Freebasing Darwinism

anndr Withering Flameanndr

Uranus Direct 12 Aries 
Dec 21 Chicago 4:45 pm 
Madrid 11:45pm
Dec 22 Melbourne 9:45am

New Moon 0 Capricorn
Dec 21 Chicago 7:36pm

Dec 22 Madrid 2:36am
22 Melbourne 12:36pm

Uranus Direct in Aries is of course, square 13 degree Pluto in Capricorn. Also along for the ride in the Capricorn stellium are Mercury at 7, and Venus at 14.
AND within 3 hours we’ll have a New Capricorn Moon (conjunct Sun) at 0 degrees, fresh and new New NEW Emotional (Moon) reboot.  All in the sign of work, time, fathers and material world accomplishment via career choice.

Thoughts of the womb and the tomb (Cancer opposes Capricorn) and everything that has happened in between are commonplace.

Streamlined practicality and resourceful USE of tools is in Full Flush.  Time rolls out the earth trail …. New vistas beckon in:

Mental workings/communications
Emotional safety & home, family
Spirit expression via creation

>>>Transformation of all<<<

When OLD FORMS have stagnated and crystallized into USELESS FORMSUranus the eccentric electric crashes and CUTS (Aries/Mars blade) straight to the chase.

Just Do IT !  

Keep the best & %#$!@ the rest.

Uranian direct motion square Pluto with a tribe of old goats feels like freebasing Darwinism.
>>>Evolution on Steroids<<<

This will be evident in houses Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra – they are feeling inner tension in spades.  Forcing change via re-invention, sideways approaches and fresh new perspectives/mindshifts re: old problems.

Uranus stations are keen to reveal the SACRED on the material plane
Strange omens
Wild Totem animals
Divination becomes super-relevant and third-eye-opening.

Keep your eyes and ears and mind open – much will be revealed !
Gneiss Moon

Second Sight

FullSizeRenderElemental Tarot

Insight into healing for all in tandem with current dark moon astro energies, scroll down to former posts for deets.

Matasignais = the moon in autumn.

Daughter of water = receptivity, clairvoyance, fantasy and heightened imagination.  A vulnerable adolescent girl full of dreams and visions who is awakening to sexuality.

Blood & Water.

What I love most about this card is the intellectual/emotional elements combined aka Moon (now emo, dark and very yin) conjunct Uranus the inventor/enlightener lightning bolt of a new world cracking open below and within us.

Uranus direct on the 21st –
Ozone crack of electric messages incoming.  Surprises abound, perspective shifts are prolific !

FullSizeRender 5Njord = Goddess of Sea and Ship

Twilight time of truth.
Dark Moon coupled with rigidity.
This is navel gazing at it’s finest !
Plutonic abyss in tandem with Venusian balance = the loving metamorph.

This snake has dual potential: poison or pleasure.
Venus conjunct Pluto is choice.
Loss but also Gain.

Pluto conjunct Venus in structured Capricorn, Mercury also in Capricorn with Sun on the way with New Moon in Capricorn at zero degrees.  

Plutonic degree !
Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.
Void & Nirvana

Note this card is the vibration of Neptune & Pluto.  Wildly magnetic and full of secretive stealth.
This is a calm and a storm.
The Eye.
The disc of the Moon holds the eye of self-knowledge and inner vision.
Second sight.

Gneiss Moon

Necessity Moon

entropy_by_doomburg-d55pxhfAsher Dumonchelle

We spoke all night in tongues,
in fingertips, in teeth.

Robert Hass

I once knew a significant demarcation in my life.
Sleeping before & Awakening after
No more.
Knowings spiraled, wove within me, my DNA.
Genetics, mutated.

As dawns light rose again and again
I fell with the darkest nights
 I learned.

