Raw Power

Last night I was reading tarot in bed and pulled all four Aces.  Now that doesn’t happen everyday, has only happened to me once that I can remember, in my readings for myself.  I have been reading tarot for 27 years.

I learn the most by reading for myself and seeing how the cards play out in my life.  I find it the best way to be exact in readings with others because I am so familiar with the energies on a personal level.

Last nights reading reminded me of an old friend of mine that had kids…I stayed with them for awhile in between living arrangements.  Her boys were young – squirming in their chairs, slurping noodles, making faces, and rocking back in their seats.  I often heard her exclaim, “Four on the floor !” meaning chair legs down, sit still and eat now !

Steady as she goes, Captain. 

All four Aces will bring fresh new creative energies in all phases of life.
Aces are the pure, raw, initial outgoing energy of the suit – Cardinal energy !  New things are on their way… !

Wands = Fire, creative energy and inspiration
Pentacles= Earth, skill sets and building on the material plane
Swords= Air, intellect, communications, socializing
Cups= Water, emotions, intuition, compassion

Reading tarot is like reading natal charts – identify the predominant energies, and how are they operating and where.  Tarot card placement in a spread is just as important as planetary placements.  How do the cards blend, how do the planets work together..?

Once I was astonished at the number of wands in my spread, almost all of them were.   Soon thereafter, I had news that brought on a bit of a panic.  (Luckily, wands energy moves quickly, it soon passed.)

One sad day before work, I drew the Death card covered by the Empress.  I went to work only to have my boss tell me a good friend had died.  I knew the couple and was close friends with them both, and their kids.   I drew a card to help comfort my girlfriend after her husband had passed – a message from him, if he could – and pulled the 2 of Cups.  That was so perfect, and tarot is right on the money, just like astrology.

The Page of Wands means a good message – incoming or outgoing depending on the placement in the spread.

Right before my lunch, I drew the Ace of Wands in the final card position.
Creative energy !
Now made manifest !



Glassy (detail) by American Artist, Fred Tomaselli.

Click on Fred above, watch the video and tell me he’s not a Virgo !
(educated guess – no info)
Whoa – the sorting – it boggles !
He laminates !
I get that !
I laminate !

I am a Virgo Sun/Uranus /Pluto in 9th and I laminate all my hand drawn study guides. hilarious.  (You don’t have to tell me, I already know. haha)

What brings me to this post is New Years Eve. (USA)
Are we supposed to review?
I am Virgo.  I LIVE  to review.
Also, I just completed a reading for a client who has 6 planets Rx (retrograde).

Retrograde = revision.

Currently all planets are direct ~> do you feel the forward motion ?
The next planet to go retrograde is Mars.

Mars is our drive, so during Mars Rx we will be nit-picking our brains, going inside our little Virgo headspace to analyze our actions while Mars was direct.  Mars retrograde in Virgo or Earth will bring big time Virgo analysis of material earth matters.
Have we been sorting ?  labelling ?  list-making ?  organizing ?
Well, I have.
I have been super-powered Virgo the last few weeks and during Mars retrograde we all get to re-vise our re-visions !
YaY !
Perfection awaits.  heh heh.  SoOo Virgo.

Mars Rx (retrograde) January 23, 2012 at 6:54 pm CST, USA at 23 Virgo
Mars direct April 14, 2012 at 10:53 PM CST, USA at 03 Virgo

Click here for Mars Rx in Virgo house by house info (bottom).

I have one retrograde planet, my chart ruler Saturn, which is already in its fall (uncomfortable) in Aries.
Saturn Rx is in my 3rd house of writing, and here I am – where I wouldn’t have guessed I would be a year ago – writing this blog.  (Yes, I have written before, but it was only viewed by friends, not publicly, that was a big step for Neptune girl.)
So please don’t let retrogrades throw you off your goal, even if you have 6 of them.

Planets obviously don’t turn in their orbits and go backwards, it only appears so from the vantage point of the Earth.  Earth moves between the planet and the sun, passes the planet, and from a geocentric (Earth centered) viewpoint, the planet appears to slow, stop, and reverse it’s motion in the zodiac.

Click here for a visual of retrograde motion.

View retrogrades as a challenge to transform, transmute and transcend.

Retrograde planets cause frustration in expressing energy.

It requires constant vigilance – exercising the planetary energy over time brings strength.
It will take work, patience and practice to own the energy.
Lasso and herd the energy, before you can ride and steer the energy.

Those with a natal chart free of retrogrades often find a life circumstance pushes them to become introspective.
Those born with many retrograde planets, often find the opposite is true.

Retrogrades are flavored by the Sun – how we express the retrograde planet via the ego (Sun) is reigned in, subjective, an internal struggle.
The energy of the planet feels overshadowed, needs patience and cultivation.

It is a natal point where we drive the same roads over and over until we feel confident enough to express the energy outwardly.

What element holds your retrograde ?
This is where you will focus !

Fire = ego, creativity, self-expression
Earth = material plane, work, recognition of labor and achievements
Air = communication, thinking, social skills
Water = emotions, intuition, psyche

From the study of John McCormick: The Book of Retrogrades

Born with 0 retrograde planets:  7.7 percent
Born with 1 retrograde planet:  18.7 percent
Born with 2 retrograde planets: 29.2 percent
Born with 3 retrograde planets: 26.7 percent
Born with 4 retrograde planets: 12.7 percent
Born with 5 retrograde planets: 4.15 percent
Born with 6 retrograde planets: 0.66 percent
Born with 7 retrograde planets: 0.005 percent

0 Rx planets = perseverance, determination to reach goals, needs company to be happy (Common in US Presidents, successful athletes and dancers.)
1 Rx planet =  independent, a loner that can work, achieve alone.
2 Rx planets =  people are drawn to you, they feel comfortable around you
3 Rx planets = operate more behind the scenes, need to excel
4 Rx planets =  writers, solitary expressions, and professions
5 Rx planets = solitary occupations, avoids people pleasing professions, less likely people feel comfortable around you
6 Rx planets = so rare (only 51 days out of the whole 100 years), no conclusions. (Angela Davis, Muhammad Ali are the only famous examples he found)
7 Rx planets = even smaller, no conclusions

Enough revision !!
Enough minutiae !!

 Happy New Year !!
WooOoo HoOoo !!

   om mani padme hum