paws & claws

Strange pic, yah ?
Caption: my feet are killing me.
Suitably Neptune in Scorpio, soOo in the observance of Scorpio Mercury Rx (revealing Scorpionic secrets!) heading to conjunct North Node while Mars is in the last degree of Sagittarius (my 12th, 12th/Pisces rules feet), I am going to reveal something weird about my feet.

Yah, I KNOW, yet another weird thing about me.  I have an infinite supply, believe me.
HA ! Pisces joke !
  Typically 11th house Neptunian in nature, it came to me in a flash for no / KNOW reason whatsoever…  so I suppose it needs to be revealed, and now is the time.

I have a collection of dead feet.

(nods.)  True story.
  Somehow I have ended up with several dead feet.  Moon in Toro (collects stuff) here opposite biggie Neptune in Scorpio (collects dead stuff) which squares the 8th death.
I have
 a bunch of dead paws & claws.

haha HAVE -Taurus joke !

Red fox

They have been given or found, except for the raccoon which I actually bought years and years ago.  I have no idea why I did, so don’t bother asking.  Freaked my boyfriend out, I do remember that much.

Another thing, Nobody touches my feet.
I don’t care who you are, or about your feet/street cred. No. – Hands off !

What got me to thinking all this is good luck charms.
I’m going to give one to my friend.
NO, not a foot.
So don’t freak out.


Now that the Merc Rx secrets have been revealed …

Moon is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto
emotional reboot
– haha stop me with the foot thing

Mars into Capricorn at 8:36pm CST, USA
which means they are all in tandem in square to Aries Uranus Rx

surprises on the horizon which will re-invent your future

Saturn in Scorpio Sextiles them all
hot and sexy action on the material plane with an emotional kicker

peace out peeps

6 thoughts on “paws & claws

    • heh. heh. heh.

      I’ll post a pic, weird bottle stuffed in box too.
      Chucked it all in there pre-astro days, strangely enough – all Neptune.
      I’m a Ripley’s fan from way back.

      When I was little, I found a dead cow in the pasture behind our house . It laid there big, unmoving eyes fixed open – was it dead, truly ..?

      I HAD to know, so I poked it in the eyeball to be sure…

      Scared myself so bad I ran all the way back home.
      What sort of phobia ? Curious.
      I have seen some weird foot statistics, will post those too.
      Ya know, for science kicks lol

  1. Heehee Pisces feet … I love it!!! I’m big time Pisces/Neptune/water myself, and also happen to have a foot “thang”, but its all about my feet! It started sort of accidentally and then turned into a thing … I love photography and as anyone who spends a great deal of time with their camera locked and loaded knows, there will be accidental pics of the feet … I had a lot of them! So I started taking pics of my feet on purpose and now have a whole collection of my feet in really kewl and unusual places!
    It serves a purpose though because since I am always taking the pictures, I’m hardly ever in them … except my feet! I have a toe ring on the left foot that I haven’t taken off for about 15 years, and a tattoo around my right ankle that’s been there forever, so they’re very distinguishable … and at a menopausal 46, they’re probably the only sexy thing I have left … love my feet! Lol!!! And I don’t mind anyone touching them … but you gotta be pretty quick cuz they’re way ticklish!!!

    • Great story snowabbit !

      I do know what you mean.
      I have a pic of my foot in midair which was taken just seconds before I hit the deck – literally – and broke my camera. The crowd favorite – they always love the outtakes.
      Tripped over my own drunk flip flopped feet (walking backwards to frame both cat & moonflower in shot). Klutzy Sag Mars swore of the faceplant flip flops of death and the booze of doom soon thereafter. lol

      Feet pics are perfect ! Wherever you go, there they are, your personal team of horses in a new exotic locale getting cozy with the locals. Travel journal to go with, I hope ? nice to meet you

  2. Deets and pics I promised:
    Foot phobia is called Podophobia, there are actually ‘I hate feet’ groups. Interesting.
    I don’t have a phobia about feet, just the guy asking to get up close and personal with mine happened to be some dude I didn’t know.
    hmmm NO. Sounds fishy – buh bye !

    Odd factoids:
    52 bones in the human foot – accounting for 25% of the bones in the entire human body
    250,000 sweat glands in the feet.
    The average person takes 10,000 steps/day; 115,000 miles over a lifetime.
    (4 trips around the planet)
    here is the bottle I chucked in: an olde kidney liver cure
    ‘since 1892 works wonders nothing in this remedy will grow on anyone’


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