heart.  Go micro web, see ?  Find those electro-magnetic intersections on your web of life within as well.

Focus on, feel out, and define your bodies in space:
electrical, physical

Know who, where and when you are regardless of changing circumstances.  Be in your own place of power.  This is a daily thing, by the way – keep at it.  Live your life as a walking talking prayer to raising your power – intentions set  – locked and loaded – to metamorphose your inner tension between light and dark into personal power in a healthy way.

Be aware of course, we are in Uranus square Pluto times, we will all likely have to lock and re-load often, as times and circumstances are changing rapidly.   As circumstances change, so will directions and intentions – stay focused, light on your feet, be ready to bob and weave…

This is how you will bend power to your will – and in the end find your will power.


Pyromance with me ?

The long night of winter is coming.  

I have a thing for scruff, leather and swords ~> a hero with a taste for adventure thing.
When the lights go out my Sagittarius Mars needs a hero handy with a quiver of arrows, that wields a sword, a saber or a side arm – better. yet. all. four.

Sag Mars loves the treasure hunt, the circus caravan, to run and run and run  on a wild merry chase of discovery.

Mars in Sagittarius needs freedom.
Mars in Sagittarius needs fire.
Mars in Sagittarius needs mental gymnastics.

In the natal chart, Mars represents fire, energy, desires, men, husband, and the blade, the weapon.

Where is your Mars ?
What is your weapon ?
How do you wield it ?

I wield the sword of spiritual truths, polarities, cosmic justice, forgiveness and healing.

In my case, Sag Mars is in the 11th quintile Uranus – science freaks and geeks and astrology (Uranus rules) get me off.  My men absolutely must have an open mind and be open to my bizarre explorations into the higher (and inner Virgo) realms.
I think, learn, teach, heal and do absolutely everything (Virgo is daily routines) my own way.  Uranus. !  aka. Insert ‘self’ as prefix to any noun…self- taught, for example.
(I am a 9th house Virgo Sun conj Uranus / Pluto- 9th is the natural Sag house)

Where does the sign of Sagittarius fall in your chart ?
This is the house where you need unbridled freedom to engage life, SEE (sag motto) everything.

Sagittarius in my chart falls on the 12th – fire of the mystics.
Signs are everywhere.
In everything and everyone.
This whole world is a miracle in progress, and I read all of it.  Signs and events in my life, Daenerys and her stunningly Plutonian last scene, as well as my bugger Pluto transit (square my chart ruler, Saturn in 3rd – trines Sag Mars) have me fired up to divine in all sorts of new ways.

Mercury – any and all communications going  in & out – is my elevated planet at MC.
Neptune – cosmic waters of prophecy and intuition – is my most highly aspected.

What are these two planetary placements / energies in your chart and what do they reveal about you ?

MC is high noon and how you are seen by the world, if well aspected it is likely where you excel.
Your most highly aspected will be a strong energy that colors and flavors your entire life.


Divination by fire.

This is the fire I built to burn old documents – remnants of my married life up in flames.
I am in the flames on the left wearing a crown of daisies with eyes of fire.

There is a Cheshire cat on the right which means happiness at work.
True, happened – misunderstandings cleared; vacation starts after work tonight.

There is a small fox – magical cunning shapeshifter, quick and invisible if need be.
Fox medicine is both Mercury and Neptune, it fits. (fox totem – click)

Fox people often have thick hair that works as a psychic antenna. ! *
(Venus and Jupiter in Leo -mane- square megaNeptune here. true.)
*click for Moose, lol.

American Indian tribes, the Blackfoot and Apache both have legends of fox stealing fire of the sun and bringing it to the people.

Pyromancy has ancient roots.  Once humans discovered fire they began to gather for warmth, cooking, companionship and stories.  Tribal cultures have gazed into fires across the ages of time, quietly waiting for the salamander (fire) spirits to reveal messages of the gods.  Moses for instance, received divine messages on Mount Sinai from the burning bush.

For cleansing:
Write on a piece of paper those things you want to be rid of in your life, write your negativity and fears onto the paper, be specific !  Say a prayer, a blessing aloud and toss it into the fire to release it.  Renew and cleanse your spirit through fire.
Fire is a source of purification, sacrifice and renewal.
* see martyred saints here

Pluto is the planet of sex, death, metamorphosis, transmutation and rebirth. 

Its energy is born of the internal fire  – the spark of the soul – it replenishes and regenerates by the laws of spirit and  thermodynamics.
:::Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed, it only changes form:::

Pluto in your natal indicates where you will metamorph again and again and again.
Something in your life has to die for something else to live.
Pluto is unavoidable, painful struggle- necessary for growth but not without pain.
Pluto renders you powerless in the face of oncoming change and death.
From the ashes you rise – forever changed – powerful, invincible, fearless.
You have nothing left to fear because your worst fears have already been realized.

Pyromance with me ?

Start by gazing at fire… go quiet…fade into the zone….images and impressions will appear.  Trust your instincts, these impressions are whispers from the cosmos within and surrounding you.

