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AlchAlchemical Tarot Renewed

Quick read on the energies for highest manifestation

1. Two of Staffs, Fire = Venus trine Saturn : Flames of Hermes and Aphrodite combined, united passions (2)

2. Nine of Staffs, Fire = Mercury/Sun square Mars : Grey wolf burned in a fire (to reclaim the King he swallowed) a necessary sacrifice, a culmination of passion, FYI: next pip is phoenix (9)

3: Lady of Staffs, Fire = Last two hits of Uranus square Pluto : Doing the Dance of the New in the hot, dry desert ! !

Obviously we are ! hot to trot to create !  with Lots of Leo energy & Mars amping up Scorpio.  Venus trine Saturn acts as bit of grease to the mental work wheel of Mercury & Sun & Jupiter. Square Mars.  Make your work playful to take the edge off.  Do work you love, if at all possible, or bring love to what work you are doing.  Also a lovely heads up that passion and groovy positive messages are on the UP with incoming Uranus/Pluto squares as Lady acts as Page.

This reading pleases me greatly.  I am working my ass off, if you see me disappear from here, it means I am working job 1 (6/wk) or mowing my yard or something of that nature is keeping me from here – because I love being here, exploring energies.  As a side note, Saturn direct sends it back over my Scorpio Neptuner in 11, my ankle pain is worsening again, if my work here decreases a bit, that would be why.

Mercury into Leo, Frank Herbert, et. al. (You know who you are.) up asap.

Also, I love this deck, seems apt for my Alchemical tagline, yes ?  You can see Robert Place, the creator of this deck in the supernatural tarot vid narrated by Christopher Lee on a prior post here (see comments).  He can also be found by clicking on the Alchemical link above.  He is a tarot historian, I highly rec !  I have yet to read here with my vampire deck, (he also created) but drew Mina (Priestess) for myself at first go (also pleased me greatly).

I will read with it here eventually, perhaps now that Mars is into Scorp !
Have a good day all. . .more at lunch (?) . . .


mojo rising

Samhain crossquarter day, or summer’s end, traditionally falls on the calendar date of October 31st in the Northern hemisphere, May 1st in the Southern hemisphere – though it astrologically falls several says later at 15′ Scorpio. 

Also known as All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, and in Mexico as The Day of the Dead, it is the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. 

Candles are lit to guide spirits to the ritual feast.  Offerings to the familiar dead (ancestors) are filled with warm memories, altars are rich with personal treasures.

Autumn marigolds spill from vases, the warm smell of cinnamon cider fills the air, tables are laden with nuts, mushrooms, pomegranates, pumpkins and squash – all in fond remembrance of the dead.

All are gifts to help loved ones on earth celebrate both life and the release to death by helping guide loved ones to the lands of eternal summer.
As I mentioned in my last post – this is a fabulous time to shed / transform unwanted memories / habits / pain and close the door to loss with a ceremony of respect for the dead. 

I have done this and found it extremely helpful – grab a pen and a big piece of paper.

We are going for total stream of consciousness writing, let it all out – no editing –  Make a list of all your trepidations, fears or unwanted habits – or better yet, all 3. 

What you feel holds you in chains, what you think is confining you, what you wrestle against to find freedom.  What you want to release, you write !

Write it all down from as far back as you feel you need to  be specific !

Know that with the intent of writing you are purging all the negativity and fearful energy from yourself onto the paper which will be released to its death.

Create a blessing, prayer, a spell that releases the energy back into the universe, cleansed and renewed by fire.

Throw your writings into the fire and watch them burn.  Envision :say aloud: what good deeds will come, describe your new life, the new hope within you as your phoenix rises in the smoke

peace be with you

knock, knock

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition

5 – love and expression
9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions

6 – health, routine
10 – social status, prestige

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings

7 – partner of the heart
11 – friends

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb
8 – death & rebirth
12 – cosmic connections


Raw Power

Last night I was reading tarot in bed and pulled all four Aces.  Now that doesn’t happen everyday, has only happened to me once that I can remember, in my readings for myself.  I have been reading tarot for 27 years.

