Quicksilver retrograde runaround:
Mercury into Aquarius Jan 4, (in shadow 6th) retrograde at 17 degrees on the 21, direct on Feb 11 at 1 degree Aquarius (out of shadow March 4)

Quicksilver was fathered by Magneto – brill, yeah ?  
Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus aka magnetics.  

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is particularly weird because perceptions of space-time are skewed – shifting and changing like prismatic flashes in a crystal prism.  Thoughts emerge from odd spectrums.  Waves and vibrations flare – deliver clarity – then fade, for another idea has already taken its place.

Accept the intuitive leaps and inventions your synapses are firing across the chasms.
The greek root of synapse means join together. 

Track patterns, note insights !
Full Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun is delivering heaps of creative brainstorms with Jupiter Rx in tow.  Mercury Rx in Aquarius is ahead of its time & ahead of your time.  Messages incoming may not make sense at this moment – but do not idly dismiss them – they will make perfect sense in the future.

File your Mercury/Jupiter Retrograde (lower/higher mind) insights for analysis downstream.  Right now, just let your consciousness flow.

Peace Out
Gneiss Moon

I WILL Remain

cosmic head animatedFear.
Fear is ruled by Saturn, Neptune.  The octaves of thought perception: Mercury and Uranus also factor highly (anxiety).
Strong placements of these planets, hard aspects to them (especially Sun/Moon) will indicate a tendency toward fear (difficulty).  Hard aspects to the 8th or 12th house will indicate (repressed) fears. *

Mars strong in good aspect indicates fearlessness – the same holds true for Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, and aspects to it.

What is the primal baseline ?
1. Fight
2. Flight
3. Freeze

What actions are taken in a fearful moment depends on the natal chart.*
As well as progressions of said natal chart and transits to both.  Planetary energies will lend support and confidence or add to stress and panic to what is present in the natal.

Being a Capricorn rising (Saturn-ruled) with Mercury at high noon, Uranus conjunct Sun and Moon opposite Neptune most highly aspected with squares to the 8th, I am familiar with fear.  I have been working on it for years…now it is more akin to caution I work to keep my mega-reckless Mercury/Uranus/Sagittarius energy in check.

I will not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain.
Litany against fear, DUNE

Living a life full of fear, trauma and flashbacks often leads to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms outlined here and here.
How to begin healing PSTD here.  Differing forms here. 

Hard aspects (see above) to these planets may indicate fear and/or trouble involving:
Sun – life, father, children, that which you create
Moon – home, family, mother, women, emotions, public
Mercury – thinking, speaking, neighbors, children, driving
Venus – love, money, relationships, bonds, disharmony
Mars – aggression, men, competition, leading, fire
Jupiter – wide outdoors, flying/foreign, stupidity, clergy, judges
Saturn – small spaces, age, falling, breaking, caves, change
Uranus – cages, boredom, electrics, abandonment (no ground), heights
Neptune – that which is hidden/confusing, lies, lack of art/empathy, noisy crowds
Pluto – superficiality, transparency, apathy, peacefulness

Keep in mind the hard aspects ensure growth ala friction.  Trines and sextiles are fabulous grace periods but not particularly keen on forcing flowerings.  Just sayin’.

May you face your fears and remain

Gneiss Moon

birds of a feather

I’ve been thinking about Saturn, totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

Totem poles are carved to delineate family ancestry, clan history, folklore or real life, or to commemorate a particular individual.

A widespread hawk swooped down today as I was driving and landed in the median next to me.  (No, I am not going to tell you if he landed left or right – time in my life is fluid, in flux, always.)

We were in synch – hawk landed at the exact moment I passed – just as I was speaking my heart aloud.  Yes exact is the term I use because in that moment my words formed a bond.  Hard to explain, but messages from my brother are accentuated in hawks – hawk messages are exclamation points.

Hawks form a bridge between past and present.
Hawk was a manifestation of Grand Air Trine meets physical plane

My brother and Father recently visited in an intuitive reading, via Mercury, Pluto, and Sun in Capricorn….totems, time, family, promises and bonds.

I feel their presence, sometimes more than others, but then I feel your presence as I write this too.  You…yeah you !  My readers, wondering where I am leading you…and showing up regardless of the strange paths I takemany heartfelt thanks (deep bow).


So you are wondering why I speak of hawk, when a macaw greeted you at the door ?

