care package

Love this.

Craaazy ass aspects are in overdrive – if you are:

Mercurial or Uranian – communications & insights are amped UP
Plutonic or Martian – actions & power are amped UP

I am the first three, primarily.  Ura/Plu conjunct Sun, elevated + Mercury at MC.
 Often I hope readers are not put off by what I am going on about, that I am not writing too much about my personal experience, rather than giving you all personalized scopes etc.

Two things  – I’ve been getting INSIGHTS in PAIRS (Merc/Ura) – recently told me I am on the right track.
–One, I already know what is going on – my new psychic friend just validated it. 

Funny how people are, isn’t it ?  We seek validation.  Trusting our own vision is sometimes difficult during trying times, so we reach out to others to give us a new perspective on what we already know.  Just to be sure.  Hey, I’ve got a big Neptune, I know the score, fog creeps in – and freako surprises are common in my life (Sun/Ura/Plu) – a little foresight via cards, astro and psychics is much appreciated.

–Two, what other perspective can I give, but my own ?  To do otherwise would be a lie.  I can only do my best with what I have to work with, and make no mistake – this endeavor is a healing journey for me as well.  Climb onboard, hitch a ride and hopefully we’ll figure out how to work out the kinks together – with some goofy stories from my personal experience as examples.

Please note:  I will write about what I know or what I am curious to know. 
Art, Music, Film, Divination, Science, Health, Environment
. . . all served up with a side of weird
If you are looking for global politics, keep walking . . .

Most of all : Thanks for reading,  comments are always welcomed.
 I am thrilled to have people coming from all over the world to read whatever I offer up.
My goal is to put the tools you need in YOUR HANDS so you can be pro-active in YOUR OWN healing journey.  


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