Bedouin diviners believed sounds and smells of fire communicated spirits as well. Bright, clear crackling fire brought good fortune, dull and sputtering was less fortunate.
Fire smoke can also be read…you have heard the saying smoke follows beauty while camping, yes..?  It stems from capnomancy (kapnos is greek for smoke) – divination by smoke.  Thin straight smoke plume is fortunate; billowing smoke less fortunate.

When smudging with sage, more smoke means less negative ions are present, when the smoke lessens, the energies are clearer, cleaner, more negative ions are present.  (click for more ion info)

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, and volcanoes.

She who shapes the sacred land  lives in the Halema’uma’u crater (click) and has been spilling lava on the southeastern shore of the big island almost continuously since 1983, adding nearly 70 acres of land to the coastline.

Pele is asteroid 2202 at astro.com, go check her out in your chart.  She is currently nearing 9 degrees Libra.  She is conjunct my MC and Mercury in my natal chart, makes sense, I am always going on about earth and rocks and Gaia energies, and Gneiss IS metamorphic.

Gaea (greek for Earth) is asteroid number 1184.  Gaia was the great mother of all: the heavenly gods and Titans were descended from her union with Uranus (the sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontus (the sea), the Giants from her mating with Tartarus (the hell-pit) and mortal creatures were sprung or born from her earthy flesh (click).

Gaea Rx is currently 11 degrees Scorpio.  In my natal earth mama Gaia is conjunct Venus in Leo 8th at 29 degrees conjunct fixed star Regulus (click). (Watcher of the North, Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer, angel of Providence that watches over all humanity.)  Sweeet, love it !

Where do the goddesses of fire and earth fall in your natal chart ?

Consider Pele to be where you are in a continual phase of Plutonic destruction and renewal.  Gaia is the place in your chart where you embody earth spirits and manifestations spring forth.

Aloha ~


I have long been interested in the martyred saints even though I am not catholic.  Pictured on the postcard below is Saint Jude, one of the 12 apostles of Christ.  He was martyred along with Saint Simon for bringing the gospel to Persia.

Saint Jude’s attribute is a club. He is also often shown in icons with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. Another common attribute is Jude holding an image of Jesus Christ, in the image of Edessa. In some instances he may be shown with a scroll or a book (the Epistle of Jude) or holding a carpenter’s rule.

Jude is invoked in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers had done before them. Therefore, he is the patron saint of desperate cases and his feast day is October 28.
You ever seen a catholic calendar ? – filled  with feast days.  That’s a lot of martyred saints.  eep.  That’s kinda creepy.
I have a book of patron saints, This Saints for You, guaranteed to fascinate, promise!  Saints can help you sell your house, have a successful garage sale, or if you work with explosives, call on Saint Barbara.  No kidding. 

You ever read messages of thanks to St. Jude in your local free reader or mixed in with the want ads ?
These people are giving thanks to St. Jude because their prayers have been answered.

I found the postcard above while perusing a second hand shop with my college roomie.  I was sick at the time, had been for quite awhile, and being a Beatles fan, and  a big Julian Lennon fan, (Paul wrote the song for him.) I popped a few bucks and took it home.

Hey, what can it hurt to have a little help from your friends, right ?
Well…I started carrying it around and I got better.

Thank you Saint Jude, my prayers were answered.

Martyrs are ruled by Saturn, and saints, Neptune.  Neptune is my most highly aspected planet with squares straight to Leo (ruled by Sun, the solar life force) in the 8th.  The 8th house is death, rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes stronger.
Makes sense with the saints, now doesn’t it.  Rising from the ashes, even stronger after death.  Millions pray to them to intercede on their behalf.

Saint Jude is Aquarian, or rather miracles are Uranian and Neptunian, and he fits the bill.  My biggie Neptune is in Scorpio (the occult) on the 11th house (natural house of Aquarius), so a fascination with martyrs (my Neptune square the 8th and death), saints and miracles.

I am Saturn (martyrs) ruled, and have Venus (love, art) conjunct Jupiter (faith) in the 8th (death) square Neptune (miracles).  I am also a big fan of incense, (Mars rules- which in my chart is on the healing 12th), and bells (Venus rules) to clear and bless the energy in the room.

I have Mars (desires, action) in Sagittarius (faith) which is on my 12th house of mysticism.   So, very spiritual, but not conforming to any religious groups. (My Sun /spirit conjunct Uranus of the free and untamed in the 9th house of faith.)

This is what fascinates me about astrology, it explains soOo much when you learn it.  My friend and client was amazed by her current transits info.
“You can see all that?”     ~Yes.   Cool, yeah ?!
Miraculous ~ the universe ~ macro to micro.
Divine. / Divination.
Neptune rules !

(I would be remiss if I did not add that I was bemoaning the very Neptunian chart I have been blessed/cursed with just yesterday (or the day before, I can’t remember !- ha ! Neptune rules fog; Mercury memory) but today I am looking at it differently, not suffering quite so much – feeling more inspired.)

Thanks to my new friend clareflourish who inspired this post by providing this incredible link to Medieval icons. <- sorry, broken link try this one.

I thank you !
Merry Meet & Blessed Be.