Life is not so easily explained.

Many times the larger electro-magnetic spectrum is not apparent until the faceted human crystal is turned, attuned, Neptuned to the proper frequency.

What is said two years ago may not make sense until tomorrow.
 bird of the SUN, a Macaw, enlightens me
Is it You ?
Or is it Me ?
Most likely it is US.

Macaws are bold, colorful and Mercurial – they are very intelligent observers, mimics that communicate bird (Uranian) world – – to human (Saturnian) world.  The Macaw is a builder of bridges; an ambassador, a diplomat (Libra).  Clever and cheeky – they watch, pull pranks, turn jokes to delight and amuse. (Leo)

Macaws ARE portals between worlds.

Mercurial Macaws can also be repetitive copycats that speak without thinking.  Their words can be hollow, shallow, gossipy and twisted to be pleasing to the ear for a time, but not necessarily grounded, or in any way promisorial in nature.  Tricky pranksters that enjoy a leg – pull, they are master manipulators, who enjoy clowning around – not necessarily on any shared emotional time schedule, if you get my drift.

Macaws in my head are thinkbirdtankbrains : Mercury Uranus Libra and Leo.
Most importantly, the Hyacinth Macaws pictured above are red listed.
Thoughts ?



Moon in Aquarius

Venus into Sagittarius
10:38pm CST, USA

The Doctor.

I loOove the Doctor.  
A quirky humanitarian (Aquarius) time traveler, saving life forms, indeed – entire worlds across time and space. (Sun rules not only heroes, but also the heart – and the Doc has two; Sagittarius rules long distance travel)

He is a brilliant combo of clever geek and cheeky party crasher – game for fun, yet deadly serious when any life form is threatened.  The Doctor is packing a wealth of experience and knowledge garnered across time and space over many lifetimes, many  regenerations.

His wits are his weapon.  He refuses all firearms – only using his sonic screwdriver, ‘which does not kill, wound or maim’, and the help of loyal friends travelling with him.

Interesting bit written into the plotlines over and over again – he sometimes goes a bit Gung Ho, suffers from a God Complex and needs a stiff shot of Saturn reality check from his mates to set him straight.  The brilliant, clever Doctor also needs the help of friends.

Good friends are ruled by Venus and Aquarius.
 Moon is in eccentric Aquarius, and soon, Venus will enter Sagittarius where she will meet up with Mercury, trine Uranus in Aries while she also squares Neptune and Chiron In Pisces.  So heads UP, I’m gonna talk about LoOove baby !

Venus needs friends.
The Doctor needs his mates to pull him back from over zealous, self-righteous anger and the edge of wrath.  He needs his friends to help him SEE, to help him widen his circle of perspective.

Yesterday in comments I mentioned the planetary heart grid.  I actually think there are multiples of grids connecting us through ALL our energetic points, ie: Vishudda (throat) chakras via speech/ mass comms, the Muladhara (root) chakras via collective instincts, etc… you get the idea.

The electromagnetics of the heart are connected into the electromagnetics of the earth, the electromagnetics of all life forms on the planet.  We feel the electromagnetic connection between all life, everywhere, through the beat of our hearts.
FYI: by everywhere, I mean across time, off planet and beyond . . .

When I asked ‘how wide is your circle ?’, I was aiming to get you (and me) – thinking.

Who or what do you let into your circle ?
Into your heart ?
This is the glyph for Sun.  Sun rules the heart, the number
What I am saying is we are ALL IN THE SAME CIRCLE.

I am in yours, you are in mine.  We are in a soul contract, all earthkind HERE and NOW are working together to LEARN and GROW.  In fact, everything everywhere is in one big ginormous contract, to be honest.  We need each other – each and every one – we are in a global symbiotic relationship.  I almost wrote symbionic, which oddly enough, is a true mistake. Working together, we are better, stronger, faster.


Venus needs friends.

Venus needs friends to pull her back from the edge, to lift her up and give her love and compassion in order for her to gain equilibrium and peace of mind.  All life on this planet is both capable of loving and in need of love – those that are seemingly devoid of love need it the most, for how else will they heal if not through love ?
Hate does not heal – love heals.
We are all in the same circle.

Fire signs are the courageous leaders of the zodiac, people often turn to them for answers in troubled times.  Those with strong Jupiter or Sagittarius energy are also sought for answers, for they SEE farther, they are the sign of higher mind.

