Falling into Pace

May I introduce Lee Pace.

I have loved his work since I first saw him in Wonderfalls, the loveable, quirky, hilarious show where the gift shop tshotshkes force cranky retail gal (Lee plays her brother) to grudgingly comply to their do-gooder bidding.

In Pushing Daisies, Lee is a strangely sweet mystery solving pie-maker that can spark life back into dead bodies, but can’t touch his childhood sweetheart.

I fell in love with The Fall and the vivid fantasy scenes imagined during story-telling sessions woven between two bedridden friends in hospital.

Obviously I was at the midnight showing of The Hobbit, but while mesmerized by the entrance of the Elvenking, I failed to recognize Lee as Thranduil.  I know weird – what can I say…?.. transfixed by the whole scene, his elven spell / fog threw me.
More on that below. **

Also, I am keenly rabid to keep away spoilers on the way in.
Trailers only for me.

…so…how did I finally figure it out ?

His voice.

I watched Breaking Dawn again.   Lee plays Garrett, the nomadic vampire who falls for Kate, the vamp who whammies everyone with a psychic electrical shock.  His rollicking sexy portrayal was all kinds of fun to watch.  He spoke, and I knew instantly.

Lee is a Aries Sun conjunct Mercury Rx – both trine a 29 (culmination) degree Cancer Jupiter.  Obviously a gung-ho to go Aries !  Jupiter expands any contact it makes, and in Lee’s natal, it trines his spirit (Sun) as well as revolutionary, innovative Uranus.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries is quick to get to the gusto of any conversation, also just as quick to move on.  Enthusiastic and bold, this combo in trine to Jupiter Rx exalted in Cancer indicates a very caring, generous and open-hearted person that is happy to be a team player working towards a common goal.  Room to roam at home (Jupiter) is a hallmark of this placement as is being a gracious host and being well-liked by the public (moon) at large. 

Lee has a grand water trine: Jupiter in Cancer; Uranus in Scorpio; Mars in Pisces.  All indicating strongly sensitive outward bound energy coupled with an underlying subtlety of instinct.  Water trines indicate emotional, intuitive vibrations, compassionate souls with a desire to delve deep into the subconscious world.  A great core to tap into while acting – the psychology of people and what moves them – Lee’s got it !  Confidence and chutzpah while not in your face about it – fire happening in water can do that sneak up on you while you’re not looking thing, very, very well.

Scorpio Uranus Rx is square Venus in Aquarius, that’s a love of the odd and unusual, the dark and deep knowing of one’s personal magnetism – yet also the reluctance to rely upon it.  It is an aspect of boho beauty and magnetic charm that bucks trends by making them instead.  It indicates a strange dance between magnetic attraction of Venus and the repulsion that is innate to Uranus with the shocking undertow of regenerative Scorpio power.  Scorpio desires intensity while Uranus demands freedom, working in tandem, they are a fascinating combo onscreen.

Aquarius Venus also trines Pluto Rx in Libra, air to air – or intellectual and artistic rebirth in order to find balance and explore differing cultures, ways of living, ideas and art forms on all social levels. Conversations with friends (Venus in Aquarius cultivates  friends in droves, and the lover must be the best of them) are rich and intense with a surprising kicker popped in on occasion, this also appears in his choices (Venus) of art forms.  Emotionally sweet, quirky / funky with a powerful underlying sex appeal + a zap of surprise – the jolly good transformation of perspectives and ideas.

This is Lee as (the sensationally sassy ~>) Calpernia Addams in Soldier’s Girl.  I just watched a clip, I gotta get ahold of this, obviously a must-see. 

Lee has Saturn Rx in Virgo showing a detail-driven worker who can be overly critical of work performance – Saturn restricts, perfects, streamlines.  Saturn Rx adds a blessing of concentration to balance an emotionally hair-trigger water trine.  Mars, Jupiter and Uranus (grand water trine) in aspect to one another is a tremendous positive outgoing force that inundates slowly like a stealthy Jedi Master on top of his game.

That brings me to Mars in Pisces, Jedi vibe all the way – energy directed towards healing, universality and transcendence on a mass scale via inclusiveness and high qi love.  Pisces is high magick aka baptismal waves in the arts/film/music in some form or fashion – suffering leads to transcendence and nirvana – fueling the art form.  Literally fueling, as Mars squares Neptune Rx (rules Pisces) exact in Sagittarius which indicates an internal tension between rash, enthusiastic exploration at high tide, and the need to recede, ponder and dwell at low tide.  Very aware teacher, kind, understanding, sees the good in people.

It is worthy of note that Lee has 6 retrograde planets, indicating an inward seeking perfection that slowly reveals itself outwardly as he grows older and channels the planetary energies to his satisfaction.  Six retrograde planets and a grand water trine ?  Lee is undoubtedly keeping quite a bit very close to the vest.

Now the bonus round – quintiles or uncommon gifts.
Lee has Aquarius Venus quintile Chiron in Toro – intellectual balance, acceptance of human foibles meets steadfast desires to unify through love and patience  … wounding and healing through teaching, mentoring regarding same.

Virgo Saturn Rx quintile Uranus Rx in Scorpio spotlights intellectual boundaries and  perceptions broken, altered and reformed.  The no-nonsense phoenix of the future, probing the universal subconscious, the global heart.

Now, onto my moose dream. **
I posted about the dream on Feb 8 2012 here, but did not elaborate because it seemed irrelevant at the time.
Turns out it was relevant.
I dreamt I was with a friend (I haven’t seen in years) of mine from the Pacific Northwest, we were 4 wheeling out there, and I saw a moose.  I pointed it out, said “Moose”.  She glances over at me as we bounce on the ruts, and says “That’s not a moose”, I disagreed and the discussion continued along this vein until it ended with her saying, “You’ll see”.
Ok. ..  wtf ?
I remember thinking when I woke up: dream clarity = predictive.  How odd,  Moose ?!
I live in the central US – cornfields – no moose anywhere near me. So, I e-mailed her, we chatted and it pretty much ended there.  Then 10 months later is the midnight Hobbit, Thranduil enters on horned animal, I gape in marvel of Peter Jackson’s wizardry: thinking Elvenking +  psychic horns, Brilliant, etc…

The scene lasted a few seconds, I didn’t dwell on it – only when I went hunting up pics of Lee as Thranduil did I realize there is a ton of online moose/elk hilarity.
So for the record, it’s an Elk.
An Elvish Elk.

Vanya sulie, mellon en mellonamin


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  1. Ok. Absolutely had to come back to add this.
    I am only today finding out that the horse Lee rode in The Hobbit was:
    1. Clydesdale-sized, “biggest horse in NZ”
    2. named Moose.
    Moose ? !
    HAHA you gotta be kidding me,
    that is hilarious !
    Here’s the link: Going Behind the Mask with Lee Pace

    :::Because it was real:::

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