Chaos / Cosmos

Book of Doors Divination

Quickie read for Uranus station direct with intent of clarity bringing most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

I wanted to get a handle on the polarities, loosely – so what comes up may be of significant to two areas of your life in any way – that I leave up to you.
Spirit card is the fulcrum.

Aakhut: 5 Nefertum : Family of Fire
Uranus is in Aries – that’s fire, and 5 represents changes.
The joy of realization, intuitive understanding, lotus blooming from the mud.  
Sun rising from darkness, as the ka rises from the body of the dead.  Think of the Hindu sahasrara chakra or thousand petaled lotus – the center of cosmic consciousness and spiritual illumination.

Pet: 2 Shen Ur : Family of Heaven
Uranus rules angels and wishes – 2 is a number of choice, partnership and polarity.
Harmony restored, integration and wholeness.
I love this !
As Chaos represents disorder and dissolution, so Cosmos represents the harmonic order of creation and time.  Both are realms of infinite subtlety, coexisting and interpenetrating each other.


Spirit Card

Aah: 5 Tehuti : Family of the Moon
New Moon in Sagittarius opens up far-reaching visionary portals prior to Uranus stationing direct !
Success in writing, science, occult knowledge and mediation.
Tehuti was Thoth: “Master of Divine Words and Sacred writings”.  Tehuti is divine intelligence, the universal mind [SEE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON]  filled with powers of speech and creation.

All the best for positive changes –

curious interventions

The energetic vibration you were born with, your astrological signature, will resonate with those of a similar vibration. You will attract those people who have similar astro signatures, because they feel good, you understand each others viewpoints without much explanation, similar to the energy of a conjunction, trine.

The real learning begins when encountering those who do not have similar astro signatures because we feel friction, they are harder for us to understand and relate to, their experience and viewpoint requires explanation and work – similar to the energy of a square.

Oppositions, though similarly felt as friction, do understand each other because they are reflections and projections between two similar energies.

Sextiles are merging opportunities that may not be obvious, we have to hunt them up and make them work for us.

This is synastry in a nutshell.
 First law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

I have a friend I have known for years through social media, we have become good friends, and yes, we have similar astro signatures.  It was such a wonderful thing that we finally spoke near Uranus station – as Uranus is a strong point in both our natals.

We fell into easy conversation immediately and words were tumbling out fast and furious as we could finally share our experiences real time instead of typing them.

No great surprise our phones were having some tech issues as our excitement grew !   While relating the cosmic events we have experienced on the earth plane, our phones were going a bit haywire.

The energy we were exchanging was electric – Uranus rules wireless comms, telepathy – our phones were slipping in and out, we got cut off twice,  it was comical really.  I was stripping off my stone jewelry rapid – fire, knowing it was causing  piezoelectric feedbacks for us.  

My rutilated quartz ring was the first to go – it is a brain simulator, enhances and increases thought forms; storage and broadcast of thought forms – and we obviously already had that covered !

I moved all the rocks near me away, then finally got up and found some dead space without stones so we could talk.   Weird thing though, phone went dead just as I was saying something that was minor, yet not to be shared.
Later, we both agreed has happened to us on different occasions because the other person was not supposed to KNOW that info.

How weird is that ?!
Uranus motto : I KNOW.

Electrical shorts, clairvoyance, angelic intervention ?
Cool though.
Most of yesterday afternoon I spent processing – so much info and energy, came in from my friend.  Later, it dawned on me – I realized why I gravitate towards stones.

I use rocks (I am Saturn ruled, Saturn rules rocks and USE) to ground my outer planet heavies, so I can function at a deeper level. 

Most all of my planetary action is above the horizon – Saturn Rx in Aries and Toro Moon are what helps keep me centered below the horizon at midnight – the time I AM most active and the place where I am most comfortable.  Saturn and Moon is where I find a bit of solace in an otherwise rather foggy, unpredictable natal chart.

I use the stones to bring matter and form to the nebulous etheric energy in my astro signature.

 Neptune most highly aspected in 11th (natural house of Aquarius) opposite Moon.
 Saturn Rx in Aries trines 11th house Mars.
 Mars quintiles Uranus (Sun/Uran/Plu stellium in 9).

Best wishes for your own positive changes with Uranus direct . . .
(Uranus rules wishes)


How do you know a
Merc at MC

Since no planet acts alone,
nor do most people,
I deeply bow to you, my readers, in thanks.