I got news for you, we don’t have all the answers either.  I asked the whole world for an answer one sunny afternoon a coon’s age ago . . .and got a plethora of answers, all from different eyes, but the Same Heart Place.

Ultimately there is only ONE answer.

Venus is personal love while Neptune is her higher octave, spiritual compassion.
High qi Neptune is the light bearer for the spiritual Sun, she will raise human perceptions to the divine.
She teaches the art of letting go . . . the art of going with the flow of each moment as it unfolds.  Birth, life, death and re-birth, it is the way.  Love transcends all these stages of energy, all times, all places . . . love transcends all boundaries.

::: Let us have love and more love; a love that melts all opposition, a love that conquers all foes, a love that sweeps away all barriers, a love that aboundeth in charity, a large-heartedness, tolerance, forgiveness, and noble striving, a love that triumphs over all obstacles :::
Abdul Baha

peace be with you
amin mela lle

care package

Love this.

Craaazy ass aspects are in overdrive – if you are:

Mercurial or Uranian – communications & insights are amped UP
Plutonic or Martian – actions & power are amped UP

I am the first three, primarily.  Ura/Plu conjunct Sun, elevated + Mercury at MC.
 Often I hope readers are not put off by what I am going on about, that I am not writing too much about my personal experience, rather than giving you all personalized scopes etc.

Two things  – I’ve been getting INSIGHTS in PAIRS (Merc/Ura) – recently told me I am on the right track.
–One, I already know what is going on – my new psychic friend just validated it. 

Funny how people are, isn’t it ?  We seek validation.  Trusting our own vision is sometimes difficult during trying times, so we reach out to others to give us a new perspective on what we already know.  Just to be sure.  Hey, I’ve got a big Neptune, I know the score, fog creeps in – and freako surprises are common in my life (Sun/Ura/Plu) – a little foresight via cards, astro and psychics is much appreciated.

–Two, what other perspective can I give, but my own ?  To do otherwise would be a lie.  I can only do my best with what I have to work with, and make no mistake – this endeavor is a healing journey for me as well.  Climb onboard, hitch a ride and hopefully we’ll figure out how to work out the kinks together – with some goofy stories from my personal experience as examples.

Please note:  I will write about what I know or what I am curious to know. 
Art, Music, Film, Divination, Science, Health, Environment
. . . all served up with a side of weird
If you are looking for global politics, keep walking . . .

Most of all : Thanks for reading,  comments are always welcomed.
 I am thrilled to have people coming from all over the world to read whatever I offer up.
My goal is to put the tools you need in YOUR HANDS so you can be pro-active in YOUR OWN healing journey.  


DEEP in the end ZONE

Sirens and Thunder

Sleeping is divine yes…?…parting the subconscious fog and wading into the sea of good dreams while recharging…mmmm…even more satisfying.

I woke myself up last week making ‘you’re not gonna suck me with your creepy  proboscis – you freaky giant wasp’ noises. I could think of a million other things I could be dreaming, but no – I get the giant sucking wasp.  Lucky me. ha  A sure-fire symptom of a Doctor Who obsession ?  Likely.

Dreams are the Rosetta Stone of the soul, dreams pick the lock of the psyche.

I had years of white-knuckled vertical climbing dreams and fighting off Lucifer while sick; magickal mystical flying dreams and chats with the Virgin Mary to signal improvement.
A recent white horse dream (Rhiannon), followed by another starring two lovers having a passionate spiritual debate on a stroll down from the astral plane signaled a very positive message that was on the way.

Whatever was going on in my life while the Sun was above the horizon was fleshed out / fixed in my subconscious while Sun travelled under the horizon as I slept.

Following dream books is helpful to some extent, but it is most important you listen to your own instincts regarding your dreams – how did you feel, what colors, sounds etc… were present ?  Resolution or conundrum  – ? – all these will tell your tale.

Here are a few of the most common dreams and quickie interps:

Lost, late, missed the boat / trapped:  something is holding you back from your full potential.  Do your research, are you unprepared ?  What is the object lost, what does it represent emotionally ?  Release the outdated, focus on what you have.  Cultivate patience, make a game plan.  Replace your batteries.

Slow motion, falling, climbing:  indicates a time of frustration, fear of failure, hard work.  Stiff competition, loss of control and status.  Brainstorm solutions, practice positive mantra in the mirror, drink fluids, eat well, streamline all projects.  Keep it simple.