Clarity struck infinitely bridging past and future
Now is Then is Will Be
Unified Electrical Neural Heart Energy Grid
nanonet neoterics

  Tesseract – tried, tested, true.
Traditional transcendence 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Feelers find, fuse auras freely in the aetheric realms

 Pinpoint, meet, match – boundaries blurred, restored

Love Transcends

Gneiss Moon

Saturn is necessity, Moon is Mother
Uranus is invention, Venus is Love
Pluto is Divine Will and Superhuman Growth


I. missed. 60B.

Galactic_Core_by_UribaaniGalactic Core Uribaani

::::: Planet of awakening delivers oddball event :::::

Anticipating chaos, March 2012 Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto girl prepares for Mars/Uranus transit over natal chart ruler, Saturn Rx in Aries 3rd (which trines Sag Mars in 11).

Prepared for anything, I met my challenger face to face in the ring.

Had my olde Dodge Black Beauty greased, gassed, tweaked and balanced.
(Was sure transit would break BB down.)

Told all my siblings to be careful with blades, cars.
Was extra kind to my neighbors, boss.
Kept silent rather than provoke any arguments.
Wouldn’t go near my 6ft hedge with electric trimmers, let alone on top of the ladder.

Did my preparations help avoid disaster . . . ? 
Later, I heard someone in my family (younger, Mercury) got picked up by the cops, hauled out of state (my Mars in Sagittarius) due to a misunderstanding that was resolved quickly.  (My 3rd house Saturn trines Mars; beneficial)
Other aspects / transits in family charts also confirmed the positive energy outcome.

FoggyRoman Tarnavski

So tonight I could have obsessed over what will happen with freaky deaky Uranus stationing direct on my ruler, tweak my brain silly preparing for escape routes, but instead, I am very busy with work – so I let the cards here (in my lunchtime read) tell me what I could not see re: Uranus direct.
Ishtar, Venus, Mistress of Horses.
Venus behind the wheel.  Travel with advantage.

Yep. !
Lemme explain.
Swamped at work, seeing 5:55 on my way out the door was my first clue.

Ground snow, temps rose and we had Frogitty frog     F    O     G      on my way home.
Three errands, then home – Thirteen + years I have driven this road, I haven’t missed my exit.
Until tonight.

I. missed. 60. B. ?
oh ffs

Resigned to driving 14 miles outta my way, I grumble to the next dark ramp, exit into quiet, sleepy Pohdunk Central (corner of no +  where), gleefully turn for home (so I can finally, finally whiz) and am promptly greeted by: 

partys overOh look !   Party lights !

Joy ahem. I am given a lovely surprise (Gemini Full MoOoOon) paper document (Saturn in 3) that tells me I have a fine (There is the Ishtar Venus $$ connection)
for failure to STOP and need to greet my betters with offerings, pledges to do & be better, signed in triplicate.

Be better.  I swears it.

Travel to my advantage (cards) = a non-moving violation.
Honestly, that Jupiter /Sag energy is good for my Mars.
That was a sweet Ishtar gift, thank you.

May your Gemini moon travels
Uranus direct adventures
also deliver good fortune, laughs and peace of mind

Conquering Sun

photo 9Book of Doors Divination Deck

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 25 degrees  3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries 11:40pm

Uranus direct delivers tension to all action oriented Cardinal signs 8 degrees +/- 5.

Libra is thrown into direct opposition or juggling energies with another.
Cancer and Capricorn feel the need to metamorphose themselves, inner struggles surface.  Home, work, family.

Opportunities are in the houses of Gemini and Aquarius – see where they land in your chart.  Flexibility, perspective shifts, genius invention, human connections.

Harmony is found in houses of fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius  Creativity, inspiration, GO !

Cards above, 
intent: clarity of purpose, straight to the point.  

What are we unable to see ?

Aakhut: Family of Fire: Asthoreth, Mistress of Horses
Also identified as Ishtar, the Goddess of love and beauty.
She controls four horses, or four elements.  She is a 7, capable of funneling spirit into the material world.  She directs the creative fire as she wills.
Mistress of Horses is conquering one’s enemies, sensual pleasure exalted, transformed into spiritual joy.  Travel for one’s advantage.