Many lives before this I have remained silent
while my teachers spoke and I listened.
They never knew.
Or do they ?
Time is fluid.
 It is, in my experience, simultaneous.
Past, present, future.
Yet, points in the stream of flux

(see six hands above)
are subject to Uranian bolts that
nebulous Neptunian moments
into Saturnian Earth

We, the people, are awakening to compromise.
North Node of Destiny conjunct Venus.
Soul contracts are in flux.
Uranus square Pluto
Pluto :: mutual reception :: Saturn
Does that seem strange
It is true.
 Every day, choices are made, paths taken.
Bridges built, or burnt.
Soon, Mercury will leave Scorpio depths
for Sagittarius skies
Monday 10th
7:40pm CST, USA

New Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday 13th
 Uranus station direct

Aim well, archers.

The Remover

Ganesha postcard flung itself off my wall this am.
Some obstacles have been removed, have no idea what though.
Two in particular I am hoping for…

Ganesha is Uranian, removes the obstacles
Uranus stations direct in 10 days …

Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles (Vighnesha (Sanskrit: विघ्नेश; IAST: Vighneśa), Vighneshvara (Sanskrit: विघ्नेश्वर; IAST: Vighneśvara), patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. wiki


tweaking the electromags

Olga Feldman

Last nights dream world was freaky – fuqin – deaky.

The most vivid part
was when I was


my long curly hair was standing
from the roots of my head

time was
finite & infinite

The electricity
pouring through me
lifted me off the ground
sparks were

in the air all around me

Dream Preception

I felt a presence in the room
One good (my late Dad)
One bad (ominous no see-um)

Everytime I would blink or shift my gaze
another part of my home
was ransacked.

By an invisible force.
Then I woke up.

Heart beating out of my chest.

I work before my day job, lunches and after.
Many nights I am up too late
strained, tired
then the computer just quits.
Nothing I do will make it work.

I take it as a sign, crash for a few hours

Wake up, log on – works like a dream.
My guides are poking me.
my crazy ass aspects are
tweaking the electromags
maybe both.

So on that note, I am taking a break from GMA.
Maybe a day, maybe 14.
(near Uranus station.)


Sun/Ura/Plu Saturn ruler trine Mars

Mars quintile Uranus

Progs / transits
transit Ura conj prog Saturn which opposes prog Ura/Plu
 transit Mars/Plu conj prog Moon/Mars squa prog Saturn

Scorp Solar Eclipse conj natal Neptuner
Gem Lunar Eclipse opp natal Mars


Thursday December 13

New Moon in Sagittarius 2:42am CST, USA
Uranus stations direct 6:02am CST, USA

Uranus info in posts below
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or search this site.

peace out

care package

Love this.

Craaazy ass aspects are in overdrive – if you are:

Mercurial or Uranian – communications & insights are amped UP
Plutonic or Martian – actions & power are amped UP

I am the first three, primarily.  Ura/Plu conjunct Sun, elevated + Mercury at MC.
 Often I hope readers are not put off by what I am going on about, that I am not writing too much about my personal experience, rather than giving you all personalized scopes etc.

Two things  – I’ve been getting INSIGHTS in PAIRS (Merc/Ura) – recently told me I am on the right track.
–One, I already know what is going on – my new psychic friend just validated it. 

Funny how people are, isn’t it ?  We seek validation.  Trusting our own vision is sometimes difficult during trying times, so we reach out to others to give us a new perspective on what we already know.  Just to be sure.  Hey, I’ve got a big Neptune, I know the score, fog creeps in – and freako surprises are common in my life (Sun/Ura/Plu) – a little foresight via cards, astro and psychics is much appreciated.

–Two, what other perspective can I give, but my own ?  To do otherwise would be a lie.  I can only do my best with what I have to work with, and make no mistake – this endeavor is a healing journey for me as well.  Climb onboard, hitch a ride and hopefully we’ll figure out how to work out the kinks together – with some goofy stories from my personal experience as examples.

Please note:  I will write about what I know or what I am curious to know. 
Art, Music, Film, Divination, Science, Health, Environment
. . . all served up with a side of weird
If you are looking for global politics, keep walking . . .

Most of all : Thanks for reading,  comments are always welcomed.
 I am thrilled to have people coming from all over the world to read whatever I offer up.
My goal is to put the tools you need in YOUR HANDS so you can be pro-active in YOUR OWN healing journey.  


crux of the sitch

Let’s make living breathing sprawling adventures filled with mind-blowing images of things unseen on earth.

Grant Morrison


SoOo surprising is the INCOMING new new new new new new new new ME growing with Uranus transit in my 3rd, the house of thinking.

This one’s been a slippery slope of surprises – with Uranus going retro (trine my natal Mars) back in July I made some changes (Feng Shui) in my studio, including taking down some images so I could put up a large calendar (natal Mars trines Saturn Rx) I made to enhance efficiency.