Naked, exposed in public:  smile ! (kidding) are you Leo and proud, or feeling inadequate and unprepared ?  Secrets uncovered, vulnerability in some area is indicated.  Trim your sails – did you say or do something stupid – ? – adjust your altitude, keep your mouth shut, and most of all keep going with your head high.  Only human !

Flying:  Rough landing, smooth sailing, floating, surfing or what ?  Clear skies, with company ?  Flying carpet or swank cocktail hour in the zeppelin will indicate you need a tool or mechanism – if not, you are set.  Go you !  Get your superflightgroove on !

Chase: competition, plain and simple.  Escape their evil clutches – ? – work, then success.  They catch you – ? – lots and lots of work, eventual success.  Do your homework, re-vise game plan and hone your skill set.

Animals: check your spirit totem info, animal traits and habits.  Bite ?  Trouble.  Friendly ?  An ally on the way.

Death, illness: how clear was this death dream ?  VERY VIVID dreams are often prophetic.  If you felt illness, then relief, a re-birth is imminent after trouble.  What was the sickness and where was it felt ?  If the dream feels like a warning, it is, though to what extent only YOU know.  It likely signals a reluctance to make a needed change – such as leaving a bad habit behind.

Losing hair / teeth: anxiety, self-esteem issues, fear of instability.  Shaving head is a renouncement of worldly ways, taking a more spiritual path.

Home:  represents YOU and your psyche.  Each level corresponds to a vibration – basement is the Muladhara (root) survival, fear, aka. the root cellar of desires.  Each floor ascending corresponds with a higher vibration / consciousness.  Progress through each level and the condition of the home represents difficulties or ease.  Stairs are slow progress – elevators quick, obviously.  Clean, bright rooms represent ease, peace and happiness – dirty, dark and cluttered means work and difficulty.

A strangers home represents steps you will take and progress you will make in the future.   Doors are opportunities.


If you have been reading here long, you know I have a big Neptuner (sleep, dreams, film and music) that lives in Scorpio (research) 11th (Aquarius house: science, electricity).  Neptooney touches darn near everything in my chart :: I am awash in it :: and I have been mulling over this post for some time … I am pleased to bring you…


Sleep researchers study 3 fundamentals of the body electric:

gross brain wave activity measured by EEG (electroencephalogram)
muscle tone is measured by EMG (electromyogram)
eye movement is recorded via EOG (electro-oculogram)

Brain waves differentiate between the stages, muscle tone and eye movement indicate  REM sleep (most commonly when dreams occur).  Getting from stage 1 to REM takes approximately ninety minutes. This cycle repeats all night – the length of REM periods increases, the length of delta sleep decreases, until during the last few cycles there is no delta sleep at all.

REM or rapid eye movement indicates dream sleep. During REM, brain waves are a combination of alpha and beta, they are desynchronous (inconsistent).  This is most similar to waking sleep or daydreaming.  During REM sleep, we experience a sudden and dramatic loss of muscle tone – the skeletal muscles of a person during REM sleep are effectively paralyzed.  eep.  That’s kinda freaky innit ?  NREM (non- rapid eye movement) dreams are rare.  Sleepwalking / talking occurs when the sleep stages are not entered properly, causing sleepers get stuck in NREM sleep.

Beta waves are the active, concentrating waking state. These waves are the highest in frequency and lowest in amplitude, and are also more desynchronous.  This is because we are doing mental gymnastics all day – thinking, walking and chewing gum at the same time, for instance. ha  You know, switch-hitting and catching fly balls.
Think of beta as pin-point awareness.

Alpha waves indicate wakeful relaxation – our brain waves become slower, increase in amplitude and become more synchronous.  Alpha waves are engaged during meditation and is one of the best states for improving mental, physical and emotional health.  This wave originates from the occipital lobe, the home of the primary visual cortex.
Think of alpha as soft-focus awareness, the big picture, the wide lens.

Theta waves indicate the first stages of sleep, or deep meditative waking states.   These waves are even slower in frequency and greater in amplitude than alpha waves.  Theta is indicated by sleep spindles (increase in wave frequency) and K complexes (sudden increase in wave amplitude). Theta waves primarily originate in the hippocampus (part of the limbic system) which controls short and long-term memory and spatial navigation.
Think of theta as where we heal the emotional body.