Spirit Crux
Duat: Family of Duat: Apep (Duat = what is below) Great Snake, Great Enemy
Darkest hours of the night, or spiritual darkness and horror that precedes illumination of sun or enlightenment.  
This card signals overcoming oppression, the surfacing of unconscious fears and memories that must be confronted.



Specific 002Robin Wood Tarot

Curse of Capricorn Rising with Aries Saturn Rx in 3rd.
Uranus direct on said Saturn; Mars in Libra opposite.

My query . . .
Am I as good an astrologer as I think I am ?
Stop all your worrying.

Don’t misunderstand, I know there is plenty of room for improvement, I have so many books in my studio I want to pour over NOW, but I must work.
It has taken me a coon’s age (nearly one thousand posts) to find my sea legs, and I am still working out my backdoor Mars biz.  (In addition to some whammy fixed squares from the 8th.) 

I have realized what I enjoy – consequently do best – is popping theory, making connections, seeing sides, weaving a tapestry aka Mercurious Alchemy.
I love having fun with astrology and divination of all kinds.
I also love deep six psychological excavation. 

This post is for all those struggling to carve out their own path.
Just Keep Going – your path is Yours Alone.

It amuses me how the draw above is so obviously multi-faceted.
Saturnian worry meets Mars Q Uranus in 9. (My Saturn trines Mars)
Deep psychological astro meets the ridiculous. *
Complexity hidden in the Singular.
I am a teacher. (3)


postscript – How about that accidental Harry Potter reference ?! *  groovy

Peaceful Perceptions

shadow and lightRather interesting Gemini communication lunation with Mars in Libra, eh ?
I have many things on my plate including a very busy day job, so keeping it to the point.

Scroll down for more Gem Moon info; Galactic Center via Skywalkers, Stargazers.

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 25 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center] 3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries 11:40pm

See what part of your chart Gemini/Sagittarius axis lands on.

Mine, 6th/12th (natural 3rd/9th) so neighbors (Gemini) have been stepping up to the plate lending me a hand – ironically both were named Greg.  I took a drift to avoid a wreck on the way to work, so while digging myself out, Jupiter trine Saturn (luck/men) showed up (transit my Cancer 7th/Scorp 10th, respectively) and yet another Greg offered me help.

Doubles, twos, twins are likely showing up for you as well if you pay attention.

Galactic Center is conjunct Sun in Sagittarius – opposite Gemini Full Moon.
Conscious/subconscious Micro/Macro perspective shifts incoming !

Uranus direct enhances perception connections – forces all things houses Aries & Capricorn into obstacle course mode.  Inner tension revolving around work, authority, shared/personal power – action plans re: same.

Paradise MC EscherParadise, MC Escher

Love, money peace of mind and balance of all get the squeeze with Venus quincunx Moon – adaptation, improvisation – re: feelings, home, what you hold close, sacred and protect.  Follow your gut instincts here.
Balance achieved through honest communications, altitude adjustments.

Mars quincunx Neptune – actions expressed are subtle yet intense, sensual and spiritual, lovingly cutting to the chase.

Asteroid Odin conjunct Chiron – perspectives from/of the world tree, wounding that delivers global insight, healing and spiritual intelligence: culmination that arrives in nines

Quintiles (spiritual gifts, genius expressions) at Full Lunation I found interesting:
Keep in mind all enhance communications, both home & global.
Juggling between THINKING and SEEING aka perceptions.

Sun Q Chiron – healing of the spirit, awareness of wounds how to soothe them
Mercury Q Neptune – (Mercury rules Gem Moon) keen intuition, prophetic healing
Galactic Center Q Chiron – philosophical shifts re: micro/macro healing, All One
Sun Q Odin – sacrifice leading to complete shift in perception – answers revealed