Crown of Courage

Moose as power animal brings contradictions – knowing the path of balance between worlds.  Self – confidence and the power of psychic vision and protection are the gifts of Moose.

Moose is the largest of the deer family growing a palmate (leaf – shaped) rack of antlers, unlike others of the deer family that grow dendritic (twig – like) antlers, making moose easily recognizable. Moose antlers represent psychic antenna, sensitivity to vibrations and depth of perception, keen sight and insight.

Moose do not herd like other members of the deer family, they forage for plants on land and water in solitude.  Moose are good swimmers making them equally at home on land or in water.

Moose is gangly, yet graceful and swift if stirred to action.  They are not aggressive unless startled, angered, or protecting young — then they will charge – aiming what is known as ‘The Crown of Courage’ – (rack of antlers) at you.  Aries and Mars rule fight and courage.
Interesting as I have Saturn Rx (rules antlers) in Aries trine Mars.

Autumn is the power time for Moose, for it is mating season.  Moose power time aligns with late Virgo, Libra, and early Scorpio.

Adult moose use antlers to fight for a mate in the autumn, then the antlers are shed, to conserve energy in the winter.  When the antlers regrow in the spring, only taking 3 – 5 months to develop, they are covered with skin called ‘velvet’, which is shed when the antlers are fully grown.

Moose brings the gifts of vision and revision, the ability to follow fresh uncharted territories, new horizons, and swift progress on the material plane.   Antlers, ruled by Saturn represent earth and business, as Saturn rules Capricorn – home of the 10th house of career and status.

I dreamt of moose in the weeks prior to starting this site. I have seen moose in Colorado many times, but I live in the midwest, so moose are a bit out of the ordinary, I have only dreamt of them once.  So Moose medicine was good for me.  I love wild things, (Uranus) solitude (Saturn, Neptune), and I immerse myself in metaphysics and occult studies.   Neptune (mysticism) is my most highly aspected planet, and Saturn (antlers) is my chart ruler.
Moose medicine told me it was time to tune IN and start broadcasting.


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    Antlers as psychic antenna.

    I have been thinking about it since this post, then stumbled across more hair as antenna / tracking device a few days ago, so went hunting it up again.

    Skepticblog here and I encourage reading the (hilarious & intelligent) comments, though I have included relevant links from them below.

    Bat flight/hair and Listening to Your Hair here.

    Sciencedaily Touching a nerve: How every hair in skin feels touch here.

    Nat’l Geo Rare Unicorn Deer & the Life Cycle of an Antler

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