For the record, the limbic system controls in part: hormone production, the autonomic nervous system, human pleasure centers aka. dopamine production.  In the 1950’s, rats given the option, pushed levers activating their pleasure centers until they bought the farm.  Hey, boring cage – what else ya gonna do ?  poor rats.

My point is – daydream instead . . . get your limbic system groove on safely. . . tap your theta waves secretly, in broad daylight – HA !   Brain a million miles away, eh…?  That’s right – I KNOW what you’re really UP to !  hahaha packed Scorpio, there ya go. QED
fyi: The human mind wanders forty-seven per cent of the time while we are awake.
What’s that  tell ya ?

Non-sleep theta waves are engaged during daydreaming, problem-solving, high intensity learning, creativity, self-reprogramming (hypnosis) and high-octane ecstatic spiritual experiences.

Theta waves are present when humans manifest the spiritual onto the physical plane.

Theta is the mystical made manifest :: the out of body :: occurring while in the body.

Theta is being Neptuned into the collective emotional seas of the ALL ONE.

If your brain is in Theta – you are in THE ZONE.

Delta waves are the slowest and highest amplitude brain waves
we are in the deepest sleep, most difficult to wake, disoriented if awoken.  Delta waves primarily originate from the part of the thalamus that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and filters incoming stimuli.  Delta waves are also regulated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei which is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms, known as chronobiology or the body clock.
Think of delta as where we heal the physical body.

Delta waves signal right brain dominance during sleep cycles.   Interestingly, females  have been shown to have more delta wave activity, and this is true across most mammal species.

Human growth hormone is released during delta sleep – infants spend most of their sleep cycles in delta – as we age, time spent in delta sleep decreases.  A diet low in carbs fosters more delta sleep cycles, thus producing more human growth hormone… so, ya might wanna eat more greens….jus’ sayin’.
Interesting thing is, research is underway studying gamma brainwaves.
As in fascinating trance states of yogis and breatharians. 

Gamma waves, the atomic level, that cracks a home run into Plutonic territory.  Human regeneration and transformation on the cellular level via gamma brainwaves.  Altering the physical body via the power of the superconscious human mind. 
How cool is that ?! 

Gamma waves are extremely high energy waves generated by radioactive atoms (Pluto ruled) and nuclear explosions.
(NASA In humans they are neural oscillations with a frequency between 25 to 100 Hz,though 40 Hz is typical.  Gamma activity is associated with attentiveness, focused arousal, sensory perception, movement and prediction.  It is related to cognitive processing and important for temporal binding of sensory stimuli. (source)

Gamma brainwaves seem to be associated with the function of the brain which holographically synthesizes all the bits of individual data from various areas of the brain and fuses (Pluto is fission) them all together in a higher point of view. This activity is associated with states of self awareness, higher levels of insight and information, psychic abilities and out of body experiences. (source)

Experiments on Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown a correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves.    A suggested explanation is the gamma is intrinsically localized – this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity– or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience – is occurring.    What meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive. (wiki)

Fascinating.  Outer planetary !

Micro Uranus is the electrical firing between synapses – intuition & the EUREKA moment.  Macro Uranus is the electrical grid system between all life ::The Force :: or the INTELLECTUALLY ALL ONE.

Micro Neptune is balance through healing and personal physical attunement.  Macro Neptune is the transcendental balanced state of all things equal, non attachment (or repulsion for that matter: higher Venus traits), for we are SPIRITUALLY ALL ONE.

Micro Pluto is singular personal power (Sun is ONE, Sun is nuclear, Sun is personal will and ego) Macro Pluto is the singularity, the divine WILL of the ALL ONE ENERGY.

First law of thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. 

Of interest: gamma waves cannot be captured and reflected in mirrors.
Super appealing to my 8th house Leo Venus / Jupes square Neptuner which opposes reflective Moon.

sweet dreams baby
lets get our gamma on
WOoOo HoOoOo


fun & games

Transit Venus conjuncts my Leo Venus
I want some fun and games
YaY !
join me ?

I have seen it
yes I have
tiny bit of movement below for those who
can’t see stereograms

for those who require the electric
or just LOVE IT like me
this one’s
for you

want more ?
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This has been your
Mercury ::: Uranus

perception ::: reception
octave activate

exercise for this evening
Thank you.