Not long after I removed two things in particular, I felt a rather shocking shift in perception.  Truthfully, new Mars energy stepped into my frame of reference…mine usually hangs by my backdoor in trine to Saturn, in quintile to Uranus – mostly out of sight – churning my mental gears 24/8.  Now a Martian whose Uranus contacts me and my research has lit a fuse under me and my metaphysical brains.  I find the whole thing endlessly fascinating.  Him, his friends, the whole deal is changing how I SEE everything, including myself.  hmmm.  Pluto, much ?

Uranus going backwards turned my way of thinking upside down – the wizard of weird struck a paradigm shift – instantaneous Hangman status. 
My head hemispheres are in two worlds – two polarities – two solutions: each an integral part of the ONE.

The ME of Aries and the US of LIBRA is coming into crystal clear focus – the relationship and flux between them is paramount.  In my chart they fall across the early 3rd and 9th that’s communication and learning -Gemini and Sagittarius- they are seeing and thinking farther than ever before. 

Inspiration and aspiration fueled by fascination.

We are ALL feeling Uranus Rx, where YOU feel it the most depends on where Aries and Libra (opposite, the other) live in YOUR natal chart.

Uranus and Pluto are square, so WE ARE mainlining FRICTION and GROWTH in these areas, so go HERE to read the angular Plutonic report, compare and contrast.

Aries Uranus vs. Capricorn Pluto
cardinals lock horns

WoOoHoOo yeah baby !
strategize. apply force – CHANGE

Note: See below for the time and date when Uranus shifts gears.  Energy shifts are felt for weeks around stations since the outers are so slow moving.  If you have Uranus strong in your natal – take heed !


Thursday December 13, 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius
2:42am CST, USA

Uranus Stations Direct
6:02am CST, USA


If you have Uranus transit Aries 1 : Angle strong : creative actions – restless; major changes in self image, competition strong, need to be free to roam and test new ground; relationships and partnerships of all kinds will deliver surprises to your doorstep

Uranus transit Aries 2 : creative financing; flexibility is needed re: money and values surrounding money, self-worth and material goods are shifting; your core values concerning desires vs. needs will be changing via relationships

Uranus transit Aries 3 : creative thinking and communications; change-ups in your immediate neighborhood and one to one dialogues; revolving door of new ideas and friendships via group think

Uranus transit Aries 4 : Angle strong : creative instincts at home; likely renovations in family matters, home life, revolving door of new friends come home to roost; family and work matters shifting balance via partnerships with public

Uranus transit Aries 5 : creative expression; all birthing of self – artwork, children and romantic involvements are in flux and demand flexibility; new ventures and opportunities for higher purpose arise within your core group affiliations

Uranus transit Aries 6 : creative analyzation of service; everybody gotta serve somebody – maximum efficiency in daily routines, renovation of work, health and personal responsibilities; personal needs shifting balance with karmic responsibilities via the collective consciousness

Uranus transit Aries 7 : Angle strong : creative co-operation; partnerships demand flexibility,  teamwork / adversary power shifts, lessons in fairness and competition via relationship between self and others

Uranus transit Aries 8 : creative transformation;  joint power and desires demand flexibility, gain / loss and sharing of power and assets are in flux, metaphysical insights incoming; power struggles / changes and inheritance of power delivered via intimate relationships

Uranus transit Aries 9 :  creative viewpoints; radical philosophies and teachers enter to shift ethical, moral or intellectual beliefs; informational input from all sectors forces  change in intellectual viewpoints / communications to all sectors

Uranus transit Aries 10 : Angle strong :  creative achievements; career powerhouse shifts, feelings regarding goals and status undergo profound changes, structures underlying home and career shift in importance; fresh outlook via public persona and immediate family

Uranus transit Aries 11 : creative clairvoyance; altered formations of aspirations via radical shifts in self perception, personal vs. society’s perception of humanity; know thyself delivered via relationship with self and partners

Uranus transit Aries 12 : creative beliefs; radical shifts in subconscious drives, cutting to the core of the cosmic karmic calling card to date, revolution / mastery of the mystical and mysterious; innovation re: freeform spontaneity vs. analytical evaluation delivered by partnerships

Here is my 5 card draw of this am, heart is the crux of the sitch.
No, I am not telling you the question.

This is the fortune I found on the floor this am – it must have fallen out during an earlier Aleuromancy session, but I only found it today.
 I have Sagittarius on the 12th; Mars in Sag (trine Saturn); quintile Uranus in 9th –
 my cosmic possibilities are  i n f i n i t e . . .

peace, love & brainstorms through the changes