I learn the most by reading for myself and seeing how the cards play out in my life.  I find it the best way to be exact in readings with others because I am so familiar with the energies on a personal level.

Last nights reading reminded me of an old friend of mine that had kids…I stayed with them for awhile in between living arrangements.  Her boys were young – squirming in their chairs, slurping noodles, making faces, and rocking back in their seats.  I often heard her exclaim, “Four on the floor !” meaning chair legs down, sit still and eat now !

Steady as she goes, Captain. 

All four Aces will bring fresh new creative energies in all phases of life.
Aces are the pure, raw, initial outgoing energy of the suit – Cardinal energy !  New things are on their way… !

Wands = Fire, creative energy and inspiration
Pentacles= Earth, skill sets and building on the material plane
Swords= Air, intellect, communications, socializing
Cups= Water, emotions, intuition, compassion

Reading tarot is like reading natal charts – identify the predominant energies, and how are they operating and where.  Tarot card placement in a spread is just as important as planetary placements.  How do the cards blend, how do the planets work together..?

Once I was astonished at the number of wands in my spread, almost all of them were.   Soon thereafter, I had news that brought on a bit of a panic.  (Luckily, wands energy moves quickly, it soon passed.)

One sad day before work, I drew the Death card covered by the Empress.  I went to work only to have my boss tell me a good friend had died.  I knew the couple and was close friends with them both, and their kids.   I drew a card to help comfort my girlfriend after her husband had passed – a message from him, if he could – and pulled the 2 of Cups.  That was so perfect, and tarot is right on the money, just like astrology.

The Page of Wands means a good message – incoming or outgoing depending on the placement in the spread.

Right before my lunch, I drew the Ace of Wands in the final card position.
Creative energy !
Now made manifest !



I have long been interested in the martyred saints even though I am not catholic.  Pictured on the postcard below is Saint Jude, one of the 12 apostles of Christ.  He was martyred along with Saint Simon for bringing the gospel to Persia.

Saint Jude’s attribute is a club. He is also often shown in icons with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. Another common attribute is Jude holding an image of Jesus Christ, in the image of Edessa. In some instances he may be shown with a scroll or a book (the Epistle of Jude) or holding a carpenter’s rule.

Jude is invoked in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers had done before them. Therefore, he is the patron saint of desperate cases and his feast day is October 28.
You ever seen a catholic calendar ? – filled  with feast days.  That’s a lot of martyred saints.  eep.  That’s kinda creepy.
I have a book of patron saints, This Saints for You, guaranteed to fascinate, promise!  Saints can help you sell your house, have a successful garage sale, or if you work with explosives, call on Saint Barbara.  No kidding. 

You ever read messages of thanks to St. Jude in your local free reader or mixed in with the want ads ?
These people are giving thanks to St. Jude because their prayers have been answered.

I found the postcard above while perusing a second hand shop with my college roomie.  I was sick at the time, had been for quite awhile, and being a Beatles fan, and  a big Julian Lennon fan, (Paul wrote the song for him.) I popped a few bucks and took it home.

Hey, what can it hurt to have a little help from your friends, right ?
Well…I started carrying it around and I got better.

Thank you Saint Jude, my prayers were answered.

Martyrs are ruled by Saturn, and saints, Neptune.  Neptune is my most highly aspected planet with squares straight to Leo (ruled by Sun, the solar life force) in the 8th.  The 8th house is death, rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes stronger.
Makes sense with the saints, now doesn’t it.  Rising from the ashes, even stronger after death.  Millions pray to them to intercede on their behalf.

Saint Jude is Aquarian, or rather miracles are Uranian and Neptunian, and he fits the bill.  My biggie Neptune is in Scorpio (the occult) on the 11th house (natural house of Aquarius), so a fascination with martyrs (my Neptune square the 8th and death), saints and miracles.

I am Saturn (martyrs) ruled, and have Venus (love, art) conjunct Jupiter (faith) in the 8th (death) square Neptune (miracles).  I am also a big fan of incense, (Mars rules- which in my chart is on the healing 12th), and bells (Venus rules) to clear and bless the energy in the room.

