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Let’s make living breathing sprawling adventures filled with mind-blowing images of things unseen on earth.

Grant Morrison


SoOo surprising is the INCOMING new new new new new new new new ME growing with Uranus transit in my 3rd, the house of thinking.

This one’s been a slippery slope of surprises – with Uranus going retro (trine my natal Mars) back in July I made some changes (Feng Shui) in my studio, including taking down some images so I could put up a large calendar (natal Mars trines Saturn Rx) I made to enhance efficiency.

Not long after I removed two things in particular, I felt a rather shocking shift in perception.  Truthfully, new Mars energy stepped into my frame of reference…mine usually hangs by my backdoor in trine to Saturn, in quintile to Uranus – mostly out of sight – churning my mental gears 24/8.  Now a Martian whose Uranus contacts me and my research has lit a fuse under me and my metaphysical brains.  I find the whole thing endlessly fascinating.  Him, his friends, the whole deal is changing how I SEE everything, including myself.  hmmm.  Pluto, much ?

Uranus going backwards turned my way of thinking upside down – the wizard of weird struck a paradigm shift – instantaneous Hangman status. 
My head hemispheres are in two worlds – two polarities – two solutions: each an integral part of the ONE.

The ME of Aries and the US of LIBRA is coming into crystal clear focus – the relationship and flux between them is paramount.  In my chart they fall across the early 3rd and 9th that’s communication and learning -Gemini and Sagittarius- they are seeing and thinking farther than ever before. 

Inspiration and aspiration fueled by fascination.

We are ALL feeling Uranus Rx, where YOU feel it the most depends on where Aries and Libra (opposite, the other) live in YOUR natal chart.

Uranus and Pluto are square, so WE ARE mainlining FRICTION and GROWTH in these areas, so go HERE to read the angular Plutonic report, compare and contrast.

Aries Uranus vs. Capricorn Pluto
cardinals lock horns

WoOoHoOo yeah baby !
strategize. apply force – CHANGE

Note: See below for the time and date when Uranus shifts gears.  Energy shifts are felt for weeks around stations since the outers are so slow moving.  If you have Uranus strong in your natal – take heed !


Thursday December 13, 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius
2:42am CST, USA

Uranus Stations Direct
6:02am CST, USA


If you have Uranus transit Aries 1 : Angle strong : creative actions – restless; major changes in self image, competition strong, need to be free to roam and test new ground; relationships and partnerships of all kinds will deliver surprises to your doorstep

Uranus transit Aries 2 : creative financing; flexibility is needed re: money and values surrounding money, self-worth and material goods are shifting; your core values concerning desires vs. needs will be changing via relationships

Uranus transit Aries 3 : creative thinking and communications; change-ups in your immediate neighborhood and one to one dialogues; revolving door of new ideas and friendships via group think

Uranus transit Aries 4 : Angle strong : creative instincts at home; likely renovations in family matters, home life, revolving door of new friends come home to roost; family and work matters shifting balance via partnerships with public

Uranus transit Aries 5 : creative expression; all birthing of self – artwork, children and romantic involvements are in flux and demand flexibility; new ventures and opportunities for higher purpose arise within your core group affiliations

Uranus transit Aries 6 : creative analyzation of service; everybody gotta serve somebody – maximum efficiency in daily routines, renovation of work, health and personal responsibilities; personal needs shifting balance with karmic responsibilities via the collective consciousness

Uranus transit Aries 7 : Angle strong : creative co-operation; partnerships demand flexibility,  teamwork / adversary power shifts, lessons in fairness and competition via relationship between self and others

Uranus transit Aries 8 : creative transformation;  joint power and desires demand flexibility, gain / loss and sharing of power and assets are in flux, metaphysical insights incoming; power struggles / changes and inheritance of power delivered via intimate relationships

Uranus transit Aries 9 :  creative viewpoints; radical philosophies and teachers enter to shift ethical, moral or intellectual beliefs; informational input from all sectors forces  change in intellectual viewpoints / communications to all sectors

Uranus transit Aries 10 : Angle strong :  creative achievements; career powerhouse shifts, feelings regarding goals and status undergo profound changes, structures underlying home and career shift in importance; fresh outlook via public persona and immediate family

Uranus transit Aries 11 : creative clairvoyance; altered formations of aspirations via radical shifts in self perception, personal vs. society’s perception of humanity; know thyself delivered via relationship with self and partners

Uranus transit Aries 12 : creative beliefs; radical shifts in subconscious drives, cutting to the core of the cosmic karmic calling card to date, revolution / mastery of the mystical and mysterious; innovation re: freeform spontaneity vs. analytical evaluation delivered by partnerships

Here is my 5 card draw of this am, heart is the crux of the sitch.
No, I am not telling you the question.

This is the fortune I found on the floor this am – it must have fallen out during an earlier Aleuromancy session, but I only found it today.
 I have Sagittarius on the 12th; Mars in Sag (trine Saturn); quintile Uranus in 9th –
 my cosmic possibilities are  i n f i n i t e . . .

peace, love & brainstorms through the changes

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