I have Mars (desires, action) in Sagittarius (faith) which is on my 12th house of mysticism.   So, very spiritual, but not conforming to any religious groups. (My Sun /spirit conjunct Uranus of the free and untamed in the 9th house of faith.)

This is what fascinates me about astrology, it explains soOo much when you learn it.  My friend and client was amazed by her current transits info.
“You can see all that?”     ~Yes.   Cool, yeah ?!
Miraculous ~ the universe ~ macro to micro.
Divine. / Divination.
Neptune rules !

(I would be remiss if I did not add that I was bemoaning the very Neptunian chart I have been blessed/cursed with just yesterday (or the day before, I can’t remember !- ha ! Neptune rules fog; Mercury memory) but today I am looking at it differently, not suffering quite so much – feeling more inspired.)

Thanks to my new friend clareflourish who inspired this post by providing this incredible link to Medieval icons. <- sorry, broken link try this one.

I thank you !
Merry Meet & Blessed Be.


heal thyself

The Herb known as the Albahaca, Njjlika, Witches Herb, or more commonly as Basil- is Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Gods: Shango, Vishnu
Godesses: Ochun, Yemaya

Medicinal uses are: Anodyne, astringent, diuretic, nervine. *

Hung from the door it is a blessing said to calm the heart.  It promotes both love and prosperity.  Rubbing the leaves on the body before love-making can heighten desire, and help ensure fidelity.

Use it in a hot bath, simmer on the stove or add to a humidifier to promote similar results.  (It is a heady scent, so if you are smell sensitive, use sparingly.)  It is best used in its natural state, rather than oil.
Where is Virgo in your chart ?  Virgos rule the bowels, sorting the good from the gunk in the body.
It is the sign of harvest and this Virgo got a table full of thai/basil out of my garden today, so not much time here, I have to clean it !

Neptune is conjunct Chiron above us, and the Doctor is in.
Anyone else positively elated there is a time lady ?! …and that River totally kicks it !  Well, it’s about time ! lol.  Brilliant *

Look to the house of Virgo for where you are detailed and organized.  Planets placed there are likely to be where you show precision and dedication to the task, and to others.   It is where you have strengths in problem-solving and anticipating the needs of others.  It is your discerning eye at work (Virgo is the 6th house of work and service).

Look to Chiron (I am leaning towards Chiron as Virgo ruler, myself) to see where you help others through your passion for health and knowledge.  Chiron was a teacher, philosopher, healer and herbalist, who through trying to heal his own wound, learned much through study and helped others learn and heal in the process.
Mine is in Pisces/3rd, mental and spiritual health is my work.

* I am not a medical doctor, informational purposes only.


Mars powers into Leo tonight thank goddess…so fire up your engines for some fun and creativity.
At last ! 
Fire IN Fire !

Moon-ruled watery Cancer puts Mars fire out…or more specifically, Cancer Mars is fluctuating in action and mood.

Sun-ruled Leo with Mars is curious, giving, friendly, and more than a little sexy with both solar light and VaVOOM  factor.
They know they are being noticed, and they love every minute of it.

Now is the time to put your SOLAR WILL POWER into high gear and manifest your destiny ~ create !
Look to your Leo house to see where to expect some action and  play ~>



Some of the energies are a bit edgy lately, with squares and oppositions above us, so I’m going to concentrate on the good energies.  These are some tips on how people react to stress and how best to handle it.
When dealing with fire element people (Aries, Leo, Sag) it is helpful to remember they can be quick to defend their position.  They are action-oriented and will fight if pressed.  Listen, and show them you are on the same team.

Earth people (Toro, Virgo, Cap) are ‘hands on’ and like to keep some measure of control.  So listen, and give them the tools they need to work it out for themselves.

Air people (Gems, Libras, Aquas) need to be heard, so listen, ask them to explain, reassure them you heard, understand their point, and will continue to listen if they need to talk.

Water people (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) need to know you care, that their feelings are safe with you.  They are good readers, so don’t try to hide anything, speak gently and be compassionate.